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How Online Casino And The Gaming Industry Are Intertwined

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When you think about it, online casino games share a lot of similarities to today’s board and video games. The only and probably the biggest difference between these two is that casino games always revolve around money, so their only target audience is adults.

However, it is apparent that the gaming and the iGaming industries are much more closely connected than we thought. What’s more, modern video games often include some form of in-game gambling and vice versa. So, let us see, in-depth, how these two industries are intertwined.

Types of Games

If you’ve played a great share of video games, you have probably seen that there are plenty of types of games, and genres, and some even feature some form of gambling within them. Additionally, gambling games have gone digital and now you can play an abundance of casino games online without having to go anywhere. This happened with the help of technology, which later contributed to the development of a variety of types of games on offer.

For example, if you’ve played any of the Witcher games, you know that there are mini-games within focused on gambling. The first Witcher game offered Dice Poker which shares similarities with traditional poker, while Witcher 3 has an amazing popular gambling card game – Gwent. And this relationship goes both ways since online casino providers and developers create more and more themed games featuring various popular video game titles. This significantly expands the offer of games and now there can be a game variety that suits everyone’s taste.

Sharing Responsibility

Since both industries often require people to create their accounts in order to play, these industries are doing their best to encourage safe and responsible gaming. When it comes to video games, there are dozens of platforms and games that are played online where some serious security measures are in play to protect the data. What’s more, providers of these games always remind people not to share their personal information through in-game chats or anywhere on the platform and encourage people to watch their language while talking to other people.

The same story is with online casino games. Since these games are played either through providers’ platforms or apps, security measures are a must in order for the data and personal information to stay safe. Additionally, responsible gaming tools are available and integrated into those apps and platforms and casinos are reminding people on how to gamble responsibly. All reputable casinos encourage their players to use their money responsibly, to know when to stop, have regular breaks, etc. The very same rules can be applied to video games, which tells us that providers from either industry care about their players, and want them to stay safe and healthy.

The Embrace of Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies definitely started to reshape the world as we know it. Both gaming and gambling industries have joined in on the crypto trend, and today you can find various providers allowing payments in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Some platforms will allow you to purchase the video game you like with Bitcoin, while in online casinos you can simply make a crypto deposit and gamble with Bitcoin instead of traditional currencies. This is a huge step up in both industries, especially the casino one. Additionally, this trend allows anonymity and keeps your bank accounts separate from everything.

VR Technology

Virtual Reality, or VR, is a technology that was first introduced into the gaming industry. Everyone was thrilled that they can have a more immersive and intense experience playing their favorite video games. The trend first started with horror games since it is a perfect way to truly experience the thrill and adrenaline of those games, provided you like them.

Over the years, VR technology slowly started to integrate itself into the gambling industry. This now offers all avid gamblers a much better experience, as if they are actually in the casino playing their favorite game, but are still sitting comfortably at home. What’s more, this technology is not only used in traditional card games but the software is also being tested on slot games, too. Net Entertainment has recently released a demo of their fan-favorite and popular slot game Jack and the Beanstalk. This release and proof that online casino games can be even better with new technology are only going to advance this industry even more, which can only result in even more great games being even better.

The Revolution of Mobile Gaming

Even though many true gamers won’t admit mobile gaming is in fact gaming, the revolution of mobile gaming is here. This is where the gambling and gaming industries truly overlap and today you can play any genre on your smartphone. What contributed to this revolution are certainly faster and better internet connections in all parts of the globe, as well as serious innovations in mobile technology.

What’s more, people simply love playing games, both video and casino ones, on the go and anywhere they can find some internet. This has led to a major boom in the gambling industry especially since more players can now place their bets or download their favorite casino games instantly. This also created some new opportunities for the developers since they can now easily create mobile-friendly games of all types.

Social Gaming

Social gaming involves playing games on social media such as Facebook. Typically, you would play games with or against your friends or other people who are on the network. And even though this type of gaming is not technically gambling, it does share some similarities with that industry. In some games, you can easily play casino-like games in order to win some rewards. And even though it’s not real money, there is the element of luck which is a major part of casino games.

And, the social aspect of gaming is also leaking into online casinos. Today, you can find various casinos online that have live chats or live dealers. Through such games, you can still interact with other people and even the dealer as if you would play any other online game or even play at a land-based casino.

Back in the day, the distinction between gaming and gambling was clear as day. However, this was mostly due to the internet still not being what it is today. Technology has majorly changed both industries and the line between these two is often not that visible.


Goat Gamez, the studio founded by Movie Games and Robert Lewandowski, announces the game Sports: Renovations



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Movie Games S.A., a games publisher listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, has officially announced the game Sports: Renovations. The game is produced by Goat Gamez S.A., a company founded by Movie Games and Robert Lewandowski. The announcement will be accompanied by a trailer featuring Robert Lewandowski and a page on the Steam platform.

