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European Casino Companies Targeting the Indian Market

George Miller



European Casino Companies Targeting the Indian Market
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Some of the biggest players in the casino industry cut their teeth in the UK and Europe. For many, the plan has been to conquer the worldwide market and that means moving into new markets and making their mark.

One of the big pushes recently by European casino companies has been to move into the Indian market. Websites such as show Indian casino players where they can play online and take advantage of some great deal promotions and bonuses.

Why are Indian Players Choosing European Casinos?

There is a world of betting opportunities out there for Indian players to explore. Local bookmakers and casinos cannot match the service available elsewhere, and now Indians are looking to find that service.

Casinos in India are usually small services, offering few games, small bonuses and little else for players to use. However, those elsewhere offer much more, and now that Indian players have realised this, they want a piece of the action.

It is not uncommon for European casinos to offer over 1000 games to their players across the different sections of their site. This type of service is what players from anywhere want, we all want choice and the feeling that there is something on the site for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their gaming style.

Those using smaller services will have seen in the past instances where they wanted to play a specific type of game, but it was unavailable with their casino. With the big European brands, you will rarely see this, and more often than not you will have a service that is too big if anything, and they have games you just won’t have time to explore because so much else is on offer.

What Bonuses Can European Casinos Offer?

The European casino market is one of the most competitive in the world. When a market is competitive, companies have to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers to their site.

This is something that has been borrowed from bookmakers, who offer targeted free bets to the players they want to attract. For example, Indian players may be targeted by free bets on IPL cricket to get them interested.

For casinos, the best way to stand out is to offer large welcome bonuses and other regular offers for players to use. They can afford to do this, because they already have a lot of customers and because they know they need to do it if they want any more.

Smaller Indian brands cannot compete with these offers, they are smaller companies with less income and offering a loss-making welcome bonus to attract players is not good for their business.

From a player’s perspective, finding a great welcome bonus when you sign up with a casino should be towards the top of your priority list. With European casinos offering the biggest and best bonuses online, naturally players are going to go with them.

This is one of the main reasons why Indian players are moving across to the European casinos and if they continue to offer these tempting bonuses to players then they are only going to attract more.

What Could the Future Look Like?

It is going to be really interesting to see what happens in the future with the Indian market. One thing that looks set to happen is that more Indian players are going to choose the better service on option with European casino sites.

However, if the value of Indian players continues to rise and European casinos start fighting over them, this could be a point when Indian players start to get a really good service from their providers. Following the latest industry news will give you signs of this happening, should casinos start putting resources this way.

Will we see specific Indian bonuses, Rupees accepted by most if not all casinos and others ways that services can be specifically tailored towards the Indian market?

Gambling of all forms is very popular in India, from sports betting to casino gaming, and many are looking for somewhere to play games or place bets.

They have options now, but could be facing a lot more in the future if casino companies from around the world begin to compete with each other to land as many Indian players as possible.  

The future is unknown, but would best be described as bright, with the potential to be even better if Indian players prove their value and show they are something worth competing over.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at sports betting or casino gaming, if providers begin to compete with each other for business, the end result is usually very positive for the user.



SuperCric – India’s first strategy cricket manager simulation game

George Miller



SuperCric - India’s first strategy cricket manager simulation game
Reading Time: 4 minutes


AnalytIQ Sports Technologies launches India’s first strategy ‘Cricket Manager’ with all gameplay powered by our proprietary AI-driven simulator game, SuperCric. The Bangalore based sports tech start-up has built a proprietary cricket simulator tool based on real historical data from cricket tournaments worldwide (the only one of its kind globally available for fans to explore the likelihood of occurrence of performance for their favourite players and teams), that will enable better choice-making for daily fantasy gamers this IPL season and also give them an opportunity to engage and better their skills all year round.

SuperCric, built with a proprietary simulation tool, is developed as a first of its kind sports engagement tool which will facilitate better decision making for the invested cricket fan. In a new genre of gameplay – fans are putting their cricket intelligence and judgment against the traditional knowledge of teams. Can you outsmart Rohit or MSD on the field is the real question?

SuperCric, a modern-day cricket manager which will now enable Cricket fans to put on their Captain’s hat and see how each choice they make in the game has an implication on the outcome of the match. By testing their choices and gauging the possible outcomes through this tool, fantasy players have an opportunity to widen their chances of winning bigger in their fantasy games this IPL.

SuperCric is not a fantasy platform but an ideal tool for fantasy gamers that is powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven proprietary simulation tool that is able to predict the probability of a win for each team with an over 90% accuracy rate. In the immediate future, SuperCric aims to target every fan tuned into this year’s IPL with viewership numbers expected to be in excess of 600million people across India.

This game lets you pick your playing XI from your squad for some legendary tournaments and using only your strategic understanding of the game as a tool can you craft a winning XI or an over by over strategy of who should bowl.

As a cricket fan, you always feel some key moments should have had different decision making. Some team selections have been tricky given the opposition. And you have never had a way to validate this feeling. SuperCric is a unique simulator that lets you simulate a game and its combinations many times over. Soon the game will also let you simulate key games from a certain stage in the match allowing you to validate your judgments.

