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REVEALED: Which Gamers Are the Most Antagonistic?

George Miller



REVEALED: Which Gamers Are the Most Antagonistic?
Reading Time: 4 minutes


  • Xbox users are more hostile than PlayStation users; there are 13,910 monthly searches from Xbox players looking to report others for misbehaviour
  • Fortnite players are the most antagonistic, every year 45,000 players are eager to report their opponents
  • In second place are Roblox players, with almost 26,000 gamers looking to report others
  • Apex Legends, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege players also place highly
  • 3 in 5 believe that players adopt more aggressive behaviours once a game boosts in popularity

It’s well known that online games can be very intense, and this often leads to some very heated confrontations between players, especially online. analysed Google search volumes for ‘report [game/console] player’ and other similar phrases to uncover which game and console creates the most conflict between players. After scouring through searches surrounding the 42 most popular online games, they can reveal which gamers are the most unfriendly and antagonistic.

Which Console Has the Most Antagonistic Players?


Yearly Search Volumes

Microsoft Xbox


Sony PlayStation

165,840 found that Xbox users are the most antagonistic! There are hundreds of online complaints about users who seek to anger others through Xbox Live chats. On average, each year there are 166,920 searches from players looking to complain or report other Xbox Live accounts.

Following very closely behind are PlayStation users. discovered that each year there are 165,840 Google queries from PSN accounts looking to accuse their opponents of misbehaviour. Sony attempted to curb potential abuse by combining party and messaging systems last month but many players have been left displeased with their attempt.

Which Game Has the Most Antagonistic Players?


Yearly Search Volumes





Dead by Daylight


Apex Legends




Rainbow Six Siege




Rocket League


Call of Duty




The title of most antagonistic gamers goes to Fortnite! There are countless stories from innocent users who claim that fellow Fortnite players ruin the game by citing abusive and toxic language. Each month there are 3,750 searches from players looking to report one another for hostile behaviour – that’s equivalent to 45,000 each year!

In second place are Roblox fans. These gamers certainly know how to get on one another’s nerves as 25,920 of them try to report opponent’s accounts annually.

Dead by Daylight players rank as the third most hostile, with 17,160 searches each year from gamers looking to take action upon others’ unfriendly behaviour. A lot of players put the abuse down to being new in hopes that it’ll get better and they’ll be welcomed, with others stating that turning the chat option off is the most effective way of combating the toxicity.

The fourth most antagonistic gamers are Apex Legends players. found that every year 12,960 fans turn to Google to find justice amid the hate received.

In fifth and sixth position are Overwatch and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, receiving 12,120 and 9,840 report searches each year respectively.

To complete the top ten list of most antagonistic players:

7. Minecraft: 7,200 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

8. Rocket League: 5,280 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

9. Call of Duty: 4,680 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

10. FIFA: 4,440 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

How are players negatively affected by online games? also surveyed 1,980 players worldwide to uncover how much other players affect their online gaming experience.

They found that almost 7 in 10 (68%) gamers have had their day ruined by a negative online player who has destroyed their mood. An additional 61% state that they have been made to feel uncomfortable by comments made by others during live chats whilst playing online.

Over half of players (54%) admit to being pushed out or having to force quit an online game due to bullies.

This year many games have sprung to the top of the popularity charts, bringing new and fun player experiences. However, almost 3 in 5 (57%) believe that once certain games spike in popularity it correlates with players becoming more aggressive and consequently attracting a more toxic player base.

Ultimately this has led to more than 2 in 5 (43%) ditching specific games due to the negativity that online play brings.


  1. utilised SEMrush and Ahrefs’ Google search volume tool to find the number of people looking to report users. The average monthly search volumes were multiplied by 12 to collate a yearly total. Terms such as ‘Report [game/console] user’, ‘Report [game/console] player’, ‘Report [game/console] account’, ‘Report someone on [game/console], ‘[game/console] abuse’ and similar variations were used to find the totals. analysed the search volumes from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia to get a larger worldwide view. Common abbreviations for each game were also counted, for example ‘Report COD player’ and ‘Report Call of Duty player’ were both included in the study.

