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Can Sony Finally Crack China With The PlayStation 5?

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Can Sony Finally Crack China With The PlayStation 5?
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With the launch of the PlayStation 5 just around the corner and the pre-recorded video of the new console ready to be played to millions of gamers in a number of days, is this the beginning of Sony finally cracking China? The hype around the new console has continued to grow since the announcement of the PlayStation 5 across the world, including China. As China’s market has started to become more console-friendly, is the PlayStation 5 going to crack it or are there still barriers in its way? Similarly to consoles being banned in China, online gambling in China is also difficult for Chinese citizens to access and for them to find a suitable site to use. So, if Sony were to crack China with the PlayStation 5, this could be the beginning of online gaming and gambling becoming more accessible for citizens in China.

Gaming In China
Historically, Chinese players have preferred to play games on smartphones and PCs, which is partly due to consoles being banned in the country until as recently as 2015. However, of course the consoles weren’t completely unavailable, but were more expensive through grey market imports. Due to the lower prices of smartphones and PCs compared to other devices, it allowed these to thrive in the country. This lead to smartphones being a key opportunity for Chinese gaming companies to make a name for themselves, including names such as NetEase and Tencent. Despite their success, these companies are now looking towards console games, with both soring deals with big names in gaming development, such as PlatinumGames and Marvelous.

Sony has been trying to crack China’s growing console development talent, launching the China Hero Project, which was an initiative to promote and invest in PlayStation 4 games that were made by Chinese developers.

The country has strict controls on what is and isn’t approved for sale, so some games are forced to make changes to get by the censors. Now, Chinese gamers are used to creating ways to get around the restrictions, relying on the international version of Steam to play games that would normally be blocked. The Chinese gamers that get to play the PlayStation 5 first will probably do so through the grey market. However, if Sony are to have better success in the country they will need local games or a way for Chinese gamers to access their games and consoles overseas.

PlayStation 5
The new, sleek design of the PlayStation 5 is just one of the exciting features added to the console. With stunning games with graphics that you won’t have seen before, as well as lightning speed loading, you can discover a deeper gaming with the new console. The adaptive triggers and 3D audio technology are all part of innovative features of the PlayStation 5, and the DualSense PS5 controller that was revealed earlier this year by Sony, includes a built-in mic for impressive play.

The different look and colour scheme of both the controller and gaming console signifies a significant departure from its competitors. The space-age black and white theme provides a seamless finish to the PlayStation 5 and DualSense PS5 controller. With the reveal of the surprise PS5 Digital Edition too, which is an all-digital console without a disc drive, gamers are sure to be excited about this new generation of gaming. New glimpses at the console are being revealed in the lead up to the release date later in 2020, so will Sony finally crack China with the PlayStation 5?

Gamers in China are currently divided on their thoughts towards the look of the PlayStaion 5, with social media being flooded with memes and opinions about the new gaming console by Sony. Some say it looks futuristic and high-tech, whereas others say that it resembles other home appliances. However, despite this divide, it’s unlikely that this will impact them wanting to purchase the console. Chinese gamers are instead more worried whether the regulations in China will allow them to have access to a wide selection of games.

As previously mentioned, China allowed companies such as Microsoft and Sony to sell consoles around 5 years ago, but kept a restriction on the games available to gamers. Despite Chinese gamers previously having a trick to access foreign stores on the Chinese PS4, this has been recently disabled. This has led to many questions as to how the PS5 will be accessible to everyone. Therefore, many are looking to Sony to see their ability to balance the demands of gamers and strict regulations by the Chinese authorities, as this will have an impact on the popularity and success of the new gaming console in the country.

So, with the release of the PlayStation 5 getting nearer, everyone is not only excited to play the new console, but also see is Sony is able to crack China with the PS5.


Made-in-India Battle Royale Indus Gameplay Trailer Revealed via London Takeover, Pre-Registrations Live Now



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Leading Indian game developer SuperGaming has revealed the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming Indo-Futuristic battle royale Indus to celebrate India’s Republic Day of January 26, 2023.

To launch the gameplay trailer, the company released a series of high-impact takeovers across the biggest locations in London. This is in line with SuperGaming’s vision of putting India on the global gaming map much like its previous Indus trailer launch at New York’s Times Square to mark India’s Independence Day of August 15, 2022.

