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Crypto Casinos Review – Exploring the Crypto World



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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that, unlike traditional money, is traded in an encrypted form. This encryption was developed to ensure that cryptocurrencies, which are intended as a medium of exchange that can replace cash, are secure and verifiable. With cryptocurrencies, you can transfer value anytime, anywhere, to anyone, over the internet. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are not regulated by a central authority. This means that no one prints or controls them. They run on a free and open network of computers. This network uses a technology called blockchain, a publicly visible database that keeps track of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain ensures that cryptocurrencies are protected against counterfeiting. To own cryptocurrencies, it is enough to join this network and create a crypto wallet. In today’s article, we will explore the advantageous world of cryptocurrencies and crypto casinos. Let’s get started!

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About Cryptocurrencies

Since the 90s, the heyday of technology, there have been many attempts to create a digital currency. Systems such as Flooz and DigiCash were developed, but these attempts failed due to fraud, financial troubles, internal disputes, etc. No one predicted that some people would use crypto for gambling at the time. All these efforts led to the idea of a trusted, third-hand approach.

The first cryptocurrency was developed in early 2009. By a person or persons who went by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. It was shared as open source software by an unknown person. This network runs on a platform similar in concept to file-sharing platforms. One of the major problems with payment systems is the possibility of the same money being spent twice. However, this method implies the intervention of an authority that can control all capital. This reduces credibility. However, in a decentralized and distributed network every part of the system needs to give its approval for the transaction to take place. This is done through the blockchain, so every transaction is visible to everyone. All transfers take place with the wallet addresses of the sender and receiver and the amount to be sent. The exchange or shipment must be verified by the sender and then approved by the system. Confirmation can only be done by miners. If a transaction is confirmed, it is irrecoverable. The biggest risks for cryptocurrencies are the possibility of hacking and attacks. Let’s continue with blockchain technology to understand cryptocurrencies better.


In the chain, data is always added as blocks at the end. Adding a block to the chain requires the approval of all registries in the network. Records added to the blockchain cannot be changed or deleted later. To delete or change records in blocks, all blocks in this ledger, of which there are millions of copies, would have to be changed. This is almost impossible. This is because even if a change is made in any block, the chain containing the modified block will be different from the other chains in the network and will become invalid. It is close to impossible to produce fake information and documents and to make fictitious money transfers in the blockchain. This is because many voluntary users keep a copy of the blockchain ledger on their personal computers. Blocks are linked to each other with each new transaction to ensure chain security. Encryption in the blockchain is performed with various mathematical algorithms called “hashes”. Each block contains the hash code of the previous block. This allows chronologically successive blocks to be linked together, like the links of a chain. Hash functions have no inverse, meaning that encryption is performed in one direction. When an input is given to the hash function, a hash code is obtained. However, it is not possible to make an opinion about the input or to understand what the input is by looking at this hash code. Even a simple change in the input text will result in a new hash code. As such, there are many reasons to prefer cryptocurrencies. But how do casinos use these advantages? Let’s take a closer look at the world of crypto casinos.

Explore The Crypto Casinos World

Crypto casinos are referred to as Bitcoin casinos. However they are just like typical online gambling sites with the only different payment methods. Crypto casinos give their customers the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds using digital currencies. Each transaction is verified by blockchain technology. Transparency and security providing an unprecedented level of anonymity to gamblers. These features are driving forces behind the increase in the number of players opting for crypto casino platforms because they offer high privacy and security based on the use of pseudonymous transactions along with blockchain encryption methods. They are also faster than all traditional banking methods. Plus the fees are lower. Being decentralized extends to global availability, allowing players to get worldwide.

Of course, it is important to do a little research before embarking on this adventure because there are important things to consider. One of them is reliability. The fact that you have so many options on the market also means that you may encounter negative events. To avoid this, you need a casino that is known to the public and licensed. To check this, you can check what people say about that casino online. It is also possible to check the casino’s licenses. Another factor is the variety of games. Take a look at the games offered by the casino and compare their quality. The more options, the more quality. Payment methods are another consideration. The variety of cryptocurrencies accepted by the casino will create a more advantageous environment for you. After all of these, you should take a look at bonuses and promotions. These are things that will contribute so much to your budget management that maybe you can reach the money of your dreams thanks to these promotions and bonuses. A lot of casinos design tight promotions to attract players to them. In the same way that you chase discounts when shopping for yourself, you can also try to find advantageous times here.

