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Exclusive: PXP Financial CEO and Co-Founder Kamran Hedjri on payment in gaming



Exclusive: PXP Financial CEO and Co-Founder Kamran Hedjri on payment in gaming
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Leading payment processor PXP Financial has a long heritage of driving revenue and enhancing player satisfaction in the gaming industry, and is proud work with some of the industry’s biggest names including BetMGM and Tipico.

Here, PXP Financial CEO and Co-Founder Kamran Hedjri shares his expertise on the payment strategies and trends shaping the player experience.


Please introduce yourself and PXP Financial’s offering for the gaming industry.

My passion for payments started in 1995 at Europay and developed further when I joined BWIN. I’m proud to say I shaped the company’s payment strategy and helped it gain more than 20 million customers and to grow in 27 countries across Europe, North and South America.

It was after this I established three companies: CQR Payment Solutions (gateway), CQR UK (acquiring) and Vincento (issuing). I’m now the Group CEO for PXP Financial, responsible for the overarching strategic direction of the business.

PXP Financial is an end-to-end omni-channel payment provider that helps businesses accept payments online and on-premise. Our portfolio of iGaming clients is drawn to the fact PXP was born from a gaming operator, so we have many years’ experience in running payment operations for Gaming business.

We offer an online and POS solution, alternative payments, collection services, card acquiring, risk management as well as a variety of value-added services, including checkout pages, reporting, revenue optimisation, tokenisation and dynamic currency conversion.


How is payment tech revolutionising the player experience, and what payment trends and innovations should gaming operators be capitalising on?

No-one wants to have gameplay interrupted, so the payment process must be seamless and friction-free. To this end, the gaming industry should continue to add the alternative payment methods (APMs) their players are using to platforms.

Beyond this, I would encourage developers to delve into the possibilities that GameFi and SocialFi present.

GameFi, or game finance, combines online gaming and decentralised finance to create a convenient in-game economy. It introduces the concept of play-to-earn (P2E), where in-game activity earns the player digital assets, rare items, and more.

SocialFi, meanwhile, is Web3’s answer to Web2’s social media problems by enabling users to have control over their content and allow them to directly monetise it.

If DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi can operate together, bridging gaming and finance and redefining social interactions, we can build a metaverse where gaming isn’t just about play, but also about forging beneficial connections.


How are decentralised payments, such as cryptocurrencies, disrupting European and global markets?

The use of crypto in iGaming is steadily rising, but still lacks a comprehensive framework and remains banned in certain regions. Nevertheless, the intersection of iGaming and DeFi does hold some promise, with positive regulatory developments in geographies like Japan and the UK, and with the right regulations in place, stablecoins could become a crucial part of next-generation payment systems.

PayPal’s stablecoin launch is evidence that trends in payments are moving towards digital assets like stablecoins and CBDCs as a reliable payment method with no volatility that enables fast and low-cost payments. This will pave the way for a more stabilised crypto market, as well as give banks the confidence they need to react with their own digital currencies. Low cost and real-time settlements of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins have led the giants – including PayPal and VISA – to invest heavily in them and launch their own programs and solutions.

There’s no doubt the security of digital currencies makes them the ideal way to exchange the value of goods and services, and this will ultimately give consumers the freedom to buy from around the globe without worrying about the exchange rate of buying the host nation’s currency.


What are your predictions around the emergence and rise of crypto casinos?

As technology continues to advance and regulatory landscapes evolve, the crypto gambling industry is poised for significant growth and transformation in 2024. However, the growth of crypto casinos may be hindered by the fact they operate within the decentralised network and infrastructure of cryptocurrencies.

That said, DeFi protocols are revolutionising many industries, including finance and gambling. In 2024, the integration of DeFi in the crypto gambling space will enable trustless betting, transparent odds, and automated payouts through smart contracts. This integration will eliminate the need for intermediaries and offer players greater control over their funds.

