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Decentral Games Emerges As The Front-Runner In The Growing Play-To-Earn Model Revolution



Decentral Games Emerges As The Front-Runner In The Growing Play-To-Earn Model Revolution
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Decentral Games, the premier social gaming Metaverse where players can play-to-earn cryptocurrency, continues to disrupt, expand, and improve its ground-breaking product suite.

Decentral Games’ next level of play-to-earn sophistication involves the launch of in-game ICE Poker, a new way for players to earn real money by completing daily challenges and competing against each other in a free-to-play poker game.

In order to participate, players will need to obtain at least one exclusive iced NFT wearable either through purchase or delegation. When holding a one-of-a-kind Iced NFT, players will be allocated a set amount of Chips which are used to play ICE Poker. Completing daily in-game challenges will earn ICE rewards for users, who will in turn be able to burn ICE to upgrade their wearable NFTs for even greater prestige.

NFT wearable upgrades will inherently create upward mobility for players investing in wearable NFT assets and players who engage with the DG platform the most frequently. Decentral Games believes this is the most promising path forward towards actualizing the full potential of the play-to-earn narrative and creating the most loyal and far-reaching community in the blockchain gaming sector.

The growth of the NFT wearables economy will also be met with further developments from DG as the platform is looking to foster this demand with the creation of a native DG NFT marketplace. The marketplace is aimed at incentivising players to trade their DG NFTs by not requiring buyers to activate their NFTs ($DG fee) for play-to-earn following a purchase on this marketplace. The DG NFT Marketplace will charge a 4% transaction fee that will accrue to the DG Treasury.

The Launch of $DG

Decentral Games launched its native $DG governance token in December 2020 which has since enabled the platform’s investors to share in the fractionalized, collective ownership of the DG DAO and its assets. Today, the DG treasury, which consists of virtual lands, token reserves, and NFT’s commands over $12 million in total asset value.

“The launch of $DG has been foundational to building our strong community and implementing the foundational building blocks of our play-to-earn model,” CEO and founder of Decentral Games, Miles Anthony said. “It’s clear that play-to-earn will play a massive role in the future of crypto and gaming, and Decentral Games is now a first-mover in the nascent space.”

Despite DG’s exponential increase in earnings over the last nine months $DG’s current P/E ratio of 6 suggests the market is undervaluing its future earnings potential, which is creating an opportunity for value investors.

Decentral Games’ market cap currently sits at $131M, with its valuation increasing substantially over the last 9 months and is well positioned to achieve new heights of price discovery in the months ahead.

Expanded its value proposition

Since the launch of its native $DG token last year, Decentral Games has substantially expanded the value proposition of its immersive metaverse environments. The platform has launched a handful of popular virtual games including slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker, expanded its partnerships, and become a front-runner in driving the wildly successful play-to-earn narrative.

As the blockchain-based gaming sector continues its tremendous growth trajectory, Decentral Games’ play-to-earn model is becoming an increasingly important pillar in the project’s promising future. To that end, Decentral Games is continuing to innovate upon the game-changing dynamic with the launch of a dedicated play-to-earn disinflationary token and a series of premium NFT upgrades, which will ultimately yield premium incentives for the platform’s most loyal users.


Metaverse Play-to-Earn Gaming 

Win or lose, players engaging in games of poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots, can recoup up to 50% of the house edge back in $DG. This dynamic seeks to align the financial interests of both the players and the investors.

The decentralised play-to-earn model is also unique in that it allows players and employees to acquire shared ownership in the platform the more they interact with the DG metaverse, which incentivizes continued player participation over the long-term. The system has become a primary driver of user acquisition and community-building within the increasingly expansive DG metaverse.

Decentral Games currently offers free blackjack, poker, backgammon, roulette, and slots games in a never-before-seen metaverse that allows players to “be the house” and people to become gaming platform employees on a remote basis.


Play-to-Earn: What Is It and What Is Its Potential?

Play-to-earn games are the latest innovation in the blockchain gaming industry, explains a Cointelegraph article. “It will revolutionise how people interact with the economies of their favourite games. It has ensured and embraced the concept of an open economy, making sure players who bring value to the gaming world are rewarded financially.” This is the basic premise driving adoption of the GameFi movement, which is defined by gaming technologies that have the ability to create consistent financial incentives for their players.

