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Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool marks decade since launch as monthly match count hits 1.6 billion



Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool marks decade since launch as monthly match count hits 1.6 billion
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Miniclip, the digital gaming leader and developer of market-defining mobile game titles, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the launch of its 8 Ball Pool game – the biggest online pool game in the world.

To mark the occasion, Miniclip is releasing the ‘Bismuth’ cue, named after the Bismuth Stone, a rare mineral known for its ability to transform and change appearance. The Bismuth will be 8 Ball Pool’s first ever animated and evolving cue – a unique touch for players who will witness changes with each cue upgrade.

Miniclip will also be launching a month of activities and rewards, with quests for players to complete, the 10-year themed Season Pass, unique minigames and live events. Giveaways, rewards and even celebrity appearances will also be involved during the celebrations.

Miniclip President Rob Small commented: “8 Ball Pool has been a pillar of Miniclip’s success and has evolved into much more than a simple pool game. With several modes, clubs, leagues, leaderboards, live events and a Trophy Road, we’ve given players new and exciting ways to enjoy their time online. We look forward to announcing more new features as part of the anniversary celebrations and to continue bringing players together for many more years to come.”

8 Ball Pool has not slowed down on its promise to bring Pool Players together from all over the world with around 100 Million friends made within the game every single month and around 550 million gifts sent between them! With the growing number of 8 Ball Pool players each year, Miniclip looks forward to hosting more matches and keep adding to the 115 billion matches that have been played just in the last 3 years.

Every month, 8 Ball Pool racks up:
• 15 billion minutes of in-game play time – That’s 261 million hours, or around 29,000 years!
• 1.6 billion matches
• 19 billion shots
• 15 billion balls potted
• 549 million gifts sent between players

In the last three years, 8 Pool Ball has seen:
• Over 1.5 trillion minutes spent in game
• That’s 24 billion hours, or around 2 million years
• 115 billion matches played

Ranked as Miniclip’s number one game, 8 Ball Pool offers free content and can be played from any computer device and runs in any ordinary flash-enabled browser fluently. The game hosts over 10 million players from all around the world every single day.
Miniclip is also celebrating its own 20th anniversary. Co-founder and now President Rob Small launched in 2001 at the age of 24 with a dream to build a next generation game entertainment company. Today, Miniclip offers over 60 high-quality titles across more than 195 countries, generating two billion downloads and over 50 million active daily players.


Turbo Mode in the Game ‘Mines’ is On – Fasten the Seat Belts



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Classics are eternal, but classics with new improvements are captivating. One of the first
Turbo games has undergone visual and functional changes and has transformed into one
more game Turbo Mines.

The Head of Product at Turbo Games says:

“Visually, this is the successor to the super hit of our classic Mines. We are a young
progressive team that improves our product regularly, but not just observes what works
well. There is no limit to perfection, especially when you can change quickly and
qualitatively to open an even wider potential of Turbo hit.”

What does it mean for the players?

The rules remain the same as in Mines, but some additional features modify the perception
of the interface and the game pace.

Firstly, it is possible to change the game field size: to 3*3, 5*5, 7*7, and 9*9. Such
modification gives a player a chance to work on their strategy and choose the risk rate. So
to say, every round can be absolutely different from all points of view.

Secondly, those players who enjoy speed can experience it in Turbo Mines too. Such a
function enables a player to choose the same pattern for opening the blocks for many
rounds in a row. If a player sticks to the strategy that they believe in, they will win for sure
because dripping water wears away a stone not with its strength but with its constancy.
But there is no need to wait, do it in Turbo mode with Turbo Mines.

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eSports expands its global provision and opens its doors to the Dutch market



Reading Time: < 1 minute, the ever-growing esports affiliate, has expanded its global provision once more. Now, esports enthusiasts from the Netherlands can enjoy the exceptional daily content, news and reviews that have made such a popular choice across the industry.

Just six months ago, we saw add German, Japanese and Swedish to its list of available languages, allowing the platform’s unique content to reach many more viewers. As we fast forward half a year, we can see that the esports giants are showing no signs of slowing down and are already looking to offer the same superb insights and views on the esports world to an eagerly-awaiting Dutch crowd. started out as an esports only brand that targeted the Anglosphere. Today, we see a leading esports affiliate that accommodates bettors from all sorts of betting backgrounds and igaming interests. No longer can be considered a one-trick pony; instead, you can expect to find all of your online betting and wagering needs met under one roof.

The introduction of the Dutch language is just another stepping stone on the roadmap. In a short time, we have already seen the expansion of its global offering, including the addition of sports betting, strategy guides, online casino reviews, and much more. What’s next for We will have to wait and see!

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Players that defeat 10 levels in Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast can enter a giveaway for the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, including restaurant experience & stay

Outplay Entertainment, the largest independent mobile game developer in the UK, has partnered with Gordon Ramsay to set a new challenge for players of its culinary mobile puzzle game, Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast, to win an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and restaurant experience.

Due to the popularity of last year’s giveaway, Outplay Entertainment have decided to run the competition for a second time. For the chance of winning the free-to-enter competition, starting at 00.01am BST on September 23rd, players must defeat 10 levels in the game and enter before the competition closes on October 21st.

The competition prize includes free flights, accommodation in a premium suite at Caesars Palace and an exclusive dining experience at any of Gordon Ramsay’s five Las Vegas restaurants, including Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen or Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, during their stay. The competition is open to players in the US, Canada and UK and the winner will be notified by the end of October.

Douglas Hare, CEO of Outplay Entertainment, said: “It’s great to announce the return of our Las Vegas competition for Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast, giving one lucky player the chance to win a dream escape. This will be a truly unforgettable experience with a stay at the luxurious Caesar’s Palace and an incredible dining experience at one of Ramsay’s restaurants.”

Outplay Entertainment’s last in-game competition for Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast took place between 18th March and 15th April, with the chance to win a kitchen makeover worth up to $10,000 with Wren Kitchens.

Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast is Outplay Entertainment’s acclaimed title featuring the Culinary Genius™ himself. Released in January 2021, already downloaded 4m+ times and nominated for best puzzle game game at the TIGA Games Awards 2022, players can blast their way through the puzzle game by tapping and matching cubes to win levels and unlock some of Gordon’s most impressive recipes.


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