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NSoft: Building trust between the betting and gaming supplier and the operator



NSoft: Building trust between the betting and gaming supplier and the operator
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The role of Customer Support in building trusting business relationships

The quality of B2B customer support often represents the difference between a successful business day and another day that ended with losses or missed opportunities. In the long run, customer support is a factor that affects the business results of all of the included parties.

Keeping in mind the complexity of the software solutions within the gaming and betting industry, it is the supplier’s imperative to ensure competent and fast Customer Support service to the clients.

The role of a Support team in building a reliable and trusting relations
We can, without doubt, say that the Support team plays a significant role in the overall B2B relations based on its competence, kindness, trustworthiness, delivery, understanding and speed. One even might argue that it has a vital role in maintaining trusty relations between businesses.

In general, B2B customer service involves different teams from at least two companies, meaning several people are involved in troubleshooting. It is rarely one-on-one communication. Knowing that, and taking into account the importance of time, it’s obvious how significant good relations and communication between team members are.

More noticeable, B2B relations last long. Our job is not even remotely done once the software is installed or once the game is released.

NSoft Support team within the Business stream
NSoft Support is a team within the Business stream offering 24/7 support to the clients free of charge.

The team members can be viewed as customer ambassadors when addressing their needs and issues in front of Management and Development teams. They strive to communicate what is the most balanced interest for our customers and our company to keep every part of the business satisfied.

The environment is very dynamic, with different issues that we combat with creativity and adaptability. The goal is to satisfy the customer, so we look for every possible solution and alternative to achieve that goal. Customers have learned that we are omnipresent for any of their issues and inquiries at any given time.

The key metrics of Customer Support success
We are always eager to improve our key metrics, and thus we have initiated simple quarterly KPIs. The goals were:

Raising the bar for the percentage of solved tickets on the Customer Support level has reached 96%.

Increasing the Customer Satisfaction, which is currently above 98%;

Improving average response time for all communication channels – we have achieved the following: Email/Web: 3 minutes; Chat: 13 seconds; Phone: 4 seconds (including the PBX call rerouting).

Understanding and addressing bad ratings
It is crucial for the Support team to understand and address properly bad ratings, no matter how rare they are.

Most of the dissatisfactions stem from the complexity of the issues, which realistically cannot be fixed with good quality within a short time window. Repetitive issues are especially delicate. If not appropriately addressed, they can cause considerable frustration to the customer.

We have internally communicated workarounds and procedures with developers and externally with customers to mitigate these problems. This procedure is executed as soon as the customer reports a complex or repetitive issue. As a result, the action significantly lowers customer dissatisfaction, even though the issue itself is not fixed permanently at that point.

Keeping bad ratings at bay is the key to keeping the support service top-notch.

The tools we use in customer service
NSoft Support team uses the usual client relations toolbox. Still, even the adequate tools need to be utilized to their fullest potential.


Since we are using Zendesk Support, Chat, Guide, and Explore as our primary tools of choice for handling support tickets, we have invited Zendesk specialists to review and improve our instance of Zendesk.

We had very positive feedback from their representatives, especially on using all features to excess. They believe it consequently lead to a satisfaction rating of over 98%.

We have standardized our responses and behaviour with over 200 triggers, 100 macros and ten automatizations using Zendesk Support and Chat. More than ten dashboards have been created with over 100 queries using Zendesk Explore, which helped analyze customer needs.

Support Dashboard

We have developed and centralized specific Betting/IT industry tools to alleviate the imperfections in everyday operations. One of those tools is Support Dashboard which has been developed in house for mobility, flexibility and efficiency.

With the new tool, team members can perform daily operations within seconds. Various NSoft Development teams have participated in delivering proper tools for different supporting actions such as betting ticket cancellations, payment confirmations, ticket resolves, ticket checks, mail delivery checks, server health checks, service restarts, server administration, and others.

Knowledge sharing and empowering
To make our goals a reality, our Support team had to adapt and share the knowledge among all Support members. A decision was made to erase the boundaries between L1 and L2 Support so that every Support Operator should be trained to their full potential, performing simple and complex tasks alike. Such setup was the right move since we have developed remarkable resilience to service quality drops and made our service fast and stellar 24/7.

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Gambling Regulations in Different Parts of the World



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In terms of international online betting legislation, every government has a different stance on the matter. While some countries have embraced internet gambling, others are doing all in their power to outlaw it. It’s also possible to see vastly varied approaches to online gaming in countries within the same continent.

When it comes to regulations in one country, the United States is an excellent example. Furthermore, each state has its own set of rules, making it much more difficult to understand the federal regulations. Online gambling is completely legal in certain places and may be accessed by anybody inside such states’ borders. More than a few jurisdictions are continuing their efforts at snatching up the money of reputable gaming websites.

Ohio Gambling Laws

A person must be 18 years old to bet in an Ohio-licensed institution, according to state law. The legal age to gamble in Ohio casinos is 21 years old. The first infraction is the most common penalty for a first-time gambling violation. According to Ohio gambling regulations, further crimes are felonies of the 5th degree.

A total of 11 Ohio casinos are open for business, with four of them being resorts. Online slots, live stream poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and other in-house card games are all available in Ohio’s casinos. There are also online poker rooms accessible. The other casinos in Ohio are situated in off-track betting venues and are referred to as racinos. These look a lot like tv lottery parlors.

Online sports betting is legal in Ohio, but the state government must still work on it before any sites can go up. Gaming online is already a great choice for Ohioans since they may participate in authorized gambling sites that are situated beyond the US.

If you are interested in learning more through brilliant sources and informative guides on the legality of betting on sports in Ohio, we suggest you read reviews and articles online for a better view.

