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Success for the First Edition of the Italian Gaming Expo & Conference



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The two-day conference dedicated to the Italian gaming market registers over 1,200 participants and gathers international acclaim: new appointment in April of 2025

The first edition of the Italian Gaming Expo & Conference (IGE) in Rome entitled ‘The sustainable future of gaming’ dedicated to the Italian gaming market is delving into the reality of a sector whose importance is recognized internationally together with institutions, experts, academics, opinion leaders and influencers. With the participation of around 1,200 delegates from over twelve different countries and the presence of multiple political, institutional and media personalities.

IGE Figures:

Over 130 speakers coming from several countries in Europe and the world. More than 35 sessions of content. Over 50 companies involved including partners and exhibitors. Over 20 political representatives and more than ten institutions represented including Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (the Italian gaming regulator), CONI, AGCOM, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests (MASAF), the State Police, Italian finance police, Europol and Interpol as well as the Government and Parliament with a large presence of representatives from the Chamber and Senate. To which we must add foreign regulators such as the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and various international entities such as EASG, G4, the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL), the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) and the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS). These are the numbers of the first edition of IGE. With a presence that reached 1,187 delegates in the two days of the event.

At the heart of the event, the main topics that will drive the world of legal gaming in the coming months and years and the definition of the approach guidelines for companies that want to look to the future to innovation to sustainability. The reform of public gaming, the sustainable future of gaming, the strength of promotions between reorganization and consumer protection and the Italian model as a reference to ensure the integrity of sport in addition to the reform of horse racing. These are some of the topics discussed during the first day.

One of the primary goals of IGE is to allow participants to meet and discuss with experts, opinion leaders, scholars and some of the best C-levels at national and international level to find new ideas and solutions for the growth and development of their business. And it can certainly be considered achieved, taking into account the broad consensus recorded by the event, which also recorded the presence of authoritative exponents of the world of information, from the television presenter and deputy director of Il Giornale, Nicola Porro, to the deputy director of the La7 news program and host, Andrea Pancani, to the Director of RaiNews24, Paolo Petrecca.

“The Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, as a regulatory body for the public gaming sector, has always been at the forefront in the defence and promotion of the principles representing the cornerstones on which the gaming industry is based,” the Central Games Director for the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, Mario Lollobrigida, said. “Those of legality, safety and protection of consumers and public order. For this reason, the agency welcomed this Italian gaming expo and conference event as it is exactly focused on these communication values. In particular, we appreciate the highly scientific profile of the event, thanks to the participation of famous personalities and leading universities such as those of the Luiss, Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano, who will participate in these two days of debate.”

As regards the pressing current issues that animated the IGE discussion, the reform of the sector just launched by the government was undoubtedly at the center. “The new law is a chance for the state to undoubtedly find some additional resources from the tax levy, resources that allow the administration to make its choices,” Marco Osnato, President of the Finance Commission, Chamber of Deputies, said. “With this decree we have managed to achieve a balance of interests that is healthy for everyone. We always start from the protection of the citizen, the use of effective, traceable and exact legal services also in compliance with legal systems that have become more limited with a view to protecting and professionalising companies. A more peaceful approach.”

According to Ettore Rosato, COPASIR Secretary, member of the Foreign Affairs Commission, Chamber of Deputies: “Gaming is a sector that I have been dealing with for a long time and I believe it is essential that politics recognize its value both in economic terms from tax revenue to the number of employees and companies on the market to the terms of legality and social impact. Public gaming is an obstruction to organized crime and is a controlled system, which also allows us to control the risks of gambling addiction that may arise.”

However, pay attention to all the topics of interest and current affairs that revolve around the sector, starting with the ban on advertising, which is still in force today. Laura Aria, AGCOM Commissioner, declared: “According to article 57 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the provision of gaming service cannot be completely banned. Moreover, managing highly addictive phenomena such as gambling addiction with a prohibitionist approach towards the medium, ie gambling, does not seem to be an effective solution. I believe that a better awareness campaign and inter-institutional cooperation is needed. Legislation and monitoring of gambling allow for better management of gambling addiction. Therefore, investing in prevention is the central point.”

