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4 Awesome Poker Strategies



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When it comes to playing poker, there are a few good strategies that you can employ to make your game more enjoyable. For example, you can take a cue from other players and learn when it’s best to fold your hand. You can also use an ace to block opponents’ premium hands.

Blocking opponents’ premium hands

This strategy involves folding hands that may have a good chance of winning in order to prevent your opponents from getting what they need. This can be used when you know that an opponent has a strong hand, and you can tell by the bets they are making. For example, if you raise with an Ace-King and see your opponent reraise pre-flop, it’s likely they have a top pair or better. You can then elect to fold your own hand in order to block them from winning with their premium hand.

There is a bit of guesswork to do in order to correctly execute this strategy, but it can be effective if done correctly.

Tight-Aggressive Play

Playing tight and aggressively is one of the best strategies when it comes to knowing how to play poker. This means that you only play strong hands pre-flop and then bet post-flop aggressively when you have a good hand. Aggression is rewarded in poker, so being able to identify situations where you can bet your opponents off their hands is key to success.

This strategy does not involve a lot of bluffing or trying to outplay opponents; instead, it relies on making sure that your premium hands are paid off by weaker holdings. It also helps control the pot size, which will help keep your losses under control should you miss your draws.

Putting your opponent on a range

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This strategy involves gathering information about what your opponent might hold and then making decisions based on that. For instance, if you know that an opponent has raised from an early position, it’s likely they have a strong hand. Or if they check-raise on the flop, they may have a made flush or straight draw.

By being able to put your opponents on a range of hands, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your own betting or calling ranges. This will help you win more pots in the long run and maximize your profits.

Reading an opponent in poker is an essential skill to have if you want to be successful. It involves being able to assess the strength of your opponents’ hands and their betting patterns so you can make more informed decisions. This may involve recognizing when a player is bluffing or when they are holding a strong hand and making the best decision accordingly.

In order to do this, you need to pay close attention to your opponents’ actions throughout the entire game. Take note of how they bet, what cards they show down, and how they react in certain situations. This will give you insight into their playing style and tendencies, which can help you predict what their next move might be. Additionally, it’s important to consider the position each player is in at the table; for instance, players in early position are more likely to have stronger hands than those on the button or in late position.

Once you’ve gathered enough information about your opponents’ tendencies, try connecting the dots between them and formulating a plan of action for each situation. When it comes down to it, knowing how to read an opponent in poker boils down to understanding all aspects of their play, including their betting patterns and showing down cards so that you can make the most profitable decision possible in each specific scenario.

It’s also useful to know common tells, like when a player bets with hesitation or quickly increases their bet size after seeing a flop, as these could indicate strength or weakness respectively. Additionally, be sure to keep track of prior interactions between yourself and other players. If someone has been consistently folding pre-flop against your raises then they’re probably not holding any strong hands. Thus, it would be much easier for you to bluff out post-flop. Reading an opponent in poker will become second nature over time by learning all these skills and putting them into practice correctly.

Learning to fold

The art of folding is essential to winning at poker. If you can learn to fold the right hands at the right time, you’ll be able to play more effectively and win more often.

The key to understanding when to fold is to understand the strength of your hand. Studying ranges will help you determine whether a strong hand is the second best. This also enables you to understand when to continue with marginal hands. You can continue with these hands, though the size of your bet may change depending on your opponent’s range.

The most common mistakes players make are folding too often and not folding enough. Folding too often is the same as not folding enough, and can result in missed opportunities to make money.

When you fold too often, you lose control of the game. You don’t want to overplay your hand or give your opponent the confidence to exploit your weakness.

Meanwhile, not folding enough can result in you having to make bigger bets than necessary.

The key is to practice and develop a good sense of when to fold. If you can understand which hands to play and when to fold, you’ll be in good shape. With experience and consistent practice, you can become a successful poker player.


Understanding poker and the strategies that go into it can be the difference between winning and losing a game of poker. With an understanding of the basics, such as card rankings, betting patterns, hand selection, and bluffing techniques, you will have a better chance of making better decisions on how to play each hand.


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William Hill unlocks the power of human engagement with 2mee



William Hill unlocks the power of human engagement with 2mee
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Tier-one operator is using the company’s cutting-edge HoloMessage® solution to take player engagement to the next level with a 340% uplift compared to banner ads

2mee, the pioneering technology platform that allows brands to engage with consumers through the power of human connection, has signed a breakthrough agreement with powerhouse sportsbook and casino operator, William Hill.

Through this partnership, William Hill will leverage 2mee’s proprietary HoloMessage® solution to deliver video messages from its team and brand influencers at strategic points, directly to customers across its website and app as a clickable pop-up.

The partnership has proven to be transformational for Hills, which is already using HoloMessage® to scale engagement among reachable customers from its active player base and create awareness of personalised bonuses and offers while increasing its net promotor score and user lifetime value.

