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Exploring the Global Appeal of Live Horse Racing Events



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The thundering of hooves on turf. Jockeys urging their horses down the final furlong. Fans are on their feet, screaming as the horses cross the finish line. This dramatic sporting spectacle captivates audiences around the world every year. But what exactly gives live horse racing such widespread and enduring global appeal?

A sport embedded in cultural tradition

For centuries, horse racing has held an eminent place in cultures across Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the Americas. The sport’s rich history and prestige sustain strong cultural traditions and social scenes that transcend the races themselves.

Consider England’s high society gathering for the Epsom Derby each year—a celebration of English heritage that had its first run in 1780, dating the event to more than 200 years. Or the Melbourne Cup, dubbed ‘the race that stops a nation,’ which generates a vibrant carnival atmosphere and has inspired a public holiday for all of Australia since 1861.

These fixtures in the global racing calendar demonstrate how horse racing is deeply ingrained in cultural traditions across several regions worldwide. For locals and travellers alike, you must not miss major race days like the Golden Slipper in Australia to participate in an authentic traditional experience. If you want to learn more about this major horse racing event, you can check out

The grandeur of the day’s pageantry

Beyond just the race itself, much of the global enchantment with horse racing lies in the sheer spectacle and pageantry of a day at the races.

Many of the world’s most prestigious tracks have magnificent historical architecture. The grassy or dirt track ovals showcase scenes of equine athleticism with thundering hooves kicking up dramatic clods of sod. One can feel the power of the horses and the bravery of the jockeys as they lean into turns, with the landscape and crowd blurring by.

Fans dress to impress, donning creative hats, suits and dresses. Between races, guests can promenade through the grandstands and track infields—seeing and being seen. The atmosphere buzzes with an electrifying mix of nerves, camaraderie and thrill.

Of course, to prepare for these events, fans are always on the lookout for horse racing schedules within their areas. For example, if you’re from Australia and want to know the closest horse racing event, resources like can guide you.

A compelling live drama where anything can happen

At its heart, the widespread enchantment with horse racing likely comes from the gripping live sporting drama. The sheer athletic capacities of the horses and their graceful power create an element of awe. One never quite knows what will happen when the starting gates fly open.

Consider a horse like Alydar coming from way back in the pack to challenge Affirmed down the home stretch in their famous 1978 Belmont Stakes duel. Or Hard Ridden winning the 1958 Epsom Derby by only a neck after being blocked by horses in front. These moments form an edge-of-your-seat excitement you have to witness live.

And unlike sports confined to arenas and stadiums, races unfold on expansive, scenic landscapes with horses, jockeys and spectators all out and exposed to the elements together. This open-air competition on living grass or dirt adds to a feeling of unpredictable thrill.

At any moment, a race can shift from orderly to chaotic. A stumble out of the gate, a careening collision mid-race, an unexpected late charge along the rail—the drama merely builds the closer they get to the wire. And things are often decided by only the slimmest of margins in photo finishes.

For fans, the live tension is palpable and irresistible. Underdogs can still capture our hearts, and the favourites still make us hold our breath until the bitter end.

Race horses sprinting on the race track

An excuse for excitement, gambling and socialising

Horse racing has always had a close association with betting, wagering and the party atmosphere that it encourages. And it’s the gambling connections that help propel major events into the global spotlight.

From Hong Kong to Dubai to Royal Ascot to the Breeder’s Cup and beyond, horse racing provides an excuse to legally bet substantial sums and financially back opinions in friendly competition. Whether with bookies or online apps, on-course and remote wagering drives broader viewership of races.

The 2023 Kentucky Derby saw a record USD$188.7 million (EUR€174) gambled on race day, beating the past year’s USD$179 million (EUR€165). And the Melbourne Cup has grown into ‘the race that stops a nation’ in part thanks to a vibrant gambling culture in Australia. For a cultural phenomenon like today’s Super Bowl party in the US, substitute a Kentucky Derby watcher party focused on lively betting pools, hat contests and mint juleps.

Major days at the races also double as highly desirable social events on the calendar. Sponsors invest heavily to entertain VIP guests in trackside hospitality tents overflowing with premium food and drink. It’s the place to see and be seen—to network, show off new outfits and simply have a thrilling day out.

