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Unibet talks to Abios about the Future of Esports Betting



Unibet talks to Abios about the Future of Esports Betting
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The esports market is the fastest growing sports vertical with the betting market following suit. The betting market for esports is expected to grow with a CAGR of 13.1% between 2020 and 2025 according to MarketWatch, showing a great potential for future opportunities. Unibet has offered markets on esports since 2014 and has used Abios widgets to deliver an enhanced customer experience for punters.

We decided to talk to the Esports Product Manager at Unibet, Filip Kristersson, to get his take on esports betting, how they’ve enhanced their betting offer and their predictions for the future.

What are your thoughts on the future of esports and betting?

Esports will continue to grow and become increasingly important for bookmakers. Within 3 years, it will be a top sport for most sportsbooks and continue to grow. Together with American sports, it will drive new innovations such as betting types, widgets, and ultra-live. The rise of eSoccer as a filler product paints an intriguing picture, are we seeing the beginning of a new paradigm? I foresee interesting times ahead.

What esports games are most popular among your customers?

The big three still rule supreme: CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2. With the Nordics as some of our core markets, we see a lot of CS:GO activity. Hopefully, The International will be able to go forward as planned in Stockholm this summer, so we can see some proper Dota 2 action as well.

Do you see any growth in interest in other esports games? Are there any new-/upcomers we should keep track of?

While not really being traditional esports, we have seen an increase in eSoccer. The product currently has a filler-role, but can become a proper esports with the right infrastructure and fanbase. Other games of interest are Call of Duty, Valorant, and Rainbow 6, though it’s too early to say anything yet. I’m interested to see the Battle Royale genre getting cracked, as it’s slightly awkward to watch and place bets on now. The growing trend of mobile esports should also be followed, though it will take a while to grow big as an esports in Europe.

Have you seen any changes in the esports betting market related to Covid-19?

The rise of eSoccer was one thing we didn’t see coming, it was an unexpected surprise. In hindsight, it does make sense. Almost everyone has played the game, it’s recognisable, quick, and fun to bet on. The other esports saw an increase, even if the more prestigious LAN-tournaments were canceled. We have also seen an increase in activity from many of our competitors as well as suppliers. I believe the increased esports awareness benefits us as we have a strong esports product.

Thank you for bringing these great insights on the esports market. You have used our products to enhance and develop the customer experience across your platforms.

How do you use our widgets and value stats?

In short, we use the Abios widgets to enhance our customer experience. Whether you are a frequent bettor or it’s your first time, we want it to be easy, smooth, and understandable to bet at Unibet. The pre-match widgets give you an understanding of the teams’ latest performance, without having to leave Unibet.

The value stats have been a great way to help players try types of betting they aren’t used to, as well as showcasing how you can use data to improve your betting. It’s also nifty to use on external sites together with promotions.

What value has Abios products brought you?

The compliance checks made us one of the few bookmakers who could have most of our esports events available on site after the Swedish re-regulation. The mapping of streams makes sure it’s possible to view every esports event on our website. Abios continuous service helps us ensure we have all the content available for all markets, something becoming increasingly important with different regulations.

What value has Abios brought to your customers in terms of user experience?

As can be understood from the above answers, they have been a great addition to our customer experience, prolonging time on site and helping to drive both pre-match and in-play betting. At Unibet, we want our players to feel in control and feel good about their bets. By providing additional information in a well-packaged way, we promote the expert feeling.

eSports poised to significantly scale and add new product verticals after recent $4.5m Series A fundraising


on poised to significantly scale and add new product verticals after recent $4.5m Series A fundraising
Reading Time: 2 minutes, the world-leading B2B esports odds feed, risk management and iFrame provider, is extremely proud to announce a Series A financing round, during which the company raised $4.5m from current investors, as well as from Velo Partners and Genting Ventures.

The round comes after ongoing business momentum, during which the company has not lost a single client in the last 3 years while signing landmark B2C deals with Betway, Yolo group ( and brands) and, among others, plus major B2B deals, including OpenBet, Aspire Global and Altenar, to name a few. operates on all continents, and recently started offering its services in New Jersey, US. They have current applications for licences in other US states as well as Ontario, Canada. With an almost 9-digit monthly USD handle under management, the company delivered a 6.7% average margin to its clients in 1H 2022. As one of the very few in the esports ecosystem, the company broke even in July 2022.

The funds will be used to strengthen’s position as a global esports B2B betting leader and to expand to new verticals. offers a 360° approach towards esports betting, providing betting operators everything they need to set up successful business operations. This includes data visualisations, marketing, odds feed, risk management, and iFrame.

The Series A round comes after a successful seed round in early 2020, in which raised $1.2m. Co-Founder and CEO Vlastimil Venclik said: “On behalf of the entire team and myself, I am proud of everyone involved. First of all, we want to thank our clients and partners who share our vision and who have made our growth possible. At the same time, we feel fortunate to work with our investors and to see this investment helping us to scale. This round will help us to continue enjoying our exponential growth and development of new services that will cement our position as a leader in the industry. I want to thank all our partners for their trust, and we will work tirelessly on our vision to justify it!”

Genting Ventures said: “We are impressed by’s technology with class-leading metrics for esports betting. From an industry standpoint, we see the dynamic potential of esports, and identify as a key player offering top-tier data and service for its partners in the competitive gaming space.”

Velo Partners said: “We were immediately impressed with Oddin’s best-in-market esports odds products, as well as their broader strategy of building an esports ecosystem to service all of their customers’ esports needs. We look forward to being a part of this compelling growth story in the coming years”

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Quadrant reveals new controller with SCUF Gaming



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Gaming, lifestyle, and esports organisation Quadrant reveals controller range with premier performance gaming controller manufacturer SCUF Gaming.

