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Will All the Different Game Engines Push Slots in a New Direction?



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The online slot market has always been evolving ever since the classic games were digitalised. For many years, the alterations to the traditional format were almost imperceptible, and the mechanisms of new slots still matched up with the ones that came in the early days.

That’s not the case anymore, and the emergence of varying game engines has blown the slots market wide open. With all the diverse inventions that have been introduced to the games in recent years, it appears that these titles could be branching off in a multitude of different directions.

Megaways Leads the Way in the List of New Engines

Of all the new engines to have emerged in the slots market in recent years, the Megaways offering from Big Time Gaming is the most successful. This innovation allows for more than 100,000 win lines, and it achieves this by allowing the reels to morph and shift in size. The Australian developer’s 2015 creation was so popular that it opted to franchise it to other studios, and now there are countless titles that use Megaways as their main draw.

There are loads of Megaways titles among lists of top online jackpot games, and these include titles like Diamond Mine Megaways, Piggy Riches Megaways, and Dia Del Mariachi Megaways. Among these titles, there are various other high-paying games that use new mechanics as well. These include Jackpot King, Daily Drop, Power Reels, and Cluster Buster.

It’s clear that as the online casino industry has expanded, the ballooning player base wants diversity in their titles. The sector itself is projected to be worth more than $565 billion in the future, so this suggests that even more options will emerge to appease the ever-growing audience for these games.

Developers Could be Preparing for VR Adaptations

With slot games branching out in different directions, it feels like the perfect time for developers to come up with brand-new titles for virtual reality. Players are clearly seeking new experiences when they play these titles, so they may be more open to ideas that push the realms of slots in ways never seen before.

There is a lot of uncertainty about how slots could adapt to VR, but it is expected that they will at some point. Some developers, including industry leader NetEnt, have already experimented with ideas. For example, players could enter a fantasy world and be faced with giant reels within it.

An alternative could be to develop titles that are more compatible with the Metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg expects his VR world to be mainstream by 2030, and people will be looking for activities to do within it. One option for slot developers could be to make retro-style machines that people can play. Of course, the scope of what’s possible there could lead to more fantastic innovations as well.

It’s clear that the slots industry is beginning to spike off in different directions, and nobody is fully clear on what the future looks like. These new engines could be preparing players for greater twists on the current format when the titles enter VR.


BetGames Will Start Accepting Fasttoken (FTN) as a Supported Cryptocurrency



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BetConstruct is pleased to announce that BetGames, the leading provider of premium gaming solutions, is planning to add FTN to the list of supported cryptocurrencies.

FTN is the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem as well as the adopted cryptocurrency of the leading betting and gaming software provider BetConstruct.

The inclusion of FTN in BetGames’s supported cryptocurrencies will start from January 26th.

To learn more details about FTN, feel free to visit the website www. fasttoken .com.

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Game Wave Festival invites everyone to watch the live broadcast of Nordic Game Discovery Contest Grand Finals!



Game Wave Festival invites everyone to watch the live broadcast of Nordic Game Discovery Contest Grand Finals!
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Game Wave Festival announces that it will broadcast Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) Grand Finals November 28 at 19:00 – EET (18:00). Everyone can join for free on Nordic Game Vimeo channel and Game Wave Festival YouTube channel.

Three days left to the Game Wave Festival and those who are not in the travel mood, can join online sessions as well as have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings. Register with Black Friday 30% off promo code (WHITEFRIDAY) at and meet 35+ speakers who will share the knowledge on various gaming industry relevant topics.

In addition to that, on-site and online participants will be able to join Panel Discussions, Workshops and Nordic Game Discovery Contest Grand Finals. Right after NGDC Grand Finals kicks off the Game Night – Open Microphone event. Everyone will have a chance to go in front and present a game, service or talk about actual topics! See the full agenda here:

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SuperGaming and Google Cloud Collaborate to Empower Game Developers with a SuperPlatform



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Leading Indian game developer SuperGaming has chosen Google
Cloud to bring its best-in-class live-ops engine, SuperPlatform, to game developers the world
over. This will empower game developers to make better games with battle-tested cloud
infrastructure that currently powers all of SuperGaming’s efforts. This includes PAC-MAN, which
has more than one billion downloads across all storefronts, and its multiplayer shooter
MaskGun, which has more than 65 million players.

SuperPlatform will run on Google Cloud and will enable game developers to manage live ops,
matchmaking, player progression, player data, analytics, monetization systems, server scaling,
sales, and merchandising. It also integrates with popular game development platforms.

“The SuperPlatform is at the core of what makes our games tick,” says Roby John, CEO and
co-founder, SuperGaming. “It’s been made by game developers, for game developers, and after
years of iteration, finesse, and supporting some marquee games like PAC-MAN, we felt it’s the
right time to share it with more game developers. Google Cloud’s reach, technical expertise, and
best-in-class infrastructure made it an obvious choice as our partner to bring this to market.”

SuperPlatform is a SaaS (software as a service) and will be an ISV (independent software
vendor) running on Google Cloud, which provides secure, scalable, and sustainable
infrastructure that will enable more game developers to access SuperPlatform at scale.

“Gaming is a big focus for Google Cloud. We have scaled our global investments in this space
and are excited about the response we are getting from the market. ” says Bikram Singh Bedi,
managing director, Google Cloud India. “Advancements like the SuperPlatform are welcome
additions to an ever-evolving ecosystem. With Google Cloud’s infrastructure that enables
developers to build at scale and SuperGaming’s pedigree in gaming, we can really drive impact
and innovation and see more games come out of India.”

“By working closely with Google Cloud engineers and SDKs, a lot of our initial friction was
eased,” says Navneet Singh Waraich, chief technology officer and co-founder, SuperGaming.
“One key for us and our SuperPlatform customers is choice, and the ability to migrate our entire
orchestration as needed for cost-effectiveness without disrupting the game client or server
integrations on the frontend. This was a major plus for choosing to build our current stack on
Google Cloud.”

In addition to this, upcoming SuperGaming titles such as Indo-Futuristic battle royale, Indus and
Tower Conquest Metaverse Edition will also run on Google Cloud.

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