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Cryptocurrency gambling traffic saw threefold increase in 2020, SoftSwiss shares

George Miller



Cryptocurrency gambling traffic saw threefold increase in 2020, SoftSwiss shares
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According to the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator 2020 corporate report, “the absolute and relative value of cryptocurrency gambling traffic has increased threefold in 2020, compared to 2019”, said Andrey Starovoitov, COO at SoftSwiss.

Moreover, SoftSwiss Game Aggregator statistics further highlight that cryptocurrency is currently actively used by the whole world, with increasing interest in Canada, Russia, and Latin America.

The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator supports several of the most popular cryptocurrencies, but the undoubted leader was and still is bitcoin with a dominating 90%, and other cryptocurrencies (ETH, LTC in second and third place respectively) holding the remaining 10%.

Finally, the report concludes that the rapidly growing popularity of cryptocurrency as a means of payment leads to a rising interest in crypto gambling, a marketplace previously dominated by fiat. “Bitcoin is no longer exotic. In the coming years, we expect to see even more gaming studios supporting cryptocurrencies in their games, as well as casino operators integrating new crypto payment methods for their players”, adds Andrey Starovoitov.

The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator partners with over 70 game studios globally, providing more than 10,000 different games, 3,000 of which support crypto in-game. This extensive portfolio can be added to any gaming software platform through simple API integration. Furthermore, the solution has a unique customer service model, providing ongoing technical support, as well as a personal account manager with SoftSwiss.


Decentral Games Raises $5M of Funding

George Miller



Decentral Games Raises $5M of Funding
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Decentral Games (DG), a next generation entertainment platform at the intersection of metaverse and blockchain technology, is pleased to announce that it has completed its latest capital raise for aggregate gross proceeds of $5 million.

The funding round welcomed partners Collab+Currency, Metaverse Ventures (Digital Currency Group), Bitscale Capital, Cluster Capital, and AU21 Capital. The additional funding will allow the company to bolster its team and accelerate the development of additional features and products.

“Decentral Games offers players both the novelty of avatars gambling in a virtual world and the great user experience that gamers demand. We’re excited to back Scott, Miles and team as they continue to bring the massive opportunity in blockchain-enabled gaming to life.” – Casey Taylor, VP of Development at Digital Currency Group.

Since its founding in 2019, Decentral Games has diligently executed on its mission to become the premier platform for wager-based games where players can bet using cryptocurrency. This year the company has seen its most rapid expansion yet in terms of both technical developments and user growth. The company has seized the opportunity to expand the value proposition of its virtual landscapes, and consolidate the totality of its offerings which include three virtual casinos, an NFT store, and a forthcoming virtual nightclub space.

Decentral Games intends to use the funds to continue to invest in its infrastructure including additional headcount in the areas of product development and marketing in order to continue to acquire new users as well as expedite the deliverance of key features in the product pipeline. This includes the development of new casino table games including crypto Poker, tournament style poker, and a new and improved slots game.

While the cryptocurrency market at large has faced extreme volatility in recent weeks, $DG continues to be underpinned by strong fundamentals. Since launching its token in December, 2020, betting volumes have increased quarter over quarter and recently eclipsed a landmark $80 million. The platform’s strong cash flows have contributed to the growth of the treasury, which remains well capitalized with over $8 million in assets, a 1000% quarter over quarter increase.

To meet community and investor demand, the company has scaled its team from 10 to 43 employees. DG has received accolades from the broader cryptocurrency community for becoming the world’s first metaverse employer, creating 20 hosting jobs thus far for remote workers, each of whom plays a critical role in welcoming new users into the metaverse.

“From day one the Decentral Games team has made community engagement a top priority. The legacy gambling industry has historically functioned by pinning the house against the player. Decentral Games’ community-first focus has flipped this dynamic effectively creating alignment between investors and players by allowing everyone the opportunity to ‘be the house,’ states Co-Founder & CEO, Miles Anthony. “We are thrilled to welcome our new partners to fortify our capital position and provide our team with the flexibility to continue to focus on community-driven initiatives while scaling our capabilities in order to bring more complex games and events to market.”

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Simplicity Esports to Mine Crypto Currency Using Gaming PCs

Niji Narayan



Simplicity Esports to Mine Crypto Currency Using Gaming PCs
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Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company (Simplicity Esports) has announced that it will, in collaboration with Esports Entertainment Group subsidiary ggCircuit, begin using its gaming PCs to passively mine crypto currencies, such as Ethereum when the machines are idle.

