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Hipther Introduces Rite NRG and Darek Hiliński



Hipther Introduces Rite NRG and Darek Hiliński
Reading Time: 5 minutes


The #hipthers are delighted to introduce Darek Hiliński, Chief Growth Officer of our Right Energy Sponsors for the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit, Rite NRG!

Rite NRG is a Polish-Swedish IT consulting hub, where a close-knit assembly of under 70 experts integrate IT services, delivery consulting, and digital transformation. They foster an analytical approach to guiding businesses through the multifaceted digital realm.

Darek Hiliński is a seasoned Manager with extensive experience in the Technology sector. #Hipther had the pleasure to catch up with him in our previous sold-out Tech Event, the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023 that took place in March, and we were thrilled to discover his contagious positive energy! In this interview, he will share more about himself and Rite NRG – the Right Energy Sponsor for MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit!


Hello Darek! Thank you for taking the time to catch up, it’s a great pleasure to speak with you again! Would you take a minute to introduce yourself to our readers in your own words, please?

Hey there! I’m Darek from Rite NRG, and yes, I’ve got the right energy (pun intended).
Technology has always been my playground, from my uni days in Sydney AU to my postgrad adventures in Coventry UK. When I’m not being a full-time super dad to my amazing daughter Roma, you can find me indulging in my passions for riding bikes, making music, surfing and testing my body’s resilience with fasting and icy dips. You know, just keeping things exciting!


What do you do as a Chief Growth Officer in Rite NRG? Beyond job descriptions, what do you consider to be the key points in your work? And what’s your main goal?

I might wear the sales hat, but my true superpower lies in forging human bonds. It’s been my joyride, steering countless thrilling initiatives. Sure, life’s a rollercoaster, but nothing beats authentic relationships.
As we all race through today’s fast-paced market it’s crucial not to lose our grip on core values. So my main focus is on creating something amazing together whenever the time is #rite for both parties! My experience demonstrates that this is the #riteway; however, in the majority of cases, business is propelled by aggressive KPIs. Seizing the opportunity to elevate the human factor, to stand out and be remembered, is essential when the chance arises. That is why I’m really fascinated by the way you pave the ground to keep networking on such a high level during these tech events!


Going back to the big picture and introductions, please tell us more about Rite NRG, the company’s work and objectives.

This is yet another chapter of my life story because, let’s not sugarcoat it, RITE creates a rather unique environment in the IT world. Why? Find me another company that, along with steady organic growth (100% YoY), places such a strong emphasis on culture fit and understanding the values of their business partners. Working in such an environment means we often understand each other without speaking a word. And the best part? Our clients appreciate it, and they rarely drift away. Some do, but most return and value our consultative approach, openness, and unparalleled speed in action. What’s ahead? We’ll maintain our growth trajectory by attracting talents who truly resonate with Rite NRG’s vision for doing business 🙂


What is it that differentiates Rite NRG from its competition? And how does your own work influence that?

That’s an excellent question I’ve touched on earlier. Essentially, we trust that the right attitude, paired with boundless energy and a thirst for self-betterment, creates a powerful blend that exceeds any “delivery” expectation. Sure, others might say the same, but do they deliver? We do! It takes extraordinary precision across the whole “supply chain” but the payoff is phenomenal. As I mentioned in a LinkedIn post, “We are the ones creating music… We perform for every occasion, yet not for every listener.” I’m entirely in tune with Rite NRG’s values, and our collective harmony makes any extra engine oil redundant. Perpetual motion? We’re not there yet… but give us a few years, and watch this space! :))


Tell us more about your work with iGaming and casino companies: your personal experience, the connection of Rite NRG with the sector. What other industries do you cover?

The gaming industry is always buzzing with excitement! We genuinely enjoy the experience and, most importantly, have a fantastic time working on it. Our skills and approach have taken us to the point where we’ve built an iGaming platform for one of Europe’s biggest providers and are now crafting another for the Asian market. Chances are you know these companies quite well 😛
As we cherish diversity, our passion extends also to medtech, fintech, blockchain, IoT, and banking. This is where Rite’s co-founders initially spread their wings and gained the solid experience that propelled the company forward. So yes, from that point onwards, our legacy has resonated more and more.
It’s no coincidence that Monika Szwed, holding a senior business analyst position at Rite, is joining the speakers’ panel in Riga, as I firmly believe that everything starts with a proper understanding and challenging of a client’s vision. Why do we have such faith in this approach? Many clients think that having just an idea and a team is enough, but a thorough business analysis breaks down potential problems into manageable pieces. And you know what? We apply this approach as the starting point for every industry in which we operate!


