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These are the 4 Weirdest Casino Games Around the World



Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash
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If you’re a fan of the traditional table games like craps, poker, roulette, blackjack, or even machine games like video poker and slots, and you think that you’ve played all the casino games out there — boy, do we have news for you. There is a whole host of strange, confusing, and bizarre casino games out there, as varied as people on the planet.

Playing to win big and hitting the jackpot is always fun but with these off-the-wall games, participating or even spectating might give you the same thrill. It’s not always about winning, sometimes it’s just about fun and that’s certainly the case when you look at the games we found.

#1. Belgium Birdsong (Belgium)

Birdsong is an extremely popular betting game in Belgium. A perfect match for gamblers who can’t get enough of birdsong and bets, this game features a number of songbirds in cages around the casino floor. After scoping out the birds for a bit, players place bets on which bird they think will sing the longest and loudest.

Next, it’s time to wait patiently for the birds to sing their song. It’s not clear how they are coerced into doing so in-turn but once they do, bets are tallied, and winners are called. Whichever birds sing the loudest, longest, or both are the winning birds and bets on those birds win the wager.

It is extremely rare to find this game in any land-based casino outside of Belgium and certainly not online, but within Belgium, it’s become quite a gambling craze.

There are, however, opponents to the practice of this game as well. Animal rights activists contend this game is harmful to the foul involved and have called for its elimination. Either way, it’s certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you do get to see it.

#2. Rodent Roulette (Worldwide)

Another no-no for animal lovers on our list is a crime against our little furry friends: Rodent Roulette.

Rodent Roulette? What on Earth are we talking about here? This game, also known as Race Race Roulette or Mouse Roulette, is a bizarre “spin” (see what I did there?) on the original game of roulette. But instead of the traditional variants of European or American roulette, the only choices here are what type of rodent goes in the middle of the wheel.

The most popular version of this game is Gerbil Roulette in which bets are placed in the usual way before a gerbil is placed in the center of a roulette wheel. When the wheel is spun, the gerbil will inevitably hide in one of the colored and numbered boxes. Whichever one he chooses is the winning bet.

This game has also sparked controversy for animal cruelty, sparking protests at many locations where the game is played throughout the years. It’s not clear that the rodent ever gets physically hurt, however, he may be a bit dizzy by the end.

#3. Dreidel (Worldwide)

Also known as sevivon in Hebrew, dreidel is a game that’s been played for two thousand years in the Jewish community. Traditionally played during Hannukah with family and friends, the wagers and winnings were usually raisins, pennies, chocolate, or matchsticks.

Before the game begins, everyone gathers 10-15 “chips” before the first person spins the dreidel. There’s no limit to how many people can play, and the only rules are as follows.

  • Nun – translates to “nothing”, therefore the player gets nothing.
  • Gimel – means “everything”, so the player gets everything in the pot.
  • Hey – means “half”, meaning that the player gets half of the pot.
  • Shin – translates to “put in”, meaning that the player needs to make an additional bet in the pot.

Whenever the pot is emptied, every player must contribute a set amount. Any player that cannot contribute after landing on a “shin” or after a fellow player lands on a “gimmel” loses.

Now, the game involved cash rather than odds and ends, it’s enjoyed by many groups of people around the world. Dreidel even has its own major league tournament in New York City.

#4. Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken (Atlantic City)

The last game on our list is even stranger for the mere fact that it has its own mascot! If ever you take a trip to the Tropicana Hotel in Casino in Atlantic City, be prepared to challenge the great “Ginger” to a head-to-beak match of Tic-Tac-Toe (or Naughts and Crosses).

Also known as the “Chicken Challenge,” this is no simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe. After making your mark on the board, you must wait patiently for Ginger to peck around her cage for a bit. Ultimately, she’ll press a button that determines where her “X” or “O” will be placed on the grid. If you win, the cash prize is a substantial $10,000!

Think it’s easy? Think again. Ginger has been known to destroy her opposition, defeating almost everyone she’s ever played. But if you have the “pluck,” you can certainly win big.

This particular match-up has also ruffled the feathers of animal activists due to the involvement of an animal in a casino game. But Ginger is a popular icon and travels around the United States, wowing audiences with her spectacular record.

Play weird

As you can see, there are some odd games out there for players to try their luck. There are plenty more too, these just happened to be our all-time favorites. So, if you ever get the urge to play something a bit more offbeat, now you know where to look.