As the crypto gambling industry grows, things like cross-chain compatibility and AI-driven personalisation will enhance the overall player experience, creating a more dynamic and rewarding environment.


What role are subscriptions playing in the growth of the global gaming market?

Subscription models have always been popular, but it used to be that the money would come directly from a player’s bank account – now subscriptions can be linked to a chosen e-Wallet. This convenience has led to a surge in global subscription-based gaming, a market that’s projected to reach $55.94 billion by 2031.

Subscription models mean players don’t need to keep track of when they need to pay; it comes out of their chosen payment automatically – leaving them free to play the game whenever they want.


How is the role of digital wallets evolving, and what are the advantages and risks that operators should be aware of?

While digital wallets come with a range of benefits for both operator and player, there are potential risks to be considered. For example, the two-factor authentication, and other rigorous verification processes used to mitigate cybersecurity threats can be time-consuming and add friction to the payment journey.

Furthermore, operators need to be mindful of the legal status of online gambling and digital wallets in their jurisdiction.

That said, the adoption of digital wallet continues to rise, with the total number of digital wallets set to exceed 5.2 billion globally in 2026, up from 3.4 billion in 2022.

Digital wallets offer many advantages for users engaging in online casino transactions. They provide an additional layer of security as they often use advanced encryption technologies to protect financial data, and because financial details are not directly shared with the casino there is an added level of privacy. Payments through digital wallets are also often faster compared to traditional banking methods, with deposits and withdrawals processed almost instantly, allowing users to enjoy a smoother gaming experience.


How is PXP Financial supporting its customers to take advantage of the rise in mobile gaming and changing trends in payment preferences?

The mobile gaming market is estimated to reach $315.90bn this year, and the number of players is expected to hit 2.32 billion by 2027.

Current trends emphasise the importance of optimising platforms for seamless mobile experiences, specifically, ‘invisible’ payments. This is particularly true in the gaming space, where players don’t want to have gameplay disrupted by making a payment.

Our offering for the gaming industry is grounded in our expertise and strong heritage within the sector, with several members of the team who are thought leaders in gaming payments in their own rights. We understand that providing smooth and convenient mobile payment solutions is crucial for meeting the evolving needs of modern gamers, and this mobile-first approach aligns perfectly with our company’s mission to deliver exceptional payment experiences to our valued merchants and their customers.


As user privacy and data protection continue to attract scrutiny from consumers, how can a payments strategy help to increase trust among players?

Payments and consumer trust need to go hand-in-hand if gaming platforms are to succeed. When looking at payment strategies that maximise trust, I strongly recommend that operators consider the advantages of open banking.

Open banking often comes with robust security measures. Customers can have confidence that their data is being protected and they have control over who can access their financial information.

Regulations and policies such as GDPR play a crucial role in ensuring consumer protection in the open banking ecosystem and are designed to strike a balance between encouraging innovation, competition, and consumer choice while maintaining data security and privacy.


Globally, which gaming markets are currently expanding and where should operators looking to grow place their bets?

Several Latin American countries have either launched or are set to launch licensing regimes for online gambling in 2024, while in Europe, Montenegro is an attractive proposition for iGaming agents thanks to government efforts to modernise its gaming laws and create a well-regulated field.

Similarly, UAE, North Africa and South East Asia are all working to create a more regulated and welcoming environment for iGaming operators, and I believe Nigeria and Kenya will be areas of particular interest, especially as they embrace Web 3.0 gaming.


Which regulatory changes do operators in Europe and across the world need to stay ahead of in 2024?

Governments and regulatory authorities have become increasingly focused on preventing money laundering and ensuring player identity verification. Online casinos are now required to implement robust AML and KYC procedures, which also extend to payment processing.

Furthermore, to promote responsible gambling, regulatory frameworks may require online casinos to implement features such as deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and other tools to help players manage their gambling activities.

Regulations will continue to tighten, and the rise of newly regulated markets will trigger new regional players to enter the scene.


