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The Biggest Breakthroughs In The eSports History



The Biggest Breakthroughs In The eSports History
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When looking at breakthroughs in the eSports history, one must include technological advancements and the social component. Here’s what’s to know.

Breakthroughs In The eSports History: Everything You Should Know

When looking to make your money work for you, understanding the industry’s origins can be vital. The 2000s set the stage for gaming’s global expansion. Those old enough to remember can recall internet cafes beginning to surface in every corner of the world. When it comes to breakthroughs in the eSports history, these cafes allowed gamers to come together and participate in multiplayer games. The precedent also included using powerful PCs many could not afford at home.

As time went on, computer components gradually became more affordable and powerful. One of the first eSports tournaments to ever take place happened in 2006. Thanks to a $1 million grand prize, 71 players joined forces to participate at the Worldwide Webgames Championships, courtesy of FUN Technologies. For the sake of reference, the year 2000 saw barely a dozen gaming tournaments worldwide. By 2010, that number was 20 times higher.

Most significant Breakthroughs In The eSports Sphere

eSports is a rapidly developing industry that’s synonymous with gaming. Therefore, most gaming enthusiasts feel closely related to a plethora of eSports activities. Technological advancements continuously change the gaming landscape, bringing forth new ways to attract audiences and promote the industry. Here is how eSports manages to constantly evolve and be more exciting:

  • Cloud/mobile gaming
  • AR/VR
  • Advancements in graphics
  • Voice & facial recognition
  • Twitch and other streaming platforms
  • Developers partaking in the competitive scene.


Cloud/Mobile Gaming

Cloud gaming originated in the developer’s mission to lighten the load and avoid creating games that called for more powerful hardware. Your console’s memory is no longer a limiting factor for gaming. Instead, the cloud can house game information and stream it down to your machine via the internet.

Mobile gaming among equally crucial breakthroughs in the eSports industry. Smartphones and tablets make it possible to enjoy gaming from anywhere and at any time. In other words, online gamers and hardcore console-lovers are no longer the only ones capable of indulging in digital gaming.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

These technologies attempt to broaden the scope of traditional video gaming into a more real-life-like sphere. Augmented reality lets gamers experience a unique perspective and combine real-life situations with various game objects. For instance, you can use AR to create a special obstacle course in your backyard or play a game of ping pong using your dining room table.

Virtual reality also aims to provide a more immersive gaming experience to individuals using unique headsets. These headset displays allow you to enter the world of virtual games and participate in them as if you were physically present.

Advancements In Graphics

Graphics are a crucial element in gaming and one of the most valuable breakthroughs in the eSports world. Video games primarily work by stimulating gamers through their eyes, meaning that photo-realistic features and fully rendered worlds create more immersion. In other words, you feel more a part of the game when you experience higher image quality.

On the other hand, generating high-quality images is only part of the process. You also need to be able to experience such quality, which is where ultra 4K gaming comes in. 4K graphic capabilities mean that your laptop, PC monitor, or TV support at least 4,000 pixels and provide incredible crispness and clarity.

Voice & Facial Recognition

When personal computers first started taking shape (and took up entire rooms worth of space), the idea of speaking to them must have seemed like the stuff of science fiction. However, modern technology that today allows voice-controlled gaming is pretty standard. Additionally, users can use voice commands to operate computers in different ways.

Talking to your gaming system is also one of the more convenient breakthroughs in the eSports sphere. You can perform different actions this way, including searching the web, operating your media library, interacting across social media, and controlling gameplay.

Facial recognition and 3D scanning technology take modern gaming to an even higher level. Besides effortlessly operating your console, you can generate a custom avatar to your likeness to use inside various games. Alternatively, this tech lets you modify different digital creations by transferring your expressions to them.

The best part is that facial recognition technology is evolving even further. There are indications that developers could soon engineer adaptive games that monitor gamers’ emotions. This groundbreaking tech is still in its infancy, but the Intel RealSense 3D camera can scan a person’s face across 78 different points. The scan results would cause your current game to adapt, such as instantly decreasing the difficulty level if the system detects your face grimacing.

Twitch & Other Streaming Platforms

During previous decades, eSports started gaining traction with fans in the United States. However, the speed at which fans were becoming aware of the industry was less than satisfactory. For example, mainstream television in South Korea heavily featured eSports tournaments and competitions in the same period.

Twitch emerged from the ruins of in 2011 and revolutionized the eSports industry in the following years. This service provided a unique platform to the industry and raised awareness beyond casual fans and gamers. In other words, Twitch brought competitive gaming closer to the masses, giving anyone with eSports inclinations an opportunity to experience the industry first-hand.

For example, Twitch recorded millions of unique views in Dota 2 and League of Legends games, which later grew to become fully-fledged spectator sports. As a result of global popularity, both of these games eventually organized their respective World Championships. These top-level competitions draw millions of spectators today, but their initial premiers brought about significant change to the eSports industry’s functioning.

