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Significant increase in the number of games companies in Germany



Significant increase in the number of games companies in Germany
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Judging from growth in the number of games companies, the mood in the German games industry appears to be very upbeat. Once again, the number of companies involved in the development and publishing of computer and video games rose sharply, posting a 20 per cent increase to 749 in just one year. These are the figures released today by game – the German Games Industry Association, based on data collected by Game developers are responsible for the lion’s share, with 314 companies currently fitting this description in Germany. A further 403 companies in Germany are active in both development and publishing. There are also another 32 companies that focus solely on game publishing, meaning that they fund the development of games and handle marketing and distribution.

A look at the number of people employed by developers and publishers reveals that most of the new companies are microenterprises and small companies –while the number of employees has grown, it has done so significantly more slowly than the number of companies. In 2021, 10,906 people are employed in the development and marketing of computer and video games. That number marks an increase of 8 per cent within a year. This also shows the positive impact of the wave of new companies here; after all, during the previous year, the number of employees in this field declined. The trend in employee numbers in the larger labour market has been less positive. Whilst employee numbers grew by 5 per cent a year ago, there has been a significant decline recently. The games industry’s extended labour market includes people employed by service providers, retailers, educational establishments, the media and the public sector – sectors that experienced at least some negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as areas that have been put under pressure by changing business models in the games industry. The decline of 11 per cent, to 16,115 employees, is therefore correspondingly stark. Consequently, the games industry in Germany provides a total of approximately 27,000 jobs.

The German games industry is increasingly optimistic about the future,’ says Felix Falk, Managing Director of game. ‘This is due not only to a new federal funding programme but also to other governmental efforts to support the games industry that include Germany’s state governments. For the first time, the conditions in which German games companies operate are competitive with those enjoyed by their international competitors. The wave of new companies being established in the games industry highlights the huge potential Germany offers for digital industries and as a business location. To ensure that we can take full advantage of this potential, we need further improvements in conditions in a variety of areas, including finance, start-ups, skilled personnel, research, regulations and digital infrastructure, to ensure that we can stay abreast of international developments. That is why it will be essential to see how Germany’s games strategy can be invigorated and advanced in concrete terms during the next legislative period – to ensure that the current upswing continues.’

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German games market: big jump in sales revenue in 2020

The German games market recorded a strong jump in sales revenue in the Covid-19 year 2020: total sales revenue of around 8.5 billion euros was achieved in computer and video games and associated hardware, as already reported by game. This is an increase of 32 per cent compared to the previous year. Sales of more than 3.2 billion euros were registered with games consoles, gaming PCs and the corresponding peripheral equipment. This is an increase of 26 per cent compared to 2019. The submarket for computer and video games saw even stronger growth, with revenues of 5.2 billion euros achieved through game purchases, in-game and in-app purchases, subscriptions and charges for online services. As a result, this part of the market managed to grow by 36 per cent compared to the previous year.


About the market data

The online directory records developments in the German games industry on an ongoing basis. game continuously calculates the industry’s employment situation in Germany using detailed industry observations and research, together with appropriate projections and surveys of experts.


BetGames Will Start Accepting Fasttoken (FTN) as a Supported Cryptocurrency



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BetConstruct is pleased to announce that BetGames, the leading provider of premium gaming solutions, is planning to add FTN to the list of supported cryptocurrencies.

FTN is the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem as well as the adopted cryptocurrency of the leading betting and gaming software provider BetConstruct.

The inclusion of FTN in BetGames’s supported cryptocurrencies will start from January 26th.

To learn more details about FTN, feel free to visit the website www. fasttoken .com.

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Game Wave Festival invites everyone to watch the live broadcast of Nordic Game Discovery Contest Grand Finals!



Game Wave Festival invites everyone to watch the live broadcast of Nordic Game Discovery Contest Grand Finals!
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Game Wave Festival announces that it will broadcast Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) Grand Finals November 28 at 19:00 – EET (18:00). Everyone can join for free on Nordic Game Vimeo channel and Game Wave Festival YouTube channel.

Three days left to the Game Wave Festival and those who are not in the travel mood, can join online sessions as well as have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings. Register with Black Friday 30% off promo code (WHITEFRIDAY) at and meet 35+ speakers who will share the knowledge on various gaming industry relevant topics.

In addition to that, on-site and online participants will be able to join Panel Discussions, Workshops and Nordic Game Discovery Contest Grand Finals. Right after NGDC Grand Finals kicks off the Game Night – Open Microphone event. Everyone will have a chance to go in front and present a game, service or talk about actual topics! See the full agenda here:

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SuperGaming and Google Cloud Collaborate to Empower Game Developers with a SuperPlatform



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Leading Indian game developer SuperGaming has chosen Google
Cloud to bring its best-in-class live-ops engine, SuperPlatform, to game developers the world
over. This will empower game developers to make better games with battle-tested cloud
infrastructure that currently powers all of SuperGaming’s efforts. This includes PAC-MAN, which
has more than one billion downloads across all storefronts, and its multiplayer shooter
MaskGun, which has more than 65 million players.

SuperPlatform will run on Google Cloud and will enable game developers to manage live ops,
matchmaking, player progression, player data, analytics, monetization systems, server scaling,
sales, and merchandising. It also integrates with popular game development platforms.

“The SuperPlatform is at the core of what makes our games tick,” says Roby John, CEO and
co-founder, SuperGaming. “It’s been made by game developers, for game developers, and after
years of iteration, finesse, and supporting some marquee games like PAC-MAN, we felt it’s the
right time to share it with more game developers. Google Cloud’s reach, technical expertise, and
best-in-class infrastructure made it an obvious choice as our partner to bring this to market.”

SuperPlatform is a SaaS (software as a service) and will be an ISV (independent software
vendor) running on Google Cloud, which provides secure, scalable, and sustainable
infrastructure that will enable more game developers to access SuperPlatform at scale.

“Gaming is a big focus for Google Cloud. We have scaled our global investments in this space
and are excited about the response we are getting from the market. ” says Bikram Singh Bedi,
managing director, Google Cloud India. “Advancements like the SuperPlatform are welcome
additions to an ever-evolving ecosystem. With Google Cloud’s infrastructure that enables
developers to build at scale and SuperGaming’s pedigree in gaming, we can really drive impact
and innovation and see more games come out of India.”

“By working closely with Google Cloud engineers and SDKs, a lot of our initial friction was
eased,” says Navneet Singh Waraich, chief technology officer and co-founder, SuperGaming.
“One key for us and our SuperPlatform customers is choice, and the ability to migrate our entire
orchestration as needed for cost-effectiveness without disrupting the game client or server
integrations on the frontend. This was a major plus for choosing to build our current stack on
Google Cloud.”

In addition to this, upcoming SuperGaming titles such as Indo-Futuristic battle royale, Indus and
Tower Conquest Metaverse Edition will also run on Google Cloud.

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