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25 Most Successful Esports Countries by Prize Money so far in 2020



25 Most Successful Countries by Esports Prize Money so far in 2020
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– United States leads the way winning $7.2m

– Brazilian players most in form this year 

– Bulgarian and Danish players win the most prize money per person on average

– Only 60% of tournaments played compared to this time last year

New Unikrn research shows players are winning MORE on average so far in 2020 than 2019 – despite pandemic

Esports players from the top 25 countries are earning more average prize money in 2020 so far than at the same point in 2019, new research shows.

Despite a number of tournaments being cancelled, professional gaming is still thriving during a global pandemic.

So much that despite playing 40% less tournaments than at this point last year, players are earning more money on average per tournament.

World-leading esports bookmakers Unikrn have revealed the finding after analysing the top 25 countries for prize money so far this year.

By the end of June last year, $67million had been won by more than 26,000 players from 2,715 tournaments across the esports circuit.

Whereas by the same time this year, only $38.8m was won by almost 11,000 players in 1,622 tournaments.

The average tournament prize pool was very similar each year – in 2019 it sat at $23,988, compared to $23,920 in 2020.

However, in the first half of 2019, players were only winning on average $2,492 compared to individuals taking home $3,652 in 2020.


The research also found that like last year the United States leads the way at the halfway point of 2020 with players winning a massive $7.2m in prize money.

Identical to the first six months of 2019, China and Korea make up the top three.

Brazil are the biggest movers in 2020 rising from 9th to 4th in the rankings helped by Magic World Championship XXVI champion PVDDR’s $300k victory.

The highest prize money to player ratio sits with Bulgaria, maybe surprisingly. Their top 5 players including Complexity’s poiz0n are spread across CS:GO, DOTA2 and League of Legends.

The Danish also have a high turnover on prize money with 173 players averaging $9,564.

In 2019, the prize money across esports increased heavily from huge tournaments such as DOTA2’s The International setting a prize pot of $35million and the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

But with both of these tournaments cancelled and many others postponed, total prize money for 2020 is estimated to be considerably lower than 2019.


Most Successful Countries By Prize Money Won (All Esports)

2019 (Jan-July) 2020 (Jan-July)
Country Total Prize Money Players Average prize money Country Total Prize Money Players Average prize money
1 United States $10,079,707.15 5902 $1,707.85 1 United States $7,280,222.31 1999 $3,641.93
2 Korea $5,438,336.48 1377 $3,949.41 2 China $3,093,705.23 379 $8,162.81
3 China $4,876,979.55 1027 $4,748.76 3 Korea $2,356,078.82 573 $4,111.83
4 France $2,290,981.17 1378 $1,662.54 4 Brazil $2,284,006.59 420 $5,438.11
5 Denmark $2,234,162.91 652 $3,426.63 5 Russian Federation $1,718,361.31 454 $3,784.94
6 Russia $2,179,829.93 855 $2,549.51 6 France $1,703,512.13 441 $3,862.84
7 Canada $2,011,038.76 884 $2,274.93 7 Denmark $1,654,614.71 173 $9,564.25
8 Sweden $1,933,771.15 712 $2,715.97 8 United Kingdom $1,327,882.15 348 $3,815.75
9 Brazil $1,861,949.00 989 $1,882.66 9 Canada $1,307,092.60 319 $4,097.47
10 Germany $1,824,623.63 1032 $1,768.05 10 Germany $1,304,784.38 500 $2,609.57
11 Finland $1,672,037.47 405 $4,128.49 11 Sweden $1,176,960.10 215 $5,474.23
12 United Kingdom $1,438,156.76 915 $1,571.76 12 Australia $891,602.63 359 $2,483.57
13 Australia $1,278,719.22 838 $1,525.92 13 Thailand $826,835.23 314 $2,633.23
14 Poland $1,158,065.87 624 $1,855.87 14 Finland $792,457.03 96 $8,254.76
15 Philippines $1,106,753.39 200 $5,533.77 15 Poland $596,336.18 221 $2,698.35
16 Japan $973,735.09 406 $2,398.36 16 Ukraine $574,589.16 112 $5,130.26
17 Thailand $882,805.98 350 $2,522.30 17 Norway $439,630.18 67 $6,561.64
18 Bulgaria $860,229.50 118 $7,290.08 18 Netherlands $399,067.54 150 $2,660.45
19 Norway $714,775.28 225 $3,176.78 19 Japan $325,085.28 223 $1,457.78
20 Spain $625,412.64 392 $1,595.44 20 Bulgaria $310,401.72 24 $12,933.41
21 Ukraine $623,458.01 278 $2,242.65 21 Philippines $290,771.52 71 $4,095.37
22 Taiwan $600,532.10 211 $2,846.12 22 Turkey $281,767.76 128 $2,201.31
23 Netherlands $519,272.80 451 $1,151.38 23 Malaysia $252,612.81 43 $5,874.72
24 Italy $490,560.54 137 $3,580.73 24 Argentina $251,784.40 79 $3,187.14
25 Malaysia $463,826.66 175 $2,650.44 25 Estonia $240,863.04 37 $6,509.81