But there was also talk of match-fixing and the Italian intelligence network based on the betting sector that represents excellence on a global level. According to Ugo Taucer, Attorney General, CONI: “Even before the Macolin convention, there is an Italian tradition of discussion between police forces, institutional bodies responsible for games control, private operators, federations and sports through the Luiss office, which establishes institutional cooperation and an exchange of news. There is a wide scope for exchange and discussion, a strong correspondence between the various areas.”

There is a lot of content relating to responsible gaming with particular attention to the investigative works presented in preview by the FAIR Foundation, as its President, Matteo Caroli, explains: “In Italy, there are no independent foundations dedicated to responsible gaming. With the Fondazione FAIR, we want to promote a gaming culture that focuses on prevention as well as respect and people protection through the development of lines of scientific research, studies and research. We also aim to promote cooperation and study activities with qualified third parties, thus adopting a multidisciplinary approach open to discussion with everyone.”

According to Alessio Crisantemi, co-founder and Gn Media President, Organizer of IGE: “The gaming industry is a real source of talent and cradle of true excellence, especially in Italy. In this sense, we are proud of the success of this event, which offers a precious opportunity for discussion and training between stakeholders, institutions and operators on crucial issues for the future of the sector such as sustainability and innovation. But innovation is not for its own sake, neither only oriented to profitability or product appeal, but applied above all in the search for solutions and systems for consumer protection and safety. Therefore, these two days of meetings and discussions are even more important in order to give proper prominence to a sector that needs to be promoted and enhanced as it can substantially contribute to the growth of the country but in a sustainable way.”

The event, which aims to be an annual event for the industry, closed by announcing the next dates of April 9 to 10, 2025.

The debut of the Italian Gaming Awards:

The first edition of IGE was crowned by the gala evening of the Italian Gaming Awards hosted by the Director of RaiNews24, Paolo Petrecca, and the actress Giorgia Fiori, who celebrated the excellence of gaming in Italy awarding 19 prizes to operators, suppliers and other categories. The complete list of winners can be consulted at this address: https:/ /ItalianGamingAwards. com/IGA2024/it/page/iga-2024-winners.

Affiliate Industry

Exciting Changes to the European Gaming Congress 2024: More Value for Operators & Affiliates!



Exciting Changes to the European Gaming Congress 2024: More Value for Operators & Affiliates!
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HIPTHER is thrilled to announce a dynamic shift in focus for the upcoming European Gaming Congress (EGC) 2024, taking place in the vibrant city of Warsaw between 15-16 October! Our aim is to better serve our community of operators and affiliates by offering a richer, more diverse range of topics and panels.

While we will continue to provide critical insights with two compliance panels focused on Poland and the combined Nordic + D-A-CH regions, we are expanding our agenda to include exciting new topics that cater specifically to your interests and needs:

Esports: Exploring the rapidly growing world of competitive gaming and its integration with traditional gambling.

SEO: Strategies to optimize your online presence and drive more traffic to your platforms.

Marketing & PR: Innovative approaches to branding, customer engagement, and public relations in the gaming industry.

Fintech: Discovering the latest financial technologies transforming the gaming payment landscape.

Blockchain: Understanding how blockchain technology is revolutionizing transparency, security, and operations within gaming.

Special Offer: 30 Free Tickets for Affiliates and Operators!

To celebrate these exciting changes, we are offering 30 FREE TICKETS exclusively for affiliates and operators. This is your chance to gain invaluable knowledge, network with industry leaders, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

Don’t miss out! Secure your free ticket today and be part of the transformation at EGC 2024.

