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Trends for new casinos in Canada 2021-2022



Trends for new casinos in Canada 2021-2022
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The online casino industry is developing at a rapid speed and there is no doubt that this year will continue in the same way. As the market is growing, some new trends are coming as well, especially among new names in the online casino world. Of course, things like the current outbreak have also made a big impact on the overall situation, so it’s not that easy to predict what’s going to happen in the future. Still, we can notice new trends that will characterize the current year.

Market Will Continue to Grow

One of the most certain things about this year is that the online casino market will continue to grow. It’s not just about pandemics, the growth is caused by so many factors, including further development of mobile gaming technologies. Also, keep in many that many countries around the world have legalized or about to legalize online casinos this year.

As a result, we expect to see huge growth once again. The last year ended with more than 13% of growth, with a total market value of nearly $70 Billion. The year 2021 shouldn’t be any different.

Crypto Currencies are Becoming Mainstream

Another interesting trend for this year is that more and more casinos, especially new ones, are accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Not only that they have such a payment method in the offer, but also promote such a way of transactions with all kinds of benefits. Players who use cryptocurrencies are usually rewarded with additional bonuses. Finally, this payment method seems like a perfect way to resolve all the trust issues between players and operators. Although, looking a new casinos at Foxbonus – only a fraction offers payments with cryptocurrencies.

Much Bigger Share for Live Dealer Games

Live casino games aren’t a new thing but the last couple of years were really important due to the significant technological breakthrough. These days, such games offer the best playing experience among all online casino games. So, what we can expect to see in the following months is that the offer of live dealer games will become bigger and that such games will become way more popular. All that leads us to a bigger share in total revenue.

Virtual Reality Breakthrough

VR is still quite expensive technology and that’s the reason why we are still waiting for it to become mainstream. Still, we hope things will change in the near future. Once an average VR set becomes relatively affordable, the popularity of VR casino games will skyrocket. At this point, there are just a couple of VR casino games and there is no doubt that further development will bring the playing experience to the highest possible level.

Better Offers from Operators

The world of new online casinos is growing at a rapid speed and the competition is fiercer than ever. With such tough competition, operators are trying to attract new players with generous bonuses. So, we have no doubt that these kinds of rewards will become better. You may count on higher welcome bonuses, as well as on other benefits, such as no deposit bonuses, which allow playing without depositing any money.

Rapid Growth of Esports Betting

Esports games have become hugely popular and the current audience measures hundreds of millions. Among them, there are millions of players who like to put their bets on certain tournaments, competitions etc. The latest researches have shown that Esports are more popular than most traditional sports games and it’s only a matter of time when this competition will have an audience that’s comparable with football and other major sports. Therefore, it’s no wonder that pretty much every major bookmaker has included Esports in its offer.

Responsible Gambling Promotion

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest trends for 2021-2022 is the process of legalization and further legislation. One of the things we have noticed is that these acts are regulating not just the way operators can work and similar things, but also pay a lot of attention to problem gambling. We can see that fields like age restriction and advertising tools that help users limit their gambling activities or self-exclude themselves from playing altogether are all included in the legislation.

New Titles

While other industries are struggling during the outbreak, online casinos continue to develop at rapid speed. With the competition getting stronger, there is no doubt that a lot of new titles will arrive during 2021. This refers to all kinds of games, including slots, live dealer games, VR casinos etc.


Advantages and features of blackjack online games in 2022



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Playing Blackjack Online for Real Money in Canada

Canadian players never have a problem with playing blackjack online for real money. This popular card game comes in many variations with exciting gameplay and high winning potential.

What makes it special is that it combines luck and strategy. It only takes you a few minutes to learn the rules to get ready for a blackjack online real-money game. However, it can take years of practice to master it and get a really high profit.

The icing on the cake is the live dealer blackjack online, recreating the atmosphere of the B&M casino game. Combining all the best aspects of online and offline games, it is also available on the Canadian King Billy casino website. Read on to find out everything you need to know before you begin to play blackjack online and win real money.

Online Blackjack at King Billy Casino in 2022

Online blackjack in Canada is a very competitive gambling game. Many players choose it for the best gambling experience. If you have never played it, check out some rules before starting.

The Rules of Blackjack

Whichever version you select, the aim remains the same. It is to build up a hand of higher value than the dealer’s one and not to exceed 21 points. Traditionally, the game is played from a single 52-card deck.

With the spread of card-counting technology, casinos have increased the number of decks to 4-8 to make it more difficult for counters to beat the house. The best way to learn the ins and outs is to play the free online blackjack to practice without risk.

How the Game is Played

A round comes in the following steps:

  • Each participant at the table plays against the dealer. You have no opponents but the dealer.
  • The game starts with dealing two face-up cards to each player. The dealer receives one open card and a second closed one to keep the suspense about the outcome of the game alive.
  • Depending on the total value of your cards, you must decide whether to stand, hit, split or double down.
  • The game continues until you decide to stand or exceed 21 points.
  • The dealer is subject to slightly different rules. For example, he must hit until he reaches at least 17.

