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The Pros and Cons of Buying MMORPGs in Physical Stores



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In an era where digital downloads are dominating the gaming industry, the debate over purchasing MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) from physical stores versus online platforms continues. While the digital revolution has undoubtedly reshaped how gamers access their favourite titles, physical stores still hold a nostalgic charm and a set of unique advantages. However, they come with their own limitations. 

The Pros of Buying MMORPGs in Physical Stores

  1. Tangible Collectibles:

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing MMORPGs from physical stores is the tangibility. For collectors, owning a physical copy, especially limited editions with exclusive artwork, manuals, or collectible merchandise, offers a sense of satisfaction that digital cannot replicate.

  1. No Download Wait Times:

Physical copies eliminate the need for long download times. Once you buy the game, it’s ready to play, a boon for those with slower internet connections or data caps.

  1. Supporting Local Businesses:

Purchasing from local game stores helps support small businesses, contributing to the local economy and fostering gaming communities at a grassroots level.

The Cons of Buying MMORPGs in Physical Stores

  1. Limited Stock and Availability:

Physical stores can’t match the infinite shelf space of digital platforms. Popular or niche titles, especially in the MMORPG genre, might be harder to find, and once they’re sold out, gamers have to wait for restocks.

  1. Lack of Convenience:

In today’s digital age, having to travel to a store, browse the aisles, and potentially queue to purchase a game seems less convenient compared to a few clicks to download a game online.

  1. Physical Storage:

Over time, physical copies of games require storage space and are subject to wear and tear, unlike digital copies that are stored in the cloud.

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Slingo Games: Bridging the Gap

Interestingly, the rise of hybrid gaming genres such as slingo games, which combine elements of slots and bingo, demonstrates the gaming industry’s versatility. These games are typically accessed online and boast a strong community presence, much like MMORPGs. Their digital nature highlights the shift in the industry, emphasising convenience and accessibility over physical ownership. This trend raises a pertinent question: could the future of MMORPGs lean more towards online access and community-based gaming experiences, much like slingo games? The success of these online genres could influence how we access and engage with MMORPGs, potentially limiting the relevance of physical stores in the future.

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The European Market Perspective

In the European gaming market, where trends like slingo games are gaining traction, the shift towards digital purchases is evident. However, physical stores in Europe have been countering this by offering exclusive in-store events, limited edition physical releases, and community gaming nights. These experiences, not replicable online, add value to the physical store purchases for MMORPGs.

Weighing the Options

The choice between buying MMORPGs from physical stores versus digital platforms hinges on personal preference. While physical stores offer tangibility, instant playability, and support for local businesses, they fall short concerning convenience, availability, and the need for physical storage. With the rise of online gaming genres like slingo games, the industry is clearly leaning towards digital solutions and community-focused gaming, aligning with the convenience and accessibility offered by digital platforms. For European gamers, the choice becomes a balance between supporting local communities and embracing the digital future of gaming. As the landscape evolves, gamers will need to weigh these factors, making choices that best suit their lifestyles and gaming preferences.

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Strategic Deal: Expanse Studios Seals Media Partnership with Geek Spins



Strategic Deal: Expanse Studios Seals Media Partnership with Geek Spins
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Expanse Studios is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Geek Spins, a leading platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable information about online gambling. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Expanse Studios’ commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for players worldwide. By joining forces with this renowned media platform, Expanse Studios aims to revolutionize the way players engage with online casinos and slot machines, offering unparalleled access to the latest and most reliable gaming content.


About Geek Spins

Geek Spins was founded in 2018 by a passionate group of enthusiasts with a singular goal: to provide players with accurate and up-to-date information about online gambling. Since its inception, Geek Spins has expanded its team significantly and has become a trusted source for players seeking the best gaming experiences. With over 500 reviews of top online casinos, 1500 slot machines, 2000 bonuses, and content from over 100 providers and payment systems, Geek Spins continues to set the standard for excellence in the online gambling industry.


