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How Parimatch Use Data-Driven Approaches to Launch Experimental Betting Projects

George Miller



How Parimatch Use Data-Driven Approaches to Launch Experimental Betting Projects
Reading Time: 4 minutes


Parimatch is changing the betting industry, and data is the key to these changes. Together with Head of BI and Analytics Parimatch Anna Gayvoronskaya, we’ll tell you how we applied data-driven approaches to launch the session game Footboss a new gamified way to involve customers in the betting world.

Parimatch Betting Experiment: game Footboss

Footboss is a simple soccer-themed IDLE RPG game integrated into the Parimatch app: the player doesn’t need to register anywhere else if he already has an account in the system.

Games are designed for relaxation and chilled-out gameplay conventionally, there are 5 minutes for which you can manage to go through a couple of bosses, acquire new skills and get prizes. Among the awards were Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacBook Air 13″, Sony PS4, iPad Air 10.5″, and other branded gifts from Parimatch.

Parimatch natively integrated betting into the game: the player could place a couple of bets and speed up the progress, but this was completely unnecessary.

How Footboos Engaged Players

The global goal of Footboss is to refresh the world of betting: the game was conceived as an alternative to the boring campaigns and promotional offers for Euro 2020. In addition to focusing on high odds, bonuses, and competitions in marginality, the goal was to give players variety and new emotions.

Thanks to Footboss, the player returned to Parimatch not only because he wanted to place a bet or check the odds but to take a break, win a few fights and get a prize in a process. The game developers specially made it session-based so players would not get stuck in it for hours and returned to their business after a couple of boss fights.

Footboss’s main gaming adventure is to free ten soccer stadiums from the giant invaders. The game’s key character is the Coach, whose task is to prepare his players for effective penalties and non-standard decisions day after day.

At first glance, the game seems simple, but with each new level, the player discovers many directions to deepen and develop their characters. Thanks to the random distribution of awards and achievements, the journey became unexpected: different things, tasks, heroes always dropped out. And then there’s the added interest of loot boxes: a kind of “kinder-surprise for adults.”

Ways to Use Data-Driven Approaches

Nowadays, in business, not enough to be guided by feelings or intuition. We must base global steps on data and analytics because analytics answers the question, “what can we do to make this product better?”

Before the launch of Footboss, a BI team completed the game’s mathematical model, which was the basis for the player’s interactions with Parimatch products. Also, data specialists developed a mathematical system for the equiprobable drop of prizes, according to which the player could get a prize regardless of how much money he spent on the game.


Placing some bets could speed up the game’s passage, but this does not affect the dropout of prizes.

The compilation of models and comparison with the bases of active players of Parimatch helped to attract the number of players to Footboss, calculate the possible increase in GGR and the costs of the project.

For developers, data analytics prepared dashboards of the game progress, the number of participants, and their activity.

We frequently analyzed players’ engagement during the promotion period and made updates based on this data, for example, extra-levels or new characters.

We carried out the work with data at all stages of the project, including calculating the retrospective results. Here’s the data we’ve collected for future versions of the game:

  • the number of players
  • player engagement rate
  • number of fights
  • number of completed quests
  • the average and the maximum duration of a gaming session
  • number of open loot boxes
  • game speed run
  • the number of registrations on the site and application
  • conversion of landing pages
  • email open rate
  • costs of prizes per active player
  • the financial result of an experiment

Data to Highlight the Pandemic Damage

It’s hard to describe 2020 projects without mentioning the pandemic impact. The crisis and quarantine dealt heavy damage to the entire market, and the Footboss campaign was no exception. Everything went wrong: change of concept due to the cancellation of Euro 2020, anti-crisis measures in the company, limiting the launch of the game to 1 region out of 7 planned.

