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How Do Betbuilder Bets Work?

Zoltan Tundik



Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay
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These days, sports betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Indeed, according to statistics provided by Statista, the sector accounts for as much as 40% of the global gambling market, which in itself is believed to be worth over $400 billion. Clearly, sports betting is a lucrative industry.

With that in mind, sports betting providers have been searching for new and innovative ways to entice customers into signing up with them. One recent development which has proven to be hugely popular with punters is the advent of the Sportsbet betbuilder, which offers unprecedented freedom in the type of bets that a player can lay.

Are you confused as to what a betbuilder bet constitutes? Do you have questions about how it works? If that sounds familiar, this handy guide should allay any doubts you may have and set you straight, so that you can begin enjoying the plethora of possibilities offered by this new way of betting right away.

How do betbuilder bets work?

Betbuilders are a thoroughly modern way of gambling which puts the player firmly in the driving seat with regard to their bets. Across a number of different sports, bettors can select a single match and then tailor-make their own bet based upon a wide range of different metrics.

The individual odds of each metric are then taken into account and accumulated, creating one single bet that is unique to the player. For example, if an individual had their eye on an upcoming relegation six-pointer in the English Premier League, they could create a single bet which is dependent upon a unique combination of different metrics.

Say, for example, that you fancy the underdog to score first and then go on to win the game. Both of those markets would be combined together to give an aggregate odds rating, which could be further customised by including an estimation of the number of corners taken, the total cards issued by the referee or any other number of metrics. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

What makes a betbuilder bet so attractive?

The main benefit of a betbuilder bet is the freedom that it brings to sports betting. There’s nothing like the thrill of seeing your predictions come true and that’s all the more powerful when those predictions have been handpicked by yourself and no-one else. Customising a bet to your heart’s content lends it an edge of personality and importance that other bets simply do not offer.

The second draw of a betbuilder bet is the lucrative odds that they can often carry. Obviously, the less likely an event is to happen, the longer the odds that will be attributed to it and the more money that a bettor can win. When using the betbuilder format, a canny gambler can combine several different scenarios which, individually, are not that unlikely – but when their odds are accumulated, can give generous returns.

Finally, betbuilder bets are popular because of the number of different sports that they apply to. At Sportsbet, fans can bet on soccer, American football, Aussie rules football, cricket, basketball, rugby league and rugby union using the betbuilder format. That means that gambling aficionados are catered for, regardless of which particular sport they prefer.

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Fruit Million a “Shapeshifter” Online Slot by BGaming

Niji Narayan



Fruit Million a “Shapeshifter” Online Slot by BGaming
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Fruit Million, a traditional-style fruit slot released in the middle of December, has quickly become one of the most successful games in BGaming’s line-up.

It has become one of the top eight slots of a major casino in just 10 days. The slot with 100 paylines and features such as extended wilds and a gamble round surprises casino lovers with its simplicity and generosity. Furthermore, it is designed in a way that keeps players involved and entertained.

Thousands of players all over the world have plunged into the festive Christmas atmosphere of the Fruit Million slot, but it is now time to revert its skin to the standard look. Its attractive design and convenient interface will also excite both newcomers and experienced players.

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Compliance Updates

Stats Perform Receives IBIA Data Standards Accreditation

Niji Narayan



Stats Perform Receives IBIA Data Standards Accreditation
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Stats Perform has become the first betting data provider to be awarded the International Betting Integrity Association’s (IBIA) independently audited Data Standards Accreditation for the collection and distribution of sports event data for betting.

The award represents the highest mark of betting data quality and integrity available and is assessed by expert independent auditors, eCOGRA.

“I am delighted to announce that Stats Perform is the first company to meet the data standards protocols IBIA published in October 2020. In passing the independent auditing process, Stats Perform has demonstrated secure and robust internal procedures for the collation of sporting event data for betting and may now utilise the Data Standards Kitemark,” Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, said.

“Stats Perform met every requirement set out in the data standards protocols. The company was well-prepared for the auditing process, and the evidence that was reviewed was representative of a company culture that is in line with the core principles of IBIA’s data integrity standards and committed to continually improving upon them,” Shaun McCallaghan, CEO of eCOGRA, said.

“This accreditation is thanks to tireless quality and integrity efforts from our sports data operations teams over the past 15 years and, whilst we’re grateful for the recognition, we know our efforts don’t stop here. We continuously search for new threats and assess opportunities to improve our sports data processes, people and technology,” Andrew Ashenden, Chief Betting Officer at Stats Perform, said.

“Stats Perform’s RunningBall and Opta sports data is chosen by the world’s leading rights holders, sportsbooks and pricing providers to power exceptional in-play betting experiences for millions of global sports bettors,” Andrew Ashenden added.

“Our priority at Stats Perform is the integrity of the betting markets and of the competitions upon which they rely. Effective risk management of our data supply chain involves ongoing investment, collaboration and commitment across numerous expert teams who live and breathe the quality of our product. We are very proud to be recognised by the IBIA for our dedication to quality and integrity,” Jake Marsh, Global Head of Integrity at Stats Perform, said.

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INTRALOT pick Algosport to provide innovative Bet Builder products

George Miller



INTRALOT pick Algosport to provide innovative Bet Builder products
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Innovative UK based sportsbetting technology company Algosport are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement to provide Bet Builder products to industry giant INTRALOT.

Under the terms of the deal, current and future INTRALOT customers will benefit from market-leading Bet Builder products initially for pre-match football, but with the ability to expand to include In:Play betting options across a wide variety of sports, with Cashout supported as standard. Unlike some other providers, Algosports proprietary technology will be housed within INTRALOT’s current platform infrastructure, increasing accuracy and robustness, plus reducing the latency and other problems seen with some API or feed-based solutions.

Leigh Herdman, CEO at Algosport, said, “This is a really exciting deal for Algosport, and we are really pleased to be working with INTRALOT, who are one of the biggest names in betting and gaming”

Alongside traditional same game multiples for sports such as soccer and basketball, Algosport are also continually enhancing the service and recently added innovative products for handball and snooker betting markets. In addition,
Algosport recently became one of the first providers to offer Bet Builder products for eSports titles such as FIFA 2020. These innovations have proved incredibly popular with operators, as eSports betting replaced some of the revenue lost due to Covid-related reductions in the sporting calendar.

Leigh Herdman, CEO at Algosport, concluded: ‘The signing of this deal, alongside the recently announced supplier agreement with EveryMatrix, makes for a really exciting time at Algosport and we look forward to providing INTRALOT clients around the world with our innovative products. 2020 has obviously been a particularly challenging year for the gambling industry, however we have big plans for Algosport in 2021 that will see the launch of exciting new products and services for our existing customers, as well as bringing aboard numerous new clients”

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