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How to Stop Gambling Addiction



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Gambling is entertaining and can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. However, if you’re not careful in keeping everything under tight control, things can get out of hand before you know it.

Unfortunately, gambling addiction is also rising worldwide with the popularization of online games. The risk is real whether you are playing online poker, enjoying casino games, or betting on your favorite sports. Dealing with this serious issue can be challenging, but with enough effort and the right mindset, you can get back on the right track and enjoy gambling again without feeling bound down by it.

To help you out in this process, we will share the most critical things to focus on to stop gambling addiction.


Recognize and Accept Your Problem

The first and hardest step is admitting you have a gambling addiction. When you recognize you have symptoms of gambling addiction, you can start taking the proper steps to fix it. The biggest signs of gambling addiction include:

  • Making increasingly bigger and riskier bets over time
  • Using gambling to escape your daily life
  • Overly focusing on any past wins you had
  • Feeling depressed or guilty after gambling
  • Experiencing social issues with your friends or family


Being honest with yourself is the key to recognizing you might have a problem. Denying any of the symptoms mentioned above can be detrimental to your well-being, and you shouldn’t delay acting on them.

Tell your friends and loved ones you have a problem, or better yet, reach out to a professional who can provide you with a clearer understanding and more constructive help. There’s no shame in admitting you might have a gambling problem, as it’s an unskippable step of the process.

Don’t Let The Urge Takeover Again

As with any other addiction, cravings, and burgers to go back will inevitably come at some point in the process. When they hit, they can be intense and hard to push through. Fortunately, all cravings have an end. You just have to endure it. Keep in mind why you’re doing it, and just focus on postponing the urge.

You first need to ensure that you only play at regulated online casinos. These sites have many tools that can help you limit your sessions and deposits and even exclude yourself from accessing your account, and they actually will take your safety seriously.

Another good way to go about it is to list all of the reasons why you decided you should take back control of your gambling habits. This could be because you want to salvage your relationship with your loved ones or get more free time to spend with them.

It can also be for financial reasons if your gambling addiction has put you under strain and made you rack up a big debt. Whatever your motivations are, make sure to keep them in the back of your head and always focus on them when that horrible urge pops up in your head.

Understand and Beware of the Consequences

If positive reinforcement doesn’t work for you, you can try it from an alternative perspective. As much as recognizing the good things in life can give you the strength to fix your gambling addiction, so can focusing on the bad ones. So, instead of running towards the good life, you can devote your efforts to running away from bad.

Understand all of the risks and bad things gambling can bring into your life. Excessive gambling is a gateway to depression, aggression, increased stress, and even an enhanced suicide risk. Pathological gambling can hinder the way you think and destroy your life and the lives of those around you. The lies, hardships, and pain you put everyone around you through are enough to motivate you to stop your bad habits.

Find Alternatives That Keep You Occupied

Urges stemming from addiction can be tough to control and keep at bay. If you have a lot of free time, the cravings will seem more significant and more challenging to deal with. To ensure you don’t slip back into bad gambling patterns, you must find alternatives to keep you equally engaged and entertained.

You have endless options for replacing gambling with positive hobbies. The best way to throw your mind off gambling is to keep your body engaged physically. Try walking, swimming, lifting weights, or any other exercise that suits you. Explore hobbies you always wanted to try, travel, or dedicate your time to those who need help.

Understandably, none of these activities will be as enjoyable as gambling at first. This is because your brain will try to trick you into slipping back into old habits. But, if you stick with a new hobby through the tough times, you’ll slowly shift your focus towards a healthy mindset.

Reach Out for Professional Help

Unfortunately, sometimes your efforts aren’t enough to break away from the control gambling has over you. If you have severe gambling problems you fear you can’t overcome, reach out to someone who will know how to deal with such an issue. Professional treatment can be very effective in stopping gambling addiction and improving your life.

Luckily, counselors and therapists are widely available nowadays, and you can easily find a reliable and skilled professional who will guide you through every step of the recovery process. Even better, you can seek professional help while participating in a gambling addiction support group.

Support groups are often maintained by people who have gone through what you’re currently experiencing and can relate to what’s troubling you. This could make the difference between a lifetime of financial struggle and gambling addiction and a healthy and stable life. Don’t hesitate to connect with a group or a trusted professional.


Plinko: A Classic TV-based Game, Now on Spinmatic’s Portfolio



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Television is an all-time massive communication medium, and the desire of becoming rich and famous watching participants on different shows has always been part of our culture.

And it’s not the first time casinos make the most of a TV game and its success… Fortune wheels, bingo machines… and now, Plinko!

More than four decades ago, in January 1983, Plinko was introduced in the world-known TV show “The price is right”, and the game is still part of the programme nowadays, being considered very often as the most famous pricing game of all times.

Being aware of the tremendous possibilities of this easy-to-play yet trepidant game, Spinmatic is launching a brand-new game category on its portfolio.

Plinko consists of a board full of blocking pegs in the form of a pyramid, with a certain number of winning spaces at the bottom. The aim of the game is to place the balls in the best winning spot to be awarded with the displayed prize.

With Spinmatic’s latest creation, Pinky Plinko, the company combines the classic excitement of plinko with a dash of colourful Asian vibes – giving a new look to the usual plinko game.

Set against an Asian-inspired backdrop, players place their bet from 0.1 to 80 and watch the ball zigzag down through a bunch of pins, building up the excitement with every bounce. They can choose their adventure with the Risk Level feature. Whether they’re feeling daring or prefer a safer path, Pinky Plinko lets them adjust the risk to match their betting style. For those who like a touch of strategy, the Hold & Drop feature will let them decide the exact moment to let the balls fall. A simple addition of control that will definitely engage players.

