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Mobile Gambling Growth In Ireland



Mobile Gambling Growth In Ireland
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Mobile gambling is a huge trend nowadays. For the development of mobile gambling tere are two key aspects – improving technologies and scaling up Internet coverage worldwide, as it imports gambling services to remote parts of the world and opens up opportunities in new markets.
Over the past two decades, the mobile phone has evolved from a means of communication to a smart device that can replace dozens of other useful gadgets. Let’s talk about the current situation and future of the industry in Ireland.

Current Data: What Are The Numbers?

According to the data provided by the researchers, the mobile segment has grown significantly since 2003. It is estimated that this year the niche’s revenue will be €25.2 billion. In addition, it is noted that the share of mobile gambling in the industry at the moment is already 42.6%. This indicator has a persistent tendency to increase for more than five years in a row.

It is significant that the growth of mobile gambling is most noticeable in the niche of sports betting, and not in online casinos. Some operators working in the market report that most of their income comes from mobile gambling right now. Currently, the leading field with an indicator of 66% is sports betting. Online casinos are in second place – 27% of the market, the lottery industry makes only 7%.

According to the data presented above, it becomes clear that the main trend in the industry is the transition of users from bookmakers to online casino operators and the growing popularity of online slots. Whether this trend will continue in the next few months, especially after the abolition of quarantine measures, we will know later.

Mobile Device Statistics

Today, the main areas of mobile transactions take social networks (73%), followed by gambling (72%), and trade (61%). In 2019, gambling was the first with 70%. In 2018, this segment ranked second with 62%, the same position as in 2017, when 55% of transactions were made on mobile phones.

Future Trends: What Are They?

There are some of the main tendencies that currently can be observed in Ireland:

1. Bettors are gradually becoming users of online casinos.
2. In general, the online gambling industry is on the rise.
3. There was a decrease in online betting, despite the cancellation of sports competitions, but it was not as big as predicted.
4. The users use apps more often to log into top online casinos.

The Impact Of Coronavirus On Industry In Ireland

The growth is an expected consequence of the self-isolation that we all are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the most vulnerable position were bookmakers due to the cancellation of sports competitions.
At the same time, bookmakers in other countries manage to invent alternative offers to maintain business and meet user demand. For example, Australian operators have decided to offer customers bets on the weather, the European market has changed its focus to virtual sports.

What Is The Future?

First of all, the influx of new users is expecting to become bigger. Especially in the mobile segment. Gambling operators see this and do everything possible to make their products as convenient as possible for using on mobile devices, they engage users and work on the design, adaptability, speed of games on all platforms, etc.

It is important that players do not have any problems at any stage of using services. Therefore, operators are engaged in improving loyalty systems and stop scammers.

The companies’ forecasts for the next few years are based on the assumption that the segment will develop progressively, without strong jerks and shocks. So, next year GGR will be up to €28.8 billion, and a year later – €33.1 billion. And by 2023, the segment’s revenue may reach €37 billion, by 2024, it will be €41.4 billion, which is 64% more than in the current year – €25.2 billion. The market share is being scaled and will exceed 50% of all gambling operations.

The Situation In Other Countries

Mobile gambling operations are especially popular in Europe, and most of the revenue is generated here. Following Europe, a high percentage of mobile revenue was recorded in Oceania and the African continent. There is a suggestion that this effect is achieved because, for residents of these regions, the mobile phone is the only way to connect to the Internet due to the poor quality of broadband.
The current regional map of the mobile segment share shows that the number of operations in Africa is 47.9%, in Asia-40.8%, in Europe-42.4%, in Latin America-21.1%, in North America-27.3%, and Oceania-49.2%.

Thus, we see not only the rapid development of mobile gambling but also its modification. Of course, world events, in particular the COVID, affect this in a big way. We will keep an eye on further updates.

