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Top 10 countries with the highest earning prizewinning esports players (Data)

George Miller



Top 10 countries with the highest earning prizewinning esports players (Data)
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Paxful has analyzed the highest-earning prizewinning esports players from around the world to see which countries have the most esports players per million and where the world’s top gamers are earning more than their country’s average monthly salary.

  • China has the highest earning prizewinning esports players in the world compared to salary with gamers earning 1237% of the average wage in the country.
  • UK gamers earn on average 225% of the average UK salary. 
  • Belarus has the most prizewinning esports players per million with 1011.4 esports players per million people in the country.
  • The UK has 51.2 prizewinning esports players per million. 
  • Switzerland is the cheapest country to be a gamer when comparing popular console prices with the average national salary.

The 10 countries with the highest-earning prizewinning esports players 

  • Prizewinning esports players in China take the lead with the highest earnings compared to the country’s average salary (1237%).
  • UK ranks 27 with gamers there earning 225% of the average UK salary.
Rank Country % of average salary
1 China 1237%
2 Philippines 1145%
3 Brazil 1014%
4 Jordan 879%
5 Argentina 557%
6 Bulgaria 534%
7 Pakistan 528%
8 United States 515%
9 Lebanon 501%
10 Ukraine 493%
27 United Kingdom 225%

The 10 countries with most prizewinning esports players per million 

  • We analyzed the number of prizewinning esports players per million against the population of 109 different countries.
  • There are more prizewinning esports players in Belarus than anywhere else in the world.
  • The UK comes in at number 24 with 51.2 prizewinning esports players per million.
Rank Country gamers per million
1 Belarus 1011.4
2 Malta 565.8
3 Iceland 315.8
4 Finland 279.7
5 Denmark 274.7
6 Sweden 258.2
7 Norway 173.4
8 Estonia 156.6
9 Latvia 111.6
10 Singapore 110.7
24 United Kingdom 51.2

The 10 cheapest countries in the world to be a gamer

  • To calculate how affordable a console is, we measured the retail price of each console against the average monthly salary in each country in this study.
  • Switzerland takes the top spot in our affordability ranking.
  • The UK comes in at number 20 when comparing the console prices to the national average salary.
Percentage of salary
Rank Country Nintendo Switch iPhone SE PC Index
1 Switzerland 6.5% 7.6% 16.3% 3
2 United States 8.4% 11.2% 28.1% 6
3 Singapore 9.0% 13.3% 30.7% 9
4 Australia 10.0% 14.4% 33.7% 13
5 Japan 10.7% 16.2% 34.7% 18
6 Denmark 11.2% 16.6% 30.9% 18
7 Hong Kong 10.2% 15.0% 44.7% 25
8 Canada 12.4% 18.6% 35.8% 26
9 UAE 12.7% 17.7% 40.8% 31
10 Germany 13.9% 20.4% 37.0% 35
20 United Kingdom 15.0% 21.4% 48.2% 55



  • The sample of esports players in our analysis consists of every prizewinning player from countries with $20,000 or more in historic tournament wins.
  • Esports earnings are sourced from the top-earning players per country for 2019, with a maximum sample per country of 100 players’ earnings
  • The retail prices of the products were gathered from various sources, including official brand websites and regional online stores.
  • The cost of the gaming PC in our analysis is based on the cost of a Dell G5 Gaming Desktop with a GTX 1660 graphics card.
  • Prices may reflect the retail price for a console that is shipped from an international retailer.
  • Average monthly salary data was sourced from Numbeo.
  • Index score – Countries ranked as a cumulative price ranking per gaming hardware; a lower score = more affordable country.



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George Miller



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Publisher and global sports business agency hereby focus on Esports and authentic in-game brand integrations

GIANTS Software and SPORTFIVE today announce a purposeful marketing partnership, which focuses on the gaming brand Farming Simulator and aims to enhance the related Esports universe and the authenticity of the game environment via the realistic in-game integration of brands.

In trusting the Esports know-how and commercial experience of SPORTFIVE, GIANTS Software further accelerates the marketing activities for its competitive Esports series Farming Simulator League. The global sports business agency SPORTFIVE hereby adds a truly valuable element to its portfolio that highlights the immense potential in regard to in-game advertising possibilities. These integrations offer an authentic way for a variety of brands to get involved with Esports, especially for rather traditional brands that have never had contact with the Esports cosmos before. At the same time, this provides unique access to a new, large and additional target group within the Esports landscape.

The video games series Farming Simulator is the most popular gaming title from developer and publisher GIANTS Software. The game series is a global phenomenon and available on all popular platforms including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Since 2008, over 25 million versions of Farming Simulator have been sold worldwide on PC and console alone.

SPORTFIVE now is supporting GIANTS Software in the acquisition of new partners in selected areas. The Farming Simulator world offers an attractive variety of authentic integration possibilities for brands: From becoming a partner of the professional Esports series Farming Simulator League, over in-game advertising via geo-targeted billboards to usable in-game content, i.e. stores, working equipment or vehicles.

Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software, explains: “We’re delighted to reach this agreement with such an experienced marketer. It will become the origin of further immersion into our vast maps. I already envision many larger additions and even tiny details, and all together will bring our family-friendly world to life and will add authenticity to the overall simulation experience.”

Thomas Ottl, Executive Director Global Esports at SPORTFIVE, adds: “We are truly excited for this partnership, which is strongly designed to enhance the gaming experience for the family-friendly and international fan base of Farming simulator. The innovative in-game integrations are an authentic way for brands to get in touch with a diverse and large target group and with these integrations, the game will be even more like reality. We cannot wait to get to work!”