The crypto news outlet’s article also says that this revolutionary gaming model has experienced a domino effect of sorts on the crypto markets as an increasing number of people are playing these games in a bid to make an extra earning while having fun. It adds that the markets are on an upward trajectory because major institutions and retail investors are increasingly investing in the games. “This really is the DeFi season,” the article says, adding the trend will continue as these metaverse games attract more players and mainstream attention.

In fact, metaverse has already become a major tech buzzword. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for example, mentioned the word at least 20 times while explaining how it has impacted the social media giant’s future. “I think over the next five years or so,” he said during a recent company conference call. Facebook will “effectively transition from people seeing us as primarily being a social media company to being a metaverse company,” he added. While his comments came as a surprise to traditional investment markets, $DG investors have been acutely aware of the metaverse’s potential to completely revolutionize e-commerce, entertainment, and of course, gaming for quite some time. Fans of Decentral Games’ technology have been encouraged by the fact that the project has also taken an outsized role in onboarding traditional companies into the metaverse in an incredible demonstration of thought leadership, which has greatly aided their reputation as a premier metaverse project.


Pixion Games Announcing Fableborne Pre-Alpha



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Pixion Games is announcing the date for their first
‘Fableborne Pre-Alpha Playtest’, giving a small number of players from the community as well
as content creators an exclusive chance to experience the game and some of its core features
ahead of the public.

Fableborne is an action RPG blended with strategic base building, created by seasoned
industry veterans. Players can build their base, raid their opponents and upgrade buildings and
Echoes in a world rich of lore with a stunning art style and a fun gameplay loop.

This Pre-Alpha consists of two rounds of playtesting during the month of October. The first
Playtest is a Community & Content Creator Sneak-Peak happening from Saturday, October
8th, 2022 to Sunday, October 9th, 2022. During this first Playtest Pixion Games is inviting a
small number of content creators and handpicked community members who will get an
exclusive first look at the game to dip their toes in the world of Fableborne.

The second playtest will happen the following weekend, from Saturday, October 15th to
Sunday, October 16th with a higher number of allowed participants. Unlike most Playtests,
Pixion Games aims to not only collect valuable feedback from their community to improve
Fableborne, but to make the Playtest rewarding and fun. During these two days, Pixion Games
is inviting their community and members of various DAOs and Guilds to compete in a
tournament event, the Shatterlands Invitational. Players will compete against each other to be
the top contenders. Bragging rights and a prize pool of $2500 awaits the lucky winners.
Additionally, participants can unlock exclusive rewards, like a Pre-Alpha Champion Badge and
Discord community currency that can be used to participate in NFT Raffles..

Many Web3 gaming focused DAOs and Guilds will be participating in this event, such as Ready
Player DAO, IndiGG, MetanomGG, and many others to yet be announced.

Signing up to this Pre-Alpha Playtest is made easy. Users simply need to, subscribe to the
Fableborne newsletter, complete the Pre-Alpha Survey sent to their email inbox and join the
community on Discord. With a bit of luck there is a good chance to be selected to participate
and compete in the Shatterlands Invitational.
More information about the Pre-Alpha Playtest can be found in the official announcement.

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Affiliate Industry

Best iGaming Affiliate for the second half of 2022



Reading Time: 2 minutes


The online gambling market is more prominent than ever and it is likely that this steep increase is only going to continue in the future. Worldwide, hundreds of companies appear daily, aiming to offer the best services to players and other businesses alike. After all, iGaming does not only refer to the online casino itself, but the huge ecosystem behind it as well, with software providers, operators, regulators, marketing partners and affiliates among others.

AFUN Entertainment Group is no exception. The company, listed among the best Sportsbook and iGaming platforms across Europe, America and Asia, offers over 1,500 games on its platform and betting for 30,000 sports events. Beyond its extensive online gambling service offerings, AFUN is currently working to develop its affiliate program benefits in the Brazilian market which look very promising.

The Affiliate Program

iGaming affiliates use their online platforms to generate traffic for operators, in other words, they direct players to the operator’s website and gain a commission based on the amount of traffic. But why become an AFUN affiliate? Below are 5 reasons:

Simplified signup with high conversion rate

AFUN strives to provide the best online experience on a trustworthy platform. Therefore, it is exceptionally simple to apply to become an AFUN affiliate. AFUN also ensures high conversion rates by providing a comprehensive platform experience and high-end gaming enjoyment for each and every user. This personalized approach is sure to grab players’ attention.

Competitive commissions

With so many operators on the market, it might be difficult to find the proper affiliate programs. AFUN does not only promise a high conversion rate as a result of great gaming experience, but also commission rates that are competitive in the market.