European and British Gambling Laws

Online betting is permitted in a wide variety of nations throughout Europe. Some governments have explicitly banned it, while others have authorized it and established appropriate regulatory structures. Britain is the greatest illustration of the second kind of country. Gambling over the internet is not only safe and easy, but it is also entirely legal. The Gambling Commission has established rules for any site that wants to provide its services to the people of the United Kingdom. In 2005, the Gaming Board was abolished and replaced with this entity.

Furthermore, there are other nations in Europe that follow the same model as the UK. There are severe licensing requirements in France, but if a company meets the requirements, it may accept French consumers. Despite this, casino games are presently prohibited. They at minimum have clear legislation, but in other nations, things are a lot hazier.

In Oceania/Australia, gambling laws are strictly enforced.

The regulations governing gaming in Australia are quite restrictive. Only conventional sports betting and lottery-style games are presently authorized to be offered to Australian citizens. Online sports streaming betting and casino games are not permitted. However, given these sites are outside of the authority of the Australian government, there are no laws prohibiting Australians from accessing them.

Online Sports betting is explicitly regulated in New Zealand, which is a rarity in other countries. In 2003, the government enacted new legislation to ensure that its rules were clear and understandable. For the first time, the law explicitly specified that using international websites was lawful. Advertising on these kinds of websites is, however, prohibited in New Zealand.

African Gambling Laws

There are few nations in Africa that have established laws on internet gambling, with the noteworthy exception of South Africa. Land-based betting, on the other hand, is completely legal in the area and comes in a variety of formats. Casinos may be found in a number of nations.

Gambling Legislation in Germany

Gambling regulations in Germany are difficult, but they are always evolving. As of 2021, all states will be bound by a new Interstate Treaty, which will standardize regulations and open the door to the granting of licenses among them. It used to be the case that each state had its own set of regulations.

Because of the treaty, sports betting licenses and a wide range of markets, including internet gambling, are available. However, each state has its own system for opening betting shops and other brick-and-mortar outlets for land-based gambling.

Some kinds of betting have a limit on the amount of money you can wager. In order to prevent individuals from wagering too much in one sitting, slot machines are regulated at a “per-spin” fee, and bookies are limited in the number of markets that they may provide.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with changes in your country’s casino laws is critical. While many nations allow offshore gambling, which allows customers to engage with gaming firms situated overseas, these companies may also be subject to laws, as is the case in many other countries. When compared to other nations, European countries tend to have more lax casino and gambling legislation.

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Paysafe Integrates Mastercard Send into its Payments Platform



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Mastercard and Paysafe announced the integration of Mastercard Send into Paysafe’s payments platform, enhancing the payout capabilities offered to Paysafe’s merchant customers in the UK and EU. The addition of Mastercard Send is the latest extension of the ongoing global relationship between the two companies which supports multiple Paysafe products and services.

Mastercard Send enables people and organisations to send and receive money around the world in near real-time. It is designed to help banks, businesses and digital players modernise the way they send payments, giving people access to funds with speed, choice and security wherever they interact.

The addition of Mastercard Send supports Paysafe in offering its merchant base a fast, tried and tested international and domestic payout service. This is key for speed of settlement particularly for small businesses or those in specialised industries such as insurance, marketplaces and e-commerce or gaming. Mastercard Send enables funds to be sent quickly and securely to cards, bank accounts and mobile wallets.

Scott Abrahams, Senior Vice President Business Development, United Kingdom and Ireland SIP at Mastercard, said: “In a climate where the adoption of digital payments has grown exponentially, we’re committed to supporting businesses in their ability to send money internationally, quickly and securely. We value our ongoing relationship with Paysafe by offering Mastercard Send as part of the suite of payment solutions available via Paysafe’s single API connection.”

Paulette Rowe, CEO of Integrated and Ecommerce Solutions at Paysafe, said: “Mastercard Send offers a truly fast and reliable outgoing fund settlement option, so we are pleased to offer this innovation to our merchants. As part of our customer-centric approach and deep expertise in specialised industries, we understand the pressures our merchants face in offering customer payouts at speed. By offering Mastercard Send we are further enhancing the tailored approach which we provide to businesses internationally as well as delivering multiple methods of payment.”

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Great Response at the Third NOVOMATIC Company Day



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The pandemic has once again shown that health is the highest good, and workplace health promotion brings numerous benefits for employees and employers alike. NOVOMATIC therefore recently invited all employees at its headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen to a Health Day. The anticipation for the already third NOVO-Company Day was great, as due to COVID hardly any events could be held lately.

Ryszard Presch and Johannes Gratzl, the Executive Board of NOVOMATIC AG, welcomed the employees in bright sunshine on the premises of the group headquarters: “The last two years were very challenging for all of us. We have learned once again that above all our health is the most important thing. With the NOVO Company Day, we would like to sincerely thank all our employees for their extraordinary commitment and at the same time further promote awareness of health and safety in the workplace. After all, if the employees are doing well, the company is doing well too.”

The correlation between employee health and corporate success was also emphasised by the mayor of the town of Gumpoldskirchen, Ferdinand Köck: “Healthy and satisfied employees are the added value of a company. Everyone benefits from the resulting corporate success, including, of course, the community of Gumpoldskirchen.”

After the ceremonial opening, a wide range of offers were open to the employees – from lectures on stress reduction or burnout prevention to numerous outdoor and indoor stations such as spine screening, running shoe analysis, a first aid refresher, fire extinguishing training to sports stations such as basketball or an e-bike test station and an extensive health street. A raffle with many great prizes rounded off the programme.

The enthusiastic feedback from the employees confirmed the success of the NOVO-Company Day and reinforces NOVOMATIC’s intention to continue this event tradition in the future.

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