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The customer is always right



The customer is always right
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Carl Degiorgio, COO at PressEnter Group, says that customer service is a powerful differentiator that most operators are not currently taking advantage of

Online casino operators such as PressEnter Group go to great lengths to ensure their brand delivers more value than those of their rivals. To do this, many focus on areas such as marketing, bonusing and the slots and games stocked in their lobbies.

But one of the most powerful ways to differentiate is also one of the most underestimated, and that is customer support.

Customer support is one of the most vital departments when it comes to the success of any company but especially an online casino. In an industry where creating a unique yet sustainable competitive advantage is challenging, this can be a key differentiator.

Customer service is so important because it is often the first point of contact for customers. It is where they go when they are considering signing up for the first time but have a question, need assistance during their time at the casino or if they have had a bad experience and are going to close their account.

This makes it a fundamental part of the overall player experience, and if run correctly can be used to convert more players, boost retention and drive cross-sell.


A blueprint for top-level customer support:

At PressEnter Group, we believe that good customer support comes down to providing the right information at the right time, but gold standard customer support requires going a step further.

At a minimum, players expect to be able to speak with agents at all times so this means offering 24/7 customer support across all channels – live chat, email, telephone, etc. Agents must be highly trained, and not only meet but exceed customer expectations always.

The philosophy of doing whatever it takes to ensure the player is happy and to make them feel valued needs to be embedded in the company culture and be applied to all departments and not just customer support.


Delivering the highest level of customer support is not without its challenges:

Just like any department within an online casino operator, customer support has many challenges to face and overcome. The main hurdle is hiring the right people for the job – customer service can be testing at times and to be a good agent requires talent and training.

For global operators, it is important to hire agents that speak different languages – as we all know, localisation is key to the success of an online casino. But it is just as important to train agents and to continue to help them develop and grow.

The only way to ensure agents meet the standards set by the company is to employ the best talent in the industry, and again that can be easier said than done. But by providing the right working environment, training and incentives, it can be done.

This is vital for operators that are active in multiple markets, as they have additional complexities to contend with. The greatest of these is the need to hire talent that can speak the local language and ensure that agents are available at all times despite the different time zones.

This is why PressEnter Group has hired a scheduling coordinator who is responsible for managing customer service agent rotas based on the expected traffic at different times of the day, on different days and in each of the jurisdictions where we are active.


Leveraging the latest technologies:

While having a talented and trained team of agents is key to customer support, so too is the technology used to deliver the service to players. In most cases, operators will use a third party for this, and, in our experience, it is vital to undertake due diligence prior to entering an agreement.

Operators need to ensure their chosen partner is robust and reliable and that they can scale in line with their own growth plans.

The latest technologies need to be combined with seamless processes and training. Beyond covering the basics, training should be wide in scope and granular in execution if support agents are to achieve the highest possible standards of service and reflect the brand’s image and core values.

Having the right processes in place ensures there is organisation within the department. This is especially important when scaling rapidly as PressEnter Group has – without clearly defined processes, there is a risk of generating chaos which in turn will negatively impact customer support.

PressEnter Group puts such importance on processes, organisation and training that we have a dedicated training coordinator as well as a QA specialist.


Customer service and responsible gambling:

Customer support is not only vital to acquisition, retention and delivering a superior player experience, it is also a powerful responsible gambling tool.

While licensed operators such as PressEnter Group offer the tools and information that players need to stay in control of their play, nothing beats the direct line of communication that customer support agents have with our customers.

They are able to observe playing patterns, monitor communications and make interventions as and when required. And they can do this with a personal touch.

The basics of customer support are the same for all operators, so to use this aspect of online casino to stand out they need to dare to do things a bit differently. You might not get it right the first time around, but over time it will lead to stand-out customer service.

At PressEnter Group, we have learned to master the basics and now put our own unique twist on customer support. This sets us aside from our rivals and is reflected in our customer satisfaction scores, which are way above the industry average.

There is minimal differentiation when it comes to games and payment methods being offered by operators, yet the customer service delivered by staff members simply cannot be replicated by other brands and this must be capitalised on.

Those that do will not only elevate the customer experience, but they will take player acquisition, retention and loyalty to the next level.

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Casino Plus Bonus: New English Edition is live!



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Casino Plus Bonus, the leading German gambling news and review portal has finally launched its English language Edition! It features exclusive news covering everything you need to know about the international Gambling scene. The goal of the new Casino Plus Bonus version is to bring the successful concept of this leading iGaming informational platform to an international scale. While the portal has originally been a reference point for gamblers across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is now available for a Worldwide audience.

What is new for Casino Plus Bonus?

