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Top 5 Best Sports Bars Near Me IOS App



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If you like to spend time in sports bars watching the games of your favorite teams with friends and family or even betting on sporting events, you have repeatedly looked for the best sports bars near you. To make it easier for you to choose the right one, there are many iOS applications that you can find in the App Store. For fans of gambling or sports betting, there are also plenty of the best online casino options available directly on mobile phones. There are many criteria for choosing the best application for finding a sports bar near you, for example, ratings and user reviews. In addition, here are the top 5 best applications for iOS with their features, advantages, and other information so that you can choose exactly what suits your preferences and needs.

How to Choose the Best iOS App to Find a Sports Bar Near You?

Among the many iOS applications for finding a sports bar near you in the App Store, it is important to find the most relevant and highly rated applications that will meet your needs and preferences. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic criteria and consider tips for finding the best sports bar apps on iOS:

  • App Store Ratings and Reviews. First of all, pay attention to apps for finding sports bars with high ratings and positive user reviews in the App Store. This is a good indicator of app quality and user satisfaction. The top best applications correspond to general user preferences, but by reading reviews of others, you can determine the most suitable one specifically for yourself.
  • Location-Based Features. To find the nearest sports bars near you, look for an app with location-based functionality and the ability to view their menu, sign up for games, and even order food and drinks.
  • Personalization. Look for apps that let you personalize your hobbies when searching for sports bars near you. For example, set your favorite teams, receive personalized alerts, and follow specific sports and leagues. This personalization feature will help you find sports bars that suit your personal interests.
  • Social Features. Many sports bar finder apps have social features that allow you to connect with other sports fans, join discussions, and share your thoughts about games and events. Choose apps with like-minded people to quickly find the right sports bar, or even make appointments to watch sports events and relax.
  • User-Friendly Interface. Choose apps with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to navigate and access the information you need.
  • Compatibility. Ensure that the app is compatible with your iOS device and the iOS version you are using.

So, to find the most current and top-rated sports bar finder apps for iOS, it’s worth visiting the App Store and reading user reviews and ratings to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences. You can also check online forums, sports websites, and social media for recommendations from other sports fans. Luckily, you don’t have to choose from hundreds and thousands of apps to find a sports bar near you, as here are the top 5 best apps with all their features and benefits. All you have to do is follow the advice and criteria to choose the one that suits you personally.

Top 5 Best iOS Apps to Find a Sports Bar Near You

The App Store has many iOS apps for finding sports bars near you, with different ratings and features. A list of the top 5 best sports bars near you apps for iOS has been developed especially for you so that you can compare only the best options and choose the most effective one for you.

Application Name App Store Rating App Store Reviews Location-Based Features Personalization Social Features User-Friendly Interface Compatibility
1. Sports Bar Finder 2.4 Both positive and negative reviews Presence of GPS function Possibility to create favorites with information about interests Possibility to view user comments Understandable Compatible with iOS
2. Sports Bars 5.0 Only positive reviews Opportunity to find a sports bar in your area Fast and comprehensive search system for your interests Possibility to view user comments Simple and convenient Compatible with iOS
3. We Love Sport – Live Pub Sport 2.8 Both positive and negative reviews Opportunity to find a sports bar in your area Manual search for bars near you Possibility to view user comments Understandable Compatible with iOS
4. The Best Bars 4.5 Only positive reviews Opportunity to find a sports bar in your area Presence of panels for viewing favorite teams The ability to invite friends to watch games together Simple and convenient Compatible with iOS
5. FANZO (formerly MatchPint) 4.2 Only positive reviews Opportunity to find a sports bar in your area Manual search for bars near you Opportunity to get fan tips and match predictions Understandable Compatible with iOS

To choose one of the 5 best iOS apps to find a sports bar near you, take a detailed look at all the features, benefits, and other aspects.

1. Sports Bar Finder

Created for sports fans, Sports Bar Finder helps users find places to watch games in the United States. Whether you want to enjoy the company of like-minded people or find a place to watch the game, the Sports Bar Finder app can help you find a nearby place to watch your game, all in the palm of your hand. To use this application, you must be 21 years of age or older. By downloading, you represent that you are of legal age in the United States.