Finally, which trend, regulatory change or payments innovation do you believe has the most potential to impact the gaming market this year?

It would be difficult to talk about any tech trend without mentioning artificial intelligence.

There are many ways AI have the potential to improve the iGaming experience. Not only can it analyse data and predict the types of new games players want to see or their behaviour, but it can also spot potential security threats.

Additionally, AI benefits online casino players as it can help provide customised in-game recommendations, rewards and bonuses to improve the overall in-game and user experience. Gameplay has never been more personalised or, combined with virtual reality technology, more immersive.

Operators can also leverage AI to help run their businesses more responsibly by identifying gambling behaviour and allocating patterns which indicate a player needs support, prompting operators to step in earlier than ever before.

Meanwhile, blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent financial transactions on iGaming platform, allowing players to independently verify game results and ensuring the outcome was not manipulated. Furthermore, on the blockchain, all gaming transactions are recorded in an immutable and tamper-resistant manner.

The combination of AI and blockchain technology will be a game-changer in 2024.

By bringing AI and blockchain technology together, operators can create personalised experiences, improve customer support, enhance player engagement and increase conversions, all while bringing much-needed transparency, security and decentralisation to the industry.


Exclusive Q&A w/ Rory Credland, Head of Strategy at



Q&A w/ Rory Credland, Head of Strategy at
Reading Time: 4 minutes


  • Could you provide an overview of the upcoming summit in May?

We are hosting our 4th annual event in Valletta on 15 – 16 May. With a global delegation of 5,000 attendees, Valletta’24 is more than just a conference; it’s where groundbreaking ideas and innovations converge. In addition to the leadership stage, we host several side tracks on marketing, investment, HR, sustainability, technology, emerging markets/jurisdictions – plus a new track on personal development. As we expect over 5,000 attendees, we have also increased our networking space with a new hall dedicated to more exhibitors, entertainment area, lunch, and a chill-out zone. Finally, our recent partnership with Ask Gamblers will ensure greater affiliates and operators in attendance, so as you can see there is definitely something for everyone and the event promises to be one of endless connections and activities.


  • What speakers or panelists can attendees expect to hear from during the summit?

We have tailored the event to make this event the pinnacle of the iGaming industry, offering unparalleled networking opportunities and insights from 300 industry-leading voices. We have many c-level speakers attending including Angus Nisbet, VP Gaming, BetMGM, gaming industry expert Paris Smith, Lahcene Merzoug, CEO. PressEnter, Francesco Postiglione, CEO, Casumo, Martina Akerlund, CEO, CallsU, Jeffrey Haas, Chief Growth Officer, William Hill, Todd Haushalter, CPO, Evolution Group, Tim Heath, General Partner, Yolo Investments plus an amazing keynote to kick off the start the event. We have two amazing keynotes to kick-start day 1 and 2 of the event, so I urge you to check out our agenda via


  • Can you share any insights into the format of sessions and discussions planned for the summit?

We like to change the formats and concepts up at compared to the norm that you see at other organisers. For instance, we base our talks at 30mins max to ensure that it is short and sharp straight to the point discussions and a limited number of speakers on each session so that more interactive discussion and debate can be had. We also are putting the CEOs under the spotlight this year – think Mastermind – with each CEO – one by one – under a “spotlight” for 10mins with direct questioning from the host. Should be awesome and insightful.


  • How does ensure diversity and inclusivity in the selection of speakers and participants for its summits?

Internally we take an active stance to ensure that there is a cross selection of speakers to this regard based on our own internal metrics. Wherever possible we encourage new speakers to be put forward by their organisations or through connections that we make – this allows for new and different perspectives on the discussion to hand which make the event and tracks interesting and informative for the audience.


  • What unique networking or collaboration opportunities will be available to participants during the event?

For two years ago we have designed Valletta to be a festival week of iGaming, encouraging people to arrive for the week to take part in our activities we have on the Monday and Tuesday before attending the event on Wednesday. This year we have Golf, Padel, Run Club plus many networking events taking place from Tuesday through to Friday night, so check out the website where you will be able to find more information.


