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The First Tree coming in special Editions!



The First Tree coming in special Editions!
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Strictly Limited Games is pleased to announce the cooperation with the American developer and true video game enthusiast David Wehle to give the amazing, beloved indie title The First Tree a very special boxed release. Let yourself be guided through an emotional story through beautiful atmospheric gameplay and uncover the interconnection between dream and reality.

The First Tree will be available for Nintendo Switch, as a Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition, with pre-orders launching on Sunday, 5th of December at 12 AM CET (midnight), only at Strictly Limited Games.

About the game:

In The First Tree, a narrator guides you through his dream. What starts as a mother fox’s search for her lost cubs evolves into the narrator’s memories of his own story and you experience two emotional stories interconnecting. The further the game progresses, the more is revealed. And all the more it becomes clear that the lost cubs symbolize another tragedy in the narrator’s life. Besides the strong story, the game offers many other features that make it a very special experience:

  • Roam through different, uniquely designed landscapes

  • Accompanied by amazing atmospheric music and sound design

  • Beautiful 3D artstyle

  • Captivating yet relaxing gameplay

  • An emotional journey with a valuable message

Strictly Limited Editions coming with amazing extras

To celebrate this special Indie gem, Strictly Limited Games offers two unique limited editions of The First Tree in their Online Shop for pre-order.

The Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch will be limited to 2,200 copies, at a price of 29,99€, including a colorful manual of the game.

The Special Limited Edition will be limited to 1,800 copies for Nintendo Switch, for 49,99€, including lots of additional physical collectibles:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch with reversible artwork cover

  • Beautiful Special Limited Edition box

  • The First Tree Acrylic Standee

  • Original soundtrack on CD

  • Reversible artwork poster (DIN A3)

  • Set of 6 Art Prints (A6) with gorgeous game artwork

  • Notepad

  • The First Tree sticker (7,4 cm x 7,4 cm)

  • Colored game manual

Besides the boxed editions, there will be a beautiful aluminium art card with the game’s artwork available for €9,99 – limited to 99 copies. 


Illuvium: Fastest Gaming Studio in History?



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Mark your calendars: Illuvium’s triple-title debut is set for the 25th of July, full of endless exploration, material harvesting, and conquest. With the studio boasting world wide talent, such as Jaco Herbst – previously Blizzard Entertainment, and Kostiantyn Bondar – previously Ubisoft, Samsung, and Gunzilla Games, Illuvium is guaranteed to cater to a wide audience with its various mechanics and gameplay across one singular universe offering three separate games.

Key Links:

– Epic Store Page
– Official Release Date Trailer
– Website
– Twitter

Most gaming studios take years to build their debut title; Illuvium, a non-existent studio four years ago, is on the cusp of releasing three interconnected gaming titles developed simultaneously. Founded by three brothers from Sydney, Australia, the studio quickly grew to over 250 people, boasting talent from Ubisoft, Activision, CD Project Red, and many other AAA studios. The studio is on a mission to develop the fastest AAA gaming universe in history. Armed with over USD 100 million in funding and 1 million eager fans, the universe opens on the 25th of this month.

Kieran Warwick, CEO of Illuvium, reflects on this journey, “Our original intention was to build one title, but being brothers and highly competitive, we couldn’t agree on the genre and ended up building three games in different genres. We’ve probably wiped a collective 30 years off our lifespan, so we hope it’s worth it.”

Beyond being a single game, Illuvium is part of an expansive ecosystem, where in-game progress and items carry over into the studio’s other games, Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Zero. This interconnected universe allows for a more rewarding and beginner friendly experience, where nothing players earn or learn goes to waste, and enhances gameplay with each new adventure.

Illuvium: Overworld

This is not the paradise promised.

Explore a breathtaking alien world, gathering vital resources to repair a stranded ship. Hunt and capture magnificent creatures known as Illuvials, harnessing their reality-bending powers. As you venture across diverse and perilous landscapes, uncover the mysteries of this enigmatic planet—and your own forgotten past.

With a companion drone at your side, you’ll brave harsh environments, craft advanced gear, and forge bonds with the Illuvials you encounter. But survival is just the beginning. Every discovery brings new questions: What secrets does this world hold? Why did your ship really crash here? And what role will you play in shaping destiny?