Instead of searching for “Sports Bars Near Me,” download the Sports Bar Finder app from the App Store. Once inside, you can search your area and select your favorite bars, teams, and leagues. Also, view sports schedules right from your phone so you never miss a big game. Here are the main advantages of this application:

  • GPS feature to show sports bars near you;
  • Filtering results to find locations that have access to the desired game, team, or sport;
  • Creating “Favorites” so that the location and information about your preferred sports bars match your preferences;
  • Finding and exploring the full schedule of sporting events at bars near you;
  • Viewing statistics, match results, and game progress;
  • Providing photos, star ratings, opening hours, and customer comments.

2. Sports Bars

One of the best Sports Bars apps will help you find the right sports bar for you in the USA. This application is a truly unique and powerful tool that allows you to find cool bars where you can enjoy the game and just have fun for a change. This app provides accurate and complete information about sports bars across the country, including if you need to find one near you.

To take advantage of the features and benefits of the Sports Bars app, download it from the App Store. After that, select your state and city, and you can see a list of all the sports bars you can visit. If you want that one bar in a given city, then you can check the “Oh That Bar” tab to identify the bar and see where it’s located. Here are the main advantages this application has:

  • High ratings and positive reviews;
  • Accurate geolocation technology to pinpoint your current location;
  • Integrates with Apple Maps service for easy navigation to the selected sports bar;
  • The ability to see all the information about the sports bar, such as phone number, location, and other relevant data;
  • Fast and comprehensive search system;
  • Provides additional information about the sports bar, such as contact details, operating hours, menus, and special promotions;
  • Oh That Bar showcases great bars;
  • List of 300+ NFL Fan Clubs;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for seamlessly searching for the best sports bars near you.

3. We Love Sport — Live Pub Sport

The exclusive We Love Sport — Live Pub Sport app has many features and bonuses for its users. It’s the perfect way to find sports bars right in your area. The app developers are collaborating with major sports brands to give away prizes to We Love Sport fans. For example, free VIP access to events, game tickets, free drinks, and much more.

To start using the unique We Love Sport — Live Pub Sport application, download it from the App Store. Register here to start searching and booking nearby sports bars and to redeem regular drink vouchers. Enter competitions and play games for a chance to win amazing prizes. Thus, here are the main advantages of this application:

  • A library of 900 sports bars in England, Scotland, and Wales;
  • Extensive database of sports bars in your area;
  • The opportunity to win incredible prizes and exclusive offers on food and drink in bars;
  • The ability to book a table to watch sports broadcasts in the best sports bars in the UK;
  • Exclusive blogs of sports journalists.

4. The Best Bars

The Best Bars is another one of the best apps on the App Store for finding sports bars near you. It uses fan ratings and bar information to help you find the best place to watch your favorite team play. With this application, you can find the bar with the most user preferences and people. To do this, use the review of ratings and user reviews on the App Store, as well as the extensive search within the application.

This app bases its recommendations on reviews from other users, using algorithms that combine various data points to find a sports bar that suits your tastes. When making these types of decisions, it can be helpful to get the opinions of other people, especially those who live in the city or area you’re looking for. Thus, here are the main advantages that you will get using The Best Bars application:

  • The ability to find the best bars to watch your favorite sporting events;
  • A quick search for sports bars near you;
  • Determining which bars have the most people with similar interests to yours;
  • The ability to track and invite friends to watch games together;
  • There are panels for viewing your favorite sports teams;
  • The possibility to view the schedule of upcoming games at nearby sports bars;
  • The opportunity to receive alerts from your favorite bars about special food and drink offers.

5. FANZO (formerly MatchPint)

The FANZO (formerly MatchPint) app is the best bar search tool and TV guide for sports fans. It’s designed to help you turn incredible sporting moments into amazing memories by enabling you to find the best bars near you and watch sports with friends quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

The FANZO (formerly MatchPint) app is ideal if you need to find a bar 5 minutes before the match starts. Here, you can quickly and efficiently find not only the best bars but also those closest to you, so that you can be in time for the start of any sporting event. In addition, you can team up with friends or like-minded people to have fun together. So, here are the main advantages of this application:

  • The ability to find bars that show your game wherever you are;
  • The chance to win free pints and match tickets in fortune-telling games and sports quizzes;
  • The presence of a sports TV guide and calendar integration;
  • Filters for sports events, distance, ratings, and specific amenities;
  • The ability to view user comments and reviews;
  • The opportunity to find like-minded people to watch games together;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search for sports bars, view their details, and get directions.