Across many cultures worldwide, horse racing provides the stage for excitement, gambling and socialising that crosses generations and socioeconomic levels.

A truly international sport

Horse racing’s international flavour also powers global appeal. Unlike many major sports focused on within single countries and leagues, horse racing has an extraordinarily international field at the highest levels.

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in France routinely attracts horses from a dozen countries or more. The Dubai World Cup often features horses and jockeys from America, Europe, Australia and Japan, showcasing racing excellence from across the globe.

This international participation allows more viewers worldwide to cheer for competitors and horses from their home country under a singular, globally respected banner of achievement. Local news coverage and race histories then amplify interest everywhere, from South America to the Middle East to outlets across Asia chasing the next international breakout star.

Economic engines for host locations

Finally, one can’t overlook the significant positive economic impacts of marquee horse racing events that enable them to court global interest year after year. Host sites and cities benefit tremendously in local tourism, hospitality, sponsorship, marketing and jobs.

The Breeders Cup World Championships have rotated between major US cities and tracks, generating roughly USD$65 million in economic activity, with each running as fans travel and help fill local hotels and restaurants. The season-long Triple Crown similarly ignites economic energy in its iconic host cities.

Internationally, the Dubai World Cup grew quickly into the world’s richest day in horse racing, with USD$12 million in purses in 2017. Beyond race purses and betting handles, Dubai races help anchor the Gulf city as a global sporting and tourism destination.

With tens of thousands of visitors, hundreds of millions in betting handles and lucrative broadcasting rights, major race days form economic tent poles for surrounding communities. Their success retains a globetrotting stable of horses, fans, sponsors, media and guests that mirror horse racing’s worldwide growth.

In closing

For all these reasons and more, live horse racing events continue to capture imaginations across cultures and continents, even amidst modern sporting competition.

The blend of prestige, pageantry, unpredictable drama and connections to wagering and high society gives horse racing unparalleled colour and flair. As generations pass along cultural traditions, ever-more-accessible global broadcasting spotlights the sport’s flagship international events to feed enduring cross-generational fandom worldwide.

So as long as beautiful horses and courageous jockeys line up to test each other’s speed and heart for our thrill, live horse racing will surely continue captivating its worldwide audience. The roots run too deep, and the dramatic allure remains too enticing to ignore.


Everything you need to know ahead of ESL Pro League Season 19



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The ESL Pro League (EPL) returns to St. Julian’s, Malta, for Season 19 on April 23 – May 12, 2024. The world’s biggest Counter-Strike league will see teams from around the world arrive on-site for three weeks of non-stop action, and only one team will emerge victorious as Champions.

Here is all you need to know about ESL Pro League Season 19

The 19th Season of the ESL Pro League will see the 32 best Counter-Strike teams compete for a total prize pool of $750,000, a win in the race to secure Intel® Grand Slam V, and a spot at IEM Cologne 2024. Commencing on April 23, contenders from around the globe will face off in Malta for a spot in the Playoffs. There, the six best teams will compete live in front of an intimate live audience at the InterContinental Malta on May 10 – 12, 2024.

Starting with the upcoming season, EPL will see some improvements to its schedule. While the number of teams and the tournament structure remain the same compared to recent seasons, the duration of the tournament has been adjusted to three weeks instead of five. To accommodate this change, two groups will be played simultaneously during the Group Stage, resulting in a more intense story for fans to follow.

Schedule and Format

Group Stage (April 23 – May 5):

  • Four groups of eight teams will compete in separate triple-elimination brackets
    • All matches are best-of-three
  • The top four teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs
    • Group Stage winners advance to the Quarterfinals
    • The Group Stage runner-ups advance to the Round of 12
    • The Group Stage third and fourth-place teams advance to the Round of 16

Playoffs (May 7 – 12):

  • The top sixteen teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket
    • All matches will be best-of-three, excluding the Grand Final which will be best-of-five
    • The third and fourth Quarterfinals, as well as both Semifinals and the Grand Final will be played out live on stage in front of an audience