Total Prize Money, Tournaments and Players (All Esports)

2019 (Jan-July) 2020 (Jan – July)
Total Prize Money $66,992,940.50 Total Prize Money $38,798,059.63
Total Tournaments 2715 Total Tournaments 1622
Total Players 26141 Total Players 10625
Average tournament prize pool $23,987.94 Average tournament prize pool $23,919.89
Average player prize money $2,492.18 Average player prize money $3,651.58

Best Countries By Average Player Prize Money

Country Average prize money per player
Bulgaria $12,933.41
Denmark $9,564.25
Finland $8,254.76
China $8,162.81
Norway $6,561.64
Estonia $6,509.81
Malaysia $5,874.72
Sweden $5,474.23
Brazil $5,438.11
Ukraine $5,130.26

**Stats from – does not include information about salaries, bonuses or sponsorships


Allied Esports and Cyberathlete Championship Series teams up with Challengermode to host SI2022 Open Qualifiers



Allied Esports and Cyberathlete Championship Series teams up with Challengermode to host SI2022 Open Qualifiers
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Leading global esports platform Challengermode has teamed up with Allied Esports and Cyberathlete Championship Series to host the European and North American open qualifiers for the 2022 Six Invitational – the last chance for competitors to make it to the Rainbow 6 World Championships in Montreal.

The winner of the open qualifiers for each region will win a spot at the SI2022 finals being held in Montreal, Canada next February. There they will have a chance to compete against the best professional teams in the world for a prize pool of $3million. The Group Stage will take place from February 8th-12th, playoffs from February 14th-20th, with the Grand Final happening on February 20th 2022.

Organised by Allied Esports and the Cyberathlete Championship Series (CCS), the first Qualifier starts 4th December, with tournament sign-up now available for any hopeful teams across Europe or North America. Only one slot is up for grabs from each regional qualifier of North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, so expect competition to be fierce.

Philip Hubner, CBDO at Challengermode said: “Having Allied Esports and the Cyberathlete Championship Series choose Challengermode as the platform to host open qualifiers for the SI2022 competition is a wonderful endorsement of our ability to make the highest levels of esport competition open to anyone. CCS is a pillar of the community tournament scene for Rainbow 6 in North America, and Allied has been instrumental in elevating the level of competition across Europe. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with such impressive organisers, and hope that players will enjoy competing using the Challengermode platform to play on the biggest stage in the Siege year, and even potentially become World Champions.”

Rob Walker, founder of the Cyberathlete Championship Series said: “The support Challengermode has been able to offer through its automated tournament platform has made scaling the open qualifiers to any size we may need exceptionally easy. We’ve been extremely happy with the usability and versatility of the tools they’ve been able to provide, and we look forward to working closely with Challengermode to offer as many teams as possible the chance to compete at the highest level of competition for Rainbow 6 Siege.”

Leon Groenewoud, CEO Europe and VP Gaming & Esports at Allied Esports added: “We’re incredibly excited to be producing the European qualifiers for the SI2022 in our Hamburg studio. Being able to rely on Challengermode to once again provide the best platform to administrate the tournaments frees us up to focus on providing the best possible production services to elevate creators, competitions and content across the esports industry.”

Interested teams can sign-up for the chance to qualify for the World Championship in R6 with SI2021 through the Challengermode website here. Open qualifiers will run from 4th-18th December, with North American Qualifiers viewable via the official CCS Twitch channel and European Qualifiers via the official Rainbow 6 Twitch Channel.

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‘Penta Amateur League’ December to feature BGMI, November results announced



‘Penta Amateur League’ December to feature BGMI, November results announced
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Gaming and esports company, Penta Esports, has announced that ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ (BGMI) will be the esports title of ‘Penta Amateur League’ December 2021 edition with a prize pool of ₹5,00,000. Registrations have started and squads can enter the tournament on Penta Esports’ platform.

The qualifiers of the tournament will run from 13th to 21st December. The finals will be broadcast live on Penta’s Facebook page and YouTube channel from 28th to 30th December. The broadcast will be preluded by the ‘Penta Talk Show’ on 25th December.

The ‘Penta Amateur League’ is exclusively for amateurs and semi-professional esports athletes and teams. The games chosen for the tournament throughout the league will be platform agnostic and will include PC, console and mobile titles. Season 1 of the league will run for six months, October 2021 to March 2022, with a monthly prize pool of ₹5,00,000, adding up to a total prize pool of ₹30,00,000.