Closing, how do you see the future in Tech, Gaming and Software Development? What’s more in demand right now in terms of skill set and services, and how do you think this could evolve?

Hmm, I believe AI will have a significant impact on how we, as consumers, perceive the final product and influence it as creators. I feel that the ongoing changes will make human interactions even more important, which I’m quite pleased about because the human factor is crucial, and its further evolution can only be beneficial. Regardless, I still think people will create products for other people, at least on a commercial level 🙂 . As for the competition between AI and humans from a consumer perspective, I believe AI will only further fuel our human creativity.

On a more down-to-earth note, my feeling is that the software development industry will need to become even more personalised and customer-focused in terms of both business ethics and the desire to be more natural in their approach. Rite has been aiming in this direction for quite a few years now!

Thank you so much for your time Darek, and for this opportunity for us and our readers to get to know you and Rite NRG better! We look forward to seeing you in Riga, on 16-17 May!


The MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit brings together top decision-makers and business influencers, C-level executives, compliance experts and government officials from a variety of industries: iGaming, eSports, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, FashionTech, and more.

Rite NRG will play an important role in Hipther’s upcoming MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit in Riga, on May 16-17: they are the event’s “Right Energy” Sponsors, and one of their executives, Monika Szwed, Senior Business Analyst at Rite NRG, will be speaking at the panel moderated by Astra Tikas, “Decentralizing the Future: Insights from Blockchain Business Analysts, Cryptocurrency Expertise and Blockchain Development”.

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Breaking Frontiers: Exploring the Evolution of iGaming Tech with Atlaslive’s CPO, Lasha Kupatadze



Breaking Frontiers: Exploring the Evolution of iGaming Tech with Atlaslive’s CPO, Lasha Kupatadze
Reading Time: 6 minutes


Get ready for the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 by HIPTHER! The #hipthers are thrilled to introduce and put the spotlight on the companies and people who help us make the magic happen: our conference sponsors. Get to know them and join us in Tallinn, on 4-5 June to meet them in person!

Lasha Kupatadze, Chief Product Officer at Atlaslive, will be a Speaker at the Summit, offering valuable insights at the Panel about “Future-Proofing Digital Engagement: Mastering Gamification, Mobile Innovation, and Regulatory Compliance in the AI Era”.


Hello Lasha, thank you for taking the time for this interview. We are excited to get to know you and introduce you to our readers! Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself, your professional journey, and your role at Atlaslive so far?

I’ve been in iGaming for nearly a decade and love it! Working with like-minded people to generate ideas and build products that customers love.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in different roles at both B2C and B2B companies, focusing on building engaging and fun customer experiences.

As the Chief Product Officer at Atlaslive, I get to lead our efforts in making our products the best they can be. My job involves guiding our product development while applying the latest technologies, like AI and blockchain, to make our platform even better. Since I joined Atlaslive, my focus has been on making sure our products not only meet but surpass what our partners and players expect. We’ve put a lot of effort into making personalized, fun experiences that draw players in and keep them coming back for more.

In short, my career has been all about adopting new technologies, developing enjoyable and engaging products, and leading teams to create top-notch iGaming experiences.


As the Chief Product Officer at Atlaslive, you play a crucial role in shaping the company’s product landscape. Can you share with us how Atlaslive’s mission of discovering how far iGaming tech can evolve influences your approach to product development?

Our goal is to see how far we can go with technology in iGaming, and this ambition is a huge part of how we build our products. We’re really into using the latest tech to make gaming fun, personalized, and safe for everyone.

We use big data to analyze a huge amount of information, understand and track different patterns in how people play and what they prefer. This helps us deeply examine our users’ behaviors, allowing us to customize our flexible platform to fit exactly what they like and even predict what they’ll want to do next. This approach makes things a lot easier for our partners. They can spend less time and effort trying to figure things out because we provide all the insights and tools they need to make smart decisions quickly.

Our approach is tech-oriented and centered on the player, and  boosts not only engagement but also guarantees that everything is secure and perfectly adjusted to the end-user preferences.

I consider personalization paramount – and we usually focus on creating an experience that feels personal and keeps players coming back for more. I think that this user-focused mindset, combined with our love for tech, ensures that every step we take in product development not only meets the industry’s needs but often goes beyond, setting new standards for what iGaming can be.


The Atlaslive platform offers versatile delivery solutions, including Sportsbook API integration, White Label, and Turnkey. How do these different solutions cater to the varying needs of iGaming operators, and what advantages do they offer in terms of time to market and customization?