  2. The 42 most popular online games were found using

  3. then surveyed 1,980 gamers around the world to uncover their attitudes towards online gaming. They were asked: ‘Have you had your day ruined by other online gamers?’ , ‘Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable by comments made by others during online gaming?’, ‘Have you ever been pushed out or made to quit an online game due to other players?’, ‘Do you think that players become more aggressive once a game increases in popularity?’ and ‘Have you ever stopped playing a game completely due to negativity from fellow players?’.

Bitcoin Takes the Reins of FUN in Multi-Million Dollar Token Acquisition

George Miller


on Takes the Reins of FUN in Multi-Million Dollar Token Acquisition
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Through a series of ventures, seeks to promote the mass adoption and utilization of FUN Token in the iGaming and Gaming spaces., one of the biggest Bitcoin iGaming websites in the world, has acquired the majority of FunFair’s remaining cold storage of FUN tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. The cold storage holds 4.45 billion FUN Tokens and has acquired 3.75 billion tokens.

Through this acquisition, plans to invest in the token’s long-term development.

“Since 2013,’s goal has always been to provide online gaming enthusiasts with a frictionless, transparent, and truly fair experience,” said a statement by “There’s no better fit than the FUN token to help us significantly enhance our efforts.”
The FUN Token
Since 2017, FunFair Technologies has been striving to deliver a guaranteed fair, decentralized gaming experience to the mass market through blockchain technology utilizing the FUN token.

“Despite several industry firsts and significant milestones in proving that use case, it has recently become apparent that has developed a different and superior use case for the FUN token,” said a statement released by FunFair.

This announcement refers to’s Premium Membership Program; a feature that incentivizes users to buy and hold FUN tokens for significant benefits. This activity has driven considerable volume into the token economy without the burden of significant on-chain transactions.

“There’s no doubt that’s customers are currently generating the bulk of FUN token commercial activity rather than FunFair’s customers,” continued the statement.

“With this in mind and for the token economy to maintain its recent success, FunFair has agreed to sell the majority of their FUN token holdings to”

FUN is an ERC20 token listed on major exchanges Binance, BitFinex, HitBTC, Changelly, and OKEx, as well as decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.’s Vision for FUN aspires to grow the FUN token as an independent entity through a series of upcoming projects.

“Our sole objective, as of now, is to work to increase FUN’s utility and value,” said “We’re thoroughly committed to its long-term growth.”

Accordingly, is preparing to undertake the following initiatives:

1. Strategic Burning of Tokens: plans to invest a substantial portion of its bottom line into strategically acquiring and burning FUN tokens to elevate their value over time.

2. Improving Liquidity: is working on increasing FUN’s liquidity across all markets, thus making it easily accessible and tradeable. This is evidenced by a cumulative influx of $3 million in the FUN/ETH and FUN/USDC trading pairs on Uniswap recently, and other exchanges are set to follow.

3. New Blockchain: Based on the Ethereum blockchain, FUN prided itself on being fast, open, and secure. However, the growth of DeFi on Ethereum has been pushing gas prices up for many months, making the adoption of FUN too expensive for users. is actively exploring opportunities to port the FUN Token to a new blockchain that is faster and cheaper.

4. Dedicated Wallet: is working on creating a dedicated wallet for FUN users that can operate seamlessly between different iGaming platforms. The wallet would also help users convert their FUN tokens into multiple crypto and fiat currencies.

5. Proactive Development: is assembling a development team to build innovative, consumer-facing apps based around the FUN token, thus creating more use cases, strengthening utility, and promoting adoption.

6. Creating Effective Partnerships: seeks to build productive partnerships and affiliations with other iGaming entities to promote FUN’s identity as a transactional currency in online gambling.