Claim Your Free Ticket Now:

Join us in Warsaw for a groundbreaking event that promises to deliver unparalleled insights, innovative discussions, and exceptional networking opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you to the European Gaming Congress 2024!

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed agenda announcements.

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MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 Sparked GameTech Revolution and Unity Across the Baltics and Nordics



MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 Sparked GameTech Revolution and Unity Across the Baltics and Nordics
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HIPTHER, leading conference organizer for Gaming and Technology industries in Europe, is thrilled to announce the completion of a revolutionary 2024 edition for their successful MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit series.

The #hipthers brought together in Tallinn some of the best companies and most distinguished experts across iGaming, Technology and Compliance industries between 3-5 June, offering a premium experience of growth and connectivity to local and international professionals.

Relive the Moments – MBGTS 2024 Photo Album


From the Baltic and Nordic Standards to the World: iGaming & Compliance Updates

Day 1 of the Summit was brimming with Compliance updates and insights from panels focusing both on the local standards, as well as keeping up with global compliance trends. Renowned experts debated the the complexities and nuances of the iGaming regulatory landscape in the Baltics and Nordics, offered a concise overview of the complex regulatory frameworks in Serbia, the USA, Spain, Germany, and Estonia, and provided Insights into Market Dynamics, Trends, and Sports Betting Evolution in the Nordic iGaming Landscape.

Furthermore, delegates had the precious opportunity to attend an IMGL Masterclass about Navigating MiCA, EU AI Act, and DSA in the Digital Age.


Exploring Fintech, Blockchain, and the Potential of DAOs in the Gaming Industry

The Summit offered valuable insights on the evolution of financial institutions, exploring the integration of fintech and blockchain and the challenges and opportunities it brings.

Our experts introduced the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and how they are emerging as a transformative force in the gaming industry, offering new possibilities for community-driven game development, player-owned economies, and transparent governance.


Exploring Digital Engagement: Esports Dynamics, Gamification, Mobile Innovation, AI and Web3

True to its title of Gaming & TECH, the conference delved deep into all matters Tech, ranging from Gaming and the global challenges and opportunities within the eSports industry, the strategic integration of gamification to boost player retention and loyalty in the iGaming sector, and the Digital Services Act and AI EU Act for businesses, to the Integration of Blockchain and Web3 Across Industries.

A specially designed Workshop on Baltic Compliance in Web3, Fintech, and Blockchain offered  a deep dive into Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania’s regulatory frameworks, featuring interactive discussions and case studies.


The Power of Communication: Marketing & Organizational Culture Sessions

The MARE BALTICUM Summit speakers offered insights and ample food for thought for all aspects of Marketing in GameTech, starting from the power collab between SEO and Affiliate Marketing Websites, and highlighting the crossroads between B2B and B2C on the path to commercial success.

Honouring the commitment to offering valuable knowledge across the spectrum of GameTech operations, HIPTHER innovates by adding the matter of Organizational Culture in the industry’s Conference Agenda under the guidance of expert Organizational Culture Designers.


Connecting People in the 21st Century: MARE BALTICUM Networking Sessions

The magical MARE BALTICUM Experience kicked off with a relaxing Welcome Meet in the lavish environment of the Olympic Park Casino on 3 June.

Wellness and balanced nutrition are always a staple at HIPTHER conferences, and this time the Team upped the Game by adding a special Morning Yoga & Mindful Breathing Session from a certified yoga instructor, to open Day 1 with tranquility and focus. The “traditional” Morning Networking Run opened Day 2 on 5 June, also celebrating the Global Running Day 2024!

Delicious vegan meals, snacks, and coffee nourished attendees and promoted networking and bonding over new taste experiences across the lunch and coffee breaks.

Two electrifying networking parties, the Baltic & Scandinavian Gaming (BSG) Awards Ceremony Party featuring an exciting karaoke stage, and the Closing Party, offering a Private Concert, Pizza and Drinks, brought people together and ensured a fun, social, and successful experience for all!