By reviewing the top 5 best iOS apps for finding sports bars near you, taking into account all the criteria and factors, and trying out several different apps for finding sports bars, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. Choose an app that is regularly updated and supported by the developer as this will ensure that it will continue to work well in the future.


Making a Bang in Bulgaria! Hacksaw Gaming goes live with Alphawin



Making a Bang in Bulgaria! Hacksaw Gaming goes live with Alphawin
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Hacksaw Gaming and the swiftly up and coming Alphawin solidify their new partnership with the launch of 12 of Hacksaw’s top picks on their site.

As of the 10th of April, Alphawin’s players will be able to enjoy the likes of Chaos Crew, Wanted Dead or a Wild, RIP City and many others. Set to be a hit amongst Alphawin users in Bulgaria, we are anticipating the launch of even more of our fan favourite games in the near future. In a market that has been dominated by local well-known brands for a while, we look forward to seeing how Hacksaw games make waves with Alphawin’s players.

Founded in 2007, Alphabet Gaming now has a sizable network of over 10 land-based casinos and has easily been named one of the region’s industry leaders with its growth. Moving and adapting with the evolution of online gaming, they established Alphawin in 2021. They currently boast one of the largest online casino portfolios in the region, featuring 27 slots and 6 live casino providers. With hopes to add more before the close of 2024, the future is looking like a bright one for Alphawin.

“We are very excited to start our partnership with Hacksaw Gaming.” Alphawin’s spokesperson stated that “the company offers an innovative and unique take on the concept of casino gaming and is an excellent fit for us!”

Set for star positioning, Hacksaw Gaming’s games will see the spotlight in the initial launch with banners, targeted ads and top lobby positions. CEO Marcus Cordes shares Alphawin’s positive outlook on the partnership – “Another strong collaboration under our belts! We’re absolutely sure that the avid Alphawin players will enjoy our artistic visuals and enticing bonus features of our most loved games. With of course plans to expand the Hacksaw portfolio in the future”

As both parties broaden their horizons and look onwards, what do we foresee? Well, we see Hacksaw Gaming and Alphawin, a truly prime pairing.

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Compliance Updates

IOC and UEFA host joint betting integrity workshop



© IOC/Greg Martin
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Sports betting entities and international federations joined UEFA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 11 April for a full-day workshop focused on how sport and the sports betting industry can work together to fight match-fixing. Co-organised by the IOC and UEFA, and held at Olympic House in Lausanne, the workshop explored opportunities for cross-sector collaboration with a focus on integrity exchange in support of the upcoming Olympic Games Paris 2024 and the UEFA Euro 2024.

The workshop kicked off with presentations by the Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions (OM Unit PMC) and UEFA’s Anti-Match-Fixing Unit, exploring each team’s strategy for combatting match-fixing, engaging with the sports betting industry, and detecting and investigating potentially fraudulent betting activity.

UEFA promotes integrity through dedicated education, prevention, and awareness raising programmes and by detecting, investigating, and sanctioning match-fixing. Collaboration with stakeholders within football, particularly the network of integrity officers who work for UEFA’s 55 member associations, as well as the wider sports community is vital to this work.

UEFA upholds the integrity of all UEFA competitions via tailored, competition-specific integrity measures. Building on the integrity success of previous UEFA competitions, UEFA’s approach for EURO 2024 will feature close collaboration with host and participating nation stakeholders, public authorities, and sports betting entities as well as real-time betting market monitoring. Our secure UEFA integrity website will allow players, referees, officials, and members of the public to report suspected cases of match-fixing confidentially and anonymously. During the workshop, UEFA shared its competition risk assessment and mitigation strategy and explained the escalation, triage, and assessment approach for any potential integrity concerns.

