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Fintech Leader Ibanera Launches Payment Gateway Tailored for E-Gaming Industry



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Ibanera, a global fintech bank, introduces its cutting-edge payment gateway, crafted to elevate the payment experience for companies in the booming E-Gaming industry. This innovative solution combines speed, security, compliance and versatility to meet the unique needs of E-Gaming businesses.The E-gaming industry, worth now over $400 billion in 2023 is evolving. With companies and game publishers competing for market share and daily average gamers, fintech companies and payment providing solutions are also finding new ways to address the industry needs.

“The E-gaming industry is evolving to address the needs of their gamers, and stakeholders faster than what fintech companies could keep up with. Our goal is to get ahead by servicing the needs of these companies to help them scale their business and finance efforts. Secure, compliant, quick, and efficient. That is our mission.” says CEO Michael Carbonara.

PCI Compliance & High Speeds:

Ibanera’s Payment Gateway ensures top-tier security with PCI compliance and lightning-fast speeds, processing up to 76,000 transactions per second for swift, secure transactions in E-Gaming.

Efficiency with Golang:

Engineered with Golang, our Payment Gateway maximizes efficiency and reliability, meeting the high-speed demands of the E-Gaming environment.

Scalable Performance:

Designed for growth, Ibanera’s Payment Gateway maintains peak performance as E-Gaming companies expand, providing a scalable and future-proof solution.

Secure Transactions with Tokenization:

Fortified with a robust tokenization engine, our Payment Gateway ensures secure transactions and protects sensitive data, vital in the data-sensitive landscape of E-Gaming.

Mobile & Digital Wallet Integration:

Formatted for seamless mobile use and integrated with Applepay and Googlepay, the gateway meets the preferences of the tech-savvy E-Gaming audience, offering a modern payment experience.

Versatile Functionality:

Ibanera’s Payment Gateway is a versatile solution with API-driven capabilities, a virtual terminal, and invoicing features, empowering E-Gaming companies to navigate their payment landscape.


GIANTX acquires League of Legends AI coaching start-up, iTero Gaming



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  • Global gaming and esports brand GIANTX has acquired UK AI Esports Coaching start-up, iTero Gaming in a multi-million deal.
  • The new acquisition will offer AI coaching for GIANTX fans and competitive gamers globally across the leading title League of Legends, targeting players looking to improve and elevate their gameplay.
  • iTero Gaming Founder, Jack Joseph Williams, has also become the esports organisation’s new Head of Gaming Technology.
  • This acquisition paves the way for future innovations in AI-driven performance enhancement and strategic development in the global gaming and esports industry

Today, global gaming and esports brand GIANTX (GX) is proud to announce the acquisition of iTero Gaming, a UK start-up specialising in AI coaching solutions for competitive gamers. The acquisition represents a significant milestone for the gaming and technology industry, highlighting the growing integration of AI in esports.

With a focus on the title League of Legends, the multi-million deal represents the company’s ongoing commitment to the global esports community through delivering precise, individualised coaching for gamers looking to enhance their competitive performance. Integrating iTero’s innovative AI technology will also enable GIANTX to provide tailored training and strategic insights to its global fanbase. Founder of iTero Gaming, Jack Joseph Williams, has also become the esports organisation’s new Head of Gaming Technology following the acquisition.

The iTero Gaming League of Legends coaching app has amassed nearly a quarter million installs in less than two years, harnessing AI to pinpoint player weaknesses and optimise pre-game setup. Analysing millions of games every patch, their state-of-the-art AI assesses which champions from your pool would excel in team drafts, and suggests enemy bans, optimal runes, and item builds. During matches, it also offers real-time tools such as objective timers to support players striving for a competitive edge in destroying the enemy nexus.

With a shared vision to educate and elevate competitive players globally, the acquisition will harness both companies’ strengths to create an advanced training ecosystem that supports player development at every level. With ambitions to become the leading tool on the market for those looking to improve their gameplay in League of Legends, they are set to revolutionise the competitive gaming landscape, offering resources that cater to the needs of both professional and aspiring competitive gamers.

Proving popular among esports enthusiasts already, the app also aligns perfectly with the interests of esports fans following top-tier teams like GIANTX, looking to improve their gameplay strategies significantly. With access to over 500 account statistics for review, the potential for refining gameplay is endless.