At Atlaslive, we understand that the needs of iGaming operators vary greatly depending on their business goals, market approach, and technical expertise. That’s why we offer a range of flexible delivery solutions. All options are designed to meet specific requirements, providing key benefits in terms of quick market entry, starting from two days only, and the ability to adjust services to a specific brand or market demand.

Our Sportsbook API integration is perfect for tech-savvy operators who have their platforms but want to enhance them with our top-notch sportsbook features. This solution allows for high customization and rapid deployment, enabling operators to quickly adapt and scale their offerings. On the other hand, our White Label and Turnkey solutions are ideal for those looking to launch their operations quickly without the heavy lifting of developing the technology from scratch. These options offer the fastest route to market with a high degree of brand customization, allowing operators to maintain their unique brand identity while using our robust platform.

When Atlaslive offers its three solutions, we ensure care for all parties involved in this integration process, guaranteeing smooth implementation and an exceptional gaming experience for end-users. Quality and innovation are steadfast allies for Atlaslive, helping our partners to be satisfied and stay successful in the market.


One of Atlaslive’s core values is creating live connections between business ambitions and opportunities. How does the Atlaslive Platform facilitate these connections, and what impact does it have on the overall iGaming experience for operators and players?

Yes, at Atlaslive, we’re really focused on connecting business goals with opportunities. Our platform uses smart data analysis to give operators the insights they need to understand what players want. This means we can help them tune their offerings to fit player preferences, which makes the gaming experience much more personal and exciting for everyone.

We also make sure our system works smoothly with other tech tools out there, which keeps things running seamlessly for operators and enjoyable for players. Overall, our “creating live connections” approach helps provide a lively and engaging environment where businesses can grow and players are more engaged with the offerings they choose.


With your extensive experience in the iGaming industry, including leadership roles focused on product development, how do you ensure that Atlaslive remains at the forefront of innovation while meeting the evolving needs of the industry and its partners?

While working in the iGaming industry, I’ve learned that staying ahead isn’t just about catching the latest trends, it’s about creating them. At Atlaslive, we keep our finger on the pulse of technology and user expectations. My approach is direct: listen, innovate, and adapt. First, we listen. We’re in constant dialogue with our partners to understand their challenges and preferences. This feedback is very important — it drives our product development. At the same time, we conduct market research and trend analysis to stay informed about the latest in technology, player preferences, and regulatory changes. In such a way, we can anticipate shifts in the market and adapt our products accordingly.

Then, we innovate by infusing our platform with the latest technologies — whether it’s AI to enhance personalization or blockchain for security. Finally, we adapt quickly. The iGaming world moves fast, and flexibility is our superpower. We’re always ready to tweak our offerings to better serve our clients and stay relevant in the market.


Atlaslive recently underwent a rebranding process. Could you discuss the connection between this rebranding and the strategic vision of the company, particularly in terms of enhancing the iGaming experience and staying ahead in a competitive market?

The rebrand to Atlaslive is a future-proof of the company’s vision to stay dynamic in terms of technologies and boost the user experience at the same time while giving our partners even more freedom during different sports events and adjusting the necessary settings timely and effectively.

The recent rebranding of Atlaslive shows our direct ties to our vision and a fresh start in staying true to our core values. With this rebranding, we’re emphasizing our focus on being a tech-forward company that always prioritizes our partners. Atlaslive – the tech behind the game.


At the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit, you will be joining the discussion about the strategic integration of gamification to boost player retention and loyalty in the iGaming sector. In a nutshell, what is your perspective on the matter, and how does gamification align with Atlaslive’s vision?

Well, what is gamification? To keep it simple, it’s about making the journey from point A to point B fun for the user. That’s what gamification is all about, in a nutshell.

I prefer using both quantitative and qualitative data to understand our customers and build user experiences based on this knowledge.

One of my first experiences with gamification was one of the world’s largest producers of soft drinks campaign where each bottle cap had a letter. If you collected all the letters to spell ‘happiness,’ you could exchange them for various prizes. I remember the excitement I felt before opening each bottle. I bought many of them just to see what letter I’d get. That’s a perfect real-life example of gamification.

We create similar experiences for iGaming users at Atlaslive. For instance, they might open a mystery box without knowing what’s inside. We use gamification techniques that evoke excitement and fun, drawing on our understanding of what users enjoy.

To put it simply, we understand our end-users and strive to create products and services that bring smiles to their faces. We monitor the effectiveness of our gamification tools through direct customer feedback and analytical data. Some of our projects that employ these techniques have seen a significant 30% increase in engagement and conversion rates.