“Sport alone cannot eradicate match-fixing. We must work together – raising awareness, sharing information, ensuring robust prevention and detection systems are in place – to protect sport and athletes. During the UEFA EURO 2024, our Germany-based staff (supported by the entire Anti-Match-Fixing Unit based in Nyon) will work hand-in-hand with betting integrity entities, betting operators and regulators, public authorities, and the national associations.” Vincent Ven, Head of Anti-Match-Fixing at UEFA

“The main objective is to ensure robust 24/7 monitoring of the competition in compliment to our dedicated prevention and education programme for all participating athletes and officials. UEFA’s multi-stakeholder Anti-Match-Fixing Assessment Group will manage pre and in-competition monitoring, ensuring that UEFA can immediately review and address any potential integrity threats to the tournament.”, Ven added.

“Collaboration is essential. During the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, we will work together with a series of betting operators, associations and major betting regulatory authorities to exchange relevant information about irregular betting patterns or suspicious betting activities detected that might imply competition manipulation.” Friedrich Martens, Head of the OM Unit PMC

Panel discussions with several sport governing bodies and betting integrity entities provided insight into best practices, trends, and success stories from each sector’s perspective, whilst two betting operators took the floor to share examples of recent fruitful cooperation with UEFA and the IOC on prevention and investigations.

The afternoon featured frank discussion regarding how to enhance cooperation between sport and sports betting entities, recent trends in sports betting and their potential impact on sport integrity, and how to improve information sharing in support of match-fixing detection and investigation.

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Sortium Revolutionizing Video Game Development with Groundbreaking AI Tools Launch and $4 Million+ Funding Round



Reading Time: 2 minutes

In a significant leap forward for the gaming and entertainment sectors, Sortium, a leader in the wave of generative AI within gaming, has launched innovative AI tools for artists and game developers, marking a new era of creativity and efficiency. These tools, leveraging the Polkadot infrastructure, are set to transform the gaming industry by enhancing the creative process, streamlining production workflows, and producing high-quality user-generated content.

This transformative step is supported by a successful funding round Sortium just closed, surpassing $4 million. The round was led by industry stalwarts such as Signum Growth, with significant contributions from a diverse array of investors, including Cathie Wood’s ARK Investment Management LLC, IDG Blockchain, IVC Fund, Polygon, and 1881 S Group AG. This wide-ranging support underscores the industry’s confidence in Sortium’s potential to revolutionize 3D video game design and entertainment production.

Sortium’s AI tools integrate seamlessly into existing game production ecosystems, automating challenging content creation tasks. This innovation enables studios to significantly speed up production times and reduce costs, allowing them to focus more on innovation and design while empowering users across any system to design their own characters, thereby opening new creative freedoms and revenue streams for developers and individual creators alike. Sortium’s team, with deep expertise in game development, AI, and IP rights management, ensures the smooth adoption of this technology.

According to Angela Dalton, CEO & Founder of Signum Growth, “The Sortium team’s technical capabilities are impressive. Perhaps even more importantly, they possess deep expertise, relationships and understanding across the traditional gaming industry. Generative AI is in its broader market experimentation phase, leading many to ignore IP rights in the spirit of progress and innovation. Sortium’s believes that IP rights will ultimately matter – baking them into the technology at the outset, and respecting artists’ work, are core tenets of the company that we fully support.”

Building on this foundation of technical excellence and ethical commitment, Sortium’s innovations also translate into tangible benefits for the gaming community.

“Sortium is leading the frontier of AI in gaming and creative applications. Sortium gives creatives unparalleled freedom in leading gaming environments like Unreal,” said Lex Avellino, Founder & CCO at Passage, one of Sortium’s partners. “The team is breaking technical barriers, and it adds a huge value for our consumer audiences who want to take advantage of the latest virtual tech but need to act with speed and simplicity.”

Sortium is actively forming partnerships with major intellectual properties and leading gaming platforms. A recent major collaboration with Bit Brawl, a game utilizing Sortium technology to deliver live content to over 5,000 users, showcases the versatile application of Sortium’s tools across various gaming environments. Its technology’s wide compatibility with leading development platforms ensures extensive adoption potential and effortless integration into professional industry practices. Sortium’s enterprise solutions, such as the LiveOps API, aim to enhance gaming experiences and enable continuous creativity through endless, tailored content generation.

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