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What Is Irish Bingo? A Comprehensive Guide



What is Irish bingo
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Dive into the world of Irish bingo, a unique variation of the traditional game that has won hearts across the globe. 


Most people have most probably heard about bingo before. Known and loved for its simple nature and rules, bingo is one of the most popular games out there. 

So what is Irish bingo? It’s a special type of bingo that comes with its own rules and features. The best online casinos come with some attractive features and bonuses, including welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and more.


The Allure of Irish Bingo

Irish Bingo is not just a game — it’s a cultural phenomenon that captures the spirit of Ireland in a fun and engaging way. In fact, in Ireland, bingo is played in churches, community centres, and homes. 

The allure of Irish bingo also lies in the sense of community it fosters. The bingo game combines fun, community, and culture, paired with a unique set of rules, making it a fresh and exciting experience for players of all backgrounds. Whether played in a bustling bingo hall or on an online casinos site, the game brings people together, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition.


The History and Evolution of Irish Bingo

Bingo is thought to have started in the 15th century in Italy, where it started as a lottery game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” – and it wasn’t long before bingo was popping up all over Europe for centuries to come. 

Around the 1960s, Bingo settled in Ireland. It was adopted by Gael Linn, a private Irish organisation that was established to promote the Irish language and culture. They used bingo as a way to encourage the use of the Irish language, and the game quickly became a popular pastime in Ireland. In the 1970s, Gael Linn bought large buildings and transformed them into Bingo halls.


The Rules of Irish Bingo

Before we delve into the unique rules of Irish Bingo, let’s first understand the general rules of the traditional bingo game. 

Bingo is  one of the easiest games out there. At the beginning, players are given a card with a grid of numbers. Then a caller or a random number generator selects and announces numbers. If a player has that number on their card, they mark it off. The aim of the game is to be the first to mark off a specific pattern of numbers, usually a straight line of five numbers.

Just like in traditional Bingo, numbers are randomly drawn and called out. The only difference is that In Irish bingo, every player starts the game standing up. If a called number is on your ticket, you sit down. This is a fun twist on traditional Bingo where you would normally mark off the called number on your card. 

The bingo game continues until there’s only one players left standing. This player is the last person who had a called number on their ticket, and they win.


The Shift to Digital

Bingo is fun when played in-person and serves as a wonderful activity for people to come together while enjoying the game. However, over the years, there has been a shift where people prefer to play online from the comfort of their own home. 

Online betting platforms and dedicated bingo websites now provide the opportunity to play wherever you are. The best online casinos come with some unique features such as free entries, attractive bonuses and promotions, and jackpots, to name just a few. 

The Benefits of Playing Irish Bingo Online

The shift to digital and the rise of online gambling sites has opened up a new world of possibilities for Irish bingo enthusiasts. Here are some of the key benefits of playing Irish bingo online:

  • It’s convenient: You can play from the comfort of your own home or on the go, as long as you have an internet connection. No need to travel to a bingo hall or arrange a specific time to play with friends.
  • More options: Online casinos offer a great range of Irish bingo variats, from 90 Ball to Jackpot Bingo. This means you can always find a game that suits your personal preferences and level of experience.
  • A sense of community: Even though you’re playing online, Irish bingo sites often have chat features so you can talk to other players. This can create a sense of community and make the game more enjoyable.
  • Bonuses and promos: Online Irish bingo sites often offer attractive bonuses and promotions. These can include sign-up bonuses, match bonuses, free bets, and more.
  • It’s accessible: Online casino sites make Irish bingo accessible to a global audience. Even if you’re not in Ireland, you can still enjoy this unique game.
  • Play at your own pace: Most casinos allow you to pause the game if you need a break, and you can even play multiple games at once if you’re looking for a challenge.


The Future of Irish Bingo

As we look to the future, it’s clear that Irish bingo is here to stay. The game has successfully adapted to the digital age, and its popularity continues to grow. But what does the future hold for this beloved game?

  • Continued digital growth: The shift to digital has opened up new opportunities for Irish bingo. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative features that enhance the gameplay experience. Virtual reality, for example, could offer a more immersive experience, allowing players to feel like they’re in a real bingo hall from the comfort of their own home.
  • Increased global reach: The accessibility of online platforms has introduced Irish Bingo to a global audience. As more people discover the game, its popularity is likely to continue to grow. We can expect to see more international players and perhaps even international Irish Bingo tournaments in the future.
  • Preservation of tradition: While the digital shift has brought many changes, the core elements of Irish Bingo remain the same. The unique rules, the social aspect, and the connection to Irish culture are all integral parts of the game. As Irish Bingo moves into the future, it’s important that these traditions are preserved.
  • Sustainability: As with all aspects of life, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration. Digital platforms offer a more sustainable way to play Irish bingo, reducing the need for physical materials and travel. This trend is likely to continue in the future, with more emphasis on sustainable gaming practices.

