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Gambling Trends to Follow in 2020



Online Casino Industry Trends and Growth 2020/21
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One of the key success factors of any industry is the ability to adapt to the new era. This has become truer in recent years when technology introduces hundreds of new possibilities every day. We have already seen many successful companies that refuse to adapt to change, and we all know how that ended for Blockbuster or Kodak.

Of course, the casino industry, which has benefited significantly from the Internet, is constantly reinventing, and new trends emerge every year that are worth checking out:

Safer Games

Although casino scams are becoming less common, new technologies like Fair Go Casino Login are deployed by the gambling industry to avoid any issue. The main focus of improvements in this area are:

  • Two-factor authentication and advanced login that includes facial recognition;
  • Faster withdrawals;
  • KYC (Known Your Customer) Processes;
  • Legal compliance.

A safer industry works in many ways: new customers check positive reviews online, and current players have more confidence to play even higher.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum have been among us for more than ten years, and their technological advances can be used in many industries.

Many casinos, especially those that operate in “gray” markets, have added Bitcoin to their cashiers and process deposit and withdrawals in cryptos around the world. Another great benefit, besides anonymity, is that the transaction fee is meager, which saves money for both players and casinos.

The backbone of cryptos, the blockchain, is also used to develop new casino technologies that make the entire betting process more transparent and secure.

Live Dealer and Exclusive Games

Offering exclusive perks is a global trend, used by many industries, from clothing to gaming. Exclusive games can include unique designs, added prize pools, or even branded games with movies or rock bands.

And there is a trend for those players who like betting but don’t trust online software: live dealer games. The name is very explanatory: casinos organize a location with live cameras and different games (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, etc.), and gamblers can bet from their place watching the action live.

In 2020, more and more casinos will continue to add live games and more features that will bring casino emotions to players’ homes.

Mobile Gaming

Today it’s common to buy any good from a gadget. No matter what you need, it’s possible to get it using one of many apps available.

Now, virtually all casinos have a mobile client, or at least and HTML5 version, friendly with web browsers. Betting from a smartphone in sports or any casino game is a revolution that has just begun. The challenges are to successfully adapt the games to smaller screens without losing any essential visual element and develop interfaces for touch screens.

Mobile payments are also a dominant trend, so in the short term, casinos can strengthen their relationship with e-wallets to improve the payment speed.

Surely in 2020 and the following years, we’ll witness more changes in the casino industry: new trends will emerge with new tech developments that the casino industry will adapt immediately to enhance the user experience.

Industry News

Apex Live Gaming Launches ChipperX



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Apex Live Gaming has launched a new device named “ChipperX” for the casinos.

Designed and manufactured by Apex, ChipperX is a dedicated chip management device. It automatically sorts chips by value or colour into one of 12 designated chip tracks. Each chip track is configured to sort and store a defined number of chip types.

“Apex Live Gaming is made up of people who understand and have experience working in land-based casinos. That’s why we make equipment that helps casino staff do their jobs faster, better, more comfortably and easier,” the company said.

ChipperX has the computing power to quickly and accurately count, sort and distribute up to 500 chips per minute. It produces game statistics with a minute-by-minute display stored in the device’s memory for one year.

Easy operation is guaranteed by remote control and diagnostics. Through remote access to ChipperX settings and management, Apex’s team of technicians can help customers control the device remotely in real time. This reduces operating costs and service time.

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Industry News

Paul Mallon Steps Down as Head of Brand Marketing at Paddy Power


Reading Time: < 1 minute


Paul Mallon has stepped down as the head of brand marketing at Paddy Power.

The ad executive spent ten years at the Flutter-owned operator. Mallon began at Paddy Power as a football writer following a time as a journalist at the Irish Daily Star.

He leaves Paddy Power to become head of special ops at the London-based advertising agency Lucky Generals, which was Paddy Power’s creative agency before Flutter’s reorganisation with its The Stars Group merger.

Mallon wrote on LinkedIn: “After an incredibly good time and 10 years at the sublime Paddy Power, I’ve transferred to the mighty Lucky Generals (with huge thanks to the colleagues, agencies and customers who made working for PP such a pleasure).”

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Industry News

EGT and Mascot Join Forces on Distribution Agreement



Reading Time: < 1 minute


EGT has joined forces with casino equipment provider Mascot on a new distribution agreement. Through the agreement, MASCOT has become the tech company’s new official distributor for France.

The two enterprises shook hands on their future endeavours last month, with plans to immediately introduce the new General series and progressive Jackpots to the French market.

Mascot is founded in 2009 and has been successfully restructuring the company in the past few years, now adopting the highest standards in the sector and motivated to bring new brands to its clients.

“We at EGT are always excited to join forces with reliable partners and cover new ground,” Nadya Popova, EGT’s Sales and Marketing Vice President, said.

“We are thrilled to work with EGT and are preparing many surprises for our clients immediately. We thank EGT for their trust,” François Bourlier, Sales Manager at Mascot, said.

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