Expanse Studios’ Vision

At Expanse Studios, we believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to players worldwide. Our collaboration with Geek Spins aligns with our vision of providing players with access to the latest and most reliable gaming content. By leveraging their extensive database and expertise, we aim to empower players to make informed decisions about their online gambling activities and elevate the overall gaming experience.


Synergy and Added Value

The partnership between Expanse Studios and Geek Spins brings together two industry leaders with a shared commitment to excellence. By combining Expanse Studios’ cutting-edge technology and game development expertise with Geek Spins’ comprehensive database and industry knowledge, we are able to deliver unparalleled value to players. Together, we will work tirelessly to enhance the online gambling experience, providing players with access to the latest games, reviews, and bonuses.


Why It Matters

This collaboration is significant for both Expanse Studios and Geek Spins, as it represents a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the online gambling industry. By joining forces, we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience of players and provide them with the best possible gaming experiences. This partnership also underscores our dedication to transparency, reliability, and player satisfaction, ensuring that players have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their online gambling activities.

Damjan Stamenkovic, CEO of Expanse Studios, commented on the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Geek Spins to enhance the online gambling experience for players worldwide. This collaboration represents a significant step forward for both companies and underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming content to our players.”

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Compliance Updates

GoldenRace is now certified in the Netherlands



GoldenRace is now certified in the Netherlands
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GoldenRace, global provider of award-winning Virtual Sports and betting solutions, has recently obtained a certification for its highly acclaimed Virtual Sports and Games in the Dutch market.

GoldenRace successfully navigated the stringent regulatory landscape of the Netherlands, and now will be providing its impressive betting products into the Online Dutch market, which will be an important advancement in our operational expansion.

The Netherlands betting scene is on the cusp of a substantial growth phase and with GoldenRace’s latest certification, we introduce to the Dutch market a range of highly popular games tailored to desktop and mobile, in both scheduled and on-demand modes.

Among the offer, players will enjoy our most-played Virtual Football line-up – including Football Single, Leagues, World Cup and Euro Champions-, adrenaline-pumping 3×3 Basketball and MMA and top-notch races as Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and Grand Prix Indianapolis 60. Last but not least, our Number Games, such as Spin2Win. All ready to captivate Dutch players.

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Xtremepush Expands Reach in Brazil Through Senna Sport Deal



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Fast-growing operator entrusts CRM and loyalty marketing specialist to boost retention

Xtremepush, the leading provider of CRM and loyalty marketing powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has bolstered its significant growth in Brazil through a partnership with Senna Sport, the rapidly expanding operator group.

The deal will see Senna Sport’s brands benefit from Xtremepush’s range of optimization and automation CRM tools, delivered through its real-time customer data platform (CDP). As a result, the operator will be able to deliver personalized messaging across web, email and SMS channels as it scales up in the growing Brazilian market.

Senna Sport currently operates three brands in Brazil, Senna Sport, Pix Luck and Lider Bet, and is particularly popular with sports bettors in the south of the country. The operator will lean on Xtremepush’s local expertise to enhance the retention and engagement of its Brazilian customer base across each of its brands.

Earlier this year, Xtremepush announced it was opening an office in Sao Paulo headed by Country Manager Alvaro Camargo. This latest collaboration builds on the supplier’s upward trajectory in Latin America and follows recent agreements with, Betsul and Vibra Gaming.

“We are looking forward to building a successful partnership with Senna Sport as it looks to optimize its processes following a period of major growth in Brazil,” Camargo said. “The market is a key target for Xtremepush and now we have boots on the ground in Sao Paulo we are thrilled to combine unrivalled local know-how with our leading technology to deliver even stronger results.”

“We are really excited to partner with Xtremepush as we make the next move as a business,” the Chief Executive Officer for Senna Sport, Guilherme Senna, said. “Xtremepush’s proprietary technology is exactly what we were looking for and we are sure this will give us the power to reach more players than ever across Brazil during this exciting time for the market.”

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