The acquisition represents a significant milestone for the gaming and technology industry, highlighting the growing integration of AI in esports. iTero Gaming’s AI coaching offers a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI across the broader tech landscape, demonstrating how traditional coaching on classic esports titles such as League of Legends can be transformed. This acquisition not only sets a new benchmark for competitive training but also paves the way for future innovations in AI-driven performance enhancement and strategic development in gaming and esports.

Founder of iTero Gaming, Jack J, is a former financial analyst at HSBC who channelled his passion for AI into developing predictive models for esports competition outcomes in his spare time. This endeavour evolved into iTero Gaming, where he began offering decision-making tools for League of Legends players. iTero Gaming launched its app in September 2022, quickly amassing over 10,000 installs, along with glowing 5-star reviews and strong user retention rates. This success validated iTero Gaming’s product-market fit and potential to disrupt the gaming industry with the innovative use of AI.

GIANTX (GX) was formed from the amalgamation of London-based Excel Esports and Malaga-based Giants Esports last year. This strategic merger has consolidated the esports organisation’s position as a dominant force in global esports, with headquarters in London and Malaga, alongside a state-of-the-art performance centre in Berlin. This union has since supported GIANTX’s goals for global expansion, solidifying its status as a leading team across multiple competitive titles, supported by an unparalleled fan base.

Tim Reichert, Co-CEO of GIANTX, said: “We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of iTero Gaming to help elevate player performance to new heights! This marks a pivotal moment in GIANTX’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in esports, empowering players worldwide to achieve their competitive best. We are excited to harness this new technology to optimise our team’s training during practice to unlock the full potential of our pro players and the global gaming community.”

Jose Diaz, Co-CEO of GIANTX, said: “We are excited to welcome AI pioneer Jack J to the GIANTX team. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in advancing AI in the gaming industry. The potential to enhance gameplay and provide tailored insights is enormous, and I can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on the gaming community”

Jack J, Founder of iTero Gaming emphasises: “I’m excited to be joining the GIANTX team. EXCEL ESPORTS was the first esports team I became a fan of and I’ve followed their journey over the last few years. I believe and have always believed that data and AI have the potential to seriously disrupt the status quo of esports, whether that’s finding undervalued players or identifying strategies outside of the standard meta. I think esports is ready for the future and I’m really looking forward to what comes next working alongside GIANTX.”


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UK gaming industry to launch new ‘boutique casino’ show in London in January 2025



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As part of a three year expansion plan into the gaming and emerging entertainment sectors, EAG Expo, owned by UK trade association Bacta, will be launching a new casino show in London dedicated to land based operations.

EAG Expo Europe will be launching a new specialised ‘boutique show’ for the casino and betting industry at its upcoming edition in London’s ExCeL Centre on January 14-16 2025. The Capital Casino & Gaming Show (CC&GS) will run alongside EAG and forms part of the exhibition organiser’s expansion drive into the wider land based entertainment and leisure sector in both the UK and Europe.

The development programme was approved earlier this year by EAG owners Bacta – the UK’s amusements and gaming trade association. In addition to investment in a new arena for the core casino and betting machine manufacturers, the new London casino show will also focus on the growing market of smaller dedicated service and supply companies concentrated in the land based sector. During the exhibition, CC&GS will be hosting a series of seminars and workshops dedicated to the needs of land based casino and betting businesses.

And for the Capital Casino & Gaming Show, there is also the added historic dimension. The UK industry has universally backed the launch of a smaller, more intimate, boutique-style exhibition to maintain the important tradition of a casino trading forum in London for the land based international market, which has dated back to the late 1980s.

Martin Burlin, Chairman of EAG, said: “These are interesting and exciting times for the broader land-based amusements, gaming and gambling sector. With new legislation on the horizon here in the UK, it is likely that many of the innovations that are driving change in Britain will work their way into the international marketplace. And with new social responsibility measures featuring more prominently on production schedules, including age verification and cashless systems, both EAG and the new CC&GS in London provide the perfect shows to see this technology in action – and in an atmosphere that lends itself to more detailed conversations and engagement.”

The focus on land based gaming provides an important USP for the Capital Casino & Gaming Show. Nick Harding, former Bacta president and ex-CEO of the national AGC operator Praesepe, is the ‘international ambassador’ of the newly launched London casino show. He believes it will provide a vital addition to the international casino and betting sector’s calendar of events. “London has been the central force for the global casino sector for a period spanning five decades or so – it has been the capital of land based gaming products and innovations for all that time. With the evolution of the global industry, particularly into the online arena, there is a growing call, and need, for a sustained, more dedicated focus on land based operations,” Harding said.

