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Why Do Slot Game Developers Shrug Off RNG Virtual Games

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One of the most common mysteries surrounding gambling or betting is that slot game developers don’t look at RNG virtual games as much as they see slots as an advantage. That’s even though they both obviously use a random generator in generating combinations.

Virtual sports usually use Random Number Generator (RNG) to generate results, while slot machines use it to produce a pattern. Using RNG in virtual games makes the results more random and unpredictable.

But why do game developers shrug off RNG virtual sports? Let’s get to know the reason why.


Virtual Games and Slot Machines

First, let’s know how each of them specifically works, and let’s identify their differences.

Virtual sports rose to fame as it combines sports betting, esports, and slot machines. You can think of it as if you’re watching a demo of a video game. Then the operator of the virtual sports sets a line for the matchup where players then place their bets on the possible results of the game.

Contrary to esports where players face and fight one another live, the algorithm dictates the virtual sports results, making it unpredictable. That’s the role that RNG plays in finding the winner for virtual games.

It’s also worth noting that virtual sports games have more in common with their real-life counterparts than typical slot machines.

Meanwhile, slot machines work by hitting the spin on the slot. Slot reels will then rest in a certain pattern after spinning, and that will decide whether or not you hit the slot’s jackpot. The pattern will also be generated by the RNG, which is its key function.

Compared to the old mechanical slots where the possibilities are limited and thereby making the jackpots smaller, the rise of electrical slot gaming became a game-changer in the world of gambling.

With the first slot games made of mechanical gears, you’ll need to turn the reels once the lever is pushed. They have to be rotated orderly, from left to right until it’s back to their first position, at which point the reels cease successively in the same order wherever they begin to rotate.

This process of generating random symbols was generally the fairest during that time.

However, while this process has long served its purpose for slot machines, it doesn’t work for all online games. That’s why digital RNG was designed which changed the gears using microchips that allow generating random numbers, letters, and symbols.

Electrical slot gaming, as well as the development of the microchip, had paved the way for higher numbers of possible combinations and outcomes. With that, an increase in the value of prizes is expected with electrical slot gaming.


Differences Between Slots & Virtual Sports

At first, you may see no difference between virtual sports and slot machines. Their functions are simple, one is a computerized sporting event (i.e., RNG virtual sports) that offers a wide range of bets at different odds, while the other makes use of reels and symbols to generate a wide range of possible combinations and outcomes (slot machines). But the most obvious similarity between the two is their usage of RNG in generating results.

Although both may share more similarities than differences, we can’t deny the fact that the differences are strong enough to make some people choose one over the other. Both industries are thriving, with premium virtual sports deals being signed worldwide, and new slot gameplays appearing every year!

Jackpots are very common in slots. Much rarer in other RNG virtual games, including virtual sports. “Slots offer incredible headline prizes and payouts with jackpots which create a massive draw from hardcore and new casino goers! Virtual sports are not yet offering anything close to that that would offer a similar pull.”, said Stuart Smith from betandbeat.

For instance, many people may prefer slot machines over virtual sports as slots are just simpler and easier to play. Slots have much fewer cognitive prerequisites! People enjoy the convenience of just clicking the spin button and make no other decisions aside from that. Some may also choose slot games as it has a faster pace compared to virtual sports that usually lasts for about three to five minutes.

Regarding the return to player (RTP) rate, virtual sports gamblers may expect about 80%-90% on average while some slot machines may offer about 95%-99%. RTP is the projected percentage of wagers that a game may give back to the player later on.

When it comes to the odds of winning, players of live slot machines are said to have higher chances of winning than in online casinos. No online jackpots had come close to reaching the progressive jackpots on any Las Vegas Strip. For instance, the world record for the Megabucks slot is $39.7 million payouts. It was the biggest slot win ever.

Though your chances of winning a headline prize from progressive jackpots may depend on where you live as some local casinos may not have progressive jackpots that could beat the five-figure progressive jackpots from online casinos.

Given the differences between the two, it’s clear why game developers favor slots over RNG virtual sports. However, this is slowly changing as iGaming operators try to integrate more and more virtual sports in their inventory!

Since many gamblers opt for slot machines more than virtual games, casinos will obviously prefer to cater to the category that’s appealing to many people. The more people play a certain game, the more casinos profit from it. The more they invest in it, and here goes the virtuous cycle. And so far, virtual game developers have not yet cracked the code.


Goat Gamez, the studio founded by Movie Games and Robert Lewandowski, announces the game Sports: Renovations



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Movie Games S.A., a games publisher listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, has officially announced the game Sports: Renovations. The game is produced by Goat Gamez S.A., a company founded by Movie Games and Robert Lewandowski. The announcement will be accompanied by a trailer featuring Robert Lewandowski and a page on the Steam platform.

Sports: Renovations is a first-person simulator in which the player takes on the role of the person responsible for renovating deteriorating sports facilities and restoring them to their former glory. The player’s task is to raise the money needed to renovate a basketball court in their hometown by carrying out other renovation tasks.

The player will be responsible for the entire renovation process – from collecting and disposing of rubbish, to painting the walls, assembling the sports instruments and furnishing the interior. The player will learn how such facilities are built and will have the opportunity to assemble, for example, a boxing ring, a climbing wall or a turf, as well as paint the ice of a hockey stadium. For each completed task, the player will receive a ‘souvenir’, a kind of trophy, which they can place in a special room in their headquarters. The headquarters can also be upgraded. By unlocking new rooms, the player will gain new benefits or gain access to side missions.