The Possible Outcomes of the Game

They can be different, depending on your and the dealer’s hand:

  • If you make a hand that is worth more than the dealer’s one, and you don’t exceed 21 points, you win.
  • If you get 21 points, it is a ‘blackjack’. It means that you get a 3:2 payout (or 6:5 in some versions) as long as the dealer’s hand is less valuable.
  • If both you and the dealer have ‘blackjack’, your bet goes back to you (a tie in the game).
  • If you exceed 21 points, you lose.

King Billy offers a few top-rated versions of this game. By joining this casino, you can play blackjack online with friends, share experiences with like-minded people, and win hefty sums.

Catch the Latest King Billy Games

Collaborating with a variety of prominent gaming content providers and aggregators, King Billy regularly adds new releases of blackjack online games to its listing of available options. Introduced relatively recently, Multihand Blackjack Canada has been a real eye-opener for experienced players. The highlight of this version is that you can bet on 5 hands at a time, and the rules of classic blackjack apply with some minor changes:

  • The game is played with 2 packs of cards shuffled after each round.
  • There is no surrender option here, and double down A and 10 is not considered ‘blackjack’.
  • The payout odds offered are standard: 3:2, 1:1, and 2:1 respectively.

With the right strategy, you can achieve an RTP of 99.6%. But as you are playing multiple hands at once, it requires you to have a high skill level. Thus, it is better to start with a classic single-hand game if you are a beginner. Before you begin to bet real money, you can play blackjack online for free to practice.

Best from King Billy: What Version of Blackjack Online to Choose?

Are you looking for the top real money  play blackjack online  variations to win something substantial? King Billy Casino’s virtual lobby has a lot of interesting things for you.

The Top Variations of Blackjack Online at King Billy

Here are a few blackjack online casino games that resonate with many card game enthusiasts:

  • European. Being the most common, it offers stricter rules (both dealer’s cards are open). This makes it not the best option for beginners.
  • Spanish. This version of blackjack online is played with 8 card decks with no 10s in each. This peculiarity adds some extra excitement to the game.
  • Atlantic City. Choosing this variation, allows you to double down after splitting. And the dealer is forced to stand on a soft 17.

Some Other Options to Diversify Your Gambling Experience

Surrender, Pro, 21+3 and some other exciting online blackjack variations await you on the King Billy website. For a more interactive gaming experience, head to the Live section where you will find the version of the game that suits your preferences in terms of gameplay speed, betting range and odds offered.

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Gambling in Canada is on the rise, with different betting sites being formed regularly. However, most Canadian punters decide which betting site to join based on what these platforms can offer them.

According to this article, different bookmakers have various ways of enticing new customers to their sites. Therefore, they aim to provide a hassle-free gambling platform with attractive conditions for their users. Thus, we will be discussing bitcoin gambling sites in Canada and their latest provisions.

The Legality Of The Best Crypto Gambling Sites In Canada

In Canada, the online betting world is growing fast, leaving conventional gambling platforms behind. However, many Canadians have always wondered about the legal backings these sites have from the government.

The best crypto gambling site in Canada is legal; however, it is highly regulated by the government.  It is allowed in all ten provinces in the country. Although, it becomes illegal when you gamble with an unlicensed or unregulated company within the country’s borders.

Furthermore, most gambling sites that operate in Canada are offshore-based sites. This act is because the Canadian government allows citizens to access betting sites outside the country’s borders.

Who can gamble on these Sites?

The age limit on gambling in Canada varies from province to province. For example, in some areas, you must be 19 years or older to access these sites, while in some provinces, the age requirement is 18 years.  Consequently, it is against the law for minors to log into any gambling platform.

Is Bitcoin Betting allowed on these Sites?

Bitcoin has been the most popular digital cryptocurrency for years, with no other coin coming close to its popularity. However, its popularity has not been lost in the gambling community, as bitcoin is now one of the popular means of payment on many gambling platforms.

Crypto gambling sites in Canada offer so many benefits to an average bettor. For this reason, most Canadian gamblers prefer to play with bitcoin rather than with regular fiat currencies.

How safe is it to bet with Bitcoin?

Due to the fact bitcoin transactions work with blockchain technology, they are regarded to be very safe and with less risk involved. Also, transactions done via bitcoin eliminate the involvement of any third-party software, thereby offering a high degree of anonymity to the player.

Latest Provisions offered by Canadian Gambling Sites

Bitcoin gambling sites in Canada provide so many benefits to bettors. They are consistent in catering to the wants of their customers. Furthermore, these betting sites must provide new offers and rewards to make gamblers continue choosing their sites. Now let’s talk about some of the latest provisions they have made.

