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Not just a trend: Inclusion of Gamification in education



Not just a trend: Inclusion of Gamification in education
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Esports has now become a multi-billion-dollar industry that has advanced in a short span of time, thanks to its growing demand considering its strength to attract people. Moreover, the abundant exposure of digitalisation of almost every format is a way of living for the millennials and Gen Z.

Identifying the popularity of esports, especially among the age-group who are still students, the new-age learning system applied its potential as a powerful, engaging tool to educate and reach students from different stages. The process can enhance students’ engagement levels to what games usually do while improving their particular skills and optimising their learning. This also proves to be a simple medium to create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment and learn in a way which they would enjoy. Education institutions are smartly blending gaming-based learning practices and esports into their curriculum, intending to maximise students’ interest in learning more while excluding any additional burden/pressure on them. The benefits of this learning process go beyond the four walls of the classroom and into the students’ lives.

Game-based elements applied for scoring points, setting a healthy competing environment among the fellow students, rooting teamwork and leadership skills, score tables, assimilating new information, testing their knowledge, and many more, allow students to be surrounded with an atmosphere that helps them with their overall development. But, among all its benefits, the best advantage of this is, it is self-teaching, giving anyone and everyone the access to use it.

Shivam Rao, as the Co-Founder and the COO of Trinity Gaming, India’s top gaming talent management company, and a gaming fanatic himself, keeps a close watch on this new trend. Some of the ways to apply gaming into education are:

1. Including points system for every academic and non-academic objective achieved:
Encouraging students through a point system to upgrade their knowledge and frame it in the best possible way, just like it is done during the offline evaluation system. On the non-academic front, there could be a points system for the students who deliver the task within a set period of time or did exceptionally well constantly.
2. Creating interesting challenges and barriers to level up
This proves to be a great encouragement material as these challenges could be anything ranging from academics to creativity or even logistics.
3. Introducing competitions
Challenging fellow students or the students from other classes is a great way to encourage students. Even teachers can join them through these challenges, forming teams, elevating teachers and students’ relations.
4. Evaluation of the performances
Giving a reality check is also important for the students to better evaluate, identify the problem, and with the support of their mentors, they find the solution to it. This is also the perfect way to identify where their strength lies. The personalised breakdown of one’s performance motivates them to work harder to achieve their goals.
5. Using different methods of ‘PROGRESSION’
The students who successfully achieve the milestone can ‘Level Up’ with rewards like extra playtime or some bonus, or it could be a session on the computers or a chance to be a class perfect for the month and so on and so forth.

Interestingly, the Indian parents and the educational institutions are adapting to this change and are coming to terms with this setup. Especially after the pandemic hit and with schools remaining shut, it was really difficult for parents to balance their professional life while ensuring their kids did not suffer from their education. However, with digital classes and the widespread growth of gamification of learning, the process was smoother.

This format makes students feel that they have the authorship over their learning process; they are not dependent and give them a sense of achievement which boosts their confidence. They are learning in a more relaxed atmosphere, and even if they encounter any failure, which can be easily turned around by simply trying again. Students are often more stress-free in the gaming environment and are not scared to make mistakes; after all, they have not been called out in the middle of the class to encounter any form of embarrassment. Instead, it allows them to uncover an intrinsic motivation to learn more. This also makes learning more measurable through the different progress indicators. Learning becomes more fun for sure, especially when they even get to explore different avatars or characters to study and play virtually at the same time. The learning process has become more than just filling worksheets.

The power of esports has not only amplified in the e-learning settings, but it has also shown some tremendous impact for corporate companies, where gamification has been introduced to train their employees. It triggers powerful human emotions such as happiness, curiosity, excitement, a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Sighting the proven positive results, several sectors are inducing gamification to advance their respective formats and generate marvellous results.





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Sandsoft Games – the mobile-first game developer, publisher and investor powered by AAA talent, is thrilled to announce the launch of the second season of its pioneering internship program, Press Start. Available to local residents with an interest in getting into the games industry, the full-time internships aim to foster and nurture exceptional talent for the gaming industry in Saudi Arabia.

Following the success of the first Press Start initiative which began in December 2022, aspiring games industry professionals are once again invited to embark on the journey of creating a playable mobile game within a span of six months. Aligned with Vision 2030, the Press Start initiative has been engineered to nurture diverse local talent and provide a boost to the regional games industry. The Press Start cohort will receive support from Sandsoft’s leading industry experts in various areas, allowing them to specialize in one of three disciplines: design, art, or coding.

Successful applicants will work from Sandsoft’s flagship Riyadh Studio, with access to cutting-edge equipment and resources. Press Start is overseen by a team of esteemed games industry veterans who have contributed to renowned gaming franchises like Candy Crush Saga, FIFA, World of Tanks, Need For Speed and more, including Sandsoft’s Head of Studio in Riyadh, Yahsir Qureshi.

Yahsir Qureshi commented:

“Riyadh is a city full of exceptional, diverse talent and love of gaming. It’s our job to identify this talent and help nurture future leaders who will shape the legacy of the KSA and global games industries. The tremendous success of our original Press Start program has been immensely rewarding for both the participants and Sandsoft Games as a whole, with a number of interns expected to join us as full time team members. Initiatives such as Press Start play a significant role in boosting employment prospects in the region and we can’t wait to welcome a new cohort to our Riyadh studio.”