The ‘boutique’ style casino is exactly how Harding sees the new London casino show evolving. “This isn’t a show honed on numbers, it’s shaped by quality products, quality time and quality engagement. The land based sector needs a dedicated forum, where the largest and smaller-styled influencers can connect in an environment which is set at their pace.”

He added: “In the States, particularly Las Vegas and the tribal casino sector, in Asia, Australia, and in heartland Europe, land based gaming is alive and kicking – but with very unique technological innovations and regulatory requirements. The UK has been the home of that land-based focus for nearly half a century, and we want London to continue to play an influential part in building business for the land-based industry across the globe. That’s the vision for our London casino show, and it’s an investment the entire UK industry is keen to make.”

The Capital Casino & Gaming Show will launch at London’s ExCeL Centre on 14-16 January 2025.


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Games Lift 2024: These five developer teams will receive the Hamburg incubator funding



Games Lift 2024: These five developer teams will receive the Hamburg incubator funding
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Five teams have won over the Games Lift awarding committee with their game projects. On September 9, the Games Lift Incubator will start for them as a unique support program in Germany. Included is a one-year workshop and mentoring program with international industry experts and 15,000 euros in financial support, as well as room for collaboration and exchange with the other participating teams. More than 30 experts in game design, product development, pitching, business development, press relations and marketing from the Games Lift network will share their experience with the teams to give their projects a professional start. Starting this year, the program also offers participating teams a joint trip to an international industry event. The Games Lift Incubator is organized and implemented by Gamecity Hamburg on behalf of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

A total of 21 teams and solo developers applied for the fourth Games Lift Incubator. The decision for the five participating teams was made by the awarding committee, consisting of Kristin von der Wense (Publishing Producer Daedalic Entertainment), Ole Schaper (Managing Director The Sandbox Hamburg (Sviper GmbH)), Heiko Gogolin (Managing Director Rocket Beans Entertainment) and Tobias Graff (Co-Founder, Programmer and CEO Mooneye Studios).

Margarete Schneider, Project Manager at Gamecity Hamburg, on the award committee’s decision: “We are delighted with the large number of applications for our incubator and the high standard of the pitch decks submitted once again. It is particularly pleasing that we are receiving more applications from outside Hamburg, who see the city as an attractive location for starting a new business. The Games Lift Incubator provides gaming start-ups with comprehensive starting support and enables them to forge connections in Hamburg’s diverse games scene.

The five winner projects and teams for Games Lift Incubator 2024:

  • ForeFeathers by Team Honeybeak
  • Frisia – Cozy Villages by Rouven Cabanis
  • Light of Atlantis by Duck ‘n’ Run Games
  • Pubcrawler by Triflgard
  • Tiny Garden by Tales from the Garden

ForeFeathers by Team Honeybeak is a 3D Puzzle-Platformer where players slip into the role of a penguin, who explores the sky-high ruins of an ancient civilization of birds. Traversing the flying islands with the ancient powers of flight, solving tricky puzzles and keeping the penguin’s friends away from trouble are some main aspects of the game.

In Frisia – Cozy Villages by Rouven Cabanis the player gains control over an uninhabited Northsea island and is tasked with building a functional, yet cozy and beautiful little town. Inspired by the frisian architecture of the Dutch and German Northsea coast, Frisia aims to create a cozy gameplay experience in harmony with simple town-building and strategy game mechanics.

Light of Atlantis by Duck ‘n’ Run Games is a 2D puzzle metroidvania in which players take on the roles of various robots with individual abilities to explore the sunken ruins of Atlantis. By draining and releasing water into the various rooms, the robots shape their environment and improve their chances against different enemies. Light of Atlantis was part of the Gamecity Hamburg prototype funding in 2023 and received in the same year the German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) in the category “Best Prototype”.

Pubcrawler by Triflgard is a co-op PC game in which up to four players need to work as a team, to navigate a giant, mechanic, wandering pub through an apocalyptic wasteland. In the process, they must complete a variety of challenging tasks that can only be mastered as a team. Working together efficiently, pleasing the different guests and keeping a cool head even when the giant pubcrawler faces technical issues are the key to a successful journey.

In Tiny Garden by Tales from the Garden players slip into the role of a deity who fills a deserted planet with life. Together with their servants, a group of cute leaf creatures that must be protected from evil spirits, they plant a constantly growing garden. As soon as the garden is fully grown, the evil spirits can be soothed and the player can move on to the next planet in help.

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