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The Growing Trend for Faster Gaming

Zoltan Tundik



Mobile phones have helped gaming to become portable (photo source:
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The modern world is growing ever faster and with it is the trend for speedy gaming. Whereas it used to be most gamers’ preference to sit down for a good couple of hours’ session on their favorite console game, with the rise of portable gaming, people are often choosing to play on the fly. This has lead to frequently interrupted gameplay and quick 2-minute sessions between trains being far more commonplace. Why has this occurred and what are gaming companies doing to address this new need?

Warp Speed World

Although it sometimes seems like it, the world isn’t actually speeding up, it’s just that we’re getting rapidly worse at concentrating. Research from the Technical University of Denmark suggests that our attention span is narrowing on a global scale. There are, of course, a myriad of reasons for this, but one of them is our constant bombardment with new information. This idea of constant novelty has lead to a quantifiable decrease in attention span. One of the results of the study showed that in 2013 a global Twitter trend would last on average for 17.5 hours, compared to nowadays when it lasts 11.9. In such a short space of time, this shift is remarkable. In terms of gaming, this means that our want to skip ahead, seek new challenges and move between games is ever increasing.

Making Skipping Ahead Simpler

Everybody remembers skipping through the lengthy dialogue on old Gameboy games. (photo source:

Poker in the physical realm can often be quite a drawn-out process; players spend a long time trying to work out each other’s cues and tells. In the mobile world, however, several companies have realized that people don’t always want it to be and therefore, it doesn’t have to be. PokerStars recently released its Zoom feature, which allows players to skip through the remainder of the game after seeing their cards. This is a simple fix, that allows players to spend some time figuring out their options if they want to or to skip through quickly when they don’t have the luxury of time.

Increasing Novelty Value

One of the methods that gaming companies are using to keep our attention for longer is increasing the feeling of novelty. As mentioned before, one of the reasons for our desire for quick play games is that we are becoming used to seeing new information more and more frequently. So, if you can provide new content more frequently, then it stands to reason that people will spend longer on your game. Pokémon is one such company who are masters of capturing novelty. Although the main gameplay aspect of all of their games is the Pokémon battle, this feature on its own would quickly become tiresome. Realizing this, the company gave players the ability to collect, initially, 150 different magical creatures, some easy to find, some much harder. As a result, people will happily play through battle after battle, searching for the elusive rare Pokemon. All the time that they are doing this, they are building up what is known as a ‘teddy bear’ effect with the Pokémon used most often, in that players develop a connection with them. This connection, teamed with the promise of novelty, is what keeps us playing a fantastically simple game for such long periods of time. With each release of the game, new Pokémon and new features such as virtual reality are released, keeping that same anticipation of the unknown high.

Breaking the Rules

Another quick play game that is wildly popular is Subway Surfers. This game allows you to ‘surf’ on the top of subway trains, collecting points along the way. This game is the perfect format for quick play fans, as you can pause at any time. However, one thing that is interesting is that, despite its quick play format, many users can spend literally hours on it. But why? One of the great things about gaming is that there’s no punishment for breaking (most of) the rules. If you were to surf the subway trains in real life, you could seriously injure yourself, or risk imprisonment. However, in this game, there’s none of that real-life worry. Players can rebel against authority without any real threat of punishment – that is, of course, unless the in-game policeman happens to catch up with you! This heady mixture of safety and risk comes together to create a game that is endlessly playable. It seems that many of the attributes that make up a quick play game are, in fact, just the things that keep us playing them for longer.


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RescueBet Live Casino Losses Rebate

George Miller



RescueBet Live Casino Losses Rebate
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Live Casino have indeed taken over the virtual gambling space. The world’s very first online casino started in 1997. It was named as Internet Casino System Version IV. Today, over 2000 official and legal gambling establishments are registered on the Internet. As more and more players seek out the convenience and profitability of online gambling services, more money is also pouring into these sites, making them a goldmine for any smart gambler.

World gambling statistics show that around as high as 26% of the population, that is approximately 1.6 billion people gamble at least once each year. Active online gamblers come from all ages (18 and above) and backgrounds because on the Internet, everyone can find entertainment by their own preference:

Malaysia’s Leading Online Betting Website

If you are a big fan of wagering on events, you will love RescueBets’ wide range of premium attractions. No matter what your interests are when it comes to online betting, RescueBet’s community is sure to have something for you. Players can log into RescueBets’ integrated platform to access the best in sports bookies, esports betting, online slot games, fishing games, and so much more in addition to the best live casino games in the world.

Many land-based Casinos despite being large and offering a great range of games are still eventually limited by their physical size. One of the biggest advantages of online casinos is that without a limit to the capacity, they can offer bigger and better game selection offerings with different themes to cater to the interests of a much larger audience. With a selection ranging from the most classic and timeless games to the most modern games developed by technology, players can have their pick according to their preference.

There are several service providers of online casino services to choose from on the Internet, but very few offer high-quality content and leads. Online gamblers need to choose a reliable gaming provider that guarantees the best stakes in the marketplace. All of RescueBet gaming provider is 100% licensed and controlled gaming company. This means that all the games and vendors are verified and 100% safe. Users of the service are protected from any biased and unfair games and can rest assured that their money is safe.

