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How Do UK Online Casinos Differ from US Online Casinos?



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While most online casinos share a similar appearance, things can vary quite drastically when looking past the surface. UK online casinos and US online casinos actually differ in a plethora of ways in spite of their almost identical appearances, and you may even find some of the facts we have lined up for you today to be quite interesting.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the various ways in which UK online casinos differ from US casinos, as well as going over what this means for the actual experience for the players of each.


They Do Not Share The Same Game Developers

Perhaps the biggest and most noticeable difference between UK and US online casinos is that they do not share the same developers. If you are somewhat familiar with the industry, you are likely going to know that most of the top online casino developers are bigger companies in the UK or elsewhere.

US developers tend to work in smaller teams, and while there certainly are some incredible online casino developers from the US, most do not have the resources to compete with UK developers.

In practical terms, this often means that UK online casinos have higher quality games, wider game variety, as well as better graphics on any and all games said casino offers.

The UK undoubtedly wins when it comes to the developers they have on hand. This is so much the case that many of the most famous online casino development companies in the world happen to be in the UK.


Most UK Online Casinos Are Owned By Big Brands

Another major difference you can find between US online casinos and UK online casinos is that most UK casinos are owned by big brands. Go ahead; go and browse the best UK online casinos and you will quickly see for yourself what we mean.

Almost all of the most popular UK online casinos are owned by huge betting companies that hold a tight grip on a sizable chunk of the market, and this means that online casinos from the UK often have much more spare revenue and manpower.

This is in stark contrast to the US. Most US online casinos are owned by smaller companies in the gambling industry, and this means that the resources they have at their disposal are usually drastically reduced in comparison.

Yet again; this isn’t always the case. There are more than a few examples from the US that show big brands do own some casinos, and if you go looking for them, you will find what you seek.

However, as a general rule of thumb, most online casinos in the UK are owned by major gambling companies, while the vast majority of US establishments are owned by smaller businesses or individuals.

This makes US and UK online casinos differ quite substantially when it comes to what they can offer to their customers, and once again, the UK seems to beat out the US with ease when it comes to available resources and funds.


Different Laws & Regulations

It’s no secret that casino laws vary around the world. Moreover, the UK and the US are certainly no exception. You may be thinking this one is going to go to the US right? Well, no.

In almost all cases, the UK has much better online casino laws and regulations than the US, and this is one of the main reasons why larger companies are so unwilling to get involved with online casinos in the US.

This even goes without mentioning the taxation laws regarding gambling in the US – these are known for being partially unappealing. There are a plethora of differences in online casino legislation between the UK and the US, and without going into too much detail, the UK indisputably gets the better side of the deal.

So, were you surprised to find out just how much UK online casinos and US online casinos differ once you go past the surface? While they both might look the same at first glance, there are actually a ton of discrepancies between the two, and it goes without saying that geological location undoubtedly plays a massive role in differentiating online casinos.

Either way; no matter if you live in the UK or the US, there are going to be a myriad of incredible online casino options at your disposal, and you are going to be able to find an exemplary establishment no matter where you live. Catch you next time.

Conferences in Europe

Gaming in Holland Conference to Address Current Issues in Dutch Gambling



Reading Time: 2 minutes


The twelfth annual Gaming in Holland Conference, which will take place on June 8 at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, is perfectly timed to address the latest issues affecting the Dutch regulated gambling market.

Untargeted advertising ban and possible privatization Nederlandse Loterij

On July 1, the long-awaited ban on untargeted advertising of online gambling services will enter into force. This ban, which includes all broadcast, print and outdoor advertising, is expected to have a significant impact on the country’s online gambling market including Netherlands-facing affiliates. Specific guidelines explaining the new advertising rules were published less than two weeks ago.

The Dutch government furthermore announced, in two very recent Parliamentary letters, new explorations into the possible privatization of the Netherlands largest state-owned gambling operator, Nederlandse Loterij, and the implementation of stricter deposit limits.

Relevant speakers

Conference speakers including René Jansen, Chair of the Netherlands Gambling Authority, and Fedor Meerts, Department Head Integrity and Gambling at the Ministry of Justice and Security, are expected to provide additional clarifications.

Dialogue between care organizations and regulated industry

This year’s Gaming in Holland Conference also aims to kick off a more in-depth dialogue between the regulated gaming industry and care and prevention organizations on creating a more sustainable gambling market. Floor van Bakkum, Prevention Manager at Arkin – Jellinek, and Nathalie Smit, Chief Executive Officer of the Netherlands’ national gambling helpline, Loket Kansspel, will share their views on player protection with industry representatives.