The Future of Gaming & Technology: MARE BALTICUM 2025 and European Gaming Congress

The popular MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Series travels and honours the Baltic States, and  will return next year in Vilnius! Stay tuned to HIPTHER Channels for updates!

In the meantime, HIPTHER prepares a new All-Gaming Conference Experience and invites you to the European Gaming Congress (EGC) 2024 in Warsaw on 15-16 October, to discuss and connect over Gambling Industry Compliance, iGaming Innovation, Marketing (Communication, Affiliate, SEO), Organizational Culture, and the Evolution of Fintech and Blockchain.

Secure your Early Bird EGC Tickets Until July 10

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Conferences in Europe

SBC Summit Tbilisi to Educate Companies on Mastering Emerging Tech



SBC Summit Tbilisi to Educate Companies on Mastering Emerging Tech
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While emerging technologies are providing brands with a range of solutions to diversify their offerings and improve customer experiences, making the right choices can be challenging. At SBC Summit Tbilisi, delegates will benefit from the insights of speakers with expertise in Eastern European and Central Asian markets, helping them identify the most effective strategies for their businesses.

The conference program will include panel discussions focused on how brands can integrate cutting-edge technology into their daily operations, enhance user experience, and identify the latest market trends, all with the goal of driving growth in the markets of interest.

The specialised “Strategy & Growth” content track is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 26th of June, at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace, featuring a lineup of seven panels for in-depth discussions.

The panel titled ‘NextGen Affiliate: New Trends & Marketing Evolution’ will examine the latest trends and content strategies shaping affiliate marketing. Marketing experts Eugene Ravdin (Communications & Marketing Manager, MightyTips), Teimuraz Pataridze (Founder, Slotstate), Viktorija Ratomskė  (Co-Founder & CEO, PartnerGap) and panel moderator Lasha Gogiberidze (Founder & Managing Partner, BraveRave), will explore optimal marketing approaches for attracting diverse regional audiences, identify outdated trends and examine the evolving role of streamers and influencers in affiliate marketing.

The ‘Elevating Consumer Experience with Innovative Payment Offerings’ panel will discuss how brands can utilise seamless and innovative payment methods to enrich the user experience. Experts Nana Oniani (Head of Shared Platform and Data Products, Adjarabet), Irakli Kikoria (Business Development Director, Payze), Irakli Zenaishvili (Head of Risk, Anti-Fraud and RG Management, AirBet) and moderator Pavel Dergachev (Co-Founder, 4H Agency) will delve what makes certain platforms popular among users, discuss new technologies like digital wallets and mobile payments, and assess their broader effects on user experience and transaction security.

The panel ‘TechFuel: Role of Technology in Market Development’ will explore how implementing emerging trends and new technologies can aid brands in broadening their reach. Rafael Kobalyan (Head of Technology, Vbet), Gary Sonyak (CEO, Gamerpro), Kristijan Rusu (Technical Architect, Singular) and moderator Denis Karpovich (CTO, Euro Games Technology Georgia (EGT Georgia), will analyse case studies from leading tech companies and explore the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in improving customer experience, personalisation, and game development.

Speakers David Nozadze (Head of CRM, Leaderbet), Maia Odishelidz (CEO, Port:80), Giorgi Nadaraia (CMO, Betlive) and moderator Irakli Davarashvii (Ex-CMO, Adajrabet), will discuss audience segmentation, tracking, real-time performance optimisation, and how to maximise return on investment during the Data-Driven iGaming: Optimising Marketing Performance During Major Sports Tournaments’ panel. The experts will also explore the key data that brands can leverage to strengthen the impact of their iGaming marketing campaigns during sports events.

Alongside access to a wealth of knowledge from a comprehensive conference agenda, attendees will have the chance to network and explore the latest industry offerings firsthand on the exhibition floor, where over 30 local and global brands will be showcasing their innovations.

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