“We continue to find innovative ways to leverage the largest footprint of esports gaming centers in the U.S. for increasing revenue. We plan to have the first PCs mining Ethereum as soon as next week, and plan to rollout this strategy at all new locations that we acquire or build, as long as it remains economically viable. The beauty of the ggCircuit program is that initiating and halting mining activity can be done with the push of a button. At current levels, we expect to generate $100 to $125 in Ethereum per month per PC by mining during idle periods on the machines, including overnight,” Roman Franklin, CEO of Simplicity Esports, said.

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6 Important Tips on How to Select Reliable Crypto Casino in 2021

George Miller



6 Important Tips on How to Select Reliable Crypto Casino in 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Back in 2009, when Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, came into play, very few people understood the entire concept. As a matter of fact, crypto casinos were unheard of, with Bitcoin transactions only used in the black markets like Silk Road.

Slightly a decade later, the gambling industry experiences a new turn of events, with online casinos sprouting from various parts of the world. Thanks to this encouraging growth, cryptocurrencies garner a massive following due to their convenience, especially during the COVID 19 lockdowns. However, before investing in crypto casino, here are six helpful guidelines you should consider.

1, Competent and Secure Payments

Compared to other forms of payments, cryptocurrencies are highly susceptible to theft if a site has slack security measures. Altogether, a reliable crypto casino should use encryption to safeguard member’s data and resources.

In addition, members should confirm the payment process first before enrolling.  Typically, crypto transaction starts with opening a wallet account. Next, players fund the wallet through digital currencies and use crypto coins to deposit favorite casino sites.

All in all, be wary if your preferred gaming site uses an unfamiliar mode of payment. Remember that cryptocurrency’s primary purpose is to overcome practical challenges experienced in various forms of transactions. Therefore, if a crypto casino falls short, that’s a major red flag.

2, Accept Several Crypto Payments

In recent times, upcoming casinos accept different forms of crypto transactions. As a result, it would not make any sense to pick a site with limited options. Instead, spend money on reviewed and well-ranked crypto casinos like

Some of the most outstanding crypto payments that casinos use include Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and others.  Whatever option you choose, ensure that you weigh the pros and cons to avoid running into losses. Importantly, settle on a paying method that suits your games of choice without restrictions.

3, Observe Legal Licensing Requirements

Like any other running business, legality is a core requirement with crypto casinos.  Bear in mind that various gaming options require different licensing. Hence, take time to confirm if the platforms have applicable and legal licenses.

Mainly, fraudulent casinos disregard these vital prerequisite requirements to cut down costs. Then as a quick way to penetrate the market, they use enticing and unreal promises to lure gamblers. On such a basis, stay safe and only register with casinos that embrace transparency and legal procedures in all their operations.

4, Optimal Customer Service

Excellent customer service has a significant impact on online gambling. Furthermore, there is a higher chance of winning more clients if an online casino handles their clients well and meets their expectations.

Given that online gambling happens worldwide, a system that conveys in different languages goes a long way in keeping other customers satisfied. If possible, a crypto casino should incorporate telephone, email, and online chat support throughout the day to simplify the whole process. The bottom line is to ensure that clients receive the most favorable assistance always.

5, Bonuses and Incentives

An online crypto casino without incentives is likely to flop. After all, most punters invest in particular sites because of exciting bonuses on offer. One crowd-puller is the welcoming bonuses that vary from one casino to another. Other than that, some bonuses allow gamers to increase their initial deposits in various percentages.

Indisputably, bonuses add excitement to online gaming and keep gamblers on their feet eager to take home impressive bonuses. For this reason, settle on the sites that offer various verified bonuses to their clients.

6, Offer Assortment of Games

Modern gaming is a massive collecting of unique and breathtaking slot games. A decent crypto casino should focus on installing diversified and user-friendly games. Additionally, a combination of classic slot machines and new games makes it more thrilling and stimulating.

Apart from attracting more players to casino sites, various gambling games enhance the reputation of casino operators.

Wrap it up

Undeniably, online gaming offers an incredible for cryptocurrency holders to earn more coins. However, for a safe and rewarding experience, register on a site that meets the criteria above. Luckily, various websites run by experts assess, verify, and compare the safest casinos individuals should use. Above all, seek professional assistance on the best games and cryptocurrencies that enhances your chances of winning.

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