Why You Should Try Irish Bingo Online

The worldwide obsession with bingo continues thanks to its fun and interactive nature.  With the increased popularity of bingo, it’s easy to see why so many bingo enthusiasts choose to play online. 

Irish Bingo is accessible at various online casinos, and you can play from the comfort of your wherever you are while taking advantage of generous bonuses and exciting jackpots. Why not give it a try and see where your luck takes you? Who knows, you might just get lucky.


MainStreaming Announces Appointment of Nicola Micali as Chief Customer Officer



Reading Time: 2 minutes


MainStreaming, an iMDP INTELLIGENT MEDIA DELIVERY COMPANY, which is redefining the CDN market with its innovative Edge Network services, announced the appointment of Nicola Micali as its new Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

With a track record of improving processes and efficiency and creating go-to-market strategies, Harvard alumnus and former Akamaite, Nicola Micali joins MainStreaming with the goal of solidifying a customer-centric organisation that prioritises long-term relationships, customer experience (CX) and satisfaction, ensuring MainStreaming’s continued business growth and market leadership.

Nicola brings a wide range of professional experience as a Leader of Customer Success & Professional Services at Akamai for over 10 years, where he was responsible for services and overall revenue. He developed the services strategy for the Americas’ media & entertainment, gaming and partners verticals exceeding all revenue targets year after year. Nicola’s expertise in leading technical customer-facing teams has resulted in higher customer satisfaction and successful worldwide streaming events.

With a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Harvard, Micali’s educational background further enhances his capability to lead and innovate in the Edge video technology sector. As Nicola steps in as CCO, he will play a pivotal role in guiding the entire customer lifecycle journey. His expertise in customer success positions him perfectly to lead MainStreaming’s efforts in providing world-class service to a global clientele.

MainStreaming’s CEO, Antonio G. Corrado, said: “QoS for our customers and QoE for end users are at the core of our streaming business. It is the best proxy for customer satisfaction for us. We are happy to welcome Nicola Micali, who demonstrates his expertise in customer success. Together, we are set to strengthen our commitment to being a customer satisfaction-oriented company, leveraging our world-class services directed to broadcast-quality standards that are requested by industry players.”

MainStreaming’s video delivery technology is meticulously developed in-house, offered as managed private Edge Network to help broadcasters, OTT TVs and content owners overcome the toughest challenges of live streaming at scale, addressing the limitations of classic CDN and enabling new application solutions on the Edge.

“I am honored to join a team that is on a mission to write a new chapter in video streaming delivery, setting new standards, and paving the way for the future of TV. I am ready to contribute to MainStreaming’s innovative approach and customer-centric philosophy. Together, we are set to revolutionize how the streaming industry approaches Edge Network architecture for live streaming, emphasizing a more distributed, ultra-low-latency, energy-efficient, and globally scalable design,” Nicola Micali said.

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Illuvium: Fastest Gaming Studio in History?



Reading Time: 3 minutes

Mark your calendars: Illuvium’s triple-title debut is set for the 25th of July, full of endless exploration, material harvesting, and conquest. With the studio boasting world wide talent, such as Jaco Herbst – previously Blizzard Entertainment, and Kostiantyn Bondar – previously Ubisoft, Samsung, and Gunzilla Games, Illuvium is guaranteed to cater to a wide audience with its various mechanics and gameplay across one singular universe offering three separate games.

Key Links:

– Epic Store Page
– Official Release Date Trailer
– Website
– Twitter

Most gaming studios take years to build their debut title; Illuvium, a non-existent studio four years ago, is on the cusp of releasing three interconnected gaming titles developed simultaneously. Founded by three brothers from Sydney, Australia, the studio quickly grew to over 250 people, boasting talent from Ubisoft, Activision, CD Project Red, and many other AAA studios. The studio is on a mission to develop the fastest AAA gaming universe in history. Armed with over USD 100 million in funding and 1 million eager fans, the universe opens on the 25th of this month.

Kieran Warwick, CEO of Illuvium, reflects on this journey, “Our original intention was to build one title, but being brothers and highly competitive, we couldn’t agree on the genre and ended up building three games in different genres. We’ve probably wiped a collective 30 years off our lifespan, so we hope it’s worth it.”

