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Gaming Apps Score High on AppGallery during Global Game Fest Campaign



Gaming Apps Score High on AppGallery during Global Game Fest Campaign
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Working in partnership with 13 of the world’s most forward- thinking game developers – including much-loved household names such as Playrix, Com2us, Gameloft, and FunPlus – Huawei launched its inaugural Game Fest campaign. Game Fest sought to inspire AppGallery users to explore a new generation of play on the platform, offering them a host of exclusive benefits including cashback promotions and generous gift packages.

Through close collaboration, Huawei worked with its participating partners and developers to champion their games and reach new audiences across the globe. Spanning six genres  ranging from RPG, Action, and Adventure, to Casual, Simulation, and Strategy games – the campaign ran for six weeks in total, spanning 12 markets across five geographic regions. Game Fest generated more than 600 million digital impressions for the titles, and a 90% increase in average daily downloads.

Huawei delivered growth for its Game Fest partners in markets globally, spanning multiple regions

In addition to generating almost a billion in global PR reach for partners, Game Fest drove strong growth for the titles across different geographic regions. Demonstrating the power of AppGallery’s wide-reaching audience, partners saw their daily download figures increase not only during the campaign itself, but post-campaign as well. The results below showcase how total daily downloads increased both during the campaign and for the 6-week period post-campaign compared to pre-campaign figures. 

  • Asphalt 9 (by Gameloft): In Mexico, Asphalt 9 saw a 93% increase in total downloads during the campaign, with daily downloads spiking by 137% post-campaign compared to pre-campaign data.
  • State of Survival (by KingsGroup Holdings): In France, State of Survival saw a 383% increase in total downloads during Game Fest, with daily downloads also up by 155% post-campaign compared to pre-campaign figures.
  • Standoff 2 (by Axlebolt): In Italy, Standoff 2 experienced a 141% increase in total downloads during the campaign, remaining up 15% post-campaign, compared to pre-campaign download numbers.
  • Summoners War (by Com2us): In the Philippines, Summoners War enjoyed a 171% increase in total downloads during the campaign, and an increase in daily downloads of 9% post-campaign, compared to pre-campaign levels.
  • Pascal’s Wager (by Giant Network): In Russia, Pascal’s Wager saw a 340% increase in total downloads during the campaign, with post-campaign momentum reflecting a 92% increase in daily downloads compared to pre-campaign data.
  • World of Tanks Blitz MMO (by Wargaming): The game was particularly well-received by Turkish AppGallery users, seeing a staggering 825% increase in total downloads during the campaign, while daily downloads enjoyed a boost of 141% post-campaign, compared with pre-campaign figures.


Huawei provides high-touch, local support for its partners

The launch of Game Fest demonstrated AppGallery’s commitment to the success of its partners and reinforced its standing as a platform that offers unwavering and full-spectrum support to developers. This support includes providing high touch, locally tailored technical, business development and growth marketing services to help maximize their success on the platform.

AppGallery collaborated intimately with its 13 Game Fest partners to develop the best locally relevant plans and unique campaign assets, including key visuals, social videos, exclusive face filters on Facebook and Instagram, as well as individual campaign landing pages. The AppGallery team also adjusted its speed of engagement to educate developer partners on promotional opportunities, and in some cases accelerate go-to market plans to meet their needs.

Further tailoring the campaign, Game Fest partners also contributed a cumulative total of 160,000 exclusive gift packages, which contained valuable in-game items significant to game progression, to AppGallery users who downloaded the titles during the campaign.

Speaking of its participation in the campaign, Krystic Cong, Lead of Business Development, Perfect World said: “It’s been an honour to release our game on AppGallery, which is a great platform for gaming developers. This is a win-win relationship as proved-since the “Perfect World Mobile” released on AppGallery there has seen increasing active users and revenue. The Game Fest campaign enhanced our brand awareness as well as user base in LATAM. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships with AppGallery, which has become one of the most important channels, and look forward to offering our latest games to a wide range of overseas customers.”

Ilya Fedotov, Head of Global Partnerships & Eco-Development Communication, Huawei Consumer Business Group, added: “AppGallery seeks to be the definitive app marketplace that offers consumers more choice and provides developers with the innovative technology they need to imagine new possibilities. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive results of Game Fest, we will continue to work with developers to bring them new, creative ways to promote their games, as well as enable Huawei customers to have more ways to play than ever before.”


Dive Into the Nightmare with The Darkest Tales, Trinity Team’s Frightening Fairy-Tale World, as Free Prologue Launches on Steam Today



Dive Into the Nightmare with The Darkest Tales, Trinity Team's Frightening Fairy-Tale World, as Free Prologue Launches on Steam Today
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Trinity Team studio, the developers behind the overwhelming crowdfunding success ‘Slaps and Beans’ and global publishing house 101XP are thrilled to announce that the prologue for The Darkest Tales, their action-adventure 2D platformer, is officially available to download on Steam for PC, starting today.

In The Darkest Tales – Into the Nightmare, players follow the adventure of Teddy, a grumpy old bear brought to life to rescue his owner Alicia, and Lighty, a chatty glowing orb fairy, as they embark on a journey through distorted fairy-tale planes inhabited by bloodthirsty enemies and nail-biting platforming.