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90 suspicious betting alerts reported by IBIA in Q2 2024



90 suspicious betting alerts reported by IBIA in Q2 2024
Reading Time: 2 minutes


The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) reported 90 alerts of suspicious betting to the relevant authorities in the second quarter (Q2) of 2024.

The Q2 2024 total is 3% less that the revised figure of 93 alerts in Q1 2024 and an increase of 80% when compared to the Q2 2023 total of 50 alerts. IBIA and its growing membership monitor over $300bn per annum in betting turnover (handle) across more than 125 sports betting brands globally, making IBIA the largest betting integrity monitor of its type in the world.

The 90 incidents of suspicious betting in Q2 concerned 8 sports, across 25 countries and 5 continents. Other key data for Q2 2024 includes:

  • Three sports (eSports, football, table tennis) accounted for 84% of all alerts in Q2.
  • eSports provided around 50% of the Q2 total; however, the majority of those alerts concern a single linked case, which has also contributed to a revised Q1 figure of 43.
  • Poland had the highest number of country specific alerts with 6 cases.
  • The 19 alerts on sporting events in Europe in Q2 2024 is an increase of 15 on the 4 alerts in Q1, but a decrease on the 31 cases in Q2 2023.

Khalid Ali, IBIA CEO, said: “An increase in the Q2 and revised Q1 alerts compared to previous quarters is primarily related to a linked case in eSports. The situation is being monitored closely and heightened vigilance advocated as we seek to work with stakeholders to investigate. While the increase in alerts may understandably draw attention, it should be noted that eSports saw a significant reduction in annual alerts across IBIA’s membership in 2023. The case again highlights the importance and effectiveness of customer account monitoring in the detection of suspicious betting and the protection of sporting events, consumers and regulated betting markets.”

The Q2 integrity report includes a focus on Brazil ahead of the opening of the market to licensed operators which is expected to see $34bn in betting turnover onshore, creating $2.8bn in taxable revenue by 2028. IBIA has also recently called for other Latin American jurisdictions to adopt the Brazilian regulatory framework and integrity provisions, which include a requirement that licensed sports betting operators should join an independent integrity monitoring body.

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iDenfy designs an exclusive free identity verification application on Bubble



iDenfy designs an exclusive free identity verification application on Bubble
Reading Time: 3 minutes


iDenfy’s easily integrated KYC plugin is now available for download on the fastly-growing no-code platform

iDenfy, a Lithuania-based RegTech company offering automated identity verification and fraud prevention solutions, introduced a new addition to its variety of KYC integration options, this time, a unique application on Bubble. iDenfy’s Know Your Customer (KYC) plugin on the no-code platform is designed to serve as a straightforward, simple, and highly affordable identity verification option on the market, ideal for startups.

iDenfy presented a new opportunity for businesses looking to simplify their KYC compliance burdens with easier, more affordable, and accessible ID verification options. To stand out in the market, after building KYC plugins for WordPress, Magento, Zapier, and WooCommerce, iDenfy’s team announced its new KYC application on Bubble, a well-established no-code platform that facilitates app development through a drag-and-drop editor.

iDenfy’s new KYC plugin on Bubble allows businesses to meet KYC requirements by using a completely free identity verification service, eliminating the need to build the entire solution from scratch. According to iDenfy, by choosing this approach, startups, and SMBs can save costs and streamline KYC checks without having to worry about the hassle of heavy coding or handling large data volumes.

“Our new plugin on Bubble is a great alternative to other third-party solutions due to its simplicity and crucial long-term benefits, like time savings on manual resources and accelerated scalability,” says Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy.

iDenfy’s KYC plugin provides built-in features for document verification, facial recognition, and 3D liveness detection. Additionally, it offers the option of real-time human supervision for manual identity verification checks, ensuring complete accuracy. According to iDenfy, their app on Bubble is the simplest and most cost-effective method to verify identities online, applicable to various business models such as e-commerce platforms, crypto exchanges, financial service providers, and more.

After analyzing the market, iDenfy chose to present its new application on Bubble due to its powerful workflows, flexible database, and, more importantly, the ability to build sophisticated applications without coding. Currently, Bubble Bubble positions itself as the go-to platform for everyone, including beginners without product-building experience, offering simplified full-stack app development through user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality.

