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Gadsme, the first In-Game AdTech Platform allowing performance advertising, raises $8m in seed round



Gadsme, the first In-Game AdTech Platform allowing performance advertising, raises $8m in seed round
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Popular industry seed round led by Galaxy Interactive is also joined by major game publishers, including Ubisoft.

AppLovin’s ex-VP Corporate Development Co-Founds Gadsme – a platform that is set to take AdTech into the Metaverse and backed by strategic multi-million-dollar investment from games industry giants

Gadsme, the only interactive AdTech platform that offers high quality immersive brand experiences through in-game advertising, has secured an $8m seed investment just 11 months after launch. With investors including Galaxy Interactive and Ubisoft, Gadsme will use the funding to structure and invest in key people to scale the business to meet demand. With Gadsme, Immersive Ads are now dynamically served and its unique technical capabilities enable, for the first time, true performance campaigns that benefit all advertisers, across all platforms. To further enhance their potential, Gadsme focuses its development exclusively on high quality inventory and games.

With more than 3 billion players worldwide, each playing their favorite games for many hours, trillions of ad impressions are available. Unlike full screen video display or interstitial ad formats, that can interrupt the playing experience, Gadsme focuses on non-intrusive ad formats that are blended, immersed and native to the gameplay. Those ad formats run across every game genre, all devices and geographies, and are particularly sought after by brand advertisers, who demand Gadsme’s guaranteed brand-safe environments and privacy compliant targeting capabilities.

Gadsme was created in 2019 by digital media experts Guillaume Monteux and Luc Vauvillier, whose previous company miLibris was sold to the Altice Group. Making up the trinity of the founding team is ex-AppLovin VP Corporate Development, Simon Spaull, who played an important part in AppLovin’s monumental growth.

This seed investment was strategically and selectively built from a pool of gaming and digital experts that believe in the Gadsme vision, and who also bring a wealth of experience and targeted expertise to develop the product and customer experience further. For Ubisoft, they first started to work with Gadsme before securing a strategic investment into the business, confirming market quality of Gadsme’s platform and the opportunity the sector presents. The gaming market was recently valued at $134 billion, cementing games as the new media of choice for brands.

“For more than 2 years, we three co-founders bootstrapped the company to build the most technically advanced Immersive Ads solution. When some of the best game companies in the world concurred, we knew we were ready to raise the money to grow. For our seed round we wanted to find partners that could bring vast knowledge and expertise into our business. Not just provide capital, but genuine experiences and learnings in the exact industry we operate in. With Galaxy Interactive, Ubisoft and other major games company founders as shareholders, we’re now poised and ready to execute on our vision.” said Guillaume Monteux, CEO & Co-Founder.

The result of their cooperation is Gadsme: Built, tested, and reworked into an innovative core product that is grounded in market-leading technology and now has unrivaled industry support with multi-million-dollar investments from some of the most well-known games publishers in the world. Gadsme’s immersive SDK is already integrated into a number of premium game studios, including Voodoo, Ubisoft, Tilting Point, TapNation and Lion Studios, offering brand-safe and prime quality-controlled ads to a large audience.

“We’d met various companies in the in-game Ad space, but Gadsme’s product and team really resonated with our beliefs and our vision. Guillaume and his team are a natural fit with our client portfolio, and their attention to detail, unique approach, and laser-focused vision, capture what we believe to be the right path forward. We’re excited by the space and look forward to helping Gadsme on their quest to put the player experience first in connecting brands with passionate audiences. These intersections will continue to play an important role in this new digital frontier, and we believe that the Gadsme team can make true impact” said Galaxy Interactive’s CEO, Sam Englebardt.

“Our cross-platform technology has been extremely carefully crafted to provide studios with a long-term partnership to drive continuous and new incremental revenues from their games. Whilst in-game advertising has been a subject for 20+ years, today we could see a clear opportunity in the marketplace to build something pristine and different, that drives revenue and measurable brand engagement In-Game.” said Simon Spaull, CRO and Co-Founder.

“Gadsme is the only In-Game company in the world that can run performance ads inside games, giving all brands the unique opportunity to measure KPIs, whilst attracting an audience within the walled gardens of games, but also allows studios to run cross-promotion to any other game in their portfolio. This is entirely unique and an important new business opportunity for the gaming ecosystem. Our technology fully integrates brand advertising into the gameplay experience with Immersive Ads that are dynamic, content targeted and serving positive experiences to players. We’re excited to see how the AdTech industry will develop further in 2022 and to be a key player in connecting studios and brands.” Spaull adds.

Gadsme’s product offers the same high quality, positive experience to brands and studios alike. Its patented technology for ad viewability is unique to the games industry, ensuring transparency and reliable reach for brands, whilst the combination of an intuitive self-serve platform and smooth SDK integration has ensured an overwhelmingly positive experience for developers. Gadsme’s next-generation platform has been engineered in-house for over 2 years, is metaverse-ready and uniquely placed to offer a variety of solutions to maximize results for advertisers and gaming studios alike.

Luc Vauvillier, CTO and Co-Founder adds “We knew exactly how to develop our product to ensure stability and success. We heard the many tech challenges studios had faced with In-Game ad platforms previously. From inception, our goal was to ensure our product was stable, reliable and fit for purpose. Our in-house architecture is ready for any and all future gaming and metaverse advertising opportunities”.

Gadsme is known for its technical excellence, now it is laser focused on delivering unbeatable returns to gaming companies, as well as driving superior ROAS to advertisers.