  • How does leverage technology or innovation to enhance the summit experience for attendees, whether in-person or virtual?

We have a unique advantage hosting the event at the MCC in that the main stage is built like a theatre – so with use of such a big stage we can use LED screens which allow for animation and interaction on screen as well as several attendee applications which ensures they get directly involved with what session is taking place and have an input into the direction of the questioning.


  • What motivated to choose Malta as the location? head office is based in Malta, so it felt a natural fit to organise our flagship event within the country and at one of Malta’s iconic venues – The Mediterranean Conference Centre – with epic views over the harbour and Mediterranean Sea. When was formed the company had amazing support from the Maltese Gaming Authority who backed us at the time and so since day one we continue to use Malta to host what we feel is becoming an event on everyone’s calendars.


  • How does ensure that its summits provide a platform for emerging voices and perspectives alongside established leaders and experts?

As mentioned previously we like to continuously promote not only the established experts but also the leaders of tomorrow. Our Advisory Board is instrumental in that regards as they also have an ear to the ground as to whom is best to suggest for topics and discussions. I think what works best is a mix of experience and new to crate that interesting discussion on stage.


  • How does plan to capture and share the insights and outcomes from the Malta summit to extend its impact beyond the event itself?

We record our main stage sessions and use this through our awesome marketing to promote the event long after it is over via access on our news part of the website. In fact, we never see an event having an “end” more of a continuation to the next show as we promote what was and what is new for the following year. Continuous dialogue with our audience and clients is important to ensure consistent messaging and allows us to react to what market forces are in play at the time.

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BetGames Classic roulette launch w/ Andreas Koeberl, CEO



BetGames Classic roulette launch w/ CEO, Andreas Koeberl
Reading Time: 3 minutes


You’ve just launched your own spin on the casino classic roulette – what prompted this move and why now?

AK: Our mission is to help our partners convert their recreational punters into casino players, organically, resulting in lower CPAs and higher retention rates. In practice, this means instead of throwing massive bonuses at your players, you use a curated set of games, features and targeted bonuses at a way lower cost. We already deliver the initial part of this journey and have now added arguably the most classic game of all time to ensure we don’t lose those players to the competition.


Some may consider such a launch as brave given how saturated the market is with versions of the game – how have you built the trademark BetGames DNA into your version?

AK: The products we launch are all key parts of the puzzle to convert bettors to casino, rather than being efforts to attack the big established brands in the market. Roulette is a commodity and what’s the point of entering a price war we can’t win due to lower scale? The crucial focus is the player conversion journey and a seamless experience – not having to switch lobbies and staying with the supplier you trust. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, so to speak! I don’t think the fancy studios with robot arms and seven different cameras add any value in our core markets. We focused on a slick player experience with a professional presenter quality. We have kept it simple and targeted.


Do you have certain markets in mind for this latest launch? Are we seeing RNG table games surge in popularity in LatAm, for example?

AK: We’re focusing on our existing markets and LatAm initially. This is one reason why we launched the game without a continuous stream during the placing of bets, reducing data consumption. What we have learned from some of our existing games, and certainly from our most popular examples, is that our players (who are generally more sports savvy) enjoy silence and focus during betting. Thus, we have top-notch quality presentation during the spin but a quiet, slick betting experience during the dwell time. This helps to save players’ data, particularly in markets where developing infrastructures are a challenge. LatAm isn’t very developed yet with live content, and one of the main reasons for that is partly poor infrastructure. Quick, data-light products like RNG games remain popular because of that.


You’ve seen a lot of success in LatAm and Africa – are the requirements of developing markets hugely different to those of the more established when you are developing products?

AK: Africa is special because it is an extremely superstitious market – trust and ease of use are everything. LatAm is more demanding on the localisation front. People want Brazilian Portuguese or Latin Spanish, even though they often play games muted – this makes it tricky. From a live perspective, both markets are still in their infancy. RNG develops quicker, but still has huge potential. We will see what the new regulations in areas such as Brazil, Peru and Chile will bring in terms of market development.