Sports: Renovations is a first-person simulator in which the player takes on the role of the person responsible for renovating deteriorating sports facilities and restoring them to their former glory. The player’s task is to raise the money needed to renovate a basketball court in their hometown by carrying out other renovation tasks.

The player will be responsible for the entire renovation process – from collecting and disposing of rubbish, to painting the walls, assembling the sports instruments and furnishing the interior. The player will learn how such facilities are built and will have the opportunity to assemble, for example, a boxing ring, a climbing wall or a turf, as well as paint the ice of a hockey stadium. For each completed task, the player will receive a ‘souvenir’, a kind of trophy, which they can place in a special room in their headquarters. The headquarters can also be upgraded. By unlocking new rooms, the player will gain new benefits or gain access to side missions.

– We are extremely proud of this project – says dr. Piotr Kubinski, CEO of Goat Gamez. – Each level has been thought out down to the smallest detail. There is a unique story associated with each sports facility, which the player, like a detective, puts together while renovating the building. Everything the player comes across during a mission, from the tattered posters on the walls to the flyers and letters scattered on a desk, is relevant to the game’s plot.

– We are delighted to have the support of Robert Lewandowski, Poland’s most famous footballer and co-founder of Goat Gamez. He has expressed his interest in Sports: Renovations and intends to personally promote the game – comments Piotr Gnyp, CMO of Movie Games.

The release of Sports: Renovations on PC is tentatively scheduled for 2023, but the final date will be influenced by production and marketing considerations

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Kwalee Reaches One Billion Mobile Games Installs Milestone



Kwalee Reaches One Billion Mobile Games Installs Milestone
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Kwalee, a leading global game developer and publisher, is ecstatic to announce that its mobile app games portfolio has reached the much-anticipated milestone of 1 billion installs. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Kwalee team, partners and the support of its loyal players. Kwalee games have been downloaded on every continent – even Antarctica.

Founded in 2011, Kwalee has become the leader of hypercasual mobile game development in the UK, and its success prompted the company to open studios in India, China, and Portugal. It has consistently delivered fun and innovative titles such as Draw it, Teacher Simulator, and Airport Security. Kwalee has over 45 chart-topping games, and with over 200 million installs last year alone, it has accelerated towards the 1 billion install milestone.

Kwalee CEO, David Darling CBE, says, “We’re elated to reach this milestone. As a founder of Kwalee and someone with a long history in the games industry, it’s incredibly rewarding to see us reach this level of success. I’ve always been passionate about creating games that bring joy and entertainment to people, and to have reached one billion installs is a clear indication that we’ve been able to achieve that goal.

We’ve always believed in the potential of mobile games as a medium to connect people from all walks of life. I’m incredibly proud of our team and their work to get us to this point, and I’m excited to still be playing Kwalee games when we hit 2 billion installs.”

First introduced in 2017, Creative Wednesdays was one of the defining innovations that enabled Kwalee to achieve this astronomical success. Team members in all parts of the business are given the freedom to pitch games and share in the profits if they become a success. Every week, in addition to hearing new pitches, the full Kwalee team gathers in person and remotely to share news, trends and play a new game together. This creative culture has helped Kwalee attract top talent, with the team reading tens of thousands of applications a month for its many remote and hybrid vacancies.

In addition to the success of games developed in-house, Kwalee has built a strong community of third-party game developers from around the world. Games such as Rocket Sky, Let’s Be Cops 3D and Build Your Vehicle were all developed by independent studios. They partnered with Kwalee to benefit from industry-leading marketing, monetisation, funding and development guidance from Kwalee’s expert hypercasual and casual teams. Developers are encouraged to sign up to Kwalee’s Publishing Portal to access free coaching and game testing.

Its strong marketing credentials and commitment to collaborate closely with talented game developers have made Kwalee the partner of choice for established and up-and-coming mobile game developers. Over a tenth of its billion installs have come from publishing external developers, with a success rate recognised by industry awards – Kwalee won Publisher of the Year at both the TIGA and Mobile Game Awards in 2022.

On this special occasion, Kwalee thanks its players, developers, and in-house teams who have driven this success. The company is thrilled to continue growing and expanding its community of players and is looking forward to many more years of successful mobile, PC and console game development.

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AutomatenSpielex – Top Online Slots, Bonus Offers and Casino Reviews Website



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Why do players prefer AutomatenSpielex among other German Websites with slot machines?

With the abundance of online gambling sites on the internet, finding the best one for you might seem a daunting task. The German market is filled with operators of all quality and different game offerings and while online gambling is generally considered safe in Germany, it is always a good idea to carefully check the security of your operator. saves you from this trouble by collecting everything you need to know about sites.