Basem Alasmar, Game Designer at Sandsoft Games and member of the inaugural Press Start program, continued:

“When I first saw the program on LinkedIn, I was immediately drawn to the idea and the challenge it presented. Working in a gaming company has always been a dream of mine, so I was naturally intrigued. What captivated me even more were the experienced individuals at Sandsoft Games and the impressive game titles they had worked on. Their expertise and track record truly impressed me. This program continues to inspire me to strive for greatness, pushing me to create amazing things, learn extensively, and enhance my skills in my chosen field.”

Press Start is open to Saudi Individuals of any age and educational background who have a demonstrable interest in game development and are available to work in Riyadh. Applications are open until July 7, 2023, at 23:59 AST.

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~India’s First Ever Poker Reality Show~

~ Embraces contestants from across the country ~

The Player Hunt Season 3, India’s first ever poker reality show is all set to begin its journey with its list of contestants from across the country along with the co-host Ranvijay Singha who recently shared, “With immense pleasure, I am pleased to let you all know that Player Hunt is all set with enthusiastic, courageous and experienced poker player hailing from different parts of the country. I can’t wait for this journey to begin and leave the audiences as well as the contestants with lots of memories as well as learnings from the show.”

Hailing from Mumbai, Pankti Chheda is a sports enthusiast as well as a former national level athlete, focused on playing poker and representing India in WSOP in 2025. She is not just an athlete but an avid traveller as well.

With a dream of setting a record for the longest live stream of poker, Krishan Pal Singh Dhangar is a common man from Agra, who values education, family and hobbies that challenge his mind. He shares, “Poker is something that is extremelt close to my heart and has changed my life for good. Being a part of Player Hunt season 3, I hope to get an opportunity to be able to promote this sport PAN India.”

Born and brought up at Pali Hill Bombay, Sahib Singh Lamba, an MBA and an Engineer, is the youngest Hon. General Secretary at Khar Gymkhana in Mumbai. He shares, “I have been playing poker for over 15 years and it has become a part of my life. I am aware and unpredictable and can read situations and people. Courage, wisdom & compassion will make me win the Player Hunt Season 3!” Sahib also starred in a recent Netflix series titled, “In Real Love”.

Implusive and spontaneous, Raaquib Merchant, is the owner of his own hockey league and is vocal abort promoting the national sport of India. He’s also a foodie who also loves to talk about making money and starting businesses. Poker has helped him hang out with friends and enjoy life.

A professional poker player, Pooja Doshi owns a fashion boutique and shares her journey of playing poker stating, “The beginnings of my poker journey were quite interesting. My partner wanted to pursue poker as a career to support us. Within a couple of days even I realized the potentiality of the sport and started to learn the game as well.  The journey has seen me gradually grow as a player.” She is also a follower of the teachings of Osho.

A full time poker professional, Aditya Sarin, is a psychology student who also has been practicing card magic and cardistry since childhood. He suffers from a rare medical condition which restricted him from attending school in his childhood which led him to he develop a love for cards and poker at the age of 8. His love for poker has only gotten stronger ever since. In his own words he shares, “I am always up to learn something new. With proper guidance from the experts. I will surely win this season.”

Sanket Deshmukh is a college dropout who plays snooker professionally. He started his poker journey at the age of 20. He further shares, “ I was a poker dealer, that’s why I know all the rules and regulations thoroughly. I have raw sense of humour.”

Anubhav Krishna Srivastava, an artist, who is well known for his performance in the popular TV show Pavitra Rishta is also an interesting Poker player. He shares, “Poker has taught him patience & perseverance.” He finds The Player Hunt very interesting and is here as he wanted to try something new and interesting. He also says “Watch out for some mind blowing action and be ready to face me”.

With a list of varied & professional contestants, the Player Hunt Season 3 makes  us all look forward to the exciting journey of all contestants loaded with action, drama and entertainment.

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The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) reiterates its call to the public – both local and foreign nationals – to be extra vigilant when engaging in online gaming activities as illegal online gaming sites continue to proliferate.

The renewed call from the country’s gaming regulator came on the heels of news reports that a certain website — – which was printed on close to 800,000 registered vehicle plates in Maryland, USA to promote the state’s history, was used by fraudsters as a link to an illegal gambling website allegedly operating in the Philippines.

According to PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco, the URL printed on these Maryland plates which redirects to  has been used as an illegal gambling platform that not only violates players’ rights but also places the Philippines in a bad light.

“PAGCOR has nothing to do with the said websites, as well as the gaming activities happening therein. As the country’s gaming regulator, PAGCOR does not condone illegal online gambling. Engaging or betting on illegal gambling activities is not only a criminal act; it also takes away from the government billions of pesos in revenues which can be used to fund priority programs that will benefit a greater number of Filipinos. Hence, we have been continuously working with various government and law enforcement agencies to ensure that our gaming policies are in place and the online gaming platforms that we regulate are safe and credible,” he said.

“We have referred this matter to our Security and Monitoring Cluster for investigation. The website was also referred to the appropriate government agency for immediate action.” Tengco added.

Tengco strongly calls for gaming aficionados to only take part in its licensed online-based gaming platforms for a truly enjoyable and safe gaming experience.

The list of registered and legitimate websites can be found through this link:

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