With the beta-testing complete, the English Edition of Casino Plus Bonus is now fully functional and available on all devices. One interesting feature is that the English-language version has a special technological focus on mobile devices. This is due to the ever growing popularity of mobile gaming.

Jack Bannon, publisher of the English Edition, said:

“The English-language version of Casino Plus Bonus is a very challenging and motivating undertaking. We are starting from an influential position with credible brand recognition crossing over from the German language versions of the portal. We are already taking the different cultural and behavioral particularities of an international audience into consideration, as well as recognizing the multiple regulation frameworks across various jurisdictions. Naturally, our goal is to consistently keep readers fully informed on developments in their respective market and offer the best casino promotions available to our audience.”

What does Casino Plus Bonus feature?

Casino Plus Bonus is a leading informational platform that covers news about the casino industry, game producers and new game releases, as well as interviews with important personalities in the gambling industry.  It also has a dedicated team of experts in the casino testing field, that review and provide ratings for online casino provider. Additionally, Casino Plus Bonus offers a great selection of service articles, such as how-to-guides, as well as a wide selection of exclusive casino bonuses.

The International Edition will have a focus on Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland as main English-speaking countries. However, also India and other countries that have an audience that searches and reads iGaming content in English, for example CEE will be taken into consideration. Each country has licensed casino operators that offer special deals and Casino Plus Bonus takes that into account with dedicated casino listings.

What does the English Edition of Casino Plus Bonus focus on?

Apart from the usual features of Casino Plus Bonus, the new English version will have a new focus:  The new English-language portal will pay particular attention to special promotions. Every promotion will be tested and validated before it is published to the target audience. Most of those promotions  include no deposit bonuses and free spins and are exclusive for the readership.

Moreover, the English Edition will have a focus on English-speaking countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, as well as India and other countries that have an audience that searches and reads iGaming content in English.

Georg Heinrich, Founder and Publisher of the German edition added:

“We are extremely happy to have Jack Bannon and his team on board. We believe that parts of our winning concept translated into leadership on the German market can also be transferred into the creation of an informational iGaming portal for an international audience. Furthermore, Jack has extensive publishing experience in the gambling field and will develop the international edition of our iGaming informational product further.”

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FDJ Launches New Payment Solution Nirio



FDJ Launches New Payment Solution Nirio
Reading Time: < 1 minute


French national lottery operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) has launched a new payment solution designed to help households pay their rent and bills.

Nirio was announced earlier this year and represents a collaboration between FDJ and the French Confederation of Tobacconists.

This solution will supposedly allow citizens to pay their water, gas, electricity or telephone bills – as well as rent – at authorised outlets.

FDJ explained how Nirio works: “After scanning their invoice using the Nirio application, the user will have a payment QR code generated on their smartphone, which they can present to a partner merchant.

“After checking their identity document, the user can pay the bill in cash or by card. A proof of payment will then be given to them.”

Currently, 10,000 FDJ partner merchants have signed up to offer Nirio, of which more than half are already approved by France’s Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR).

FDJ has also partnered with housing firm Seqens, who will now, through Nirio, accept rent payments in cash or by card at approved points of sale.

According to FDJ, six million households in France do not wish to use direct debit to pay their bills. Consequently, it believes Nirio will serve as a preferable alternative.

“What is important for our group is to put people back at the heart of the payment of daily bills, by offering an alternative, practical and fast way for people who are sometimes far from urban areas or resistant to online payment,” said Raphaël Botbol, FDJ’s Strategy, Innovation and New Activities Director.

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Win Systems Appoints Angelo Palmisano as its Chief Strategy Officer



Win Systems Appoints Angelo Palmisano as its Chief Strategy Officer
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Win Systems, the leading provider of technology for the gaming and entertainment industry, has appointed Angelo Palmisano as its Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). In his new position, Angelo will be responsible for defining Win Systems’ product and business strategy, working closely with Dario Zutel (Executive Chairman) and Eric Benchimol (CEO).

Angelo’s sterling reputation in the gaming industry began when he founded Paltronics in 1992. Angelo was responsible for leading and growing the casino systems company until Aristocrat acquired part of Paltronics in 2014. At that time, Angelo also joined the multinational as senior vice president of global product and innovation, a position he held until 2021. His extensive knowledge of the industry and customers, and his business vision will be key to driving Win Systems’ growth and consolidation among the industry’s major global suppliers.

“I would like to warmly welcome Angelo to the great Win Systems family. We have known each other for many years, and I do not doubt that his enthusiasm, knowledge, and foresight will be key in our path to excellence,” Dario Zutel, Executive Chairman of Win Systems, said.

“We are delighted with Angelo’s appointment, he will bring a new vision to our growth strategy. We are convinced that we will be able to push Win Systems even further in those markets where we still have great development potential,” Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, said.

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