The November 2021 edition of the league featured Valorant. The playoffs took place from from 26th to 28th November with team God Particles winning the tournament 3 – 1 in a best of 5 match finals against Nogas Esports.

The broadcast of the playoffs were preluded by the Penta Talk Show, with the caster and host discussing the qualifiers, team journeys and discussing possibilities for the playoffs. The final day of the playoffs also saw an opening music performance by singer and songwriter, Sushant Satija prior to the matches.

Said Penta Esports co-founder and head of esports Kiran Noojibail “Our aim is to provide aspiring esports athletes of the country with a platform to showcase their skills and earn recognition. BGMI is a popular title in India and this tournament will be a stepping stone for budding esports athletes of this game to come to the limelight .”

The complete details of the league are available on Penta Esports’ platform, pentaesports. com. The platform is a one stop destination for all things Penta, including match schedules, match results, VODs of tournaments and leagues, content, news, announcements and much more.

Founded by industry veterans Anurag Khurana, Kiran Noojibail and Akshay Paul, Penta Esports aims to disrupt the ecosystem in India with a holistic approach towards the sector, including leagues, tournaments, content and much more.

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Riva Technology and Entertainment and Galaxy Racer acquires VY Esports in play to own MENA/SEA fan engagement, Raine Ventures senior executive to join their advisory boards



Riva Technology and Entertainment and Galaxy Racer acquires VY Esports in play to own MENA/SEA fan engagement, Raine Ventures senior executive to join their advisory boards
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Riva Technology and Entertainment (RTE), the leading gaming and technology investment group, together with its sister company, Galaxy Racer (GXR), the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organisation in the world, has announced its acquisition of VY Esports.

The VY Esports platform POPC Lounge enables creators to connect with their superfans through monetized digital experiences involving livestreams, 1:1 live video chats, merchandise sales, and other unique online engagements. The company also services the live events industry by creating a hybrid model, adding a new revenue stream so viewers from around the world can access selected live content and interact with talents through digital activations. The POPC Lounge platform will serve as the virtual arm for the upcoming ‘POPC Live!’ mega event in Dubai that is beginning in March 2022.

Founder and CEO of Riva Technology and Entertainment, Founder and CEO of Galaxy Racer, Paul Roy, said: “We are excited to announce Riva Technology and Entertainment and Galaxy Racer’s acquisition of VY Esports, which we absolutely believe will bring amazing synergy to our group of companies. We are delighted to work with our new board member from VY Esports and advisory board member from Raine Ventures, as we leverage on their expertise to grow the business. They will play an important role as we continue in our endeavour to develop compelling experiences for our audiences as we head towards global domination in the esports, gaming, lifestyle and entertainment ecosystem. I am delighted to welcome Oleg Butenko to the board of Riva Technology and Entertainment. His extensive experience across technology, esports and entertainment will give us an exceptional cutting-edge advantage and will be an asset to the board.”

Founder and CEO of VY Esports, Oleg Butenko, said: “We are thrilled to be part of Riva Technology and Entertainment and Galaxy Racer, as we strongly believe in Paul Roy’s vision. With the POPC Lounge platform we will push hyper growth across the vast RTE and Galaxy Racer influencer network. As we scale globally, we will bring direct, monetizable, fan engagement to major regions like South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States by offering a new strategy for monetizing virtual engagements between creators and fans.”

Managing Partner of Raine Ventures, Gordon Rubenstein, added: “We are confident with Paul Roy and Oleg Butenko’s strategic vision, their deep industry knowledge and excellent foresight, they will be able to elevate the group to the next level and we believe they have the opportunity to aggressively grow the platform.”

VY Esports was founded by CEO and founder Oleg Butenko, a digital entrepreneur who has founded businesses focused on music, telecom, and esports. As part of the acquisition, Oleg Butenko, Founder and CEO of VY Esports will be joining the board of Riva Technology and Entertainment. Additionally, Gordon Rubenstein, Managing Partner of Raine Ventures will be joining the advisory boards of both Riva Technology and Entertainment and Galaxy Racer.

Riva Technology and Entertainment (RTE) was founded in 2002 with a global presence stretching from the USA to East Asia. RTE has successfully been delivering the “vision of
tomorrow”. RTE’s group of companies hold an industry advantage in their ability to successfully take every project from concept to execution; all housed under one roof. The complementary companies cover location-based entertainment, brand and Intellectual Property licensing, content development, consumer products, gaming, and esports.

RTE has a 20-year history of dealing with partners in multiple sectors of the gaming industry, evidenced by their highly experienced core team.

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