● Improved  Security

Gambling is a hazardous business, especially online betting. In addition, the level of security offered by most gambling sites is minimal, making them prone to hacking.

When a site is hacked, the hackers get access to the credit card information of the registered customers, putting them at high risk of getting their money stolen from their account. Consequently, with all these dangers attached to these betting sites, bookmakers have increased the level of encryption on their sites and further upgraded their gaming licenses.

● Free bets and Higher Bonuses

The quality of bonuses offered by these sites has been improved to attract new customers. The amount attached to these new bonuses is quite captivating to regular customers. In addition, when you choose to gamble with bitcoin, certain offers are made available to you.

The rate at which most Canadian sites reward their customers with free bets is pretty low. As a result, some players can receive free bets only after making high deposits or by visiting the site regularly.

However, there has been an improvement in the occurrence of the free bet offer. The top casinos offer their regular customers one free bet a week, although the amount attached is little.

● Ability to Gamble with New Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has been the number one digital currency accepted by most crypto gambling sites in Canada, but many new coins are being introduced into the crypto world.

Although many Canadians own these new currencies, most sites do not accept them. However, that has changed with the top betting sites now making transactions with different coins. Some of the coins these sites now allow include Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Binance cash.

The addition of these various coins has been welcomed with open arms because of how expensive Bitcoin is. However, many Canadians prefer betting with the cheaper coins.

● Improved User Interface

The design and accessibility of these sites have been improved with the games and events well arranged. In addition, the site’s layout helps improve the user experience, increasing the tendency to continue gambling on that site. Moreover, a user-friendly interface decreases the time spent looking for a particular market or event, which could make the user agitated and eventually log out.

● Increased Transaction Limit

The deposit and withdrawal limit on many Bitcoin gambling sites in Canada has been a significant issue in sports betting.  The amount allowed depends on the Bitcoin gambling site and the transaction method used.

The withdrawal limit on most sites when using bitcoin has been 1 BTC, but many now allow up to 2 BTC. However, the limitations on bank transfers and credit card transactions haven’t changed.

● Access to more Online Sportsbooks Markets

Different betting markets are being added to various sports betting sites with palatable odds.  The ability to select from a vast category of games and access new sporting events is one of the benefits of these sites.

Top Sporting Events and Games to play on Canadian Gambling Sites

These sites are multi-functional, with most offering different sports games and running an online casino with various gaming choices. The most sought-after sports betting events in Canada are soccer gambling and hockey betting.

When it comes to Casinos games, the selection is extensive, with most offering games like Texas Holdem, Baccarat, Roulette and others. In addition, they also have a lot of slot games to choose from and as well card games.

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Planet Sport expands coverage into Canada with French Canadian services



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Sports media specialist firm is helping operators, suppliers, and affiliates localise content in the fast-growing Canadian market in Ontario and beyond

Planet Sport, the B2C, and B2B sports media specialist has launched a localized content service for the Canadian market including offering French Canadian translation services as part of efforts to support operators, suppliers, and affiliates looking to leverage the huge potential of the table in Canada.

Planet Sport’s localization and translation services cover all operator, supplier and affiliate needs including the translation of static content. This includes responsible gambling messaging, deposit and withdrawal options, and licensing and explainer guides such as how to bet on sports, casino, and virtual offerings.

Planet Sport now also produces SEO-rich, localized snippets for each sport offered by operators or affiliates such as “We are your home of football betting”, “Tips & odds in Canada” and “Bet now for a $500 sports bonus on your first deposit. Sign up today!”

In addition, operators and affiliates can access SEO-rich news content tailored to the French-Canadian market which again can boost search engine rankings and ensure the operator or affiliate positions itself as the leading destination for sports fans in the market.

All content is tailored to a French-Canadian audience with unique betting terms expertly translated by human translators who are specialists in sports betting and casino, and who are also fluent in the French spoken in Canada.

Planet Sport has launched French Canadian owing to customer demand. Since Ontario opened its doors to legal online gambling back in April, Planet Sport has been inundated with requests from operators, suppliers and affiliates wishing to localise their content.

With more than half a million French Canadian speakers in Ontario and many more in neighboring Quebec, carefully language-localized products and services are considered essential by potential clients.

Andrew Morgan, Head of International Betting Content at Planet Sport, said: “Canada is set to become one of the largest betting markets in the world, especially following the launch of Ontario. But to succeed in such a competitive market, operators, suppliers, and affiliates must carefully localize their offerings.

“Given the prevalence of the French-Canadian language across the country, with more than seven million speakers, translating content accurately and with a real human touch is an absolute must.

“French Canadian is a great addition to our growing translation bureau. We look forward to working with operators, suppliers, and affiliates to help them maximize the huge potential Canada has to offer.”

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