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Former iGaming Director Unveils Holistic Wellbeing Platform for the Gaming industry



Former iGaming Director Unveils Holistic Wellbeing Platform for the Gaming industry
Reading Time: 2 minutes


HabitRewire, an industry leader in health and wellbeing for the iGaming sector, announced the debut of its innovative iGaming wellbeing platform. The turnkey white-label wellbeing solution can be accessed at any time, anywhere via a user-friendly app, helping employees across the world improve their wellbeing 24/7, inside and outside the workplace.

Presented as a ready-to-use white-label solution that can be branded as the company’s own, it offers an holistic, wide-ranging, and result-driven wellbeing solution that can be instantly deployed.

The platform draws upon HabitRewire’s ‘Habit Rewiring’ methodology, which is backed by robust scientific evidence. This innovative method is engineered to stimulate sustainable behavioural change, helping employees use daily practices to build the skills and habits to improve their physical health, mental wellbeing, and workplace productivity.

“True health and wellness stretch beyond diet and exercise,” affirmed Leo Judkins, Founder of HabitRewire. “Our platform delivers personalised, comprehensive wellbeing interactions across nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, time management and productivity to help employees reach their goals efficiently and effectively, wherever they are.”

The uniqueness of HabitRewire’s platform lies in its CRM capabilities and unique focus on the iGaming industry, reflecting Judkins’ rich, 12-year experience as a CRM Director in the field. His extensive knowledge from developing marketing automation platforms and managing global marketing teams, combined with personal journey of losing 35kg has directly influenced the creation of the HabitRewire platform.

“We use behavioural data, customer segmentation, and automated lifecycle campaigns to create personalised interactions throughout the employees entire wellbeing journey. From the initial stages of activation, onboarding and engagement, right through to retention and reactivation phases.” Judkins noted.

HabitRewire’s platform incorporates an various features such as weekly challenges, daily check-ins, community chats for peer-to-peer encouragement, leaderboards, workouts, recipe books and lifestyle guides.

Designed with the modern workforce in mind, the platform provides employee with a personalised dashboard that includes training advice, nutrition tips, and recovery strategies. The app allows users to schedule coaching calls with a team of experts that includes certified nutritionists, online personal trainers, sleep coaches, stress management professionals, and behaviour change specialists. Additionally, users can track their progress in real-time and sync their data with wearables and services like Apple Health.

“Most wellbeing solutions aren’t accessible for the employees who need it the most. They simply don’t have the time or energy to participate, which a key part of the problem. Our objective is to help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals, no matter where they are in their journey or what’s going on in their life right now” stated Judkins.

HabitRewire’s innovative platform signifies the shift towards proactive and individual care in the workplace, delivering wellbeing solutions directly to employees’ fingertips, no matter if they work from home or from an office.

Companies using HabitRewire’s platform can expect enhanced performance, increased productivity, and a significantly improved working environment. All quantified in weekly management reports that show measurable results.



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IGSA Celebrates 25th Anniversary



Reading Time: < 1 minute


The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) is celebrating 25 years of its role in support of gaming industry standards.

IGSA president Peter DeRaedt said: “In addition to the many champions and pioneers of our technical standards, we’re also proud and honoured to have featured a keynote video by Trevor Croker, CEO of Aristocrat Leisure, a founding IGSA member, and this week to feature a keynote video address by Rich Schneider, chief product officer of Light & Wonder and another 25-year IGSA member.”

Mark Pace, vice-president of the IGSA, said: “It has been great to see the congratulations and well wishes come in from all over the world from our current and former members, friends and colleagues.

“These companies have joined in celebrating IGSA’s 25-year anniversary through video messages that we have posted on our social media channels and website.

“We invite all our current and past members to join us at our annual meeting celebration and get-together at Canaletto in the Palazzo on October 10 while you’re at G2E.”

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What are Some of the Best Games Developed by Australian game Developers?



Reading Time: 5 minutes


The Australian game development industry has been gaining traction in recent years, with many talented developers creating innovative and engaging games across a variety of genres. Australian game developers have made a significant impact on the gaming industry, with games such as “Hollow Knight,” “Unto the End,” and “Hand of Fate” gaining critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

This blog post will highlight some of the best games developed by Australian game developers and explore their unique features and gameplay mechanics. Additionally, we will discuss the relationship between Australian game development and the casino/gambling industry, highlighting successful collaborations between game developers and casinos/gambling sites.

The Australian game development industry has also been instrumental in shaping the future of gaming, with many developers pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of gameplay, graphics, and storytelling. As technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Australian game developers adapt to new trends and emerging technologies

Top Games Developed by Australian Developers

Australian game developers have created some truly outstanding games that have gained critical acclaim and a dedicated following. Here, we will provide an overview of the top games developed by Australian developers.

“Hollow Knight” – Developed by Team Cherry, “Hollow Knight” is a 2D action-adventure game that has garnered widespread praise for its atmospheric world-building, challenging gameplay, and intricate level design. The game’s stunning hand-drawn visuals and haunting soundtrack create an immersive experience that draws players into a dark and mysterious world.