Is the widening of your product portfolio indicative of a long-term shift of focus for BetGames? Will we see more of your more traditional lottery and card-based games?

AK: We follow a niche strategy and want to add incremental value for our partners. We have seen a lot of new competitors entering the live dealer space aiming to take on the likes of Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play. Most of them failed or at least experienced a hard landing in terms of commercial success. The big players, especially Pragmatic and Evolution have massive scale, giving them significant competitive advantages, which lots of smaller or new studios often underestimate. A 24/7 live operation comes with enormous challenges and OPEX and the rev shares on commodities like roulette are getting smaller and smaller. So, we will stick to our mission and USP. If a partner wants a roulette environment, we are capable of delivering, but it needs to make sense. Hence, we aren’t neglecting our core to become a supplier of roulette and blackjack specifically.

We’ve grown our portfolio over the years to accommodate constantly shifting player trends and technology and will continue to do so, remaining agile, relevant and making informed decisions on a product offering that suits global markets.

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Sponsors Spotlight: iGaming Mastery Insights by Atlas-IAC and its CMO, Bogdana Yavorskaya



Sponsors Spotlight: iGaming Mastery Insights by Atlas-IAC and its CMO, Bogdana Yavorskaya
Reading Time: 7 minutes


Ahead of the highly-anticipated Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, organizer HIPTHER is thrilled to introduce and put the spotlight on the companies and people that help make the magic happen: our conference sponsors! These innovative, accomplished professionals and teams make magic happen every day, and they will be joining us at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 taking place on 26-27 March, to share insights, network and collaborate with you! Get to know them, connect, and meet them in Prague!

In this Sponsors Spotlight Interview the #hipthers meet Bogdana Yavorskaya, Chief Marketing Officer at Atlas-IAC, the Badge & Bracelet Sponsors of the upcoming Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. Bogdana will be a Speaker at the Summit, offering valuable insights at the panel about “iGaming Mastery: Innovative Strategies in Marketing, PR, and Retention”.


Hello Bogdana, thank you for this interview. We are delighted to get to know you, and introduce you to our readers! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your current role at Atas-IAC?

It’s a pleasure to chat with you. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at Atlas-IAC, where we’re all about pushing the boundaries in the exciting world of iGaming.

My journey in marketing spans a whopping 18 years, and I’ve had the privilege of delving into various aspects of this dynamic field. From crafting effective marketing strategies to diving deep into media planning and optimization, I’ve had my hands in all sorts of exciting projects.

Before joining the team at Atlas-IAC, I had the pleasure of working with some incredible international brands like Coca-Cola and Danone, where I got to flex my marketing muscles and help shape their success stories.

What excites me most about my role here at Atlas-IAC is the opportunity to innovate and drive meaningful change in the iGaming industry. It’s a fast-paced world, but with my wealth of experience and passion for what I do, I’m always up for the challenge.

One of the major aims for me is to show how strong the brand of Atlas-IAC is and how fantastic our product is. Due to a competitive environment, building a strong brand is essential for our industry to establish trust, gain a competitive edge, foster customer loyalty, optimize marketing efforts, ensure regulatory compliance, and attract talent and partnerships.

In addition to our focus on brand strength and product excellence, at Atlas-IAC, we are committed to promoting responsible gaming practices together with our partners. Authenticity, transparency, and responsible gaming practices are crucial for fostering trust and loyalty among players of our partners. The significance of responsible gaming practices in promoting a safe and sustainable gaming environment and preventing problem gambling is one of our key priorities in fostering responsible partnerships. We provide our partners with specific tools for responsible gaming. For example, Atlas-IAC implements self exclusion mechanics in our risk management tools, allowing players to set their own limits for their bookie or casino games

I’m thrilled to be part of such an innovative team, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Atlas-IAC and the iGaming industry as a whole.