SuperCric is founded and developed by ex-cricketer and IPL presenter Suhail Chandhok and the husband-wife entrepreneurial team of McKinsey India man Arvind Sivdas from IIM Calcutta and Dhanya Param from IIT Madras, who also co-own Kabaddi Adda. This platform is the Kabaddi world’s fastest-growing digital content & distribution platform which offers deep insight into the Kabaddi ecosystem with over 28 million views. Suhail being an ex-cricketer and current IPL presenter himself will now take this opportunity to reflect his experience and knowledge gathered over the years in SuperCric.

A former professional sportsman hailing from 3 generations of Sport, Suhail Chandhok is currently one of India’s leading Sports Presenters & Commentators, having been the face & voice of global sporting properties such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pro Kabaddi League, Wimbledon Tennis, among several others. Chandhok played professional Cricket in Australia & the UK and enjoyed a stint with the IPL’s Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2009 & 10.

According to Suhail Chandhok Co-Founder, SuperCric, “The gaming ecosystem is at the cusp of disruption. COVID has pushed the market to explore and embrace games faster. The data economy with more time on hand for users points to an even bigger future for the industry. Investors are recognizing this and lining up to being new genres itself into this market.”

SuperCric recently raised angel funding of an undisclosed amount from a European investor, Pontus Lemberg. They plan to launch the game and expand its user base to 10 million by the end of the upcoming cricket season.

Key features:

Tournaments – In this mode, users can play as their favorite team and play the whole tournament with the same team. This feature allows the user to go through the whole tournament (14 matches in the case of IPL) in a week. Moving forward we will introduce older data and so allow users to play tournaments with their favourite IPL teams from 2008 onwards. Over time new tournaments will be launched on every Saturday and be active till midnight on the following Friday.

Tournament Rewards – Much like real tournaments, awards will be given to the top teams, highest-scoring batsmen, top wicket-takers, highest sixes, most stumpings, and much more. This will allow users to think about their squads over the whole tournament and simulate the experience of having to shuffle their squads if they don’t win and stick to squads that work well.

Weekly Leaderboards – The awards will be given for the large selection of winners for every tournament. All points earned during a live tournament will contribute towards the weekly leaderboard.

MSD quotient – At Super Cric decisions determine your destiny. We created a metric called MSD quotient named after arguably World’s greatest T20 captain. This gives the user a sense of risk they are taking with every decision.

Play by Play Mode – This feature makes the pressures of being on the field more realistic. Decisions need to be made when wickets fall and after every over. Users need to plan and manage their resources wisely.

Cards – Three cards are awarded to every player who enters the tournament. Users can deploy the card to get a pitch report before the match, increase the aggression of play when required and replace one player after the toss. This will add a fun quotient to users’ experience at Super Cric.

Decision Review Screen –  At the end of the match, users get machine learning-driven insights into their decisions in their match. This will help them make similar or better decisions in the following matches.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech – Our simulator is built on the back of long-dated historical data. Matchups like player ability/weakness against a specific bowler and a bowling skill type are also reflected. Also leaves flexibility for miracles as only AI can offer. The simulation also does reflect the current form of the player and will constantly keep getting updated as we receive more data in the system.

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Sportradar to Support BCCI at the 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL)

George Miller



Sportradar to Support BCCI at the 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL)
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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has today signed an agreement with Sportradar Integrity Services – the world’s leading supplier of sports integrity solutions and sports data products – to support its Anti-Corruption Unit in monitoring and safeguarding the integrity of matches in the 2020 IPL season.

As part of the agreement, all matches from the 2020 IPL – to be held in the United Arab Emirates – will be monitored by Sportradar to detect betting irregularities. Sportradar will also provide a risk assessment to the BCCI driven by intelligence and data-driven insights, and furthermore the BCCI will be able to call upon Sportradar’s Intelligence and Investigation Services during the term of the partnership, if required.

Sportradar is currently working with some of the world’s biggest leagues and federations, including FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). In India, it has worked with the likes of the Indian Super League and the Pro Kabaddi League.

Sportradar Integrity Services’ Managing Director Andreas Krannich added: “It is an honour to partner with the BCCI for the 2020 IPL season. As the global leader in sporting integrity, we hope to provide our expertise and help protect the tournament against integrity related issues. We know that the BCCI takes integrity seriously, and we look forward to working alongside them throughout the tournament and providing our support to their integrity programme.”

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Research Tips Indian Gaming Market to Reach $5 Billion by 2022

Niji Narayan



Research Tips Indian Gaming Market to Reach $5 Billion by 2022
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A study conducted by Bernstein Research has found that real money games are going to become the next big thing in India. The study estimates that the Indian gaming market is likely to grow by 37% per year and reach $5 billion by 2022. According to the study, real money games will account for $1.7 billion of the total.

The Covid-19 lockdowns has turned out a blessing in disguise. Gaming platforms showed a 30–40% increase in daily active users. The user engagement has become longer and deeper too.

Fantasy sports is the fastest growing vertical in the real money market, which has so far attracted 100 million users. Dream11, the market leader has a 90% market share.

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