AutomatenSpielex is an affiliate website detailing the German iGaming market. You can find a great variety of slot machines, detailed information about the latest bonus offers and numerous trusted reviews of iGaming operators. It covers all the best quality websites and has an extensive history of reliability and experience. AutomatenspieleX is built on three key principles:

  • Only serious verified casinos
  • The best bonuses
  • Top online slots

The team behind the website has an experience of over 8 years, doing their work with passion and valuing their reputation and the relevance of the information provided. Let’s take a look at the website and its offerings to find out why the website is trusted by players in Germany.

Features and Benefits

Why AutomatenSpielex? Because it is characterized by simplicity but doesn’t sacrifice function and quality for it. The website simplifies terms of service and provides unique advantages such as:

  • You can play slots one by one for free right here;
  • You are not required to register on the Website;
  • It is not necessary to download the casino app;
  • There is a huge selection of slot machines where you can break this or that jackpot;
  • Collected the most complete information about the game and winnings in the online casino;
  • Gathering bonus offers from reputable online casinos. Content is updated regularly.

The website is well-optimized for all devices, providing a visually pleasing experience, but is also easy to use and navigate around. You are guaranteed to find a huge variety of information related to all the latest iGaming trends, operators, slots and other games and lots of others.

Site content

AutomatenSpielex hosts extensive iGaming content, which is always up-to-date and relevant. The main casino topics are:

  • Slot machines;
  • Real money casino;
  • Online casino bonus;
  • Casino no deposit bonus;
  • Welcome Bonus;
  • Online casino;
  • Free spins.

Slot machines

Slots might seem extremely straightforward but in reality there are numerous different games each with its own unique experience. Therefore, choosing the right game for you is important. AutomatenSpielex provides detailed information about different slot machines, allowing you to compare them and choose according to your personal needs. You can also find out more about how to play real-money slots for free and without registration. If you like to keep things fresh, you will also find information about the newest and most popular slots and you can give them a try before actually deciding to pay for it. Also, you can also get acquainted with the best iGaming providers. If you are an occasional player, you will be able to read about great tips and tricks about how to find the right games, while professionals will find all the details about specifics and nuances.

Real money casino

AutomatenSpielex has a spectacular reputation of security. The website lists only the most trusted casinos in Germany where you can safely gamble for real money. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to register and how to handle your money for both online casino sites and mobile apps. Real money gambling has never been easier than with AutomatenSpielex. Who knows? You might even win a large sum of money.

Online casino bonus

When it comes to choosing the right iGaming operator, the game offering is not the only aspect to pay attention to. There is a huge variety of online casino bonuses too. The website lists all relevant information about the bonus offerings from acquiring it to the exact terms. You will find some of the most reputable casinos with unique bonus offers. This will make choosing operators even easier.

Casino no deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses offer a great way to make some extra bets during your games, or even to try new ones. This means that for certain actions, you can get a certain amount of credit you can play with without having to pay for it. AutomatenSpielex lists iGaming sites with the greatest no deposit bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus, also known as a sign-up bonus, is offered to new players after they register to a website. This is done to encourage and attract new players to the website. Like all bonuses, welcome bonuses have specific terms and conditions. Find out all about these at AutomatenSpielex.

Online casino

It is important to consider safety when choosing an online casino. Therefore, AutomatenSpielex collects selected information about the safety of iGaming operators, such as whether they have a German license or not and lots of other questions. Also, the detailed reviews by professionals will help you find the best games and operators.

Free spins

Free spins are also valuable additions which can increase your chances of winning. You can spin for free, without using up any credit. This means that you have a chance to win, but you cannot lose, making it a great bonus. AutomatenSpielex details the best free spin offers of reputable casinos, helping you maximize your chances of success.

A team of truly passionate and devoted professionals

The team behind AutomatenSpielex has over 8 years of experience. All members truly enjoy their craft and that is what motivates them: to share this joy with others! What is more, everyone brings authenticity into their work. When reviewing a game, they know what they talk about, because they experienced it personally. With their expertise in different branches of iGaming, they are sure to offer a comprehensive outlook on the industry. Check out the team at AutomatenSpielex’s website.


AutomatenSpielex is a great encyclopedia website for beginners and more experienced players alike. The detailed and easy-to-understand information provided will save you lots of time, thus allowing you to enjoy playing the games safely and without a worry.

The professional team behind AutomatenspieleX ensures that all the data is of the greatest quality. They also value promoting healthy and responsible gaming so that players can truly enjoy the joy of gambling without dangerous consequences. The website is guaranteed to meet your requirements.

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