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Bulletin from Kambi Group plc’s Annual General Meeting 2024



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Kambi Group plc (Company Registration Number C49768) having its registered address situated at Avenue 77 Complex, A4, Triq in-Negozju, Zone 3, Central Business District, Birkirkara, CBD3010, Malta (the “Company”) held its Annual General Meeting on 21 May 2024 at its registered office (the “Meeting”).

Fourteen resolutions were presented to the Meeting. Twelve ordinary resolutions (resolutions a – l) were approved:

  • Annual Report and the Financial Statements of the Company for the year ended 31 December 2023 were approved
  • Remuneration report for the year ended 31 December 2023 was approved
  • Number of Board Members 2024 was approved
  • Board Members’ fees 2024 were approved
  • Anders Ström, Patrick Clase and Marlene Forsell were re-elected as Directors
  • Kristian Nylén and Benjie Cherniak were appointed as additional new Directors
  • Anders Ström was appointed Chairman
  • Guidelines on the appointment and composition of the Nomination Committee were approved
  • Mazars Malta were re-appointed as external auditors

All two extraordinary resolutions, resolutions m and n, obtained one majority of two required in terms of Clause 135 of the Companies Act (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta), and in terms of Articles 48B.2(b) of the Articles of Association of the Company. To this end, an Extraordinary General Meeting is being convened within 30 days of today’s Annual General Meeting, as per proviso in same Clause and Articles, to take a fresh vote on the proposed resolutions.

The Board extends its gratitude to Lars Stugemo and Cecilia de Leeuw for their dedicated service and contributions.

By order of the Board

Sarah Fenech
Company Secretary


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UK fans able to bet on OKTAGON MMA with SkyBet after betting market debut on William Hill



Reading Time: < 1 minute


UK fans are now able to get even more involved with OKTAGON MMA, after news broke that fans can bet on Europe’s leading MMA promotion with SkyBet.

Although fans can already bet in the UK via William Hill, the move to SkyBet opens up the market even further for fans wishing to get involved with the action.

OKTAGON has made significant strides to get more involved with its ever-growing UK fanbase, with the first ever show on these shores in November 2023 at the AO Arena in Manchester.

On the back of that success, OKTAGON returned twice in 2024; the first coming at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle in January, before an enthralling night at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham in April.

OKTAGON MMA co-owner Pavol Neruda commented: “We are really pleased that our fanbase in the UK and Ireland can now engage even further with OKTAGON MMA.

“SkyBet is an extremely well-respected platform, and this exemplifies the growth of OKTAGON MMA in the UK and Ireland, a market where we have dedicated significant effort to expand, and shine a light on up-and-coming MMA talent.”

UK fans can place their first bet via SkyBet for the next OKTAGON tournament, when the organisation lands in Prague at the spectacular Fortuna Arena for OKTAGON 58 for the blockbuster rematch between Karlos Vemola and Attila Vegh in front of 27,000 fans.


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BF Group Launches Enhanced Platform for Sports Betting and Casino Operators



BF Group Launches Enhanced Platform for Sports Betting and Casino Operators
Reading Time: < 1 minute


BF Group, a leading innovator in the gaming and betting industry, proudly announces the launch of the latest version of their comprehensive platform designed for sports betting and casino operators. This new iteration stands out with its cutting-edge design solutions, leveraging a headless approach to ensure seamless and modern operations.

The platform is already live with BF Group’s clients, including the leading Polish sportsbook operator, LV BET.

Marcin Doszczecko, CEO of LV BET Poland and Latvia, shared his enthusiasm: “After the initial tests, we are thrilled to be part of the pilot phase of BF Group’s new platform. We’ve observed significant improvements in operational flow and profitability. The feedback from our VIP players has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the platform’s quality and effectiveness.”

Wiktor Grabarczyk, CEO of BF Group, commented: “We continually develop our platforms and other products, but the improvements in this iteration are so significant that we present it as a new stage in our product evolution. We are pleased to provide our partners with an even better tool, ensuring operators and their players have a comfortable and enhanced experience with our sports betting products.”

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