Teams Attending

  • Astralis (Partner Team)
  • BIG (Partner Team)
  • Complexity (Partner Team)
  • ENCE (Partner Team)
  • FaZe Clan (Partner Team)
  • Fnatic (Partner Team)
  • FURIA (Partner Team)
  • G2 Esports (Partner Team)
  • HEROIC (Partner Team)
  • MOUZ (Partner Team)
  • Natus Vincere (Partner Team)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Partner Team)
  • Team Liquid (Partner Team)
  • Team Vitality (Partner Team)
  • Monte (ESL Challenger Jönköping winner)
  • (ESL Challenger Atlanta winner)
  • SAW (ESL World Ranking)
  • Team Falcons (ESL World Ranking)
  • GamerLegion (ESL World Ranking)
  • BetBoom Team (ESL World Ranking)
  • Eternal Fire (ESL World Ranking)
  • 3DMAX (ECL S46 Europe winner)
  • FORZE (ECL S46 Europe runner-up)
  • M80 (ECL S46 North America winner)
  • BOSS (ECL S46 North America runner-up)
  • The MongolZ (ECL S46 Asia-Pacific winner)
  • TYLOO (ECL S46 Asia-Pacific runner-up)
  • Imperial Esports (South American Qualifier winners)
  • Sharks Esports (South American Qualifier winners)
  • Pera Esports (European Conference winner)
  • Bad News Kangaroos (Oceanic Qualifier winner)
  • FlyQuest (ANZ Champs winner)

Prize Money (USD)

TOTAL $750,000
1st $170,000
2nd $80,000
3rd-4th $45,000
5th-8th $32,000
9th-12th $23,500
13th-16th $17,500
17th-20th $12,000
21st-28th $7,000
29th-32nd $3,500

Broadcast Talent

  • Hosts
    • “Tres “stunna” Saranthus
    • Freya “Freya” Spiers
  • A Stream
    • Jason “moses” O’Toole
    • Janko “YNk” Paunović
    • Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez
    • Harry “Harry” Russell
    • Hugo “Hugo” Byron
    • Henry “Henry” Greer
    • Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill
    • Alex “Machine” Richardson
  • B Stream
    • Neo “Ne0kai” Caine
    • Harvey “Skriv” Rodgers
    • Lucy “LucyLuce” Eastwood
    • Brandon “BDog” Rawlings
    • Travis “Trav” Landaw Mott

Where to Watch

The live broadcast will be available on FACEIT Watch, ESL FACEIT Group’s premier esports viewing platform created by esports fans for esports fans and open for all.

Featuring a unique multi-perspective view selector where users can watch their favorite player’s perspective directly next to the main event stream, a live chat, a kill cam, live-generated replays of key moments, a sound mixer, a rewards program, and more, FACEIT Watch revolutionises esports streaming by putting fans in control of their viewing experience.

Fans can also watch the action on the ESL Counter-Strike Twitch and YouTube channels. For those unable to tune in live, all matches will also be available to watch on-demand for free via YouTube.

For more information about ESL Pro League Season 19, and the latest updates on the event, please visit the official website, and follow ESL Counter-Strike on X, Facebook, and Instagram.



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New Market Alert! Hacksaw Gaming Touch Down in Portugal with



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Another incredible new market launch for Hacksaw Gaming, this time we’re taking a trip to Portugal with Exclusively showcasing our content until the 30th of April, this new partnership looks to be one with an exciting journey ahead.

Fan favourites Wanted Dead or a Wild, 2 Wild 2 Die, R.I.P City, Le Bandit and many more are now featured on the Hacksaw exclusive section of the platform. At long last, Portuguese players can now immerse themselves in the Hacksaw experience, exploring a large catalogue of our games that demonstrate our creative mechanics and stunning visuals.

“Hacksaw has been a top request from Portuguese casino players and we always aim to know the market preferences and deliver what the customers want” says Américo Loureiro, Director “We’re very proud to bring this groundbreaking studio to Portugal for the first time and have no doubt it will be a success”

Part of Solverde Group, which boasts more than 50 years of history, was launched in 2017.