Level One:

What would Little Red Riding Hood do to the big bad wolf if she had two sharp daggers and a thirst for blood? Enter the nightmare and see once harmonious lands turned into hostile terrains, filled with hungry mechanical wolves and sneaky fiery bats. Tread carefully and keep your eyes peeled, as you may be next on her menu.

Level Two:

Could Jack ever climb up the beanstalk if it was covered in thorns, carnivorous plants, and haunted by a deadly thunderstorm? Eat the famous beans, learn to play with magic, and use your finest skills to make your way to the top of this unforgivingly dangerous climb. Watch your step though, as Teddy is only made of fabric!

Key Features:

Get your hands on sharp enchanted weapons and jump, slice, and dash your way through anyone who stands in your way.
Develop your skill tree to learn a ton of new tricks that include faster healing, damage boost, and much more!
You may remember them differently… Do battle with a ton of once friendly, now deadly, fairytale characters turned evil bosses. First up? A double blade wielding, deceiving Little Red Riding Hood.
Fully voiced characters, a rich storyline filled with recognizable fairy tale lore, and gorgeous yet haunting landscapes and levels.

“When we began working on The Darkest Tales we wanted to create a dark fairytale world for curious adventurers and lovers of the genre to explore, be challenged by, and get lost in.” said Marco Agricola, co-founder of Trinity Team. “We’re proud to release the final version of our two level prologue on Steam today, and officially invite all those brave enough to step into the nightmare… and come out victorious!”

“The Darkest Tales is an immersive experience, setting the scene with gorgeous maps and terrains filled with familiar, yet fearsome fairy-tale characters and intense boss battles,” said Aleksandra Volskaya, Head of Brand Management & PR at 101XP. “We’re looking forward to hearing what players think of our prologue, and are incredibly excited to reveal all that’s coming next, as the title sets up for a full release”.

Players can embark on the first two full levels of this future release by downloading the game on Steam completely for free from right now.

All progress saved in the prologue will be automatically carried over into the full version of The Darkest Tales upon launch.

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EKSA launches its GT1 Cobra true wireless gaming and lifestyle earbuds with game and music mode, voice assistant and 38ms ultra-low latency



EKSA launches its GT1 Cobra true wireless gaming and lifestyle earbuds with game and music mode, voice assistant and 38ms ultra-low latency
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Users can enjoy pinpoint gaming audio detail and strong audio performance for music

With an eleven-year history of developing and manufacturing headphones for top global brands, gaming peripheral experts EKSA is pleased to announce the release of its latest headset, the GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds. The earbuds, with their patent cobra head design, are crafted for gaming and listening to music with a unique design and game/music switch mode and are available for $49.99/£38/2799 INR from the EKSA website with Amazon availability expected mid-November.

With a 38MS ultra-low latency, the GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds provide a smooth gaming experience while delivering detailed bass users can feel in their bones. When using the earbuds to listen to music, users will experience innovatively strong audio performance, with thumping bass and crisp treble with stereo sound in music mode for a front-row-like performance.

With its new technology, ESKA has harnessed the power of a noise-cancelling algorithm for clear communication. In addition, the GT1 Earbuds have an ergonomic design for maximum comfort, coupled with three different size ear tips for maximum comfort.

Designed for an easy user experience, the earbuds, which run on Bluetooth 5.0, have multifunction touch control, and allow the user to play or pause, accept and hang up calls, switch between gaming and music mode, use voice assistant and reject calls all with a tap. The GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds are also come with hassle-free auto pairing so users can immediately use them every time without a wait.

Gamers and music lovers can enjoy up to 36 hours of battery life, as the earbuds hold 6 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge and 30 hours of extra playtime in the case. They also come with a splash resistant IPX4 design.

The EKSA GT1 Cobra true wireless gaming and lifestyle earbuds are available for $49.99/£38/2799 INR from the EKSA website with Amazon availability expected mid-November.

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MELON Releases Jump Kingdoms, the Studio’s First Original Game



MELON Releases Jump Kingdoms, the Studio's First Original Game
Reading Time: < 1 minute


MELON, the creative studio for the metaverse, is launching its very first original game. The creator of interactive experiences for major pop stars (Ava Max, KSI, Why Don’t We), shows (Bakugan), and brands (PacSun) that have racked up millions of visits is bringing Jump Kingdoms to Roblox.

The fun parkour-based fantasy game is designed to be easy to jump into and play, but with several ingenious behind-the-scenes twists. The premise will feel pleasantly familiar to Roblox fans: Fun, sweet characters, a.k.a. PALS, take on massive parkour challenges, leaping lava and springing through castles. The game is constantly generating new ways to keep players on their toes as they compete with others in randomly generated races.

Jump Kingdoms combines MELON’s love of crafting engaging interaction and gameplay with a desire to show more of what the studio’s team can do in metaverse environments like Roblox. The game’s features reflect years of experience gleaned from watching how players get hooked on a game and what makes a game fun for the long haul.

“For our first original game, we felt it was extremely important for us to try something brand new for the Roblox community, but ultimately, still remain familiar,” explains MELON founder and CEO Devon Thome. “Parkour and obstacle-style games have been popular on Roblox for over a decade, and we feel like the competitive randomly generated races in Jump Kingdoms truly do this style of game justice.”

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