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Keeping Up The World Cup Momentum



Keeping Up The World Cup Momentum
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With online sportsbooks experiencing an unprecedented number of new registrations during the 2022 World Cup, we sat down with Flows sales director, Domenico Mazzola, to learn more about how data and no-code automation tools can help operators to convert casual bettors into long-term customers.

With the World Cup in Qatar creating a surge in new sign-ups, the main challenge for sportsbook operators now becomes finding new ways to convert these “big event” bettors into regular customers. As is so often the case in the gambling industry, the key here is customisation and personalisation, but in a way that really focuses on bettors’ needs and offers them something different, something special.

The tournament was a great opportunity to gather data insights and the best way to do this was to add  a bit of fun to their promotions while also collecting data that could be used to keep customers betting throughout the World Cup and beyond.

So how could they have done this? Well, as we know some punters can be very competitive and leader board promotions are a proven retention tool for operators. Therefore, one stand-out way for operators to engage with customers could be to offer a promotion where players battle against each other for the title of “best bettor and where bettors fill in their predictions to collect points and climb the rankings.

In fact, why not get a little more creative and offer a challenge such as  “who can make the best predictions and score the most points on our World Cup leader board or Premier league leader board?”. Using this as a base, operators could even take things a step further and use Flows to drill down into their data to create a series of leader boards separated by country, allowing them to add an additional level of localisation to their promotions.

Of course, the applications of this type of offer extend far beyond the World Cup – operators could also use it to engage with players during the Champions League or the next Euros. After they’ve gathered the necessary data and fed it into Flows, many new promotions become possible. They just need to use their imagination and provide something special that keeps their customers coming back.

However, for this to be successful, it’s important for operators to think about what promotions they want to offer going forward and how to factor these into their marketing strategy. If they were smart during the World Cup, they would have used the tournament to gather data on users’ betting behaviour – i.e. the teams or markets they wagered on – as well as the location that these bets were placed from.

The knock-on effect of this would be that they would now be able      to offer tailored promotions based on bettors’ favourite teams or home countries, creating a personalised link to them for future marketing. I really can’t stress enough how important data collection is for this process – it’s the key to enabling operators to offer something that’s relevant to customers’ activity, habits and personal circumstances.

Looking specifically at the World Cup, bets were being taken on countries rather than specific teams, so operators will need to get a bit creative in terms of how they use this data going forward. Now that the tournament is over, there are still opportunities to utilise information gathered to target bettors for friendlies in the lead up to the Euros, which will be the next round of fixtures for the national sides.

By analysing the data collected during the World Cup, operators can, for example, see whether customers bet on a specific player to be first goal scorer. Based on this, they can see which club side this player represents and recommend specific bets accordingly. Alternatively, they could check whether a customers’ location is within a specific radius of a stadium. If so, which match is being played there next, is it a sell-out and can they be offered a promotion to bet if they didn’t get tickets?

Of course, while many customers that signed up for the World Cup can potentially be converted into long-term bettors, there are two other key user profiles that operators will also have to deal with going forward. These are bonus abusers – i.e. those that signed up purely for the World Cup offers and have no intention of betting going forward – and casual bettors who are only active for big events.

Starting with the former, most operators will already have a process in place for preventing bonus abuse. However, in terms of reaction time, it’s far more effective for them to streamline their risk strategy by using automated workflows. By doing so, they can implement all of their bonus abuse rules automatically based on common patterns, allowing them to act quickly and improve the bonus terms.

The other customer category is a little trickier, but there may still be opportunities to cross-sell casual sports bettors who signed up purely for the World Cup to other products like casino games. Again, no-code automation tools can help operators identify this type of customer and target them with relevant offers and promotions based on the trends and patterns established through their betting behaviour.

One example would be for a sportsbook to track how often a casual bettor is logging onto their website or app, how many bets they’ve placed and what these bets typically look like. Based on this, they can then ear-mark the type of customer that might be receptive to casino games and use their no-code automation tools to create and send personalised emails or messages that promote these products.