Note: This is not a partnership between the two organizations, namely and FunFair Technologies. The aforementioned acquisition and venture is at the sole discretion of

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Red Bull Mobile Esports Open Season 3 Finals to Crown the Best Players in the World

George Miller



Red Bull Mobile Esports Open Season 3 Finals to Crown the Best Players in the World
Reading Time: 2 minutes


The third year of the competitive celebration of the mobile gaming scene comes to a spectacular thirteen day conclusion with world finals for Hearthstone® on March 20th, Teamfight Tactics on March 27th, and PUBG MOBILE on March 22nd and 29th.

  • The best Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone and PUBG MOBILE players in the world will compete on the world stage in an epic thirteen day final, transporting players and fans to a virtual Istanbul.
  • The Red Bull Mobile Esports Open (M.E.O.) Season 3 Finals festival begins when the virtual Istanbul venue opens on March 17th.
  • The event will crown champions for all three games from March 20th – 29th.
  • Season 3 has been the most ambitious to date, with over 22,000 players registering to compete.

Red Bull M.E.O., the global mobile competition where Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Hearthstone®, and PUBG MOBILE players across the globe have been battling for supremacy, comes to an exciting close in March 2021! In its third year, the mobile open will close out its most ambitious season to date with an extraordinary thirteen day world final beginning on March 17th, transporting fans to a virtual Istanbul. The event will see national winners from 28 countries compete on the world stage to identify the best players on the planet. Alongside the highest tier of competition, the world final will offer fans a digital festival celebrating one of the world’s most beautiful cities, including virtual tours, exciting live streams, interactive challenges, and much more.

Uniquely positioned on both the continents of Europe, and Asia, Istanbul is the perfect digital battleground for the global competition. The immersive playground will feature three areas dedicated to the Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 games, with the tournaments taking place in iconic and historic locations of Istanbul. The Hearthstone competition will take place at Grand Bazaar, one the oldest and largest markets in the world, and TFT will take place at the vibrant Ortaköy Square.

The PUBG MOBILE finals will be split into two regional events to ensure the best possible experience for players, crowning Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 Champions of East and West respectively, and will take place at the Haydarpaşa Train Station & Dock. Engaging events throughout the final will include an airdrop treasure hunt available in the PUBG MOBILE district. The finals will also offer virtual tours of some of the city’s most iconic locations including Sultanahmet Square and Galata Tower, video content and streams, interactive mini games, and more. Istanbul has already played host to the Red Bull M.E.O. National Finals for Turkey in July, a spectacular event which saw players compete from their cars on a moving ferry to ensure social distancing.

The high-stakes competition kicks off on March 20th with the global final for the fast-paced strategy card game Hearthstone. Truly open to all, the exciting Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 Finals stream will see players compete in Riot Games’ auto battler TFT on March 27th. The thirteen day festival will host two competitions to crown the best PUBG MOBILE players on March 22nd (East), and March 29th (West), and some of the biggest pro organisations in the world battle rising stars from every corner of the globe who have proven themselves in national competitions.

Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 has been the most successful yet, with more players than ever before competing in national events in 28 countries. Season 3 began in May 2020, and has seen more than 22,000 players around the world register to compete.

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Genesis Global partners with Wazdan to extend games offering to customers

George Miller



Genesis and Wazdan
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Players can now enjoy Wazdan slots on Genesis casino brands

Genesis Global have once again expanded their content of games by collaborating with popular slots provider Wazdan, to offer their customer the entire selection of games.

The partnership will mean Wazdan games are available on fourteen of Genesis’ online casino brands to players located in Sweden, UK and most of Europe, offering popular titles such as Magic Stars 9, Larry the Leprechaun and Space Spinstm. Players can enjoy more than 110 HTML5 games with tech-rich features such as Volatility Levels™, Energy Saving Mode, Double Screen Mode, Unique Gamble Feature, Ultra-Fast Mode, Ultra Lite Mode, and the newly released Big Screen Mode

“Genesis is excited to partner with Wazdan, allowing us to enhance and expand our player experience. It is fundamental for us to work with companies that share the same vision to provide high-quality online gaming experiences using the latest technological advancements.” Says Ariel Reem, CEO of Genesis Global.

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