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EVOS Esports Announces Continued Investment In Singapore, Esports Player Promoted To Management Role

George Miller



EVOS Esports Announces Continued Investment In Singapore, Esports Player Promoted To Management Role
Reading Time: 2 minutes


EVOS Esports, the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia, has appointed its former professional player, Stefan Chong, popularly known to fans as EVOS.Soul, as its Business Development Lead for EVOS Esports in Singapore.

EVOS Esports will continue investing into the Singapore esports industry by having a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team (EVOS SG) to represent the country at national and international level esports tournaments. EVOS SG will be participating in the upcoming MLBB Professional League 2021 (MPL Singapore) with a roster that will shock the competition and are confident in lifting the trophy for the upcoming season.

Stefan will be leading EVOS Esports’ business development initiatives in Singapore, by engaging stakeholders from various verticals such as brands, government agencies, and MOONTON Games, the gaming publisher and developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. From a young age, he has performed well in his classes while gaming.

Stefan holds a diploma in Aerospace Technology with Ngee Ann Polytechnic and has taken up a degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering at the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Stefan was part of the EVOS SG team representing Singapore which competed against the world’s best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players at the M2 World Championship, that was hosted in January 2021 in Singapore.
He has also represented Singapore’s esports team at the SEA Games 2019 in Philippines.

Stefan Chong, Business Development Lead of EVOS Esports (Singapore) said, “I am thankful to the fans for supporting me in my esports career thus far, and am grateful to Ivan and the senior leadership team for their trust in me as I spearhead EVOS Esports’ business development efforts in Singapore. I look forward to connecting with brands, government agencies and game publishers as we continue investing in Singapore.”

Ivan Yeo, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EVOS Esports added, “Stefan is a great role model and a testament to the positive impact that EVOS Esports has brought to the esports industry in Singapore; a student turned professional player and now appointed as our Business Development Lead to spearhead EVOS Esports initiatives in the country. His deep insights on the esports eco-system will be highly valuable as we engage with
brands and government agencies to elevate esports to the next level.”

EVOS Esports was founded in 2017 with 100-over employees in four countries and three teams from EVOS Esports represented Singapore and Indonesia in the SEA Games 2019.

EVOS Esports currently manages 160 gaming influencers exclusively and are partners with over 200 esports talents, with a total following of over 64 million YouTube subscribers and over 62 million Instagram followers, and over 350 million views per month across Southeast Asia.

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Ultimate Battle, India’s first-ever one-stop esports Online Platform; set to revolutionize Indian Esports market

George Miller



Ultimate Battle, India’s first-ever one-stop esports Online Platform; set to revolutionize Indian Esports market
Reading Time: 3 minutes


A 360-degree platform with Esports Titles Tournaments, Gaming News & an E-commerce Portal for gamers

Ultimate Battle is India’s first-ever one-stop online Esports platform for all gaming needs, an ecosystem for players to connect, interact and compete with each other in their favorite Esports title games for competition and rewards. The platform provides a focused designed and playing facility with unparalleled competitive gaming experiences for gamers, the esports community, and millions of esports fans around the world via esports tournaments and industry-related informative content production- in short, Ultimate Battle boasts to be a gamer’s paradise.

The platform also caters to the Esports community with an E-commerce Portal, virtual supermart for all gaming enthusiasts, a unique concept, and a first for the esports sector in India. This helps in provisioning a 360-degree platform to gaming enthusiasts for news on the latest esports trends, consume high-quality gaming content as well an environment to compete, and bud new talents for the Esports competitive scene.

“Gaming was mostly recreational all this while but with the absence of Live Sports, people who had a competitive bent of mind got hooked to online esports and the sudden surge is there for everyone to witness. I truly believe this is an opportune moment for homegrown brands like us, who are in the business of Esports and have created a unique value proposition for the gamers. This is a very exciting time for Ultimate Battle; we are a new age Esports online platform with a plug and play option which is innovative, informative and also provides E-commerce facilities for various gaming needs—all embedded into one single platform,” said Tarun Gupta, a gamer and Founder of Ultimate Battle.

India in the past couple of years has emerged as the hotbed for mobile esports. The growth of online esports gaming has seen an exponential rise due to the penetration of smartphones resulting in a mammoth of 365 million Indian gamers across mobile, PC, and console which is projected to reach 440 million by 2022 according to industry estimates.

The foundation and flavor of Ultimate Battle points towards this esports boom with some of the key gamer-friendly product features being;

  • Game Play – Engage with fellow games and play tournaments/Challenges
  • Socialize – Connect with gamers, make friends & chat with the community
  • E-commerce – a one-stop-shop offering jaw-dropping deals & best pricing on top brands of Gaming Hardware, Consoles & Gaming Accessories
  • Content – Consume great content gameplay news & media

The platform currently has popular esports titles like Call of Duty, Garena Free Fire, Valorant, FIFA20, CS: GO, DOTA2, Fortnite including Chess, which has topped gamer’s preferences during the pandemic. Currently, the platform has a strong player base across games and has hosted close to 30000 matches since its inception in 2017.

“To bring Esports into the mainstream and engage millions of gamers and fans together, we have multiple popular esports titles on our platform. In the year 2019, India alone amounted to 13% of the total game downloads worldwide with mobile games in the forefront. We are consistently working to develop Esports in India. Since our inception we as a tech brand specializing in esports aim to provide thousands of gamers with a unique online experience to participate in multi-player mobile, console, and PC video game competitive tournaments and win prize money,” added Gupta who is also an expert in product design and technology development.

This platform also serves as a go-to platform to kickstart one’s career in the competitive circuit. All the esports athletes will get essential exposure and a platform where they can enhance their tactical skills, strategies & coordination.

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