By focusing on personalized and interactive experiences, we create a dynamic and engaging environment that keeps players returning, ensuring long-term success for both our platform and our partners.

Thank you for this insightful interview, Lasha! We look forward to meeting you in Tallinn, and hearing your valuable insights on Mastering Gamification, Mobile Innovation, and Regulatory Compliance in the AI Era!

Join us in Tallinn to connect with Lasha and the Team of Atlaslive – the dynamic iGaming platform focusing on “THE TECH BEHIND THE GAME”

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Compliance Updates

The MGA Hosted GREF 2024 in Malta



Reading Time: 2 minutes


The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) hosted the Gaming Regulators European Forum’s (GREF) 2024 conference in Malta from May 20 to 22. This prestigious event united gaming regulators from over 25 countries, creating a dynamic platform to tackle pressing industry challenges and exchange invaluable insights.

This year was the first time regulators from other continents were present at the event, inviting a global outlook to the discussions held. Topics discussed ranged from the MGA’s ESG code, responsible gambling, digital and innovation, international perspectives on gambling regulation, anti money laundering and a geographical approach to gambling.

GREF chairperson Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin said she was honoured to open GREF’s 2024 Annual Conference. She underlined the growing maturity of GREF members in their gambling analyses and tools, the urgent need for cooperation between stakeholders, and GREF’s openness to international partnerships. She pointed out that: “European regulators cannot be isolated, apart from the other actors. Even if we have specific and unique responsibilities, we need to work with others to propose effective regulation”.

MGA CEO Charles Mizzi welcomed attendees to Malta for GREF’s 2024 Annual Conference, highlighting the importance of collaboration for effective regulation. He said: “The complexity of the industry demands collaborative efforts. With various stakeholders, including operators, technology providers, and government bodies – all playing critical roles – collaboration allows us to leverage the diverse expertise and perspectives to develop comprehensive and effective regulatory frameworks that address the complexities that are inherent to the industry.”

Additionally, Anna Grech, International Affairs & Policy Outreach Manager at the MGA, delved into the development of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Code as a means to acknowledge licensees’ commitment to sustainability, showcasing and building upon the positive initiatives already being undertaken by the gaming industry.

Rachel Bezzina, the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Manager at the MGA and co-chair of the GREF AML working group, also led a dialogue during the event. She delivered key updates on best practices for effective monitoring and supervision over ML/FT risks.

With over 90 participants representing regulatory bodies from various countries, the conference served as an excellent platform for networking and collaboration among international stakeholders, reinforcing the importance of a unified approach to gaming regulation.

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Conferences in Europe

Soft2Bet’s Team is heading to Malta for the SBC CasinoBeats Summit



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Soft2Bet, a leading casino and sportsbook platform provider, will be heading to Malta to attend the CasinoBeats Summit on 22-23 May, where it looks forward to meeting up with colleagues and partners.

The CasinoBeats Summit is a major conference that covers the latest iCasino developments in the online gambling industry. Bringing together leading operators, games studios and content aggregators at Malta’s Intercontinental Hotel, it is packed full with insightful panels, presentations and roundtables.

Soft2Bet recently celebrated the opening of a brand new office space at The Quad Central, one of Malta’s latest and most modern business complexes, and the summit is an ideal opportunity for CEO and founder Uri Poliavich and General Counsel David Yatom Hay to meet up with their Malta colleagues as they travel from the group’s headquarters in Cyprus.

Casino Beats 2024 speaking schedule

Uri and David will both be speaking at the event and will be joined by Malta-based, Chief Business Development Officer, Martin Collins.

– Keynote speaker: Uri Poliavich will be giving the keynote on 22 May at 12pm CET, where he will delve into the top performing product segments from a range of different industries, motivational engineering and how they could reshape the future of iGaming. – Panel discussions: Shortly after, at 2pm, Martin Collins will be discussing the impact of tech innovations on the iGaming industry and how they can be successfully transposed into online gambling, and on Thursday 23 May at 12pm David Yatom Hay will be taking part in the IMGL Masterclass panel, where he will discuss how iGaming businesses can best strategise to scale up, attract investment or establish exit options.

Commenting on the event, Martin Collins said: “The Casino Beats Summit is a fantastic opportunity to meet up and network with the leading iGaming firms in the industry. The conference content will be packed with invaluable insights and the expo space will feature some of the leading games studios and content aggregators. For Soft2Bet, it will also be a great time to welcome our Cyprus colleagues at our brand new Quad Central office space and celebrate the spirit of innovation that drives us and Malta’s iGaming industry forward.”

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