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Booongo inks Emara Play aggregation deal

George Miller



Booongo portfolio goes live with Flow Gaming
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Booongo, the global online slots provider, is set to further grow its presence in Latin America after partnering with aggregation platform provider Emara Play.

Booongo titles, including the popular Sun of Egypt 2, recent hit Super Rich God and Aztec Sun will be made available across Emara Play’s operator network through its aggregation platform.

The agreement further expands the slot developer’s footprint in Latin America, following a considerable period of growth in the continent, partnering with numerous leading operators in the region.

All Booongo’s latest games are designed with its upgraded UI/UX, for a smooth, immersive and mobile-optimised gameplay.

Emara Play’s aggregation platform offers its operator partners over 400 online casino games and player engagement tools from premium suppliers via a quick and easy integration. The provider operates in a number of regulated markets including LatAm and Spain.

Sebastian Damian, Commercial Director at Booongo, said: “We continue to focus our commercial growth on important markets, and Latin America is clearly a major part of our strategy.

“We’re delighted to add another partner in the continent and look forward to enjoying a strong partnership moving forward.”

Alberto Ruiz-Ocaña, Head of Sales at Emara Play, said: “We’re very pleased to add Booongo’s popular games offering to our aggregation platform.

“With top-performing content and innovative Hold and Win games, we couldn’t be happier to sign this deal.”

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ITL rapidly expand CashGenic suppliers throughout Europe

George Miller



ITL rapidly expand CashGenic suppliers throughout Europe
Reading Time: 2 minutes


CashGenic, the hygienic cash automation kit from Innovative Technology, enables customers to pay with cash both safely and hygienically. Since it was first launched last year, ITL have secured several distribution suppliers firstly within the UK and now across Europe.

The COVID crisis highlighted the need for businesses to accept cash while maintaining social distancing. Paying by cash carries no fees so remains a popular choice of payment and cash in circulation is still on the increase.

Christian Dieterich, CEO, Perfect Money, provider of innovative payment solutions based in south Germany commented, “We decided to expand our product portfolio to include the CashGenic cash handling system and are proudly building the machines (renamed Vicky) here in Germany. This high-performance, smart cash dispenser has space-saving dimensions so fits onto any counter. Several businesses were surprised to discover that when Vicky was installed, they saw an uplift in cash takings of around 10%.”

“Contactless payment is not only for cashless terminals. With CashGenic customers throw their coins into the machine or slide bills into it.The amount to be paid is entered and the correct change is given out by the device in coins and bills. It provides a safe way to protect your staff and customers without the need to handle cash at the checkout.”Patrick Vandeput, Automation Europe

Commenting on the success of the roll-out, Thorsten Labusch, VP of Sales & Business Development at ITL said, “Using CashGenic gives customers payment choice by allowing those who still want to make cash payments to do so safely whilst eliminating the need for employees to handle cash. In addition, staff no longer need to count cash as the machine automatically does this, therefore saving time and generating greater efficiencies for the business. It also helps eliminate shrinkage and accounting errors as cash handling is automated.”

“Whether at the shift change or at the end of the day, sometimes the cash register is incorrect. There can be losses due to incorrect payment processes or incorrect giving of change – with CashGenic our customers have seen improvements in cash reconciliation, and it is successfully removing the counting time for staff at daily closing.”
Alfred Weichselberger, A.u.S. Spielgeräte

Thorsten continued, “I am delighted to see so many European partners have now committed to supply our unit to enable hygienic cash payments. We currently have several CG partners (Moser Consult Group, DG Automation, Perfect Money, IT Media Consult, A.u.S Spielgeräteand Automation Europe) across Germany, Austria and Belgium and fully expect this list to continue to growwithin Europe.”

“With 12 coins per second, this automatic payment machine is one of the fastest on the market! Speeding up cash payments, means more customers, increased cash and additional profit.”
Dincer Güeney, DG Automation

“CashGenic is the perfect solution at the point of sale. Because it works independently of the existing cash register system it provides a central control of your cash inventory and accelerates and secures all cash processes in day-to-day business.”Thomas Moser, Moser Consult Group

Thorsten concluded, “We are particularly proud of our expansion throughout the whole of Germany, UK, Spain, Austria and Belgium. It clearly shows the demand in the Retail market for cost efficient automatic cash payment systems.”

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Gambling Is an Age-Limited Activity, but the Limit Isn’t the Same In All Parts of the World

George Miller



Gambling Is an Age-Limited Activity, but the Limit Isn’t the Same In All Parts of the World
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Gambling is a pastime that has been widespread since ancient times but it is also an activity that is strongly regulated by law. In this article, we will explore the age limit for gambling around the world. In most countries, gambling is an age-restricted activity associated with adulthood. It is believed that when teenagers enter adulthood, they can make decisions and take responsibility for their finances.