Beyond being a single game, Illuvium is part of an expansive ecosystem, where in-game progress and items carry over into the studio’s other games, Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Zero. This interconnected universe allows for a more rewarding and beginner friendly experience, where nothing players earn or learn goes to waste, and enhances gameplay with each new adventure.

Illuvium: Overworld

This is not the paradise promised.

Explore a breathtaking alien world, gathering vital resources to repair a stranded ship. Hunt and capture magnificent creatures known as Illuvials, harnessing their reality-bending powers. As you venture across diverse and perilous landscapes, uncover the mysteries of this enigmatic planet—and your own forgotten past.

With a companion drone at your side, you’ll brave harsh environments, craft advanced gear, and forge bonds with the Illuvials you encounter. But survival is just the beginning. Every discovery brings new questions: What secrets does this world hold? Why did your ship really crash here? And what role will you play in shaping destiny?

In Illuvium, your choices ripple across an entire ecosystem of gameplay. Traverse seven stunning regions teeming with otherworldly flora and fauna. Encounter Illuvials, mythical creatures that defy reality, and engage in heart-pounding battles to build your collection. Harvest exotic resources to craft essential tools and equipment for survival. Jump from region to region through arcane gateways, your world limited to these scattered, habitable zones—piece together the fragments of an expanding narrative hidden within this dying alien landscape.

Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Zero

So, what are Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Zero, and how are these connected with Illuvium: Overworld?

Illuvium: Arena allows you to bring your captured Illuvials and showcase your tactical prowess. Begin by honing your skills in the Survival arena, and when ready, enter our multiplayer game modes featuring ranked, casual, and custom matches. With a deep and strategic combat system, you can train your Illuvials to gain an edge in competitive multiplayer battles and tournaments. Customisable battle tactics and team formations add layers of strategy, while the upcoming 8-player round-robin auto-battler will provide a fresh and exciting challenge. Whether engaging in PvE Survival Mode against AI or competing in PvP with ranked, casual, and custom matches, every battle will test your tactical skills.

Illuvium: Zero: A mobile city-building game combining resource management and strategic growth. In Zero, you play as a reconnaissance drone jettisoned from the ship before impact, tasked with developing your land, extracting valuable resources, and managing your operations to thrive in the Illuvium economy. Your mission is to reconnect with the crew and provide them with the fuel they need. The game integrates seamlessly with the broader Illuvium economy, supporting your adventures in Overworld and Arena. Strategic planning will be crucial as you optimise resource extraction and engage in collaborative and competitive interactions with other players. Available across PC, Mac, and Android, players can grow their digital industrial complex on the go.

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AdInMo Launches InGamePlay SDK 3.0 with Clickable Ad Units



AdInMo Launches InGamePlay SDK 3.0 with Clickable Ad Units
Reading Time: 2 minutes


AdInMo, the most innovative and player-centric monetization platform for mobile game developers, has announced the beta release of its InGamePlay SDK 3.0.

InGamePlay 3.0 builds on AdInMo’s existing tech stack which offers multi-format non-interruptive immersive advertising. The latest SDK launches clickable in-game ad units designed with the player experience at the forefront, driving better monetization for free-to-play developers and higher engagement for advertisers.

One of the unique ways AdInMo’s SDK drives intentional clicks is through the ‘InGamePlay Magnifier’, which spotlights an advert within the game environment to improve its viewability. The SDK also features customisable visual options, such as a glowing or pulsing placement border to signify to the player whether an ad is clickable. Gameplay is not affected because the game is paused as soon as the player chooses to interact with the ad, and then is frictionlessly returned to the game.

Players are familiar with the idea that objects are interactive in a game world, AdInMo has harnessed this mechanic to integrate advertising in an immersive and non disruptive way. Engaging with the advert will always be the player’s choice, making clicks intentional which is highly valuable for both advertisers and developers.

AdInMo CEO and Co-Founder Kristan Rivers, explains: “Making a game that generates sustainable revenue while still being joyful for players is the perennial balancing act for developers. Our latest SDK offers a frictionless way to increase the effectiveness of in-game advertising without impacting the player experience and crucially gives developers more ways to make money.”

InGamePlay 3.0 SDK utilises AdInMo’s data-led PlayerPersonaFramework™, to target the right player audiences with the right message which could be a brand awareness, direct response or in-app campaign using AdInMo’s new hybrid-monetization solutions.

Kristan Rivers, continues: “The games industry is gearing up to a future where free-to-play is dominated by hybrid-monetization. Our new clickable ad placements can already be used to advertise a developer’s portfolio in-game with our CrossPromo feature and that’s just the start of AdInMo’s hybrid-monetization roll out this summer.”  

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