They strive to offer the widest casino portfolio in Portugal, prioritising all the fun of casino games with the top quality and safety that SolverdePT users have come to know them for.

Marcus Cordes, Hacksaw Gaming CEO is certain that Hacksaw enthusiasts in Portugal will be ecstatic with this new launch – “Being able to bring yet another growing market our games is what drives us forward! Saúde to a promising future partnership and to the teams who made this happen.”

With this latest launch marking our third new market entry in the past month alone, Hacksaw Gaming’s quest to introduce our collection to players worldwide is rapidly becoming reality. Are we setting the tone for even more groundbreaking ventures in the months ahead? Stay tuned, as we’re on a mission to grow our Hacksaw Community far and wide.


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What Types of Resources Help You Find New Online Casinos?



Reading Time: 3 minutes


As online betting and gambling are increasingly getting popular, more and more gambling portals and online casinos are sprouting up every day on the internet. With so many mobile applications and websites offering lucrative options, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing to find new online casinos which are both legitimate and safe. So, how do you make a decision?

This list of resources will help you clear out that confusion and help you analyse your choices more carefully and choose the right new online gambling site for yourself.

Read Reviews on Reputable Review Sites

Online review websites are one of the most reliable sources to ascertain how good a new online gambling site is. With the drastic increase in the number of online gambling portals and casinos, these review sites have become a frequent visit for many gambling enthusiasts. Such websites usually provide comprehensive reviews of different online casinos along with important information about their games, bonuses, payment methods, and customer support.

One pro tip is to look for reviews from industry experts and popular players to ensure you get a credible report and make a more informed decision accordingly.

Check for Proper Licensing

One of the most critical things before signing up for a new online gambling site is to check its legitimacy and licensing. On the portal, make sure to look for a valid license registered under a proper jurisdiction.

This will ensure that the company is a legally registered operation and that your personal and financial data is safe and secure.

Refer to News Websites and Blogs

Another credible way to find good new online casinos is to look through news websites and blogs that specifically talk about the gambling industry. These sites often publish dedicated articles about the latest trends and developments in the industry, including new site launches and promotions.

Often including reviews from experts, articles and blogs on these platforms is a good way to judge a new online gambling site and make your decision. That’s why it is advisable to keep an eye on such portals and stay updated and informed.

Join Online Forums and Communities

I believe that no one can give a better review of an online gambling website other than someone who has been on the portal and played the game themselves. While there are multiple such forums dedicated to the online gambling industry, some online casinos have their own forums dedicated to their players.

Being on these forums and communities is a good way to get in touch with industry experts and experienced players and personally get their reviews and recommendations on online casinos. You can also learn about new casinos, discuss different aspects of online gambling, and connect with other players who share your interests.

Check Social Media Platforms

It’s 2024 and no community is bigger than social media! Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat or even Reddit, almost every individual and business is present over there including online gambling companies. With the easiest access to a very large number of people, online casinos have to maintain their presence and stay active on these platforms.

That’s why many online casinos have social media accounts across many of these platforms where they regularly post updates about their latest games, promotions, and other news. Thus, social media is one of the best ways to search for new online casinos. In fact, by following these casinos on social media, you can stay updated about their offerings and be among the first to know about any new developments.

Consider Bonuses and Promotions

A lot of new online casinos offer generous bonuses and promotional schemes like welcome bonuses, free spins, no or low deposits, etc., to attract new players.  If you ask me, I prefer playing on a portal that asks for the lowest deposits.

For this, I look for a list of low-deposit online casinos and research their bonuses and promotions to make sure they are lofty and worth my time. Do the same while picking out your online gambling website and chances are that you’ll start with a great deal.

Choosing a new gambling site from a pool of hundreds and thousands of casinos can be daunting, especially for beginners. However, using the right resources like review portals, online communities, blogs, etc., can help you indulge in a proper research process. On the other hand, using smart techniques like checking for licenses and promotional offers offered by the company can make the decision-making even smoother.

But at the end of the day, I believe that finding the right new gambling website really depends on how well-informed you are about the industry. Always make sure to stay updated and informed about whatever is happening in the industry and you’ll automatically find it easier to pick your new gambling website.

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