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Altenar se expande en España a través de JOKERBET



Reading Time: 2 minutes

JOKERBET es la marca de juego online para el mercado español de Grupo Veramatic, un grupo de empresas que comenzó su actividad en el año 1986, y que cuenta con más de 190 salones de juego en España y 1.000 terminales de juego en hostelería.
En 2017, obtiene la licencia para operar en el país mediante su propia página web donde los usuarios pueden disfrutar de lo mejor de las apuestas deportivas, juegos de casino y slots, entre otros.

El proveedor de software de Apuestas Deportivas, Altenar, ha anunciado su expansión de la mano de JOKERBET para el mercado español. Domenico Mazzola, Director Comercial expresó: “Estoy muy emocionado y feliz de anunciar que JOKERBET, un operador español bien establecido, decidió cambiar a nuestra solución de apuestas deportivas totalmente gestionadas.”A su vez, desde JOKERBET se sienten muy complacidos de poder trabajar con uno de los proveedores más importantes de la industria. Su Director, Jorge Justicia, señala: “La actitud, la flexibilidad y el enfoque de Altenar es lo que nos hizo decidirnos por su producto. Estamos seguros de que tenemos todos los elementos adecuados para tener una asociación comercial duradera". Altenar expands in Spain through JOKERBET JOKERBET is the online gaming brand for the Spanish market of Grupo Veramatic, a group of companies that began its activity in 1986, and which has more than 190 gaming halls in Spain and 1,000 gaming terminals in the hostelry channel.In 2017, it obtained the license to operate in the country through its own website where users can enjoy the best of sports betting, casino games and slots, among others.

The Sportbook software provider Altenar has announced its expansion hand in hand with JOKERBET for the Spanish market. Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director: “I’m extremely excited and happy to announce that JOKERBET, a well-established Spanish operator, decided to switch to our fully managed Sportsbook solution. “In turn, from JOKERBET they are very pleased to be able to work with one of the most important suppliers in the industry. Its Director, Jorge Justicia, points out: “Altenar's attitude, flexibility and approach is what made us decide on their product. We are confident that we have all the right elements to have a long-lasting business partnership.”

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AppGallery Partners with Belka Games to Bring Clockmaker Joy to Huawei Devices



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Gamers can now look forward to embarking on a mystical match-three puzzle adventure with Belka Games’ critically acclaimed Clockmaker, now available on AppGallery.

In a race to find the Mystery of the Maleficent Clockmaker and break curses, gamers must swipe their way through the gem-based puzzles to make repairs to an old, enchanted town. As well as navigating through a mysterious atmosphere, Clockmaker invites gamers to face over a thousand mini games which require tactical thinking and skill to blast the gems away.

As part of the partnership, and in celebration of Clockmaker’s launch, AppGallery and Belka Games are bringing exclusive gifts to players. Gamers who played through AppGallery will receive an exclusive gift pack, which includes 24 hours of unlimited lives, as well as 15 premium rubies to spend within the in-game store. The gift pack is redeemable after completing the first house level at the beginning of the game.

“We are delighted that more gamers around the world can now experience the popular Clockmaker gameplay experience,”said Yuriy Krasilnikov, VP of Business Development at Belka Games. “As we’ve already seen, the game is a huge hit, so we’re thrilled that more gamers will have access as a result of our partnership with Huawei.”

Huawei Offers Technology Support to Partners

Being one of the fastest-growing app marketplaces, and third largest worldwide, AppGallery shows how developers can leverage Huawei’s strong operational support in the lead up to app launch. Clockmaker is a strong example of Huawei’s HMS Core potential, integrating with the IAP Kit and Ads Kit to bring seamless payment solutions and pleasant ad experiences to users.

“Working with Huawei has been an enjoyable experience for the team at Belka Games,” said Mr. Krasilnikov. “We have received a great level of operational and development support from the start and we were pleased with the smooth integration of Huawei’s HMS Core Kits so that we can offer fans of the game the services that they deserve.”

Clockmaker has achieved huge success in the last two years, across various platforms globally, as well as reached top grossing charts due to its interactive and exciting gameplay. Belka Games’ partnership with AppGallery demonstrates an appetite for growth and implies that fans could expect to see much more in the coming months.

Clockmaker is now available for download via AppGallery.

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