With the same goal at its core, after installing iDenfy’s KYC plugin on Bubble, users will access it on their plugin tab. This simple process will be completed after ensuring proper functionality and enabling the Bubble data API by completing a few key fields: iDenfy API key, secret, Bubble application data API URL, and Token. As claimed by iDenfy, this plugin not only enables companies to confirm the identity of global users but also safeguards against fraudulent attacks, maintaining a consistent level of positive user experience for legitimate customers.

iDenfy’s recently launched plugin on Bubble enables customization or extension of existing software applications without altering their core code. This functionality empowers developers to add new features or integrate with third-party services seamlessly. While suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring developers, the Bubble platform is recognized for its strengths in scalability, security, and ready-made integrations, such as iDenfy’s KYC app, which establishes a robust foundation for balancing user security and mandatory compliance.

With the new plugin, iDenfy aims to elevate its fraud prevention hub and provide a new level of easy integration and extensive functionality with a developer-friendly approach through pre-built elements. Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, adds: “We want to help businesses get started with identity verification in a fast, hassle-free, and compliant manner, which is the key to long-term success.”

It’s worth mentioning that iDenfy has gained recognition in recent years for its multi-level KYC/KYB/AML compliance solutions. With a 4.9-star rating from over 70 reviews, iDenfy is recognized as the leading identity verification service based on G2’s customer satisfaction rate. In the near future, the company plans to develop additional standardized, free, and easily integrated KYC plugins while maintaining a focus on other services, such as Business Verification for corporate clients.

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Inspired Launches 20p Boost Roulette and Wolf It Up!
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Inspired Entertainment, Inc., a leading B2B provider of gaming content, systems and solutions, is pleased to announce its July line-up of mobile and online games: 20p Boost Roulette™ and Wolf It Up!™.

20p Boost Roulette™ is a thrilling new twist on Inspired’s classic table game, 20p Roulette™. This latest launch enhances the traditional roulette experience with its electrifying Boost Spinbar, offering players an exhilarating way to maximise their winnings from straight bets, spin after spin.

At the start of each game, players are invited to place their bets on the main betting table or on the neighbouring table, setting the stage for the game’s Spinbar to whirl into action. The Spinbar’s dynamic design, features three sections that determine a player’s odds for straight bets. Landing on the 50/1 section triggers the Boost, while hitting the 100/1 section activates the Super Boost, paving the way for potentially substantial wins.

With a return to player (RTP) rate ranging between 95.07% and 97.3%, 20p Boost Roulette is the perfect game for roulette enthusiasts seeking both excitement and rewards.

Wolf It Up!™ featuring Cash Bank™ is a captivating, big bad wolf-themed successor to Inspired’s smash-hit slot, Big Piggy Bank™. With its vibrant, enchanted forest backdrop, the game’s eponymous Wolf takes players on a thrilling ride to fun and fortune.

Landing four or more apples with cash values in the base game triggers the Cash Bank Free Spins Bonus, awarding players with eight complimentary Free Spins. The game’s innovative pseudo-persistence feature ensures that every apple collected in the base game contributes to the apple pile, which can activate the exhilarating Wolf Wheel Bonus Game, at random. Players can spin the Wolf Wheel for a chance to enter the Cash Bank Bonus, win additional Free Spins, or hit one of four Prize Pots—Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand.

Depending on jurisdiction, players can activate Fortune Spins in the base game for an enhanced gameplay experience, where one in five spins will trigger bonuses or collections. Inspired’s Gamble feature is also available, allowing players to risk their base game wins for more cash or to increase their chances of triggering the Bonus.

With two available RTP rates of 92% and 94.5%, Wolf It Up!™ is a medium-volatility game designed to appeal to casual online slots players.

Claire Osborne, Vice President of Interactive at Inspired, said: “Our summer games line up is brimming with superb iGaming content, and 20p Boost Roulette and Wolf It Up! are exciting additions to Inspired’s growing portfolio. Our hit table game, 20p Roulette has been given a boost with new enhanced features, set to take players on a fun journey, where every spin is a chance to boost their winnings. Wolf It Up! is packed with vibrant symbols and great features that offer players an entertaining adventure that’s filled with big potential wins and non-stop excitement for that perfect, fairy-tale ending.

“From table games to slots and more, Inspired’s got Operators covered. Watch this space for more great games launching throughout this year.”

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