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CS:GO: how to make money on esports?



CS:GO: how to make money on esports?
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Despite still being a relatively young industry, the esports market is worth being invested in.

CS:GO is one of the most popular esports disciplines in the world. According to Statista, the most watched match of the CS:GO tournament, the group stage battle between Natus Vincere and Team Liquid, was watched by a peak audience of over 596,000 viewers. This peak viewer count is no doubt in part due to the coronavirus pandemic which spread across the world in 2020 and 2021. Andreas Højsleth, known by his online alias Xyp9x, a member of Astralis, has earned over $1.88M playing CS:GO competitively. His fellow countryman, Peter Rasmussen, who goes by the alias dupreeh, occupies first place with incomes of around $1.91M.

Still, is it possible to make money if you are not a pro player?

Long story short, the answer is yes. And that’s because CS:GO welcomes gaming amateurs and professionals to a captivating world that is easy to understand and play: two teams of five play as terrorists or counter-terrorists. The terrorists win if they defeat the counter-terrorist side or plant a bomb and have it detonate. The counter-terrorists can win by either deactivating the bomb or killing the terrorist team before the bomb is planted.

As mentioned before, the popularity of the CS:GO discipline is experiencing its ‘golden era’. So, for instance, the monthly number of CS:GO matches on the ESportsBattle platform has increased from 549 in 2020 to 2,214 in 2021.

Because of increased global demand, ESportsBattle decided to expand its horizons and became the first platform to launch 1×1 CS:GO matches, ensuring CS:GO newcomers an opportunity to have a shot at it. Previously, ESportsBattle had only a 5×5 format and later became the first to introduce 2×2 CS:GO matches.

This variety of formats and modes allows pro and amateur players to participate in Esportsbattle tournaments, as well develop their skills.

Another scenario for making money in esports is betting

There are plenty of betting operators who allow their customers to place bets on CS:GO, among them Fortuna, Fonbet, Lootbet, Parimatch, EveryMatrix etc. This is an extremely simple game and one of the best for newcomers to esports.

You can place a bet on the outcome of the competitive game or just choose your favorite event. For instance:

  • Match winner  (2-way or 3-way)

  • Match handicap

  • Total maps

  • Correct map score

  • Map winner (2-way  and 3-way)

  • Total Rounds

  • Rounds Handicap

  • Rounds Winner

  • Team 1 Total

  • Team 2 Total

  • Total Rounds Odd/Even

  • To Go to Overtime

The number of outcomes and denominations depends on the match format (Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, Bo5).

Of course, there are many more options because each esports discipline has its characteristics that betting companies take into account. It is also possible to bet on the results of an entire tournament or in ‘live’ (when the match is already underway). That is, the variety of esports events available for bettors is second to none.

ESportsBattle — esports tournaments of the most sought-after and profitable disciplines that fill free sportsbook’s airtime with high-quality, engaging, and fast content 24/7, educational project, and own media with events’ overviews popular with players, fans, bettors.

We offer 15,000 events per month in the following disciplines: efootball, ebasketball, eice hockey, CS:GO.


GSL group seeding for WePlay Academy League Season 2 is defined



GSL group seeding for WePlay Academy League Season 2 is defined
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During the Group Stage, the participating teams will compete against each other within their groups for a place in the Playoff Stage.

Due to the recent changes in the organization format of the second season of the CS:GO tournament WePlay Academy League, eight participating teams were split into two GSL groups for the Group Stage of the competition. The teams that show the best results within their respective groups will automatically go to the Playoff Stage. Teams that take the second and third places in each group will fight each other for the last two spots in the Playoffs.

The first match will take place on September 28, at 5 p.m. CEST.

Group A:

  • Young Ninjas
  • Astralis Talent
  • BIG. OMEN Academy
  • NAVI Junior

Group B:

  • mouz NXT
  • FURIA Academy
  • VP.Prodigy
  • Fnatic Rising

The WePlay Academy League Season 2 will take place from September 28 till November 14, 2021. The total prize pool of the competition is $100,000.

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The new age has very well got adapted to the virtual world of esports. They get excited to take up new challenges, explore some amazing new landscapes with different themes and superficial powers, which one can only hope for in reality. With constant upgradation in technology, the definition of gaming has become more complex and the industry is overpowering.