In Illuvium, your choices ripple across an entire ecosystem of gameplay. Traverse seven stunning regions teeming with otherworldly flora and fauna. Encounter Illuvials, mythical creatures that defy reality, and engage in heart-pounding battles to build your collection. Harvest exotic resources to craft essential tools and equipment for survival. Jump from region to region through arcane gateways, your world limited to these scattered, habitable zones—piece together the fragments of an expanding narrative hidden within this dying alien landscape.

Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Zero

So, what are Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Zero, and how are these connected with Illuvium: Overworld?

Illuvium: Arena allows you to bring your captured Illuvials and showcase your tactical prowess. Begin by honing your skills in the Survival arena, and when ready, enter our multiplayer game modes featuring ranked, casual, and custom matches. With a deep and strategic combat system, you can train your Illuvials to gain an edge in competitive multiplayer battles and tournaments. Customisable battle tactics and team formations add layers of strategy, while the upcoming 8-player round-robin auto-battler will provide a fresh and exciting challenge. Whether engaging in PvE Survival Mode against AI or competing in PvP with ranked, casual, and custom matches, every battle will test your tactical skills.

Illuvium: Zero: A mobile city-building game combining resource management and strategic growth. In Zero, you play as a reconnaissance drone jettisoned from the ship before impact, tasked with developing your land, extracting valuable resources, and managing your operations to thrive in the Illuvium economy. Your mission is to reconnect with the crew and provide them with the fuel they need. The game integrates seamlessly with the broader Illuvium economy, supporting your adventures in Overworld and Arena. Strategic planning will be crucial as you optimise resource extraction and engage in collaborative and competitive interactions with other players. Available across PC, Mac, and Android, players can grow their digital industrial complex on the go.

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AdInMo Launches InGamePlay SDK 3.0 with Clickable Ad Units



AdInMo Launches InGamePlay SDK 3.0 with Clickable Ad Units
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AdInMo, the most innovative and player-centric monetization platform for mobile game developers, has announced the beta release of its InGamePlay SDK 3.0.

InGamePlay 3.0 builds on AdInMo’s existing tech stack which offers multi-format non-interruptive immersive advertising. The latest SDK launches clickable in-game ad units designed with the player experience at the forefront, driving better monetization for free-to-play developers and higher engagement for advertisers.

One of the unique ways AdInMo’s SDK drives intentional clicks is through the ‘InGamePlay Magnifier’, which spotlights an advert within the game environment to improve its viewability. The SDK also features customisable visual options, such as a glowing or pulsing placement border to signify to the player whether an ad is clickable. Gameplay is not affected because the game is paused as soon as the player chooses to interact with the ad, and then is frictionlessly returned to the game.

Players are familiar with the idea that objects are interactive in a game world, AdInMo has harnessed this mechanic to integrate advertising in an immersive and non disruptive way. Engaging with the advert will always be the player’s choice, making clicks intentional which is highly valuable for both advertisers and developers.

AdInMo CEO and Co-Founder Kristan Rivers, explains: “Making a game that generates sustainable revenue while still being joyful for players is the perennial balancing act for developers. Our latest SDK offers a frictionless way to increase the effectiveness of in-game advertising without impacting the player experience and crucially gives developers more ways to make money.”

InGamePlay 3.0 SDK utilises AdInMo’s data-led PlayerPersonaFramework™, to target the right player audiences with the right message which could be a brand awareness, direct response or in-app campaign using AdInMo’s new hybrid-monetization solutions.

Kristan Rivers, continues: “The games industry is gearing up to a future where free-to-play is dominated by hybrid-monetization. Our new clickable ad placements can already be used to advertise a developer’s portfolio in-game with our CrossPromo feature and that’s just the start of AdInMo’s hybrid-monetization roll out this summer.”  

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Gamecity Hamburg brings five start-ups to the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom 2024



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gamescom, the world’s largest trade fair for video games, is returning to Cologne from August 21 to 25. Through the “Road to gamescom” program, Gamecity Hamburg enables five indie studios from Hamburg to participate in the Indie Arena Booth, the largest joint booth of game developers worldwide. The start-ups will present their games to numerous gamescom visitors as well as potential business partners and the press. Other companies from Hamburg will be at gamescom to showcase projects and hold business meetings.

