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How Gambling Habits Differ Between Genders

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How Gambling Habits Differ Between Genders
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Gambling is as old as the human race. From the first primitive gambling games developed in paleolithic, to glamorous venues of Las Vegas and interactive online casinos – it seems that everyone wants to meet with Lady Luck and enjoy the thrill of a good game of cards or roulette.

Gambling is a hobby that is popular among younger generations who play casino games and place bets on their mobile homes, as well as among the elderly who opt for special casino cruises to enjoy their favorite pastime.

But, while every age group has some specific preferences when it comes to gambling, the most intriguing researches are dedicated to differences between male and female gamblers. Are women from Venus and men from Mars when it comes to gambling? Let’s take a look!


Who Gambles More?

When it comes to gambling, many specialized websites such as and 888, one of the biggest gambling companies, do their own research to understand their audience better. 888 did an extensive survey and concluded how men and women make the same portion of their audience. 43.8% of their audience are women, and 56.2% are men.

One of the reasons men gamble more is that they are not as burdened with housework as women are and have more free time at their hands. Also, gambling among men is socially acceptable in many societies, while at the same time female gamblers are considered to be women of low morale, thus meaning that many women will hide their gambling tendencies. Also, as always, where there is nurture, there is nature as well – men are simply more prone to risky behaviors such as gambling, and frequently seek an adrenaline boost in their activities.

Still, in the past few years, researches noticed an important change in casino marketing. Gambling companies are becoming more friendly towards female-audiences and tend to tone down their marketing messages that used to be borderline sexist.


What Type of Games do Women Play?

The research named A Study of Gambling in Victoria, executed by a group of scientists Australia delivered some interesting results regarding types of games women and men prefer.

In general, men prefer strategic games, also known as games of skill, such as blackjack, poker, sports betting and race betting, while women prefer non-strategic games such as slots, roulette, and bingo. Male gamblers play high skill games, such as poker, twice as often as female gamblers do. Women will likely be involved in scratch cards and lottery games that are widely socially acceptable, and in many societies, aren’t even considered gambling. They will also frequently participate in charity gambling (for example, in bingo clubs), and will enjoy slot games with fun characters.

Even though the popularity of sports betting among women is growing, they still prefer to bet in non-sport categories. Whether it’s Eurovision song contest, Oscars, MTV Awards or Grammys – women will rather place their bets there than in traditional categories involving football and basketball. IT is important to understand how this data was collected in 2008, and many trends and preferences have changed in the meantime.


The Reasons Why We Gamble

According to a study conducted by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, men usually gamble for general entertainment, while women gamble to support charities, relieve stress, loneliness, and boredom. For women, gambling is often a way to spend time with their friends, and in bingo chat rooms.

The National Council on Problem Gambling from Washington issued a report where they mention how women gamble more in times when they are experiencing great changes in lifestyle, such as retirement, loss, or divorce. They often have a family history of gambling, and to it secretly. Women start gambling later in life, usually after the workload around the house is smaller, and will engage in fewer types of games.

Also, let’s not forget how gambling companies finally figured out that women make a significant part of their audience. Jill Heater and David Patton write: “Interestingly, within the past decade, gambling has become more feminized and socially acceptable for women. Past gambling domains, such as racetracks, sports venues, and betting shops, were more masculine and generally less attractive to women.”


Women Deposit Less, But are Loyal Customers

One of the most interesting conclusions of the 888 research is that men and women approach depositing in a different manner. 51.8% of 888 female users tend to deposit only between one and ten pounds per week, compared to 35.9% men. Only 19% of women are willing to deposit as much as 20 GBP, while men do it more often – 25.4% of them will deposit that much. Men place big deposits twice as much as women. Big bets are considered those higher than 500 GBP.

On the other hand, women tend to be loyal to a single brand of the casino, thus making them long-term customers. At the same time, men prefer to play at multiple establishments at the same time. 35% of women included in 888’s survey were loyal only to their platform, and only 31% of participants were playing in two casinos. 29% of men are playing in a single casino, while 33% of them play in multiple venues.

Even though women deposit less, they probably won’t be looking for another casino, once they register with the one they like. On the other hand, men are always on the hunt and are looking for a better offer or a bigger bonus.


Different Approach to Gambling

Even though men and women gamble equally often, they do it in different ways and for different reasons. For men, it is often a way to make some money out of their knowledge of sports or poker, to build their reputation and feel the thrill. For women, gambling is often a mere pastime, a hobby that helps them interact with others and helps forget about their problems. Even though they gamble smaller amounts, they are often perceived as a valuable asset in making revenue, as they tend to be loyal to a single brand.

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Dallmeier Shortlisted for the European Casino Awards 2023



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Dallmeier, an expert in video technology for casinos, has been shortlisted in two categories for the upcoming European Casino Awards 2023, its Panomera W8 360° cameras as “Best new innovative product” and Casino Automation Technology CAT as “Best table gaming product”.

The Panomera W8 is a 360° camera with 4K resolution ensuring complete 360° coverage without a “blind spot” below the camera. Six sensors are arranged in a circle, a seventh sensor covers the overall scene and an eighth sensor captures the blind spot below the camera. From these eight images, the software then stitches a complete image of the half-sphere around the camera location that has been captured without gaps. Within this overview image, multiple operators can open any number of detail areas with a mouse-click and zoom in and move around in these areas as if it was a PTZ cam.

Casino operators who use such systems report that they regularly reduce the time needed from the detection of an incident to the resolution – e.g., by catching an offender – by a factor of up to 10 or more.

Furthermore, the overall costs for monitoring the gaming floor are reduced. Although the costs per camera are higher than a PTZ system, far fewer cameras need to be installed. The resulting savings in installation, infrastructure, and maintenance as well as in operation itself outweigh the additional costs for the cameras themselves.

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Gaming Innovation Group: Share issue



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Reference is made to the announcement from Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) on 15 December 2022 regarding the acquisition of casino affiliate websites,, and several smaller domains from Catena Media Plc.

As stated in the announcement, GiG will finance part of the initial consideration through a share issue and the Board of Directors has approved commitments of EUR 10.2 million from a group of investors to finance the equity part of the acquisition. Pursuant to agreed terms, the share price has been set to NOK 25.61, which represent a discount of 2.6% from the volume-weighted average share price for the GiG share so far in 2023.

4,267,112 new shares will be issued, and the number of outstanding shares will increase by 3.5%, from 122,786,526 to 127,053,638. The new shares are expected to be issued and admitted to trading next week and will be issued under the Company’s 150,000,000 authorized shares.

Closing of the acquisition is expected by end of January 2023.

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Euromat Adds Spain to its Growing Membership



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The European federation of gaming machine trade associations, Euromat, has added Spain to its membership.

The organisation has welcomed the Club de Convergentes as its 14th country member. Novomatic, Merkur, Zitro, Aristocrat and Bally Wulff are among the Club de Convergentes’ members.

Euromat now covers 11 countries and has nine corporate members. Last year it added Serbia and three new corporates into its membership.

Bernhard Teuchmann, president of the Club de Convergentes, said: “Joining Euromat and collaborating more closely with our colleagues across Europe reflects our desire to continue to grow our sector responsibly and ensure that we have the best possible offer for our customers.

“We want to play our role in helping to raise the standards for our industry across Europe and learn from the experience of others.”

Euromat president Jason Frost said: “Having the Club de Convergentes in Euromat is a vote of confidence in our association and its capacity to benefit its members.

“The Club de Convergentes shares our belief that our industry is stronger when working together to share knowledge and expertise, while always making the case with policymakers for a better business environment.”

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