Let’s get to know Atlas-IAC! Can you please introduce the company, and share with us how Atlas-IAC’s next-generation platform is revolutionizing the iGaming industry?

Atlas-IAC is a B2B provider of a next-generation platform for iGaming operators. Our core priority is our partners and product. We cooperate with the iGaming industry by broadening product ranges, adhering to regulations, refining marketing and customer relationship strategies, and adopting offerings to local markets.

We are really proud of our Sportsbook which can be integrated in 2 days. Our platform is scalable and automatic. Atlas-IAC stands as a robust, scalable, and dependable iGaming solution with 99.8% uptime, among the highest in the industry. Continual enhancements ensure lightning-fast, intuitive Sportsbook functionality, instantaneous bet settlement, uninterrupted casino gameplay, real-time risk management, state-of-the-art anti-fraud measures, and adaptable market expansion.

Rooted in collaboration and mutual growth, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower partners, share expertise, and deliver a superior product that underpins their success.


One of Atlas-IAC’s strengths is its rapid Sportsbook Integration. How does this feature contribute to enhancing operators’ marketing efforts and attracting new players?

We are really proud of our in-house developed Sportsbook. It stands out as a top choice for those aiming to kickstart or expand their sports betting venture due to its full automation. What sets it apart are its meticulously crafted features, designed to drive heightened engagement among players, consequently boosting the average check value and elevating the player’s lifetime worth.

Our commitment extends to continuous product refinement, accompanied by an individual approach for each partner. We are providing them with the flexibility to integrate specific modules aligned with their business objectives. Our customization process is tailored to address the unique demands of each operator, ensuring seamless functionality, appearance, and behavior precisely aligned with their vision.

In the iGaming industry, Sportsbook platforms play a vital role in enhancing operators’ marketing efforts and attracting new players. Sportsbook offers real-time betting options during live sports events, creating an exciting and immediate wagering experience that appeals to sports enthusiasts. With a diverse range of betting markets, including niche sports and specific outcomes, Sportsbook platform caters to various types of bettors, expanding the operator’s target audience.

Operators leverage Sportsbook to offer attractive promotions, bonuses, and incentives, such as sign-up bonuses and free bets, to entice both seasoned bettors and newcomers. Moreover, the cross-platform accessibility of Sportsbook platforms enables operators to reach a wider audience, including mobile users who prefer betting on the go.

Overall, Atlas-IAC’s Sportsbook contributes significantly to operators’ marketing efforts by offering dynamic betting opportunities, personalized promotions, and seamless accessibility across devices. With an outstanding uptime of 99.8%, we hold firm confidence in both the quality and growth potential of our Sportsbook.


With Atlas-IAC’s focus on automation and maximizing profit for operators, could you elaborate on how your platform facilitates effective communication and collaboration with partners in the iGaming ecosystem?

We have managed to strike the perfect balance between meeting our partners’ needs and injecting excitement into their players’ experiences. With Atlas-IAC’s Next-Gen iGaming platform, partners gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools, empowering them to manage their entertainment business seamlessly, free from technical worries.

We’re dedicated to tailoring our products to suit each partner’s unique requirements, priding ourselves on our flexibility. Whether it’s developing specific modules or customizing features, we’re always ready to adapt to individual needs, and this is our undeniable advantage.

Thanks to the fully automated and flexible Atlas-IAC platform, our partners have tools for effective communication and marketing strategy in the iGaming ecosystem. We offer must-haves for our partners. For example, the Personal Odds Boost feature allows offering an individual odds increase for a specific player, regardless of the type of event (either Pre-match or Live), or Combo Boost which lets players see the real-time odds increase as they add more events to their bet slip. It is a simple yet powerful way to let players put their knowledge of sports to the test and boost their reward.

By streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and prioritizing player relationships, our platform enables iGaming operators to excel. We’ve developed a bespoke CRM tailored to the nuances of the iGaming realm, simplifying player communication, bonus distribution, progress tracking, and necessary activity restrictions — all in line with the latest responsible gaming standards.