Developers Partaking In The Competitive Scene

Developers had to be present in their games’ competitive scene in the past. In the industry’s early days, structure was a much-needed aspect, and developer involvement ultimately resulted in more structured competitions.

Simultaneously, ESL and other third-party tournament organizers also continued to refine their organizational capabilities. For example, thanks to plentiful investments, ESL successfully launched prestigious offline tournaments like the Intel Extreme Masters and the ESL One.

Additional improvements also facilitated lucrative returns on investments for tournament organizers and developers. In-game monetization was one such advancement that changed the industry’s earning and return potential.

As a result, the new monetization capabilities brought about the continuity of new content and games’ longer lifespan. These consequences retained players and thus represent some of the most significant breakthroughs in the eSports industry.


NODWIN(R) Gaming ropes in Android as title partner for BGMS Season 3; to be powered by Garnier Men



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NODWIN® Gaming, South Asia’s leading gaming and esports company has officially announced Android as the Title Partner for India’s premier esports event Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGMS) Season 3. Additionally, the tournament will be Powered By leading men’s skincare brand, Garnier Men, marking the first time that Android and Garnier Men have partnered with an Indian esports tournament.

The high-voltage action of Android BGMS Season 3 is being broadcast on Star Sports for the third consecutive year as the nation’s best BGMI squads battle it out for glory. The entire tournament will be played on high-performance Android devices.

Moreover, Crunchyroll, the world’s largest destination for anime and manga, has also joined forces with Android BGMS Season 3 as the anime partner while energy drink brand Red Bull has been onboarded as the Official Energy Drink Partner of Android BGMS Season 3. By leveraging the prominence of the tournament, partners will aim to engage with its widespread audience, while also elevating the overall experience for players and fans alike.

Anshuman Wanchu General Manager, Marketing, Garnier, L’Oréal India said, “We are delighted to partner with the BGMI Masters Series 2024. It is an incredible opportunity for us as this collaboration allows us to connect with the dynamic and passionate gaming and youth community in a meaningful manner. As a brand committed to innovation and excellence, we look forward to some incredible showcases in season 3 of BGMS. With this partnership, we aim to empower gamers to elevate not only their game, but also their skin care routine, and inspire them to achieve their best, both in the arena as well as in their daily lives.”

The tournament has also continued its association with TVS Raider, the sporty commuter motorcycle from TVS Motor Company as the Official Mobility Partner and Philips OneBlade, the male grooming product of Philips India as the competition’s Official Styling Partner.

Commenting on the partnership, Aniruddha Haldar – Senior Vice President (Marketing) – Commuters, Media and Corporate Brand commented, “We at TVS Motor company had Collaborated previously with Nodwin Gaming to help us develop a close connect with the Gaming audience – we are pleased to share that this collaboration has helped us to gain brand love, better connect to the gaming audience during and post the previous season. We are back again to announce yet another collaboration with Nodwin Gaming for the BGMI Master Series 3, this is in view to further strengthen our connect and engagement with the gaming audience.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Android, Garnier Men and Redbull for the highly anticipated third season of BGMS. Having such notable partners whose vision for the growth and development of competitive gaming in India mirrors our own, is a tremendous asset. Their involvement not just highlights the emergence of esports as a mainstream sport but also the massive potential of youth engagement in this field. Together, we are confident in our ability to provide the necessary resources and visibility required to nurture and promote esports talent nationwide,” stated Akshat Rathee, Co-founder and Managing Director, NODWIN® Gaming.
The opening weekend of Android BGMS Season 3 was a resounding success, recording peak concurrent viewership exceeding 140,000 on digital platforms. The tournament commenced with a three-day Opener Week, where all 24 teams—20 invited and 4 qualified— were in action at the Android Arena in Chhatarpur, New Delhi.
The top 18 teams led by table toppers Team 8Bit, and consistent performers OneBlade, IQOO Soul and Team X Spark progressed to the League Week. They were joined by Team Z and Godlike Esports who were selected through audience voting from the bottom six. Meanwhile, Team Limra, Gujarat Tigers, Viking Esports and FS Esports were eliminated from the competition.

During the League Week from July 22 to August 4, the 20 teams will compete in the Survival Week and Domination League stages. The top 4 teams will secure direct qualification for the Finals, while the remaining 16 teams will participate in the playoffs scheduled for August 6 and 7. In the grand finale from August 9 to August 11, the top 12 teams from the Playoffs, along with the 4 best teams from the League Week, will compete to fight for the BGMS Season 3 title.

Adding a touch of innovation, this season also includes three exciting formats –

1) Powerplay (Active throughout the tournament) – Squads will earn double points for each finish they achieve in the first circle of every match.

2) Bounty (Active during the League Weeks – Survival week and Domination week) – The top 4 squads from the overall standings of League Week one, followed by the top four in each subsequent match will carry a bounty. Teams can earn bonus points only by eliminating an entire squad with bounty on them, with 10 points per squad.