“With our ‘Road to’ program, we bring indie studios to relevant games events and prepare them to meet publishers, make contacts, and present their games to consumers. Our joint stand at the Indie Arena Booth enables us to achieve all these goals at gamescom”, says Dennis Schoubye, Head of Gamecity Hamburg. The joint booth of Gamecity Hamburg will present five promising projects from Hamburg at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.2, F010g – E019.

These five studios will present their games at the Indie Arena Booth:

 Godcomplex Games – Stack ‘Em Up 

Godcomplex Games completed the Games Lift Incubator 2022 and received prototype funding for their game in 2023. Stack ‘Em Up is an exciting online and offline multiplayer player party game for up to four players. They absorb slimes with unique abilities, which they can creatively combine and stack to collect points and eliminate opponents in fast-paced battles.

Markus Koepke – Journey Beyond the Edge of the World

Journey Beyond is an immersive first-person adventure set on an abandoned fishing trawler in the middle of the North Sea. Players explore the ship and its mysterious history, which is revealed through puzzles, radio recordings, and atmospheric music. Markus Koepke has successfully completed the Gamecity Hamburg Games Lift Incubator 2023.

Pipapo Games – Map Map – A Game About Maps

Pipapo Games completed the HAW Games Master, further developed their game in the Games Lift Incubator 2023 and received Gamecity Hamburg prototype funding in 2024. In the cozy exploration game Map Map – A Game About Maps, players slip into the role of adventure-hungry cartographers who explore and map the surroundings on unknown islands full of secrets and thus get closer to the trail of a buried treasure.

Slime King Games – Under the Island 

Under the Island delivers fantastic graphics and presents a profound adventure story in the RPG genre. After moving to Seashell Island, the protagonist, Nia, must save her home from sinking, together with new friends. Solve puzzles, fight monsters, explore the map: Under the Island offers well-made old-school RPG classics and combines them with renewed ideas and a great soundtrack by Miyoko Takaoka (Sonic, Terranigma and others).

Sven Ahlgrimm & Mathilde Hoffmann – ODDADA  

ODDADA is a music construction kit game. Players create their own musical landscapes: machines and buildings become instruments that play new compositions at different levels. The developer duo Ahlgrimm and Hoffmann are from Berlin/Hamburg. Hamburg native Mathilde Hoffmann has been a successful sound designer and composer for games for many years (including Unrailed, Deep Space Gardening, Closer the Distance, and many more), while Sven Ahlgrimm is an experienced programmer, artist, and game creator.

Three of the five projects presented received funding from Gamecity Hamburg, including participation in the Games Lift Incubator and the receipt of prototype funding.

Companies from Hamburg at gamescom 2024

Other companies from the Hamburg games industry will be on-site at gamescom 2024 to present their new games or to initiate new business partnerships. Some examples:

Osmotic Studios will be showing their narrative slice-of-life adventure game Closer the Distance, which will be released on August 2, 2024, for PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. A demo will be playable at the Indie Arena Booth.

Mooneye Studios will be represented as part of the Home of Indies in Hall 10.2 with the games Smushi Come Home, Farewell North, and Lost Ember.

InnoGames GmbH will be available for press and business contacts for individual appointments.

Bigpoint GmbH will be available in the B2B area for business contacts and press appointments.

Daedalic Entertainment will be available for talks in the B2B area, and they will be presenting the cozy puzzle game Woodo in the indie area in the B2C area.

In addition, the Hamburg gaming internet channel Rocket Beans TV will accompany gamescom with numerous live broadcasts.

Gamecity Hamburg supports the Hamburg games industry and the diversity in the industry

In addition to programs such as “Road to gamescom”, the Gamecity Hamburg initiative, which is financed by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, supports the regional games industry with other tailor-made funding programs: In the Games Lift Incubator, game developers and founders receive one year of intensive coaching and mentoring from international industry experts in addition to financial support. With prototype funding, Gamecity Hamburg also supports the development of game prototypes in Hamburg with up to 80,000 euros per project. In 2024, Gamecity Hamburg introduced a mandatory diversity checklist for all applicants of the funding programs, which actively contributes to more diversity in teams and projects.

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