Players can deposit and withdraw in crypto

Crypto casinos are on the rise as is the demand for such operators. AFUN closely follows and listens to customer demand and offers crypto payment options on its platforms. This ensures that players’ needs are met and thus, the gaming experience is enhanced.

Blockchain games

Blockchain games open up a whole new level of gaming, as they often use NFTs to create different parts of the game, bringing value to the game assets. Not only that, but blockchain games also provide a safer and more secure environment. AFUN hosts a number of blockchain games on its platform.

Marketing Sources

Finally, it is clear that a successful affiliate partner must communicate with its audience in an effective way. While written text is highly effective in conveying information, readers love visual stimulation, which makes any marketing material more inviting and memorable. AFUN provides their affiliate partners with such resources – banners, videos, etc. – to facilitate the work of its partners.

In conclusion

All in all, AFUN is a great platform that is present globally. With promising results and a focus on customers and business partners, the company offers great opportunities on the market. Check out their platform for further information, or contact them to find out more on their LinkedIn page.

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Top 5 latest charming iGaming brands out of the European Market



Reading Time: 3 minutes


It is no secret that the iGaming market is on the rise, with new iGaming operators and software providers constantly appearing. It might be, therefore, difficult to find those with unique offerings. We have put together a list of some of the rising stars of the industry present on the European market.


AFUN Entertainment Group specializes in game development, payment system development and product data analysis. It is among the best legally licensed Sportsbook and iGaming platforms, with more than 1,500 game products and 30,000 sports events.

Present across Europe, America and Asia, the AFUN Group is licensed by Curaçao and has obtained an offshore gaming license from the Gambling Commision of the Government of Malta. With over 20 years of experience, the company has recently entered Latin America with one goal in mind: to guarantee the best online experience and provide each user with a personalized gaming experience on a trustworthy platform. It has already shown promising growth on the Brazilian market.

Check out their website with a wide range of games and keep up with the latest updates through their LinkedIn page.


Wazdan leads the way on innovation in casino content development. With a portfolio of over 150 cross-platform casino games, the company promises amplified performance and revenue growth.

The company adopts a partner-centric approach, offering tailored services and products that best align with their clients’ growth strategy. Wazdan also aims to stay innovative by constantly expanding its cutting-edge player-engagement suite, while respecting all the requirements of the regulatory regimes, promoting responsible gaming.

The company has been in the market for 10+ years pushing iGaming technology forward, which undoubtedly earns a place for them on our list.


Softswiss offers software for online casinos and bookmaking websites. What makes this company stand out is that their products can be delivered as standalone solutions or combined into a single iGaming Platform.

Softswiss was awarded the Best Online Casino Provider in the Nordics 2022 (B2B) award at the Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards. Beyond its casino platform – an exceptional, scalable, iGaming platform with high-speed of operation and intuitive management – the company’s portfolio includes:

  • Game Aggregator – Bringing together 170+ casino game studios with over 11,000 mobile-friendly games via a single API integration
  • Softswiss Sportsbook – A unique high-performance platform for sports betting operations
  • Affilka – Affiliate Management Platform
  • Jackpot Aggregator – Enabling customized jackpot campaigns
  • Softswiss Lottery Terminal – An all-in-one lottery system for any land-based operation

With such a wide range of offerings and further services, including anti-fraud support, player retention and content management, the company deserves this spot on the list.


Best known for its online slots and live casino games, Stakelogic offers a wide selection of casino games and works with over 500 operators in 20+ countries. The company’s slogan ‘Think Bigger’ highlights its commitment to innovation, as the company constantly works to revolutionize the online gaming industry.

Stakelogic creates graphic slots and live casino games that represent the most advanced online games available on the market. Every product is tweaked and tuned to the level of ultimate user experience.

Over the years, the company has collected 7 awards for its outstanding performance. With 10+ live studios, 3 game shows and 250+ unique slots, Stakelogic is changing the way players play.

Apparat Gaming

Apparat Gaming is a relatively new player on the iGaming market, but is already showing promising results. Founded in 2020 by a team of industry veterans, the company is on a mission to develop “slot games with a German accent”.

Apparat Gaming develops slots of the highest artistic quality, with German technical standards. The company secured a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority in 2021 and has since become the trusted supplier of online content for operators in Germany and other European markets.

As the last contender on our list, Apparat Gaming delivers on the German stereotype: high-quality products, reliability and commitment. And absolutely no sense of humor. This is iGaming with a German Accent.

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