3) Impact Player (Active during the weekend matches of the League Stage: July 27-28 and August 3-4) – The in-game leader (IGL) of each squad will conduct a random draw to designate an Impact Player who will earn double points for each finish they achieve. Teams will earn four points for every finish by the Impact Player during Powerplay.

“Going beyond traditional tournament formats, our new concepts are designed not only to heighten the intensity of the tournament for players and viewers but also to set a new standard for esports in India. These innovations aim to push the boundaries of competitive gameplay, and I am incredibly excited to see this new format unfold. Similar to traditional sports tournaments, Android BGMS Season 3 will produce memorable, nail-biting moments and games decided by the smallest of margins. We will witness players rise to the occasion, carrying their teams to victory,” added Akshat Rathee.

The teams who will be advancing to the League Week of Android BGMS Season 3 are as follows: Team 8Bit, OneBlade, IQOO Soul, Team X Spark, REVENANT, Entity, Gods Reign, Team Forever, Reckoning Esports, Carnival Gaming, Raven Esports, WSB GAMING, VASISTA ESPORTS, TEAM ORANGUTAN, Global Esports, MOGO eSports, Team Tamilas, Carpediem, Team Z and Godlike Esports.

Fans can catch all the action of Android BGMS Season 3 on Star Sports 2 (HD & SD) in English and Star Sports First in Hindi from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 PM. On league week Sundays, Playoffs and Finals, the broadcast will be from 6:30 PM. Fans will also have the option to switch to Tamil & Hindi commentary on SS2 using the blue button.

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Inspired Entertainment, Inc., a leading B2B provider of gaming content, systems, and solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of Re-Play eSports™ featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (“CS:GO”) with premium online sports betting and gaming brand, Betano.

Betano is owned by Kaizen Gaming, one of the biggest GameTech companies in the world, that is active with the Betano brand in multiple markets in Europe, South & North America and Africa and operates the Stoiximan brand in Greece and Cyprus.

Betano is the first brand to launch Re-Play eSports™. The innovative launch marks a major leap into the evolving landscape of sports betting. The game blends traditional Virtual Sports with fixed odds eSports, offering continuous 24/7 eSports events through Inspired’s certified Virtual Sports platforms.

Re-Play eSports™ showcases footage taken exclusively from CS:GO’s global tournament, the Champion of Champions Tour, which includes professional teams from across the globe. The official in-game data and video feeds that power Re-Play eSports™ are provided by GRID, a game data platform that specializes in providing in-game data solutions for the eSports and gaming industry.

CS:GO is a well-known and popular tactical multiplayer first-person shooter video game. In Re-Play eSports™, two teams go head-to-head to battle it out. Bets are offered on a variety of possible outcomes including which team will win, which team will get the first kill and total number of survivors.

“eSports is a rapidly evolving recreational activity with a global audience now exceeding 500 million.      Kaizen Gaming one of the industry’s leading operators, continues to recognize the incremental revenue potential that our products can generate, in both Virtual Sports and eSports betting,” said Ian Freeman, Chief Commercial Officer of Virtual Sports at Inspired. “By integrating Virtual Sports with eSports, we are tapping into an entirely new market, offering a wealth of game-changing opportunities. This not only attracts new players, but also provides our current players with an exhilarating new gaming experience.”

“We are the first operator to launch Re-Play eSports™ with Inspired, a company known for their innovative content production,” said Vangelis Kalloudis, Gaming Senior Product Manager at Kaizen Gaming. “Re-Play eSports complements our existing collection of Virtual Sports and opens up a whole new category of sports betting that allows us to expand our reach beyond the traditional realm of Virtual Sports, ensuring we are constantly enriching our customers experience.”

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Skyesports unveils open-for-all THE FINALS Online Community Cup with a $10,000 prize pool



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Skyesports, a premier global IP and community builder for gaming and esports, has announced THE FINALS Online Community Cup, a $10,000 open-for-all esports tournament giving a chance to every player from India to go pro.

Registrations for THE FINALS Online Community Cup are currently open. Players from every nook and corner of the country can register for the tournament. For players who don’t have a team, they can scout for one through the official THE FINALS India – Skyesports Discord server.

The tournament will be played on the exciting and fast-paced 5v5 Terminal Attack mode, the same mode that THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown was played in where Team Mortal defeated Team Scout in the Finals to become the champion.

Commenting on the tournament, Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports, said, “After wrapping up THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown LAN event in Chennai, we have been bringing constant showdowns along with cafe events across the country. The community, however, has been demanding an open-for-all esports tournament, where they can showcase their skills. This is where THE FINALS Online Community Cup comes in. This is the first open tournament for THE FINALS in India and we are thrilled to announce a prize pool of $10,000 to support grassroots-level esports.”

All registered teams in THE FINALS Online Community Cup will compete across the Group Stage and the Playoffs to determine the India champions. With several prominent esports organizations already showing interest in THE FINALS, the cup will also serve as a scouting ground for the upcoming talent in this FPS title.

Certain matches from the Group Stage and the entire Playoffs will be live-streamed on THE FINALS India and Skyesports YouTube channel.


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