The Metaverse in 2022 and Beyond



Reading Time: 2 minutes


We launched the first edition of our metaverse report in July 2021.
Then, the metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain gaming transitioned from being largely unknown concepts to ubiquitous terms on the lips of
every major brand or investor. Despite the hype somewhat cooling down in recent months—partly as a result of the global macroeconomic situation—interest in the metaverse as a natural and immersive successor to the 2D internet is still at an all-time high.
The transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 will not only impact the modus operandi of (major) brands, but also the way in which consumers live, work, and experience entertainment.
The evolution of simulated, 3D worlds presents a particularly massive opportunity for brands. The transition from diffused physical spaces
and into virtual worlds provides them with a new opportunity to reach a highly condensed mass of users that is more difficult to both
approach and monetize through other forms of advertising. This transition into virtual worlds can only accelerate as the current
generations of digital natives age and as virtual experiences become more authentic. Fast-moving brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton,
Balenciaga, or technology brands like Meta—to name just a few—recognized this shifting of the tide and have already developed
metaverse strategies.
Moreover, while NFTs and blockchain games have experienced a spectacular 2021, a severe drawback in the crypto market along with
fears of a global recession have both led to public interest and coin valuations substantially waning in recent months. As a result, this
correction will likely end most of the (low effort) endeavors in these areas. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic about the future and remain
confident that the top projects will succeed.
Given how fast-moving this space still is, an elemental understanding of the building blocks and trends that surround it is essential.
Therefore, in this report, we identify and discuss the top 10 prevailing trends in the metaverse, blockchain gaming, and NFT space.
Understanding these trends (and what drives them) will help companies endemic to gaming, consumer brands, and consumers alike
to navigate the murky waters of the metaverse, along with its connection to NFTs and blockchain games. We hope you find this
report insightful and useful for shaping your strategy in 2022 and beyond.

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Armadillo Studios to release its first branded slot – The Lioness with Amanda Nunes



Armadillo Studios to release its first branded slot - The Lioness with Amanda Nunes
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Armadillo Studios announces the upcoming release of its first branded slot, featuring the famous Brazilian MMA champion Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes. The new title will be live on August 2, 2022.

The Lioness, Armadillo Studios’ first branded title featuring the legendary Brazilian athlete Amanda Nunes, will increase the studio’s reach of new player bases and demographics.

The slot will be launched on August 2, after the title rematch with Julianna Peña on July 30 in Dallas, where Nunes is set to reconquer her title as the UFC bantamweight champion.

Amanda Nunes is an ambitious fighter who doesn’t show weakness in her matches, being one of the best ground wrestlers in MMA and going toe-to-toe with the world’s most skilled fighters.

The slot captures Amanda Nunes’ successful career by taking the players to the UFC cage. They can experience the world of MMA fighting through various interactive mechanics, a unique Fight Feature, Free Spins, a Lioness Link bonus, and a Fortune Bet mode that upgrades Nunes’ punching power.

The smooth gameplay, great soundtrack, and animations create a captivating slot showcasing a true champion with many wins under her belt.

David Stoveld, COO of Armadillo Studios, says: “As we make strides in our U.S. market expansion, we realize the importance of branded content. We are thrilled to finally be ready to release a slot centred around a true, one-of-a-kind MMA icon. The Lioness slot has really come together, and we are proud of the final game product as well as the opportunity to work alongside the legendary Amanda Nunes.”

Amanda Nunes’ global presence will significantly boost Armadillo Studios’ reach in the localized U.S. market and provide some well-needed gender balance to the casino vertical.

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Galaxy Racer appoints Syed Ibn-E-Ali as Chief Financial Officer for South-East Asia



Galaxy Racer appoints Syed Ibn-E-Ali as Chief Financial Officer for South-East Asia
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Galaxy Racer (GXR), the transmedia powerhouse focused on esports, content creators, music and sports, has appointed Syed Ibn-E-Ali as its new Chief Financial Officer for SEA. In his new role, he will mainly focus on the growth, strategy and finances of Galaxy Racer in South-East Asia.

Joining Galaxy Racer with over 14 years of experience in financial administration and operations management, Ali brings with him a deep understanding of Software as a Service (B2B), eCommerce and the video games industry, taking on major positions across multiple regions including the USA, South Asia and APAC.

Having worked at the top level of finance at significant tech, media and gaming companies, including Rocket Internet and Streamline Media Group, Ali will be bringing his considerable experience driving media and gaming companies forward to Galaxy Racer’s operations in South-East Asia.

In his new role, Syed Ibn-E-Ali will be responsible for helping with the organisation’s expansion across the SEA region, as well as focusing on the structuring of all Galaxy Racer’s SEA offices, policy implementation and corporate governance.

With an outstanding track record of building strong business partnerships, optimising business processes and delivering strategic growth, Ali’s rich experience in accounting, auditing and finance will give Galaxy Racer an exceptional foundation for success in South-East Asia.

Syed Ibn-E-Ali, Chief Financial Officer SEA at Galaxy Racer said: “The continued growth of Galaxy Racer speaks for itself, and I’m so excited to join the team as the Chief Financial Officer for SEA, and help take the brand’s presence in the region to the next level. Entertainment, especially esports has become one of the most hyper-growth industries in Asia and is evolving at a tremendous pace. So it’s incredibly exciting for me to be with Galaxy Racer, at the very forefront of that growth.”

Mitch Esguerra, CEO SEA at Galaxy Racer commented: “It’s a pleasure to have Syed Ibn-E-Ali join us as our new Chief Financial Officer for SEA. His vast levels of experience and expertise at the top levels of the finance industry, alongside his passion for the esports and gaming industries, will be vital for us as we continue to grow in the region and build our global footprint.”

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