Wagering is often divided into various categories, such as sports betting and casino gambling, while online casino gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years, bringing with it different ways of depositing and withdrawing funds to wager with them. For instance, e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, MuchBetter…) are very popular, thus, online casinos are rated, among other criteria, in regard to how many of these payment methods they allow. So, e.g. there is a list of the Top MuchBetter casinos at, etc.

There are often different age limits for different categories of gambling. A simple example of different age restrictions in different categories of gambling is New Zealand, where players can bet on horse races from the age of 18, play in casinos from the age of 20, while there is no age limit for playing the national lottery.

What’s the Age Limit For Gambling Worldwide?

In this article, we will take you through the continents and stress some of the oddities that vary from country to country and their cultures and traditions. We will start with Europe, where across the continent, with many different cultures, there is a similarity in the legally regulated age for gambling.

For most European nations, you must be, at least, 18 to bet legally but there are a few exceptions. In Denmark, playing in land-based casinos or online casinos requires you to be 18 years old but there is no age limit for sports betting. On the other hand, in Estonia, you need to be 21 years old to gamble in a casino, while for all other forms of gambling your age has to be 16. Interestingly, online gambling is allowed for teenagers. If we look at Portugal, we will realize that it has quite complex gambling laws. In this country, the age of gambling in a casino can be 25 years old, but it can also be 18 years old. Here, it is left to the casino owners to determine the age limit themselves. There are even some casinos that allow tourists to gamble at 18, and limit the local population to 25 years of age and older.

The Age Limit For Gambling Varies From Country to Country

Across the eastern hemisphere, on the Asian continent, there are quite a few countries that have banned gambling of any kind, making betting on a game or event legal. Some of the countries that have, however, vetoed betting are Pakistan, Syria, Qatar, and Indonesia, so if you want to have a vacation and fun gambling at the same time there, you should know this. The rest of the Asian countries, which means most of them, follow the same pattern as Europe, allowing gambling for those aged 18 and over, while a few others limit it to the age of 21.

Let’s look at the age limit for gambling in North and South America. Most countries in this part of the world have regulated the legal age for gambling between the ages of 18 and 21. Here, the age for gambling varies from country to country but it always goes between the mentioned range.

As for Africa, many countries continue to ban gambling, such as Ethiopia, Libya, or Sudan. As much of Africa is on a low scale in economic and development terms and many countries do not have regulations even on the technological side of online gambling.

And, at the end of the article, we will look at how things stand in Oceania. The collection of nations that make up Oceania has mostly similar gambling laws, with most countries having a statutory age of 18 and up. We mentioned earlier New Zealand, where the age for gambling in a casino is 20 years.

As you may have concluded, there are a few countries that do not actually have restrictions on gambling for various cultural or developmental reasons, but also a few countries where gambling is banned. However, most countries tend to allow the age allowed for gambling to be 18 years or older.

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Industry News

Fast Track Signs New Deal with GiG

Niji Narayan



Fast Track Signs New Deal with GiG
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Fast Track has signed a new deal with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). As per the deal, Fast Track CRM is now available to operators on the GiG platform.

GiG offers a leading iGaming platform, providing operators with a flexible solution for launching their online offering. They work with a number of third party integrations to give their customers the choice of a range of expert products and services in different areas, such as data and compliance. Brands working with GiG can now choose Fast Track’s CRM platform to manage all their player engagement from one place.

Fast Track is already partnered with several brands using GiG’s platform, including Twin and Dunder, and is looking forward to future collaborations under this new agreement. Fast Track’s player engagement platform provides operators with the tools to create automated, personalised real-time engagements and get a consolidated view of their CRM activity across all channels.

“Like Fast Track, GiG is a technology company at its core. One of the major strengths of the GiG platform has always been its flexibility with data, which compliments Fast Track. We love collaborating with the GiG team in consistently delivering value to our mutual partners, and look forward to this formalised partnership,” Christopher Hirst, Co-Founder of Fast Track, said.

“Fast Track, as an organization, brings a great deal of industry knowledge to the table and drives operational excellence and value for their customers via their excellent platform. Partnering with a leading provider of tech solutions is an exciting opportunity for GiG and allows us to further deliver value to all of our customers. We wholeheartedly welcome Fast Track to our Marketplace,” Martin Collins, Business Development Director at GiG, said.

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