“Unto the End” – Developed by 2 Ton Studios, “Unto the End” is a 2D side-scrolling action game that emphasizes realistic combat mechanics and player choice. The game’s striking visuals and moody soundtrack set the stage for a challenging and engaging experience that rewards careful observation and strategic thinking.

“Hand of Fate” – Developed by Defiant Development, “Hand of Fate” is a unique blend of action RPG and card game mechanics. Players navigate a series of randomly generated dungeons, battling enemies and collecting loot, while card-based mechanics determine the flow of the game. The game’s atmospheric visuals and immersive sound design make for a compelling and memorable experience.

“The Gardens Between” – Developed by The Voxel Agents, “The Gardens Between” is a puzzle game that centers around time manipulation mechanics. Players navigate a series of surreal, dreamlike environments, manipulating time to solve puzzles and progress through the game. The game’s stunning visuals and evocative music create a mesmerizing experience that is both relaxing and thought-provoking.

“Crossy Road” – Developed by Hipster Whale, “Crossy Road” is a mobile game that has gained widespread popularity for its addictive gameplay and charming visuals. Players navigate a series of obstacles, attempting to cross a busy road without getting hit by cars. The game’s bright and colorful graphics and catchy soundtrack make for a fun and engaging experience.

Australian Game Developers and the Casino Industry

The Australian game development industry has played a significant role in the casino and gambling industry. Australian game developers have created a wide range of games that are popular among casino players, including slot machines, table games, and online casino games.

One of the reasons Australian game developers have become popular in the casino industry is their expertise in creating visually appealing and immersive games. These games are designed to engage players and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, many Australian game developers have a background in creating video games, which has allowed them to bring a unique perspective to casino game design.

Another factor that has contributed to the success of Australian game developers in the casino industry is their focus on innovation. Many Australian game developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of game design and technology. This has led to the creation of new and exciting games that offer players a fresh and engaging experience.

The success of Australian game developers in the casino industry has not gone unnoticed. Many of the world’s largest casino and gambling companies have partnered with Australian game developers and some of the best bitcoin gambling sites are now offering these games to their users. These partnerships have also resulted in creation of some of the most popular games in the casino industry, such as “Lightning Link” and “Dragon Link” by Aristocrat, and “Big Red” and “Queen of the Nile” by Ainsworth.

Australian Game Developers and the Future of Gaming.

Furthermore, Australian game developers have been instrumental in the growth of online gambling. Many online gambling sites now offer a wide range of games developed by Australian game developers, including online slots, table games, and video poker. The availability of these games has helped to attract a new generation of online gamblers who are looking for exciting and engaging games.

The Australian game development industry has been at the forefront of innovation, with many developers pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of gameplay, graphics, and storytelling. As technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Australian game developers adapt to new trends and emerging technologies.

One of the most significant trends in gaming is the growth of mobile gaming. As more and more people use their mobile devices to play games, Australian game developers have been quick to capitalize on this trend by developing games specifically for mobile platforms. Many Australian game developers have created mobile versions of their popular games, which has helped to broaden their reach and attract new players.

Another emerging trend in gaming is the rise of virtual and augmented reality. While still in its early stages, virtual and augmented reality has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Australian game developers are at the forefront of this trend, with many already developing games that take advantage of this technology. The use of virtual and augmented reality in gaming could potentially create an entirely new gaming experience, where players are fully immersed in the game world.


In conclusion, the Australian game development industry has made a significant impact on the gaming industry, creating some of the most popular and innovative games in recent years. Their focus on immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and innovative mechanics has helped to shape the future of gaming.

Moreover, the Australian game development industry has been instrumental in the growth of the casino and gambling industry, with many of their games becoming some of the most popular in the industry. Their expertise in creating visually appealing and engaging games has helped to attract new players to the industry.

Looking to the future, Australian game developers are well-positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. With their track record of innovation and creativity, we can expect to see Australian game developers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming, creating new and exciting experiences for players around the world.

In addition, as the gaming industry continues to grow, we can expect to see a greater focus on inclusivity and diversity. Australian game developers have already demonstrated a commitment to creating games that feature diverse characters and storylines, and this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Overall, the Australian game development industry has proven to be a significant contributor to the gaming industry, and it is important to recognize their achievements and contributions. As the industry continues to evolve and grow, we can expect to see Australian game developers play an even greater role in shaping its future.

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Curacao’s Gambling Overhaul: Adjusting the Scheduling for Reform



Reading Time: 4 minutes


Acquiring an online casino license is a challenging task, and there are a lot of protocols and requirements to clear before a gambling license can be issued. In the online casino industry, it is considered that the most accessible jurisdiction and regulator to obtain a license from is Curacao. Due to the low entry barriers, such as low license fees and moderate monitoring of operators, many prospective online casinos’ go-to licensing regulator is Curacao. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Curacao faced various financial struggles, which resulted in the regulator receiving aid from the Dutch Government. Due to the involvement of the Dutch government, Curacao was encouraged to overhaul their gambling licensing requirements and a reform was drafted. Below we provide an overview of the current Curacao gambling regulations and the proposed reform.