By combining elements of entertainment with the opportunity to win big profits, RescueBet provides a premium gaming experience to all its users regardless of their level of experience. Play all your favorite live casino games under one roof, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Live Casino Games

With RescueBet, a user is in control of your game budget and has the freedom to access multiple games in one sitting. If card games are your thing, check out live baccarat and online blackjack tables. These are real tables hosted by RescueBet, where users can engage and interact with other players from around the world in real-time and bet against real dealers. RescueBet also hosts a variety of live poker and roulette tables 24/7 to ensure that players never have to wait to play and always have a game to join.

RescueBet experts also routinely give players pro tips on effective winning strategies and keep them up to date on the best odds available for all games at all times. By monitoring these odds, players can place more successful bets and, in turn, take home bigger winnings. With an in-built live chat option, players can always stay connected and engage with fellow players during games. RescueBet broadcasts hundreds of live casino games and slot games at high speed to give players a real-life casino experience.

So, How’s The Rebate Works?

Rescuebet is also the only online betting website that offers its users a loss rebate at the end of every week and month. Unlike in regular casinos, RescueBet users are awarded surprise bonuses and additional opportunities to win big. Who needs luck when you have the unique resources of Malaysia’s leading betting website on your side.

With seasonal promotions, users never miss an opportunity to maximize their payoff. RescueBet even offers a wide range of minimum stakes for players to choose from according to their gaming budget. Moreover, every Monday, Rescubet credits an 18% loss rebate on all live casino losses in the previous week to encourage members to place bets more confidently and use the extra funds to chase bigger bets.

This amount is stored in the RB account of the member until and can be transferred to other game provider accounts. The 18% losses rebate introduced by RescueBet aims to help users maximize their profits more responsibly. Every time a user transfers financial funds from their wallet to their game provider wallet, there will be a 10 wagering requirement.

This is before a member can transfer the funds to their primary wallet. The user will have to wager the combined amount of their bonus and deposit 10 times over before any of the winnings can be withdrawn. In this way, RescueBet believes in fostering a healthier partnership practice with its members. Users can use these extra funds to take more significant leaps with their bets and even win at additional engagements of the site.

The advantage of using online casinos is that players have more control over their bet sizes as opposed to in land-based casinos where they have stricter house rules. Gamers also aren’t limited to only casino games. They can explore other fun areas to access a world of possibilities in online gambling. Seasoned members can utilize loyalty points to avail exciting offers periodically.

Let’s On Board Now

Newly registered members also receive a 100% welcome bonus to help jumpstart their journey in the RescueBet community. If you are still on the fence about wagering your money, test out free games that are built to exactly resemble the real games. If users prefer to explore other areas, they easily navigate from the live casino segment to the number of different offerings on the website, such as esports betting, sports bookies, fishing games. What’s more, with RescueBet’s new updated and streamlined website, players can now carry their favorite games in the palm of their hands anywhere they go.

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UKGC Issues Advice to Online Gambling Consumers

Niji Narayan



UKGC Issues Advice to Online Gambling Consumers
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The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has issued advice to consumers about online gambling. In light of the government’s latest requirement to stay at home during coronavirus outbreak, more people are now engaging with online gambling websites.

The major guidelines from the UKGC involve setting gambling limits, self exclusion for those need it and warning about illegal overseas operators.

The gambling websites allow users to set a limit on how much they can spend. The UKGC advises customers to use it without fail. The commission has also partnered with Twitter that would allow the users to set a limit on how much gambling content they could see.

For those spending too much time gambling online, or those who want help to stop gambling, the UKGC advocated self exclusion. The commission also warns about the possible risk of illegal overseas websites trying to seek UK customers. The commission will be tracking and taking action against such sites, but it asks customers to ensure that the website they are gambling with is licensed. To check whether a site is licensed, customers can check out the link to the Gambling Commission’s Licence Register.

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Sands China Obtains Exemptions on Credit Facility

Niji Narayan



Sands China Obtains Exemptions on Credit Facility
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Sands China Ltd, the Macau subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands, has made changes to the terms of a US$ 2.0 billion loan facility that it owns.

The revolving unsecured credit facility was approved by Sands China in November 2018 and it is valid until July 31, 2023. The facility involves a host of banks and has Bank of China Ltd, Macau Branch, as the lenders’ representative.

The revised terms allow for the agent and borrowers to “waive any default that may arise as a result of any breach of the requirements” even in the restated form.

The other changes are the following: the borrowers waiving Sands China’s conditions to ensure that its combined leverage ratio on the last day of any quarter does not exceed 4 to 1; and the combined interest coverage ratio on the last day of any quarter is greater than 2.5 to 1.

The lenders also decided to “extend the period of time during which the company may supply the [lenders’] agent with its audited consolidated financial statements for the financial year ended on December 31, 2019; to April 30, 2020;” with a similar loosening of the deadline for disclosing the results of the 2020 financial year – namely to April 30, 2021.

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