With its attractive features, gorgeous graphics and the thrill of big wins, it promises to be a hit with players looking for an entertaining and rewarding plinko game. Whether they’re a fan of traditional plinko or looking for something new to try, Pinky Plinko will provide them with an exciting challenge.

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Paddy Power Launches Industry First Exclusive Online Gameshow



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Paddy Power has launched a new online game – Paddy’s Mansion Heist – becoming the first company to create an exclusive branded gameshow. The game is available to all UK & Irish players.

The first-of-its-kind online Live Casino Game Show has been made possible through collaboration with Playtech Live Casino. The gambling software development company worked closely with Paddy Power to create a custom designed, immersive and large-scale studio showcasing what a year of innovation and creativity can produce.

Set within Paddy’s Mansion, the game offers players the opportunity to pull off the ultimate heist. Paddy’s Mansion Heist incorporates high tech engine technology, enhancing player experience, which was the main priority during game development.

With market leading four live action bonus rounds and entertaining presenters, users have the chance to bet on Paddy’s 54 segment wheel and explore the Mansion through a series of interactive rounds, stealing “lucrative loot” from each room.

The game culminates at Paddy’s legendary Vault, where players will be teased with scenes of Paddy’s shimmering gold. Participants can win up to a maximum of 4000x their bet – however, it’s not going to be easy.

Roisin Hogan, Commercial Director at Flutter, said: “PP Games’ longstanding partnership with Playtech has led us to developing one of our most exciting games ever – Paddy’s Mansion Heist. This game represents Playtech’s and PP Games’ commitment to innovation and delivering an unparallelled customer experience. We are thrilled to bring this exciting game to market.”

Kevin Kilminster, Chief Product Officer at Playtech, said: “We are proud to collaborate with an iconic brand like Paddy Power, one of Playtech’s longest standing partners to launch Paddy’s Mansion Heist. Bespoke games have become essential to cater to the evolving market demand for personalised, entertainment-led experiences. Mansion Heist delivers on the theatre and engagement that Paddy Power players have come to expect.”

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Huawei Game Salon 2024: HUAWEI AppGallery bridges the gap between East and West, helps partners go global



Reading Time: 2 minutes


AppGallery, Huawei’s official distribution platform, held the Huawei Game Salon – Cloud Collaboration (Europe) in Istanbul, Türkiye, from 30 May to 1 June. The event aimed to strengthen collaboration between AppGallery and its partners and bring robust public cloud infrastructure to enterprises in Europe.

In the past decade, Huawei has forged strong relationships in the European market; bridging East and West and supporting local growth. Huawei has enabled Chinese developers to reach a broader European gamer audience, and Turkish game developers to increase their visibility in Europe.

The Huawei Game Salon showcased Huawei Cloud as a premier business solution, offering professional, fast, stable, and secure one-stop cloud services for gaming enterprises seeking to build high-quality, holistic cloud gaming experiences.

Türkiye: An Exciting New Gaming and Live Streaming Hub

With Europe’s mobile game market predicted to hit $8.56 billion in 2024, Huawei is intensifying its focus on Europe’s gaming scene. Türkiye, which boasts a growing number of talented developers and a large, dedicated player base, is key to Huawei’s plans.

Home to 30 million gamers, Türkiye leads the gaming market in the Middle East. In 2023, the industry generated $300 million and witnessed 16% year-on-year growth. With smartphones being the main device used by European users to access games, and over 75% of the Turkish population owning a smartphone, its mobile gaming market has huge potential.

The pan-entertainment sector reached a market value of $228.7 million last year, with over 62.5 million users, representing 73.1% of the total population. According to AppAnnie, in-app payments for pan-entertainment applications in Türkiye totaled US$76 million in 2023, propelling Türkiye into the top five globally.

Huawei Gaming Salon Welcomes Valued Partners

The Huawei Gaming Salon warmly welcomed leading Chinese developers such as Funplus, Tencent, Moonton, and miHoYo, among others.

“Our intention is to foster a vibrant gaming community in Europe. By collaborating closely with our partners, we hope to deliver cutting-edge, reliable, and top-notch gaming experiences to the region.” Shan Xuefeng, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, Europe Ecosystem Development & Sales Department shared.

Productive CP-Gamer and Local Partner Sharing Sessions

A CP-Gamer Interactive Sharing offered Chinese developers the chance to dive into the success stories and experiences of Huawei’s European partners, game developers Playrix and Com2us. During this exchange, Playrix and Com2us stressed that adapting to local users was key to their success in Türkiye. Thereafter, a Local Partner Sharing session added further perspectives to the day’s discussions.

Full Day of Activities: HUAWEI Cloud Data Center

Attendees were treated to a Turkish Cultural Experience and explored the HUAWEI CLOUD Data Center. A Farewell Dinner was held, the perfect goodbye to the event.

Huawei’s partners, including Tencent, Moonton, miHoYo, and Funplus, were highly impressed and expressed their enthusiasm for working with Huawei in the future, with plans to publish their games on AppGallery in Europe in the second half of 2024.

Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President of Huawei Mobile Services Europe, said, “Mobile gaming is a global phenomenon. Our goal is to bridge the gap between top developers from around the world and European gamers. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive support from development to commercial monetization, which is crucial for helping partners expand internationally.”


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