Current System in Curacao

Compared to industry standards, the current gambling legislation in Curacao is outdated. Currently, more than 400 online casinos have a Curacao iGaming license, and these casinos have paid a low licensing fee and are not monitored regularly. With the current system, four businesses have ‘master licenses,’ which in simple terms, mean they have the discretion to award iGaming licenses to betting operators on behalf of the government. When you consider all factors of the current system, it is easy to notice that the liberal nature of the current regime has many red flags. The call for a change of the regime was finally answered when the government of Curacao and the Curacao Gaming Control Board decided to follow the advice of the Dutch government and create a new gambling board and introduce updated legislation.

Proposed Reforms

The proposed reforms and changes planned for the online gambling regulation in Curacao are focused on key features which include implementing money laundering measures and licensee employment requirements. The changes drafted by the Curacao government are listed below:

  • Establish a new gambling regulator (Curacao Gaming Authority) to oversee licensing and gaming operations
  • Issuing of B2C licenses and B2B licenses for operators
  • Updated licensing fees for operators; starting at €400 per application, €12000 per annum once approved, and €250 monthly for URL
  • A minimum of three employees from the prospective operator to be hired into key positions in the company and be located on the island of Curacao
  • Enhanced monitoring of operators and anti-money laundering controls

Dutch Government Updates and Quarterly Progress Reports

As per the terms of the proposed agreement between the Dutch government and the Curacao government, quarterly updates were to be released on the progress of the reforms and the timeline for the updated legislative framework. The 2022 Quarter 4 update mentioned that the new bill would be detailed and explained to parliament in February 2023.

Stakeholder Input and Adjusted Schedule

February 2023 was considered a tentative date, as the deadline could be postponed due to ongoing engagement with relevant stakeholders. Earlier this year, the 2023 Quarter 1 update was published, and it emerged that the proposed February 2023 deadline was extended to later this year. No specifics were mentioned as to why the deadline was extended, although the government made mention of the Temporary Work Organization. The Temporary Work Organization, a body of the Dutch government which deals with the prospective reforms of the new bill, stated ‘’is still awaiting an adjusted schedule from the Curacao Ministry of Finance.’’

Official Consultations and Progress

We are still unsure about the latest information on the new bill and the consultations between the relevant stakeholders. The only available information was at the backend of 2022, which mentioned that consultations are ongoing between all parties and that a decision should be reached soon. It stated, ‘’in accordance with an agreement between the minister of finance of Curacao and the minister of legal protection of the Netherlands, official consultations will take place in January about the progress of the [gaming bill].’’

Potential Implications and Future Outlook

Due to the ongoing consultations regarding the new gaming bill, the implications of the bill are expected to be a game changer for all stakeholders in Curacao, including existing license holders. Current license holders will be expected to reapply for an iGaming license within 18 months (about 1 and a half years) of the new bill being passed, should they want to stay in the industry and continue working with Curacao.

When a new gaming bill is passed and the new legislation implemented, the future of online gambling in Curacao will evolve, and the standard will be similar to other regulators in the industry. The expected benefits of the new bill will provide players with more security and allow Curacao Gaming Authority to closely monitor betting operators. The threat of money laundering and other fraudulent activities in the industry will also be controlled and managed. All in all, stakeholders from within Curacao and those watching from afar are patiently waiting for the new and improved Curacao gaming regulator to enter the iGaming industry.

Comparison with New Zealand Gambling Regulations

New Zealand players should keep a close eye on the developments in Curacao, as most of the online casinos available to New Zealand players are licensed by the Curacao regulator. The gambling regulations in New Zealand prohibit local companies from operating online casinos within the country. Therefore, options available to New Zealand players include opening casino accounts and playing games at offshore casinos. There are some similarities between the reforms in Curacao and the gambling landscape in New Zealand, with the important one focusing on player safety and controlling the possibility of fraudulent activity by betting operators. The notable difference is the legality of local companies opening online casinos, which is legal in Curacao but prohibited in New Zealand.

It is pleasing to note the developments and the ongoing process of the gambling overhaul in Curacao. For too long, online casinos have tried to bypass strict regulators and instead try and obtain an iGaming license from the adequately regulated Curacao regulator. The prospective gambling bill and the new legislative framework will change the way you can play at online casinos in New Zealand. They will allow better monitoring of operators and end fraudulent activities. The new gaming bill also has implications for New Zealand players based on the current gambling laws in New Zealand. Due to the prohibition of locally owned online casinos, New Zealand players will most likely use online casinos that Curacao licenses. Thankfully, with the updated Curacao gambling bill, all New Zealand players will be protected when playing at these online casinos.

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