Quadrant, a gaming, lifestyle, content and apparel brand founded by Lando Norris, has today (16 August) announced a new controller range.

Produced with partner SCUF Gaming, a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance gaming controllers, the Quadrant range will be available for all platforms with unique Quadrant colours and design available on with an additional –5% discount on all orders with coupon code “Quadrant”.

This latest project pushes the partnership to the next level, as Quadrant continues to enjoy unprecedented success in the gaming and esports worlds.

Since embarking on a journey into competitive Esports in late 2021, Quadrant has become one of Europe’s leading Halo rosters. Quadrant’s Halo Team secured its best result to date last month, finishing second after a close-fought final in the Halo Championship Series event in Valencia.

Up next for Quadrant’s Halo Team is the Orlando Major in September, culminating with the all-important Halo World Championship 2022 event (20-23 October) as the team looks to build on its exceptional form to secure a first-place finish before the season end.

As Official Controller Partner, SCUF Gaming will continue to play a crucial role in Quadrant’s success. A global innovator in its own right, SCUF Gaming create industry-leading custom gaming controllers and premium accessories for console and PC that are used by both professional Esports competitors and casual gamers.

Following the release of the eye-catching Quadrant controller range, the two organisations are already working on exciting future content for both Quadrant and SCUF Gaming audiences, with new releases set for the coming months as the partnership continues to develop.

Jamie MacLauren, Chief Sporting Officer at Quadrant, said: “We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of our Quadrant x SCUF Gaming controller.

“This project has been in the works for a while, and we’re delighted to see it come to life and provide our community with a high-quality and high-performance Quadrant controller for their gaming sessions.”

Diego Nunez, VP of Marketing Corsair Gaming, said: “We’re excited to take this exciting partnership to the next level by combining Quadrant’s distinctive fluro brand with our high performance controllers!

“As Quadrant grows as one of the most versatile and exciting Esports brands in the world and our PS5 Reflex and Xbox Instinct cement their place as the top performance controllers, we’re delighted to launch this new design combining racing, lifestyle and gaming.

“The time has come for Quadrant’s Halo team and content creators to get their hands on a unique controller, while ensuring that fans can get their hands on it as well and not only join the #sQUAD, but #TeamSCUF too!”

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The bronze at the CEC 2022 opens up new horizons for Indian esports internationally



Reading Time: 3 minutes


India’s DOTA 2 esports team’s victory at the CEC 2022 is a significant milestone in the history of the Indian esports and gaming ecosystem. It will open up new horizons for aspiring athletes who dream to compete in international tournaments in the future, thereby encouraging young gamers to pursue full-time careers as athletes. The win will open floodgates for subsequent industries to rise, birthing new-gen pro-gamers, careers, tournaments, brand associations and sponsorship opportunities among others. As the country celebrates 75 years of Independence, this victory marks a historical achievement for India in the international gaming arena.

The Indian DOTA 2 esports team displayed a smacking performance and won the bronze at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 (CEC) held recently in Birmingham, England. The winners of the Indian DOTA 2 team, consisting of Moin Ejaz (captain), Ketan Goyal, Abhishek Yadav, Shubhnam Goli, and Vishal Vernekar, defeated New Zealand by 2-0 in an unsurpassed format.

Up until 2010, esports as a concept was relatively obscure in India and rather non-existent, with low public awareness, lack of infrastructure, and little involvement in the development of this sector. However, 2010 saw an enormous surge in the user base due to the popularity of smartphones, affordable high-speed internet, and notable investments in the space.

According to a report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and EY India, the Indian esports industry rose to INR 3 billion in FY2021 and is expected to reach INR 11 billion by FY2025. This only confirms that the growth opportunity for esports in India is exponential and expansive.

Bharat Patel, Co-Founder, and Director, of Yudiz Solutions Limited, said, “A big congratulations to team India for claiming the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championship for DOTA 2. A remarkable achievement, considering the countless scrims, lengthy LAN games, and complex strategies involved.” With reference to esports athletes, he further shares, “the intelligence, mettle, and enthusiasm DOTA players display is utterly amazing. This win will boost the morale of the younger generation to become more active participants, encouraging the industry and the gaming community going forward.”

Anurag Khurana who is the CEO & Founder of Penta Esports said, “Congratulations to team India on winning the bronze medal at CEC for DOTA 2. This win will surely bring esports more recognition in India and inspire more aspiring esports athletes at the grassroots level in the country.”

Talking about the win Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-Founder, and CEO, of Trinity Gaming India, said, “These are exciting times for the esports industry and a very proud moment for the country and the gaming community. This win by the DOTA 2 team at the Commonwealth Esports Championship has earned a spot for India on the global gaming map and the future of esports looks very bright. This will encourage a new breed of gamers to build their careers leading to a larger pool of talent in the country. This is also an opportunity for brands to step forward in supporting the industry and encouraging the new athletes who aspire to have a career in this arena. We, as industry players, are confident that the government will support this form of the sport by providing adequate support to the esports athletes.”

The Indian esports ecosystem witnessed its first international representation (demonstration) at the Asian Games in 2018. Tirth Mehta, who won a bronze at the time, drew the attention of many developers and investors and their interest in Indian esports grew. Coverage and promotional campaigns on various online social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram increased public awareness and further stimulated the popularity of esports in India.

As esports is declared as a medal event at the next Asian Games and Commonwealth Games, India’s performance and win at  CEC 2022 have upped the ante for Indian esports in the international arena.

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