We calculated not only positive results but also what we received less due to the pandemic and crisis:

  • loss of audience and GGR due to the cancellation of Euro 2020
  • losses due to launch in only one region of the brand’s presence
  • losses due to out of sync with the marketing campaign
  • losses from the lack of integration of other company’s entertainment

Data-Driven Approaches for Future Experiments

The fundamentals of data-driven approaches lie in that data can be collected not only for retrospective activities but also throughout the entire process. You can build mathematical models at the beginning of the experiment, compare them with real performance, make adjustments, and achieve a positive effect for the business.

If earlier everyone in betting analyzed only the results of campaigns, now the data is used at all stages. We plan and build the mathematical models, make adjustments based on the results we obtained, and then we conduct a retrospective for future projects. Working with data has now become a continuous process from post facto analysis of results.

For Footboss data-driven, the approaches helped to calculate the number of potential players, the profit from their attraction, and the losses caused by the pandemic.

The first launch of Footboss opened the door to a new approach to attracting players to the world of betting. As CPO Parimatch Sergey Berezhnoy said: “We have built a stadium where we held the first championship.”

So new adventures await the players, and we are developing new quests and game levels and all game activities will improve thanks to the data from previous versions of the project.


Entain Increases its Offer to Acquire Enlabs by 32.5%

Niji Narayan



Entain Increases its Offer to Acquire Enlabs by 32.5%
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Entain has increased its offer to acquire Enlabs by 32.5%, from SEK 40 per share to SEK 53 per share. The increased offer price is final and will not be increased by Entain.

Rob Wood, CFO and deputy CEO of Entain, said: “As a world leader in sports betting and gaming entertainment, Entain’s ambition is to revolutionise betting and gaming to create the most exciting and trusted entertainment for every customer.

In a highly competitive and regulated industry, where consolidation is a key theme, Entain is able to provide the scale and platform needed to further support Enlabs’ long-term growth, and we firmly believe that Entain will be the best home for Enlabs, its employees and customers. Against this background, we have decided to make a final offer of SEK 53 to all shareholders, providing an opportunity to exit their investment at a very attractive valuation.

We are pleased that shareholders with around 51 per cent have now irrevocably agreed to accept the offer and would urge other shareholders to do the same by 18 March.”

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Latest News is ready for a major relaunch

Zoltan Tundik



Photo by Thomas Schütze on Unsplash
Reading Time: 4 minutes is ready for a major relaunch

Online gaming has been experiencing constant growth in recent years. Finns have been interested in gambling for decades before iGaming appeared on the Internet. Digitalization, on the other side, has created an environment that is conducive to online casinos, which is why there is such a broad range today. At first, it can be difficult to know which online platform to trust. is a project that has been relaunched in February 2021. It’s aimed at making it easier for Finns to gamble by helping to find reliable online casinos in Finland. The revamped platform includes reviews of licensed casinos, their game portfolios, and bonuses. With the help of reviews, players can easily focus on the gameplay, as does all the research work on behalf of the player. The project is aimed to become the number one guide in the Finnish online gambling niche providing trustworthy information about casinos.

Smoothness, ease of use, and reliability are the keywords that treats as high priority and pursues through its operations. With the relaunch, will attract both Finnish online casino novice players and old enthusiasts. There is already a myriad of different online casinos and sites listing games on offer, but seeks to stand out by offering a simple and modern alternative. 

Beginners, in particular, can get started by studying a gaming guide available on the site. The guide provides comprehensive data about trusted gaming sites, as well as the games, bonuses, usability, payouts, and other relevant information. More experienced players can also find valuable information to help them develop in their gaming careers.

Gambling with modern tools

The project stands out from other online casino guides with numerous innovative decisions. Special attention has been paid to the platform structure and functionality. The site covers all the relevant information about gambling including lists of tax-free casinos. A summary of the games, bonuses, and gaming experiences available at casinos is also an important part of the guide. website looks pleasant for the eye, as the project has focused on ease of use and clear structure. It is easy for the user to find all the information they need, from bonuses and payment methods to games, reviews, and customer service. As a high-quality mobile platform is an essential part of today, has also been designed to work on every mobile device.