Moving forward, Hills will begin deploying HoloMessage® at critical decision points throughout its customer journey. Influencers will be empowered to record messages directly from their smartphones and deploy them via the 2mee platform.

For its first campaign, William Hill targeted a segmented audience with a HoloMessage® aimed at driving players to opt-in to marketing campaigns. The results were extraordinary: a single influencer HoloMessage® impression outperformed 31 days of a persistent banner ad by an incredible 340%.

The campaign achieved an average engagement rate of 55% with a peak of 64.9% leading to a major increase in customer opt-ins which is expected to deliver a substantial increase in projected annual revenue.

2mee’s HoloMessage® has a myriad of use cases for operators such as William Hill. This includes delivering important educational and information messages around compliance and responsible gambling, especially when it comes to player onboarding where a lack of education around the process often leads to significant drop-off.

Additionally, HoloMessage® can be utilised for player retention efforts and win-back campaigns, ensuring continued engagement with existing players and re-engaging lapsed ones.

James Riley, CEO of 2mee, said: “We are thrilled to be working with such a high-calibre operator and for William Hill to have enjoyed such a significant uplift in engagement, sign-ups and ultimately revenues from the very first deployment of 2mee’s HoloMessage®.

“This is of course just the start of our partnership and we have already identified many other areas in which HoloMessage® can strengthen engagement, foster brand loyalty and ultimately provide a significant boost to customer lifetime value and revenue.”

Matt Baulk, Head of Personalisation & Product at William Hill, added: “We’ve achieved remarkable success with our initial deployment of HoloMessage®, leading us to expand its usage across various touch points in the customer journey, from compliance messaging to sportsbook offers. The technology’s simplicity, from recording to deployment, makes it incredibly user-friendly”.

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NetBet Casino joins forces with Playtech



NetBet Casino joins forces with Playtech
Reading Time: < 1 minute


NetBet Italy is excited to announce that it has joined forces with prominent iGaming provider Playtech, in a move that will see a range of unique Live Dealer games made available to players in the region.

Playtech’s status as an influential iGaming company has been recognised with numerous award wins and nominations. Most recently, this saw the company claim the title of Gaming Product of the Year at the 2023 American Gambling Awards.

As part of NetBet Italy’s partnership with Playtech, players can enjoy a series of excellent Live Dealer games – including Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat – as well as other titles from the online casino provider.

NetBet Italy’s PR manager, Claudia Georgevici, said: “We at NetBet aim to give our players access to a range of exciting titles – including Live Dealer games, which help bring the authenticity of a physical casino to players wherever they are. Playtech have a range of excellent titles for customers to enjoy, and this makes them a great fit for a positive and valuable relationship.”

NetBet players can now explore the thrilling new titles from Playtech by visiting the official NetBet Italy website.

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Industry Awards

Reelsoft nominated for prestigious MiGEA Awards



Reelsoft nominated for prestigious MiGEA Awards
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Reelsoft AB is proud to announce its nomination for two esteemed awards at the 2024 Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards (MiGEA): Best Gaming Software Platform Provider and Best iGaming Technology & Media Provider. This recognition highlights our ongoing dedication to innovation, partner support, and excellence in the iGaming industry. The winners will be revealed on June 21st at the Hilton Portomaso in Malta.

Founded in December 2021, Reelsoft has been developing solutions to empower iGaming businesses. Through the Vision platform, including Vision RGS (a remote gaming server) and Vision Link (a game aggregation platform), it offers iGaming businesses both flexibility and scalability. It empowers our partners to effectively manage both game creation and distribution, supporting their growth and success in a competitive market.

Key Features of the Vision platform:

  • Flexibility and Scalability: The platform seamlessly grows from Vision RGS to Vision Link, and can handle increased traffic without compromising stability.
  • Promotion Tools: Advanced tools to enhance player engagement and retention is built into the core platform.
  • Multiple API Support: Simplified integration process.
  • Provider Aggregation and RGS-to-RGS Connections: Easy access to a wide range of games and providers.
  • Comprehensive Back Office: Real-time access to country-specific statistics, RTP monitoring and GGR reports.

Reelsoft’s approach focuses on providing solutions, leveraging extensive industry experience, and fostering long-term partnerships. We have achieved significant milestones over the past year and are dedicated to long-term collaborations with partners to develop features that meet their needs, ensuring the continuous evolution of the Vision platform. This approach not only enhances the platform but also benefits all users.

Thomas Nimstad, CEO and founder of Reelsoft, expressed his pride in the nomination: “Being nominated for these awards is a true testament to what we started three years ago and how far the company has come. We are honoured and look forward to creating more value for our partners in the coming years.”

As we look forward to MiGEA awards, we are committed to empowering iGaming businesses globally, driving innovation, and supporting our partners in achieving their goals.

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