ChatGPT and AI

Well-known Dutch tech watcher Remy Gieling will deliver a presentation on ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) in online gambling. Other sessions are dedicated to market and staffing data, operations and affiliate marketing.

“I think it is fair to say that the annual Gaming in Holland Conference has become a fixture in the agendas of all stakeholders in the Dutch gambling market,” the founder of Gaming in Holland, Willem van Oort, said. “As always, we are happy to welcome key decision makers to our event and we are very pleased that they are willing to share their thoughts on creating a sustainable and responsible gambling market; especially at this critical juncture.”

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Government Warns Industry About Going Quiet on Gambling Harm Messaging in TV Ads



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Department of Enterprise Investment and Trade

The New South Wales (NSW) Government is calling on wagering operators to ensure responsible gambling messages are communicated effectively in advertising.

The announcement comes as Liquor and Gaming NSW has issued show cause notices to two betting operators due to irregularities in their television ads that undermined agreed responsible gambling messages.

Jane Lin, Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Executive Director for Liquor and Gaming NSW said wagering operators in NSW should ensure their advertising gives these messages the right exposure to reduce the risk of harm.

“In one instance, the responsible gambling message was barely audible while the rest of the ad could be heard loud and clear,” Lin said. “Another operator drastically changed the tone of the voice-over when the message was spoken, going from strong and confident to soft and passive.

“We urge gambling operators and their creative agencies to advertise responsibly and make sure content is in the spirit of providing a clear harm reduction message to consumers and the broader community. Betting operators have a vital role to play in reducing risk of gambling harm and it starts with how they advertise.”

The requirement to include standardized responsible gambling messages in advertising is part of the National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) for online wagering in Australia. The Framework is designed to provide strong and nationally consistent minimum protections for consumers of interactive wagering services licensed in Australia, in line with international best-practice.

Liquor and Gaming NSW is responsible for ensuring operators in NSW comply with various measures in the Framework including responsible gambling messaging. The wagering operators are engaging with Liquor and Gaming NSW on this matter.

Liquor and Gaming NSW can take a range of disciplinary actions, such as prosecution, if there is evidence operators have failed in their responsibility to provide clear harm reduction messaging under the NCPF. Wagering operators found guilty face penalties of up to $110,000. For more information on the Framework visit Gambling Reforms, Department of Social Services, Australian Government (DSS . Gov. au). Media contact: [email protected] LiquorAndGaming., 0438 207 294.

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Latest News Strengthens iGaming VC Position with Ben Clemes as Investment Portfolio Partner



Reading Time: 2 minutes, a leading investment firm in the iGaming industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Clemes as Investment Portfolio Partner. In this role, Clemes will accelerate the growth of current investments while spearheading the expansion of the portfolio with promising start-ups poised to shape the future of the industry.

Clemes joins from Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), a company he co-founded alongside Robin Reed, Managing Partner of During his tenure at GiG, Clemes held various influential positions including Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Business Officer and General Manager of GiG North America. Notably, he played a pivotal role in establishing, one of GiG’s flagship operator brands, as well as the platform business GIG Core and its expansion into the North American market.

With over 16 years of comprehensive experience spanning casino operations, user experience (UX), business development and commercial success in the online gaming realm, Clemes brings a wealth of expertise to Prior to his online gaming ventures, he spent six years in Las Vegas working across various properties. Clemes will return to the United States, with a base in San Francisco, and will work with North American-based start-ups, investors and partners in his new role.

“It is a privilege to be joining the team at and working alongside such inspirational thought leaders and pioneers in the iGaming industry whilst supporting the brilliant minds of teams and individuals that are changing the way the industry is evolving,” said Clemes. “I am really excited to jump in and support these future giants of iGaming with my years of diverse experience and finding more companies of tomorrow to support and grow.”

“Working with Ben again is immensely gratifying, given his remarkable track record of growing start-ups into robust and prosperous businesses,” Reed said. “With his vast experience and deep understanding of the industry, coupled with his visionary outlook, Ben is the ideal custodian for our current investments and future portfolio companies. His addition to the team is warmly welcomed.” remains committed to driving innovation, supporting emerging talent and fostering the growth of the iGaming industry. The appointment of Ben Clemes as Investment Portfolio Partner further solidifies its dedication to nurturing the industry’s next generation of trailblazers.

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