– We are extremely proud of this project – says dr. Piotr Kubinski, CEO of Goat Gamez. – Each level has been thought out down to the smallest detail. There is a unique story associated with each sports facility, which the player, like a detective, puts together while renovating the building. Everything the player comes across during a mission, from the tattered posters on the walls to the flyers and letters scattered on a desk, is relevant to the game’s plot.

– We are delighted to have the support of Robert Lewandowski, Poland’s most famous footballer and co-founder of Goat Gamez. He has expressed his interest in Sports: Renovations and intends to personally promote the game – comments Piotr Gnyp, CMO of Movie Games.

The release of Sports: Renovations on PC is tentatively scheduled for 2023, but the final date will be influenced by production and marketing considerations

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SIS signs landmark 24/7 racing deal with BetConstruct



Reading Time: < 1 minute


SIS (Sports Information Services), the leading multi-channel supplier of 24/7 live betting services, has signed a deal to integrate its offering onto the platform of leading global provider BetConstruct, starting with its 24/7 Live Racing Content.

The landmark agreement brings high-quality racing content from around the world to BetConstruct’s extensive network, adding significant value for the provider’s operator partners. BetConstruct is a global award-winning technology and services provider for the online and land-based gaming industries and its platform boasts a vast network of global operators.

The deal represents an important step within the stated ambition of SIS to further develop relationships with leading platforms.

Following completion of the integration process, BetConstruct’s partners will gain access to 24/7 Live Racing Content that provides operators with profitable short-form content throughout the day. The content comprises an annual total of over 35,000 horse races and 38,000 greyhound events, taking place at over 170 racecourses across five continents. All racing content is supplied as an end-to-end solution including live streamed pictures, data, commentary, on-screen graphics with betting triggers along with an extensive range of markets and prices.

This delivery of profitable short-form content throughout the day offers a betting event every three minutes, with the BetConstruct agreement further boosting the ever-growing number of leading operators that benefit from SIS’ revenue-boosting services.

Andy Kelly, Commercial Manager (UK & Europe) at SIS, said: “We’ve been extremely open that SIS has a strategic goal of strengthening its partnerships with platforms and distributors. BetConstruct has an excellent global reach that allows for significantly more operators worldwide to have access to the best racing products on the market. It has also been a pleasure working with the BetConstruct team and I am looking forward to a long and successful partnership.”

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Kwalee Reaches One Billion Mobile Games Installs Milestone



Kwalee Reaches One Billion Mobile Games Installs Milestone
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Kwalee, a leading global game developer and publisher, is ecstatic to announce that its mobile app games portfolio has reached the much-anticipated milestone of 1 billion installs. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Kwalee team, partners and the support of its loyal players. Kwalee games have been downloaded on every continent – even Antarctica.

Founded in 2011, Kwalee has become the leader of hypercasual mobile game development in the UK, and its success prompted the company to open studios in India, China, and Portugal. It has consistently delivered fun and innovative titles such as Draw it, Teacher Simulator, and Airport Security. Kwalee has over 45 chart-topping games, and with over 200 million installs last year alone, it has accelerated towards the 1 billion install milestone.

Kwalee CEO, David Darling CBE, says, “We’re elated to reach this milestone. As a founder of Kwalee and someone with a long history in the games industry, it’s incredibly rewarding to see us reach this level of success. I’ve always been passionate about creating games that bring joy and entertainment to people, and to have reached one billion installs is a clear indication that we’ve been able to achieve that goal.

We’ve always believed in the potential of mobile games as a medium to connect people from all walks of life. I’m incredibly proud of our team and their work to get us to this point, and I’m excited to still be playing Kwalee games when we hit 2 billion installs.”

First introduced in 2017, Creative Wednesdays was one of the defining innovations that enabled Kwalee to achieve this astronomical success. Team members in all parts of the business are given the freedom to pitch games and share in the profits if they become a success. Every week, in addition to hearing new pitches, the full Kwalee team gathers in person and remotely to share news, trends and play a new game together. This creative culture has helped Kwalee attract top talent, with the team reading tens of thousands of applications a month for its many remote and hybrid vacancies.

In addition to the success of games developed in-house, Kwalee has built a strong community of third-party game developers from around the world. Games such as Rocket Sky, Let’s Be Cops 3D and Build Your Vehicle were all developed by independent studios. They partnered with Kwalee to benefit from industry-leading marketing, monetisation, funding and development guidance from Kwalee’s expert hypercasual and casual teams. Developers are encouraged to sign up to Kwalee’s Publishing Portal to access free coaching and game testing.

Its strong marketing credentials and commitment to collaborate closely with talented game developers have made Kwalee the partner of choice for established and up-and-coming mobile game developers. Over a tenth of its billion installs have come from publishing external developers, with a success rate recognised by industry awards – Kwalee won Publisher of the Year at both the TIGA and Mobile Game Awards in 2022.

On this special occasion, Kwalee thanks its players, developers, and in-house teams who have driven this success. The company is thrilled to continue growing and expanding its community of players and is looking forward to many more years of successful mobile, PC and console game development.

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