What are the markets that Atlas-IAC works with, and how do you tailor marketing communications for different regions and audiences?

Atlas-IAC operates globally, starting from Latin America to Europe, Africa, and Asia. As a B2B company, our target audience is our partners who engage with iGaming enthusiasts worldwide. We employ innovative marketing strategies tailored to various segments of the iGaming audience, including millennials, casual gamers, and high rollers. We always keep a close eye on emerging market trends in each region.

Firstly, I’d prioritize conducting comprehensive market research, as we usually do at Atlas-IAC. It enables us to gain insights into the preferences, behaviors, and cultural nuances of our target audiences across various regions. With these insights in mind, we focus on creating content that resonates with each local audience. This includes using language, imagery, and themes that are culturally relevant and familiar. For example, soccer is the most popular sport to bet on in Brazil, while in Great Britain, some of the most popular forms of sports betting involve placing bets on horse racing, dog racing, and soccer, so communications on our sportsbook solutions for operators in these markets will be different.

To effectively reach diverse audiences, we have to segment our target market. This allows for more tailored messaging to specific groups. While some trends are common globally, such as nearly 35% of the population having placed a sports wager in the past 12 months, people have different reasons for betting: wanting to win money, enjoying the excitement, finding sports more interesting, liking the competition, or viewing it as a hobby. Additionally, there is a worldwide trend of rising mobile gaming, the integration of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, and the emergence of esports betting. Mobile gaming has made gaming more accessible than ever before, attracting a diverse audience, including casual gamers, older adults, and even non-gamers, due to the simplicity and convenience of mobile devices. These insights help us to communicate effectively with our target audience. A simple example: We have our automated fast sportsbook API and actively use it in our marketing communications because we understand what our partners need to succeed in mobile gambling. Our marketing strategy is based on providing solutions the company is able to offer our partners, regarding market trends. We use personalization in our communications and select the appropriate marketing channels for each market.


Looking ahead to 2024, what are Atlas-IAC’s key priorities and plans in terms of expanding into new markets or enhancing its existing offerings?

We are experiencing a surge in integration requests from operators across diverse regions, indicating a growing demand for our solutions. Our primary focus is on expanding into regulated territories, particularly in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia.

Our priorities for 2024 are threefold. Firstly, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of our partners. Secondly, we intend to further develop our platform by implementing new technologies. And thirdly, we are committed to meeting the demand for our product across various regions globally.

The cornerstone of our strategy is maintaining a competitive edge in the market. We firmly believe that our in-house developed sportsbook stands as one of the best available. Our overarching goal is to cultivate reliable partnerships and drive innovation in the iGaming industry through our cutting-edge platform and its solutions.


As a panelist on “iGaming Mastery: Innovative Strategies in Marketing, PR, and Retention,” what unique insights or strategies do you plan to bring to the discussion, considering Atlas-IAC’s expertise and offerings?

Recognizing the pivotal role of mobile gaming in propelling the iGaming revolution is crucial. With the exponential surge in smartphone usage worldwide, harnessing mobile platforms for gaming experiences becomes imperative. Our strategy involves leveraging the power of our Sportsbook API solution to deliver seamless and captivating gaming experiences for our partners’ clients. It promises to be an intriguing discussion, touching on various trends, such as the transformative potential of immersive technologies like VR and AR in reshaping the iGaming landscape. Additionally, we’ll explore the surging popularity of esports betting as a key trend in the iGaming industry. Moreover, we’ll delve into topics like targeted campaigns and partnerships, brand building, and the importance of responsible gaming and communication.


Thank you for this informative interview, Bogdana! We look forward to meeting you at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, and hearing your valuable insights on iGaming PR, Marketing, and Retention Strategies.


Join us in Prague to connect with Bogdana and the Atlas-IAC Team: Get your Tickets to the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit Now!

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