By looking into the data, a sportsbook could send an email to a customer that has shown an interest in casino games in the past or to one who has placed a high number of sports bets, but hasn’t yet tried any of the other products they offer. This email could include information about the sportsbooks’ casino games, a special bonus to help get them started      and direct links to the casino website or app.

Bearing this in mind, there are a wealth of opportunities for sportsbook operators to convert their momentum from the World Cup into the regular betting calendar. By using no-code automation tools that analyse data and automatically send out personalised messaging, they’ll be able to better target casual sports fans with relevant offers that will ease their journey to becoming long-term customers.

Gambling in the USA

Gaming Americas Weekly Roundup – September 18-24



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Welcome to our weekly roundup of American gambling news again! Here, we are going through the weekly highlights of the American gambling industry which include the latest news and new partnerships. Read on and get updated.

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SB22 has introduced Lucky22, a first-of-its-kind wager placement streamlining system that is fully integrated into its proprietary K22 self-service gaming kiosk. The patent-pending Lucky22 button provides the player with a set of simple, tailored wagering offers, which can adjust the bet and amount wagered based on how much the player wants to win.

Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, a Native American Tribe in Southern California, has standardised its growing business and government operations on Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite to support its mission of being a self-sustaining, independent Tribe.

Several points in Shawnee, Okla., are shining brighter now that JCM Global has installed numerous outdoor digital signs for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Monument now glows with a 10mm Mitsubishi NXL Series measuring 9.5 feet wide x 5 feet high and enables the Tribe to dynamically communicate messages to members and visitors.

In an effort to combat illegal gaming activities, Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director Henry Williams recently met with Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley and State Rep. Cynthia Neeley (D-Flint) to discuss strategies to help deter and crack down on illegal gaming operations in the city.

Win Systems is going to attend G2E Las Vegas, to be held October 10–12 at the Venetian Expo. The company will be at the same booth as last year, #4447, where visitors will be able to see and learn first-hand about all the latest innovations designed to optimise casino operations and player experience.

edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U Inc., and global technology leader HP Inc. announced a new online Professional Certificate programme in Esports Management, Game Design, and Programming to bring cutting-edge skills to learners globally.

CT Gaming has officially announced its attendance at G2E 2023, taking place in Las Vegas from 10-12 October. The Expo is recognised across the industry as a crucible of innovation and business opportunities, where CT Gaming will be presenting a blend of its legacy products and new developments at stand 2050.

INTELITY announced that it will exhibit at the 2023 Global Gaming Expo from October 9–12 at The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. During G2E 2023, INTELITY will highlight the latest updates to its cloud-based Platform R5, as well as its newly updated API capabilities, both used by dozens of casinos around the world.


SharpLink Gaming announced that SaharaBets will be the first U.S. sports betting operator to begin integration of SharpLink’s innovative new C4 BetSense technology into its online betting platform.

CT Interactive has signed a distribution deal with Vivelo24. Through this agreement, the Mexican players will get the chance to experience the amazing products of the leading online provider CT Interactive.

Playtech has announced its continued partnership with betPARX. Under this collaboration, betPARX has integrated Playtech’s industry-leading IMS platform and native mobile applications to power its launch in Maryland.

With the grand opening of The Queen Baton Rouge, the first land-based casino in the city, The Queen Casino & Entertainment has successfully launched Konami Gaming’s SYNKROS casino management system.

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FACEIT reveals personal CS:GO wrap up with FACEIT REPLAY



Reading Time: 2 minutes


As we get ready for CS2 on FACEIT, let’s look back at your achievements so far! ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), the leading esports and video game entertainment company today launches FACEIT REPLAY, an epic reflection on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) that lets its 30 million users relive their CS:GO history on the FACEIT platform.

The new shareable feature lets players discover their personal stats from the last three years, such as global/local rank, number of kills, headshot accuracy, best map and more.

As FACEIT is the most popular training ground for pro Counter-Strike players, FACEIT REPLAY can also reveal the data of some of the game’s biggest stars, including FACEIT #1 ranked player Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, and acclaimed Dutch player Shuaib “D0cC” Ahmad. Amateur players will also be able to compare their stats against the pro players.