“As we’ve been making Indus and seeing its gameplay evolve over the year, we wanted to share it with the rest of the world,” says SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Roby John. “This gameplay trailer is for the Indus community the world over that may not have been able to play it with us and to show off the true scale of battle royale that we want you to have when the game is out.”

The trailer entices players to discover, loot, and win on Virlok — the game’s island map, all while showcasing Indus’ weapons, Paragons (the game’s character skins), and traversal. It also highlights multiple locations and firefights with an intent of showing the scope and size of the battle royale experience SuperGaming aims to provide.

You can check out the trailer right here:


Indus Pre-Registration Details

Pre-registrations for Indus are now live on the Google Play Store for Android with pre-registrations on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS to follow soon. Pre-registering early will get you exclusive surprises that will make your experience of Indus truly your own.

You can pre-register now for Indus via the Google Play Store.

In the run up to Indus’ release date, SuperGaming will have multiple community playtests through the year. The last community playtest was held at Comic Con Bengaluru which was met with a tremendous response from the community, on an average being overbooked by 50 percent for each playtest slot. Players will be able to share their thoughts on various aspects of the game and impact the direction of how SuperGaming crafts its most ambitious title yet.

The first Indus Community Playtest for 2023 will be revealed soon.

For more on Indus, check out the developer blog as YouTube, Discord, Twitter, and
Instagram for the latest behind-the-scenes updates.

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SCCG Management Unveils SCCG ASIA – A Regional Campaign Led by Kent Jenkins from SCCG’s New Office in Bangkok, Thailand



Reading Time: 2 minutes


SCCG Management, a leading management advisory firm specializing in the gaming industry, is proud to announce the launch of its new regional campaign, SCCG – ASIA. The campaign aims to provide management advisory services to Casino, iGaming, Sports Betting, and Esports companies in Asia, as well as provide solutions and resources for existing SCCG client partners looking to enter Asia’s gambling market.

SCCG – ASIA will be led by Kent Jenkins, who has been appointed as the Director of the campaign. With decades of experience in international management throughout Asia, Kent brings to SCCG Management a very high level of knowledge and expertise and is well-positioned to lead the campaign from the new SCCG office located in Bangkok, Thailand.

“We are excited to announce the launch of SCCG – ASIA and to have Kent Jenkins at the helm,” said Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management. “We believe that the Asian market for the gambling industry is poised for significant growth and we are confident that this regional campaign will help our client partners navigate this dynamic market and achieve success.”

Kent Jenkins said, “I am thrilled to join SCCG and take on the role of leading the regional campaign for SCCG – ASIA. I am eager to work with Stephen and his talented team of industry leaders boasting over 30 years of experience in the gambling industry. I’m excited to utilize my resources and experience to drive growth and success for SCCG in the region.”

SCCG – ASIA will provide a full range of management advisory services, including strategic planning, market analysis, business development and operational support. With a team of experienced leaders from the gaming industry, SCCG – ASIA will empower companies to reach new heights in the Asian market.

The Asian market presents a significant growth potential for companies in the gambling industry as it offers a large customer base due to the continent’s high population, as well as a growing middle class with disposable income. Additionally, the online and mobile gambling market is rapidly growing in Asia, providing opportunities for companies to reach customers through digital channels. Furthermore, some Asian governments are actively encouraging foreign gambling companies by offering tax breaks and other incentives, and some countries are looking to legalize gambling which could open up new opportunities. Overall, the Asian market presents a significant growth potential for companies in the gambling industry.

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Alvin Chau Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison



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Alvin Chau, one of Macau’s high-profile gambling promoters, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for racketeering and illegal gambling activities.

Chau was the former chairman of Suncity Group, a Macau-based company that helped promote gambling by lending credit to high rollers. Macau is the only region in China where gambling in casinos is legal.

Chau was ordered by the court to pay the Macau government more than HK$6.5 billion ($830 million) as well as $22.7 million to $98 million to a number of casino operators.

Chau was first arrested in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang on November 2020.

After his arrest, experts said that the move signalled a tougher stance on gambling in Macau by the Beijing authorities.

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