But the future seems to hold more surprises for the growing esports fanatics. `

Abhishek Aggarwal, the Co-founder and CEO at Trinity Gaming, India’s top gaming talent Management Company have listed down the 5 things that will ensure the growth of esports industry in future:

Introduction of 5G: Accessibility to best technology is crucial in the current era of esports and gaming. Considered as one of the most influential and exciting developments, 5G will offer a faster speed and improved latency, which will give the gamers a more competitive edge. For instance, Telecom giant Airtel hosted India’s first-ever Cloud gaming demo on a LIVE Airtel 5G test network to test the gaming on a simple smartphone at record speed and latency. Response delay, often known as latency frustrates gamers the most. Airtel 5G has demonstrated that it can reduce reaction time from 20 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds. While the latency may or may not impact the casual gaming experience, it affects the efficiency and experience in online multiplayer games such as racing and shooting.
For players it would mean winning or losing a match, and to their audience, it would be the advanced experience. With this, gaming would surely take precedence with a higher bandwidth supporting the esports community to thrive.

Cloud Technology for the Gaming Industry: Gamers/esports community constantly feed in data. This technology comes as blessing to protect the information from getting hacked by an unknown entity. Cloud also allows users to maintain the high quality of the game even while playing in low-end devices.
It has several advantages attached to it and one among them is, even if your system breaks down, you won’t lose your game. With growing smartphones penetration and a vast youth population, 5G-backed cloud gaming could spread to remote areas and offer gamers the right ecosystem to compete and excel in the national and international arena.

Esports in the path to be recognised as a real sport: E-tournaments are taking over across nations inviting ace players to compete and take home a whooping amount of prize money. With time it has got a structure/framework based on which it functions with support from big investors. Their growing power has been sensed by industries and its gradually entering into the mainstream as a serious sport. The latest announcement of 8 esports titles in Asian Games 2022 is being welcomed in the Esports community, only making it more prominent and influential in every aspect.

Brand collaboration with Gaming Influencers: Brand collaboration makes it easier for the esports community to further establish their significance and is a great source to generate revenue. These engagements ensure the brand visibility to their targeted audience in a streamlined fashion and gaining confidence of the loyal supporters of the esports player. This has revolutionized the way gamers are perceived in growing business. Gaming content creators are becoming an effective tool to reach the audience. Content creators not only play the games but they entertain their audiences as well, their fan following is mostly the age group of 15 to 30 which is the most targeted audience in advertising terms. Out of all the influencers in the market, gamers are known to have the best audience engagement in terms of viewership and audience-creator relationships. Trinity Gaming is helping Brands to create innovative Branding Strategies with the help of these dynamic Creators and Influencers in the gaming & esports ecosystem.

Content creation around gaming: It is a young concept which has seen the power to engage with viewers and provide entertainment to a wide demography. These creators bring out a more dynamic aspect of esports, share their experiences, do’s and don’ts, etc. and have now become a strong part of the community. They have successfully grabbed the attention of viewers who are not even part of the gaming ecosystem, making it more diverse and relatable for everyone. Trinity Gaming have created a unique ecosystem for the gaming content creators and currently have a clan of 250+ top creators who have been working with India’s top brands.

The possibilities are limitless, and it would be surely interesting to witness what more the future of esports industry holds.

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Fnatic Enters into Partnership with ASOS



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UK-based esports organisation Fnatic has announced a three-year partnership with online fashion retailer ASOS.

The agreement marks the first time ASOS has partnered with an esports brand. As part of the deal, ASOS’s logo will appear on the front of all physical Fnatic team jerseys.

Fnatic and ASOS will collaborate on a variety of different activations, including multiple content series with Fnatic pro talent and creators, such as Tekkz, Mushway, Loeya and Moonryde, alongside VR experiences and AR filters. The partnership will also see the brands work together on a bespoke third alternative kit and see Fnatic pro players and creators feature in upcoming ASOS campaigns. In addition, the two brands have committed to working together on digital kits in the future and to producing branded in-game experiences and digital products.

“There are no other subcultures in the world that have influenced us more than gaming and fashion. Self-expression, both online and offline, has become a major point of convergence between both audiences. Through this partnership with ASOS, we will empower all gamers to find their unique voice and style, inside and outside of the game. We couldn’t be more excited to be driving this change forward together with ASOS,” Sam Mathews, CEO of Fnatic, said.

“Gaming and fashion are both passions for young adults and as esports continue to boom, we’re incredibly excited about this partnership. GenZ-ers increasingly express their style in both the physical and digital worlds and this is something we’re excited to fuel. We’re also looking forward to seeing some of the world’s greatest esports athletes wear our name on their Fnatic jerseys at the Worlds in Iceland,” Robert Birge, Chief Growth Officer of ASOS, said.

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