The site focuses on providing players with expert knowledge of the gambling aspects. Unlike some other sites, the reader can be confident that the professionals at have done careful research. As a result, you can focus on playing without any worries. 

The site only lists reputable online casinos with all the necessary licenses. does not accept casinos with incomplete licenses, even if they have other pros. In addition to this, casinos must also follow certain rules to ensure the safety of players. 

Lists of online casinos and players’ reviews are always kept up-to-date. Overall, the project aspires to be a cutting-edge idea with the primary goal of safeguarding the player’s gaming experience. This is ensured by delivering well-designed, up-to-date tools.

Find several online casinos on social media

To make it easier to find the site and help you get started, has expanded its visibility on social media. The project includes Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, among others, which reach out to player groups in a variety of ways. The theme of social media accounts is the same as the website these are designed to offer an easy and reliable approach to online gaming. 

The difference is that social media content provides a summary or preview of a topic that can be then explored in more detail on a website. However, it is just as important as a communicator of information because social media is used by almost all, making it easier to reach the gaming community. Through a social network, an interested reader can also comment and contact experts easily and quickly.

The use of social media is very topical nowadays. Most even use some channels to see the latest news and updates or to find people and communities to follow. Through’s Twitter account, the reader can see, for example, summaries of the latest gambling news as well as an overview of popular casinos and games. It is also easy to link the games or sites in question to Twitter, making them available to the player at any time. 

YouTube, on the other hand, is a popular platform, especially among young adults. Our account provides visual information on, for example, the rules of the games, the different game formats, and the most popular online casinos at the moment. Also, the accumulation of bonuses may be easier to illustrate through video. 

Through Pinterest, the player gets a quick pictorial link to the desired page.

Cooperation is a prerequisite for continuous development

The project will keep on developing and striving to secure the gaming experience of Finnish players by offering reviews based on expert research. The project is always continuing its development to reach its goal of becoming the number one online guide in Finland. The project was initiated by, who in addition to work with several other Scandinavian projects. 

The experts in, who supported the project, specialize in online gambling.’s website provides more information about the company, but an essential part of the company’s operations is the partnership between sites that deal with online gambling. has previously been involved in international projects related to, among other things, reviews written by players and articles about online casino offerings.

The project thus started under the support of High-quality cooperation resulted in the development of the site’s technologies and main features. Gambling is one of the most common online pastimes, and since the stakes are high, ensuring the game’s safety and smooth operation is critical. Websites and games are also constantly changing, which is why continues developing to keep players up to date. will publish a list of other launched projects shortly, including Since games and entertainment are such an integral part of people’s lives, experts who are passionate about the subject make their information accessible to players. In the future, players won’t have to waste their time browsing through the sites and trying to distinguish between different casinos. They can enter the world of high-quality and safe gaming under the guidance of

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2 by 2 Gaming signs up Leander for further games

George Miller



2 by 2 Gaming signs up Leander for further games
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Existing relationship extended with additional games deal

Leander Games is delighted to announce that longstanding partner 2 By 2 Gaming has signed up to develop a further 7 games on the LeGa platform.

2 by 2 Gaming will build the games for distribution via Leander’s LeGa aggregation platform.

The new games will extend the development relationship between the two which already sees 2 by 2 Gaming providing 19 games to the Leander platform including Giant Riches, Wolfheart, Pinocchio’s Fortune, Spell of Odin to name a few.

“We’re really pleased that the Leander aggregation platform will be enhanced by the new games from 2 by 2,” said Steven Matsell, CEO at Leander Games.

“The faith 2 by 2 Gaming has shown in our platform is much appreciated and we look forward to continuing our close relationship in the future.”

New roster
“We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Leander for a while now and we know that the games we produce have proved popular with their clients,” said Shridhar Joshi, CEO at 2 by 2 Gaming.

“We are excited to be able to given the opportunity to supply an even broader selection of top-quality games under this extended relationship.”

The new set of games will start to become available to Leander’s customers in April.

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