I wanted to share the details in case this is of interest for news. Assets including pro player FACEIT REPLAY graphics can be found here.


  • As the world eagerly awaits the launch of Counter-Strike 2, FACEIT, the world’s leading online platform for competitive gaming, has launched FACEIT REPLAY, an opportunity for the community to reflect on three years of grinding, winning, losing, and improving on CS:GO.
  • Players can head to FACEIT REPLAY now to discover their FACEIT Replay and learn where they place amongst the world’s biggest community of serious Counter-Strike players, including some of the world’s best pro players.
  • FACEIT users can now share their accolades such as global/local rank, number of kills, headshot accuracy, best map, kill breakdown, minutes played and more directly on social media to compare with friends and famous members of the community.
  • Pros already using the new feature include:
Player Minutes played Elo Total Matches
m0NESY #1 189,274 7,200 4,970
fame #4 209,958 6,363 5,524
ZywOo #21 141,928 5,960 3,774
NertZ #20 228,071 5,962 5,949
b1t #18 220,542 5,971 5,660
  • Counter-Strike talent have also been discovering their CS history on FACEIT:
  • On FACEIT, players can join communities, gather tips and feedback for their path going pro and can join or host matches on private servers. FACEIT provides its own ranking system in which players start at Level 1 and are able to reach Level 10. Players can participate in community tournaments or qualify for the FACEIT Pro League and start the journey to become one of the best CS players in the world. To ensure a safe environment, FACEIT offers its industry leading anti-cheat and chat moderation through its own AI called “Minerva”.
  • For more information about FACEIT head to Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Watch clips and tournaments on FACEIT’s YouTube and Twitch Channels. For more general information, visit or follow ESL FACEIT Group on LinkedIn.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Leading mobile games developer TapNation celebrates an epic milestone at Times Square: over a billion downloads and counting.



Reading Time: 2 minutes


French mobile game developer and publisher TapNation has reached over a billion downloads across its entire games portfolio.

French mobile game developer and publisher TapNation has reached over a billion downloads across its entire games portfolio.

TapNation’s games portfolio includes Ice Cream Inc — which has been downloaded over 230 million times — Thief Puzzle and Giant Rush.

“One billion downloads is hard to comprehend, especially when we think about the path that led us there! This success was made possible thanks to all the work of our team, but also the tools and processes we developed in-house to empower our employees,” says Hervé Montoute, CEO and co-founder at TapNation.

“We were convinced from day one that gaming will be a strong player in the AI space, so we also included prediction and Machine Learning pipelines whenever we could. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our players and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional gaming experiences.”

2023 has been a landmark year for TapNation. It was recognized as a finalist for Best Developer at the 2023 PGC Awards and also featured in the prestigious French Tech 120. At the core of all this however, is the firm’s expert creative team.

“TapNation is first of all, a pool of talented and passionate people. We have a strong company culture, where our employees strive and grow within the gaming space,” comments Igor Zabukovec, co-founder and CTO at TapNation.

“We also are deeply rooted in tech and AI, with engineers coming from different backgrounds. We are a truly international team with more than 13 nationalities represented — our market is global, so is our team!”

In line with its tech-driven ethos, TapNation is seamlessly integrating the latest AI advancements into its pipelines, including ChatGPT and real-time user segmentation. The firm’s agile development approach allows them to prototype quickly, ensuring its games stay ahead of the curve.

“We are like a lab, where we need to create and prototype things quickly — not in months but in weeks,” continues Zabukovec. “Our tech team is built following this principle. This includes the data scientists, but also our Unity developers, backend and SDK — everyone!”

Looking ahead, TapNation has ambitious initiatives for 2023 and beyond. It remains committed to player-centric game development: prioritising the needs and preferences of its loyal fanbase.

With a steadfast focus on technological advancements, TapNation aims to continue expanding its tech stack and developing cutting-edge tools to reach its next milestone of 5 billion downloads.

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